hello, my name is Soren Denlinger, and welcome to This Week’s Minutes®!

these are the minutes for this week.  not last week.  not the week prior.  next week is right out.  these are for RIGHT NOW

brothers and sisters, CARPE DIEM

read on!


things we done did!

  • dom went to cape elizabeth with colby photographers.  though they may be unofficial it was officially fun
  • julia and mo were outside all day in new jersey, they won first place! (also yay new jersey!)
  • emma took one tripper to the narrow gauge trail, very good ski place, also good for snowshoes, and narrow gauges
  • megan walked a few miles and found jesus
  • henry went up round top “it was great” thanks henry
  • henry and kaitlin and some other people (7) went up katahdin last week!  no one died. three randos on the trip were nice too. see seth two weeks from now!
  • jared and soren led a trip to flagstaff hut, dialogue was had!  “fun trip” -Jared
  • there was a sleepover on friday night! some people woke up early but some people didn’t, very exciting
    • also max went for a 3AM arb walk cause it was pretty
  • hannah and soren led a trip to french mountain, “it was fun” – Soren
  • anna went for a run in the arb, did not get lost
  • kaitlin went streaking in the arb, 36 degrees was surprisingly warm
  • jared traveled across kingsbury pond in the name of geology
  • ryan from the primitive skills school went outside to boil some sap
  • the other one (colin) was doing something with balsam


trips we gon’ do

  • michael and hannah want to do the cross country ski thing as a dialogue trip!  traveling to one of the maine huts and trails cabins
  • max
    • has ideas.  it’s complicated.  he needs co leads
  • michael wants to lead a trip saturday
  • soren wants to do something in the arb during the snowstorm on thursday!
  • sam, sarah backstrand, someone else will go to a maine huts and trails for another dialogue trip!


maine primitive skills school

  • wanna learn some primitive skills? sign up for the primitive skills thing next weekend!
    • go live at 8PM monday! on the normal trips calendar!
  • learn where to get water, how to make fire, make shelter, navigation, foraging, etc. etc. etc.
  • seems pretty cool and both of the dudes have beards so
  • willing to teach whatever you want (weather dependent)
  • 10:00 AM saturday through noon on sunday! sleep in a shelter you built maybe!
  • it will be “fun”


winter katahdin!

  • 17th and 18th of march
  • sign ups will close this wednesday
  • very difficult so please be prepared / very physically fit, but also very fun
    • as in please carefully consider whether you can do this trip
    • but also it’s super fun
  • talk to any variety of people who went on the first two!
  • it’s during doghead.  pick ur priorities


dialogue trips

  • if you’re a leader and interested in leading one
  • or if you have experience facilitating discussions
  • please contact us! or sign up! so we can run some!
  • jared can also function as a liaison between a leader and a PCB facilitator


t shirts

  • we would like some t shirts please
  • please design some
  • send in your designs by friday before friday before spring break (march 16th)
  • then we’ll vote on the designs!



  • after spring break, elections start
  • k-council, bigelow buddies, and camden comrades
  • all spots are available
  • think about whatcha wanna do
  • ask a member of k-council for what each role will be!



  • unicycle 10
  • tricycle 7
  • disappointing to say the least




  • personal spring break needs will be met the week before spring break
  • there will be cookies this thursday during office hours!


  • spring LTT will be in april. at some point
  • keep ur profile updated or FACE THE CONSEQUENCES
  • if you want a profile talk to max or michael
  • two wfa dates, april 14th-15th and 28th-29th

diversity and inclusion

  • if you want an idea for a dialogue trip, talk to jared!  also talk to him about your current topic


  • cabin’s probably out of commission for a bit due to snow


  • the sap floweth
  • buckets overfloweth
  • emptyeth them


club photo?

  • photos due the tenth
  • no photo now since only ⅗ of k-council is here
  • submit your pics to us if you think it depicts the club well and we might just use that instead


and there you have it.  another victory in my war against the scourge of capitalization!

see y’all outside!

– soren