hmm yes looks like you folks got outside yet again this past week.  that’s pretty neat.  read alllllll about it right below:

what we done did

  • kaitlin went to mt philip on sat, saw a chipmunk, did NOT sit on butt rock, merely touched it
  • lily went stargazing next to her house
  • anna went lookin’ for a petroglyph on a big ol rock, found the rock, but there was a moat and she couldn’t find it
  • max went to acadia with chris and dean and sj and hiked (a small bit) on the bubble
  • grace went to burnt mountain instead of sugarloaf and it was cold and it was wet
  • michael stone moved the dock, found ½ dock panels, hoping whittling can make new panels
  • charlie on saturday went on a mineralogy field trip to poland, hit rocks with hammers
  • grace also went to big moose mountain, did not see moose or summit but saw snow and a bridge!


what we gon do

  • not much
  • no trips this week (break)
  • abby and hannah want to lead a crepe hike!
  • max will lead a trip probably not to abraham but maybe somewhere else
  • kaitlin wants to lead a trip up tumbledown
  • sam wants to lead a trip to get someone their co-lead, so does soren



  • it is happening!
  • during jan plan break, also weekend after
  • wilderness first responder
  • sign ups will be closer to jan plan
  • only talk to max for this info (jk you can talk to michael too)
  • partially subsidized if you can’t lead trips without it ($150)



  • snail
  • in chris’s salad
  • now where?
  • may be dead


spring break

  • trip descriptions going out tonight!
  • one with jared and anna to arizona, tonto national forest
  • one with soren and max to texas, big bend national park
  • ryan linehan with backcountry skiing in quebec
  • cmc trips to kentucky and california
  • sign ups are next sunday, full lottery style
  • price estimates are attached, also overestimated at the moment



  • string the cheese
    • 27
  • halve the cheese, then string it
    • 6 (7 if you count lilly twice)



  • gear
    • office hours moved from monday to tuesdays 2:18-3:18? not sure honestly, I didn’t catch this
    • return your gear
  • sugaring
    • need your maple identifying skills
    • stay after if you can!
  • cabin
    • put to good use this weekend
    • one dock panel is missing
      • work of local hooligans, according to kaitlin’s conspiracy theory
  • trips
    • talk to events to become a leader!
    • also talk to events, they’re lonely
    • re-starting clinics on thursday nights!
      • it’ll will be in the weekly minutes
      • if you wanna hold one of these, don’t have to be a leader, just sign on up
      • upcoming: what’s in your first aid kit
  • conservation
    • put your trail trash in the trash can


hot seat (first first-year leader this year!) (yay emma!)

  • I DONT drink soda
  • drinking punch
  • basement of grossman
  • getting buried but in her dorm, then she went to walmart, got chased around a film set
  • gryffindor, got sorted there
  • chris hemsworth
  • dogs for walks
  • mud camouflage
  • half to both


guess what guys it SNOWED this week and though it didn’t stick, it means that soon we’ll have snowshoeing and skiing and sledding and snowball fights and snowpeople and snowanimals and snowplants and all other varieties of snow-based fun.  so get PUMPED people for winter is almost upon us! praise be


that’s all for this week – see ya post-turkey day

– soren