Jan Plan is in full swing and so are various things performed out of doors!  People with waxed bits of wood strapped to their feet!  People with claws strapped to their feet!  People with spikes strapped to their feet!  People with feet!  Read about em here!


Also I have decided to flee the cold and go to Bermuda for a spell so adios until the spring semester


what we done did

  • dom watched the sun rise at a beach, “it was lovely”
  • michael stone did the thing where he went down the mountain on friday with the colby learn-to-ski program
  • michael kramer also tried to do that thing but couldn’t
  • nat tried to do that thing twice, succeeded once
  • ben went up french with some people known to sam (ie, sam)  good views were had
  • taryn and max and soren tried to do mt. madison but it was windy so they didn’t
  • brittany went skating on johnson pond! even the snowy section like the intrepid explorers they are
  • max went cross country skating and the lifts were closed but it didn’t matter
  • grace went sledding on that one hill with the chapel
  • soren and taryn and macey and jimmy went up old speck and the fire tower was scary

what we gon do

  • julia’s annual french sunrise with early bird breakfast (paid for) on friday morning, leaving around 6 am
  • max wants to lead a xc ski clinic on saturday, looking for co lead (sam?), doesn’t need to teach
  • michael kramer wants to snowshoe some sort of mountain on saturday, looking for a co lead
  • sam wants to lead a trip up bald mtn with sam wells on sunday ~~~4 miles near rangeley
  • michael stone still wants to play wiffle ball!


  • sign ups are still somehow open!
  • feb 2nd through 5th & april 3rd
  • all that jazz about substituting for wfa

tele clinic

  • wolfdog is leading a tele ski clinic on wednesday, 3pm to 9pm, dinner provided
  • must be able to ski parallel downhill and stop safely
  • lottery is tomorrow (1/22) so sign up asap

winter katahdin

  • first one is set, next weekend
  • second one in february, sign ups after jan plan


  • is harry potter a documentary or merely based on true events?
  • documentary – 8
  • true events (all the others) (which was like 13)
  • both michaels had their eyes open, for the record

night of 1000 glow sticks

  • tomorrow!
  • roughly 1000 glow sticks
  • super fun
  • snowshoeing, sledding, skating
  • 7-9 pm, meet in the coc, get lit, get gear
  • if you wanna help out, sign up on the spreadsheet


  • events
    • movie night? probably? maybe tuesday.
    • movie tbd
    • contra dance is this coming saturday, evening ish? 7 pm! look for an email
    • “no creativity necessary”
  • trips
    • “talk to us, we’re lonely”
  • gear
    • yeah
    • wanna help with gear? come by during office hours on thursday nights! or any weeknight but friday!
    • 1,000 pieces of gear have been checked out this year!
  • cabin
    • in sri lanka
    • not plowed
  • sugaring
    • in hibernation

hot seat

  • uhh that one
  • jim
  • he would eat bentley
  • ally russell?
  • allergic to cottage cheese
  • crumple
  • frisbee
  • you can find out later
  • touche
  • spa
  • pink
  • magenta
  • not gonna answer


and thus concludes my final minutes of jan plan.  also for the record the people here think 65 is cold so chew on that for a while.



soren flyin