hello and welcome to another edition of soren’s finest™ minutes, hot off the press.  GAZE upon the finely crafted words.  ADMIRE the courageous endeavors of colby’s most daring outdoorspeople.  DARE to push the limits of what we call the ~outside~


what we done did

  • cam snowshoed up bradbury mountain, fun was had
  • chloe and hannah went skiing in canada, it was pretty fun, kinda icy, very canadian
  • wavus people went cross country skiing, also camped in eustis, also went to french mountain, which was lovely
  • soren and kaitlin went up round top, the top was indeed round


what we gonna do

  • soren wants to do something at night
  • max wants to lead a short or not short trip on sunday
  • kayak clinics are a thing once more
    • in the pool at the ac
    • beginners to experts!
  • ryan and lisa are leading a second tele clinic in two weeks’ time
  • michael wants to lead something saturday, pls talk to michael
  • hannah might lead a dialogue trip this weekend with dwayne
    • what a good segue


dialogue trips

  • looking for leaders! and facilitators!
  • like a normal trip but there’s a specific topic (dialogue)
  • if you’re interested, come talk to k council so we can help arrange things
  • past topics: gender roles, accessibility in the outdoors, first gen at colby and the outdoors


selling stuff

  • tryna get rid of some old t shirts, though they’re pretty spiffy
  • tabling in spa monday through friday from 11 to 2
  • let anna know if you wanna table! or else just sign up in the spreadsheet that she sent out



  • shuffle 13
  • shimmy 12
  • you folks were close but ended up disappointing me




  • two more wfa certifications coming up in april!
  • also if you recently became a trip leader, please send in a blurb about yourself and a pic of yourself in the outdoors so we can stick ya on the website
    • except you emma, we got your stuff, we’re just being slow about it


  • this thursday, SPACECOC
  • collaborative clinic between space club and the coc
  • constellation ID
  • cookies and hot chocolate plus a trip to the observatory!
  • wowee





  • trees are tapped!
  • if you wanna help collect sap then talk to martin or sign up on the spreadsheet he sent out

that will be all.  back to your regularly scheduled homework.  run along now.