hey hi how are you?

good to hear.

how about some minutes?


comin’ right up.



what we don did

  • max went to orono, petted baby cows, grown cows, went walking @ umaine’s sheep club
  • ian and 19 others stood on miller lawn for wfa!! yay
    • that is quite a few people, by my count
  • zach went outside for johnson day, did raking
  • george went for a late night walk in the arb on runnals, saw some stars
  • logan went to the bigelows! his true loves.  there was sweat and NUDITY and attempted vandalism, the real trifecta
  • michael stone went to the rugby game, and now they’re playing vassar in rugby for nationals!
    • this is a direct result of michael’s attendance
  • luke and soren and charlie and some others bushwhacked up abraham to find voodoo/plane crash!
  • ben went up burnt hill / mtn w sam jared emily and henry, very icy, nice and clear, good views were had by all
  • chloe went outside, hiked a mountain in new hampshire


what we gon do

  • emma wants to do her co-lead!
    • soren wants to lead a trip / get someone their co-lead! what a coincidence
  • michael still wants to play wiffleball! before snow


arb walks

  • pugh center arb walks! pt. 2
  • looking for a leader on saturday @ 1pm
  • hopefully you should be awake by then
  • don’t need to be a leader! let jared fong know via email


spring break

  • proposals are in!
  • descriptions are going out next sunday!
    • be on the lookout!
  • sign ups the weekend after that!
    • lottery style


question of the week

  • gray 4
  • grey 15
  • y’all are british af



  • gear
    • wear orange this time of year! it’s hunting season
    • we have orange vests and hats
  • trips
    • congrats to the wfa-ers
    • jan plan there WILL be wfr!
    • interest form went out, not closed, fill it out if you’re interested!
    • wfr and emt can both happen at the same time
  • cabin
    • uhhh
    • alright uh ok
    • cabin is low on wood, need a wood run
    • need to remove a pine tree before thanksgiving!
    • keep your eyes open in the groupme!


hot seat!

  • crumple
  • didgeridon’t
  • marble
  • pine trees
  • catchy?
  • [unintelligible]
  • 2 years ago
  • spindly ice needles
  • rum and coke
  • olin
  • steez
  • mac and steez
  • ariel


and thus concludes this week’s minutes (multiply by 60 for this week’s seconds)

tune in next week for some more juicy, medium rare, fancy, grade A, prime outing club goodness!


until then,