behold, the last hurrahs of 2017!  read about our glorious expeditions of the past week and then stare into the utter void of winter break.  yeah there’s no homework and you’ll probably all see your families and celebrate whatever holidays you celebrate but there’s no COC trips so what’s the point??


what we don did

  • abby did not
  • emma walked around the fake tree forest in the sparkle festival in freeport! actual reindeer!
  • james went up a singular bigelow and there was a foot of snow at the top! a fun harbinger of things to come
  • henry went up one baldpate, also snow, just sweat though
  • soren spilled hot chocolate on his laptop in the course of writing this
  • soren also climbed some trees
  • anna went for an arb run, it was sad and dead looking


what we gon do

  • nothing ( officially 🙂 )



  • still happening jan plan break
  • probably fun
  • subsidized for those who need wfa / a re-certification
  • send your questions to trips & facilitation!


spring break

  • sign ups close tonight!
  • those lucky winners will be notified on monday night!


winter ascent of katahdin!

  • planned, kinda ice climbing, kinda hiking
  • sign ups in jan plan for one, in spring semester for a second
  • if you’re interested in leading one of these (must be a COC leader) shoot me an email!



  • 13 said that “next saturday” is the 9th
  • 3 said that “next saturday” is the 16th
  • good job y’all



  • trips
    • if you wanna become a leader talk to michael or max
    • trips committee is tired
  • gear
    • absent
  • events
    • fun events to come!
    • stove clinic this thursday! probably!


and that’ll do it.  hopefully these minutes are enough to get you through the cold cold break and into the new year! at which point there will be toasty minutes once again!


until then!

– soren