hello hello hello

welcome back to another episode of your favorite daytime soap

follow along as this lovable cast does generally lovable things


things we done did!

  • Addie is a national-sorta toboggan champion, she screamed a lot.
  • Anna went snowshoeing with others to Mt. Phillips. Butt rock pristine.
  • Michael did the snowshoeing obstacle course. Grace helped out.
  • James went to the crockers. He says it was fun. (editors note: really, james?)
  • Hannah went to messalonskee stream trails.
  • Cal went to quarry
  • Megan and Dominick went to Harpswell, she ripped her pants but was wearing two.
    • also macey was there
  • hannah and chloe got lost at sugarloaf


things we gon do!

  • michael stone wants to go xc skiing up by sugarloaf! @maxwell
  • max wants to go up pleasant mtn on sunday
  • soren wants to do something (wiffleball?)
  • hannah wants to go ice skating if the pond’s still skateable
  • sj and james are planning a hike somewhere    saddleback? sunday river whitecap? no one knows
  • tele outings? ask ryan! there’s prob gonna be another



  • sign ups are out
  • sign up
  • soren did
  • trip is the 24th and 25th of febby feb february
  • sign ups close wednesday


dialogue trips

  • if you’re interested in leading / facilitating, sign up in the sign up form that went out earlier
  • leading means leading, facilitating means getting the conversation going
  • if you didn’t get the email / deleted it / deleted your email account, talk to anna!


selling stuff

  • next week (not this coming week, next week)
  • selling t shirts in the spa
  • we would like some money
  • ALSO t shirt design contest soon


  • taylor ham or pork roll
  • taylor ham 21    !!!
  • pork roll 13
  • praise be you guys chose the right answer
  • if you don’t know what either of these options are / aren’t from new jersey, LOOK NO FURTHER



  • gear
    • thanks for the help peeps, we got stuff done
    • want to get stuff done? come by mondays or thursdays
    • there might be puzzles
    • leading spring break trips?  look for an email from gear committee
  • trips
    • uhh
    • winter katahdin i guess
  • events
    • thanks to y’all who helped with the winter olympics stuff
    • new member! hannah smith-erb
    • banff film festival sadly did not happen
    • this wednesday – WHITTLING RETURNS
    • no new wood, but we have old wood and soap and knives and gouges
    • next sunday, wavus is coming by looking for souls to employ
  • sugaring
    • want to join sugaring? email martin!
    • talk to martin
    • he’s cool
  • cabin
    • cabin is not plowed
    • cabin is not reachable
    • cabin is not usable unless you’re getting dropped off or something contrived like that
  • camden comrades
    • all of them are absent


hot seat

  • what
  • crumple
  • museum first floor
  • mauve (spelling?)
  • jam
  • oh crap 17
  • butterfly with a wing on each side
  • 19
  • no

and thus concludes this week’s gripping action

tune in next week to see where our heroes go next! (hint: it’s mostly outside)

toodley doodley,