with our bellies filled with turkey (or turkey-substitute, for the avian sympathizers among us), we return.  read all about what we did outside! it’s sort of interesting!


what we don did

  • max went for a walk in the woods, lost the car keys, ended up stranded
  • addie went to the beach, was attacked by seagulls
  • anna went to beach on thanksgiving, it was cold
  • ian went to walden pond on friday, no blood or sweat or tears because of familial interference
  • michael stone went on the freedom trail on friday and then cut up a tree on saturday
  • nat went to wood’s hole beachy area on thanksgiving, found a rock (yay geology!)
  • soren climbed a tree, soren was happy, tree was not


what we gon’ do

  • max wants to lead a trip up the bigelows with chris
  • michael stone wants to play wiffleball! and maybe lead a trip
  • soren wants to find an abandoned trail up the baldpates!
  • maybe nat could lead a trip too, if persuaded



  • during jan plan break (after jan plan)
  • sign ups will be the very beginning of january, which is to say after december
  • we can’t pay for it all, so you’d have to pay for some of it
  • there is a price estimate, but max can’t remember it (it’s $250 if it’s doubling as your wfa, $400 or so otherwise)


spring break

  • sign ups going out tonight!
  • big bend / tonto / chic-choc skiiiiing
  • tabling this coming week! sign up in the coming email!
    • ya don’t need to be a leader for this
    • 1 hour long slots, pretty low commitment



  • more trash? soren or rainbow sherbet?
    • soren? 15
    • rainbow sherbet? 9
    • sadness



  • trips
    • no
  • gear
    • whipped cream? we have it!
  • events
    • done w/ events for the rest of the semester, keep your eyes peeled for stuff happening in the groupme!
    • wear festive sweaters for the last meeting!
  • whittling
    • wednesdays
  • cabin, sugaring, conservation, diversity & inclusion
    • absent


and thus concludes this week’s minutes.  tune in next week as we detail the last bits of (official) coc fun in the year 2017.  alas.

– soren