hello hello hello

here’s another edition of the COC weekly minutes, prepared like momma used to make & served hot.

I strongly encourage you to enjoy

what we done did!

  • max went up the carters and it was awesome
  • soren went night-walking and saw an owl
  • zach rowed on messalonskee stream wow!
  • addy tapped some trees, very maine-like
  • max also went on a night hike up french mountain, saw more than five stars
  • brittany and hannah and her parents visited the actual third bossi up north, visited the bangor city forest, saw snow fleas, but they don’t bite
  • grace walked around campus in her crocs
  • hannah went to the spacecoc clinic! (part deux to follow)
  • michael and max led a trip up sanders hill, it went very well, wonderful times for all!
  • there’s a trip hiking in baxter RIGHT NOW but they are currently unfacetimeable
    • editors note: right now was 7:15 PM on sunday


what we gon do

  • michael stone says there’s kayak clinics! maybe, unless the leaders go on the tele clinics
    • look for email
  • hannah and michael want to cross country ski up by sugarloaf!
    • would like some experienced folks to go with
  • soren wants to lead a night hike one night! with hannah perhaps!
  • julia might lead a trip, there might be a dialogue trip
  • mo wants to sit in the snow in lieu of hiking
  • macey and emma probably wanna lead a hike sometime


dialogue trips

  • two coc leaders and a trained facilitator lead a hike out to a Maine Huts and Trails hut to have a discussion about the outdoors and another topic – social justice, colby, etc.
  • good food, good huts, good convos
  • “would recommend” – sam
  • “sometimes you end up in the middle of a lake” – julia


primitive skills thing

  • this is a thing, potentially
  • there is a cost, potentially
  • fires, shelters, eating stuff, tracking, what have you
  • interest form is out there currently
  • sign ups later this week if it will actually happen



  • julia’s doppelganger?
  • unanimous yes
  • wow
  • JULIA???

anna thing

  • wanna know how to do the reimbursement forms?
  • wanna drive for the coc form?
  • talk to anna caughron after the meeting / in general


design contest

  • submit your t shirt design!
  • submissions due the friday before doghead! (the 16th of march)




  • thursday nights, there shall be gear activities (labels! fixing! cookies!)


  • third winter katahdin!
  • march 17th and 18th! also doghead
  • there will be goldfish
  • EVERYONE should sign up
  • email will be out soon! (lottery style again)


  • super tentative coc sleepover!
  • no windows so you can’t tell what time it is!

cabin and sugaring both absent

all camden comrades absent

and so concludes this week’s serving.  this post constitutes 100% of the weekly recommended minute value for the average person’s diet.

as you were,