welcome back to the 2018 edition of the colby outing club!  get your (or our!) snowshoes ready cause the cold frozen white snow is here to stay.


what we done did

  • lilli played on a frozen canadian lake, did not turn into a mountie
  • alex learned how to tele ski!
  • ian lost his phone on a mountain
  • megan learned how to cross country ski
  • dominick hiked in the camden hills
  • dean found a frozen lake with creepy fishermen, also dogs eating chocolate? confusing story to be honest.
  • nat went arb-shoeing
  • max went sledding on a day last week at quarry road
  • lots of people went skiing, woo
  • hannah and anna and taryn went snowshoeing in the arb (good riddles were told)
  • soren and his dad tried snowshoeing up a mountain, didn’t make it
  • addie went rock climbing
  • james went up mt. moriah with some people
  • soren crashed his car!

what we gon do

  • max wants to lead a trip!
  • hannah wants to lead multiple trips this week! preferably short xc ski or snowshoeing!
  • max wants to lead a xc clinic at quarry road this week
  • soren wants to go up old speck this weekend!
  • sam wants to lead a trip on sunday, shorter, to get someone their co-lead, and also a shorter trip!


  • maybe!
  • over jan plan break + one day in april (the 21st)
  • wilderness first responder, a level up from wilderness first aid
  • “it’s great” – sam
  • stay tuned

open house

  • during office hours on monday! tomorrow!
  • come! learn! mingle!
  • @ges students @people who wanna learn

winter katahdin

  • winter ascents of maine’s tallest peak! with professional guides!
  • “very cool” – max
  • jan 27 – 28, lottery style sign ups
  • also one in mid to late february
  • fully subsidized! wowee!

poll – pajamas or paJAMas

  • pajamas – 18
  • paJAMas – 7 (would’ve been 8 but lilli peeked)
  • pretty decisive but y’all chose the most boring possible way of saying it


  • events
    • michaela is leading a clinic this thursday!
    • how to identify plants in winter! & leaf pressing!
    • she has so many leaves
    • also sign up for clinics!
    • ALSO
    • whittling wednesdays returns!
    • movie monday! at 8 following the open house, movie tbd (it was emperors new groove)
    • craft night on tuesday? not sure!
    • thursday evening, after clinic, snow pants or no pants!!!
    • ALSO
    • jan 27th! contra dance! no prior skill or ability of any kind needed!
    • jan 22nd! night of 1000 glow sticks! sledding and skating and snowshoeing
  • trips
    • winter skills training this wednesday!
    • 1 of your co-leaders must have this, it’s necessary to lead trips in winter
    • 4-6 PM in diamond
    • covers ice safety, layering, hypothermia, etc.
    • ALSO
    • pond should open on tuesday!
  • gear
    • return ur gear
    • especially during jan plan
  • cabin
    • road is plowed, the driveway is not
  • we would like a foursquare ball please


that about covers it.  please, if you have a foursquare ball, deliver it unto us.  this is urgent.

thx for reading & until next time,