hello friends!

yes, the final COC meeting of the semester has come and gone.  whatever shall you do with your time? if only your professors could assign you some work or give you some exams to look forward to.  anything to fill the void.

for real though, in this final stretch of academic hell, don’t forget to stretch your legs, your eyeballs, your lungs, and whatever other organs of which you’re particularly fond.  throw a snowball at an enemy, slip in some friendly arb mud, or practice your yodeling from the nearest treetop.  it’s good for the soul.


what we done did

  • joseph went to rumford white cap and traipsed around and made a snowman and threw snowballs
  • larkin went outside with henry and kaitlin and hiked on some rocks and it was so pretty.  “um no”
    • larkin DID NOT fall
  • molly taught jackie how to nordic ski and there were almost tears! so it was a success
  • michael went to the maine botanical gardens (#3 bestest in the nation)
    • and he went with an alumna (spencer’s coot wife)
  • max and bentley went up some of burnt hill
    • there was three feet of snow at the base and more snow above that and generally a lot of snow
  • soren and megan tried to go swimming at the cabin and the pond was frozen and it was sad
  • macey went to the hume and emma went swimming (in related news)
  • spencer went skiing (surprise surpriseeee)

stuff we gon do

  • max would be interested in leading
  • there will be kayak clinics (from 6:30 to 8) and it’s the LAST CHANCE in the history of the world to go to a clinic with the notorious LBR!
  • soren and keenan might go up french mountain!

trivia night

  • yeah we’re having one!
    • friday night!
    • in foss!
    • 8:00!
  • a mix of outdoor and general trivia
  • we will figure out teams once we get there
    • show up in a pair, alone and unprepared, or in a group
  • there will be PRIZES

meeting next week

  • unfortunately it does not exist
  • because it is reading period and y’all need to read
  • email megan for outdoor adventures if you’re interested

jan plan

  • over jan plan we’ll have a whole variety of programming because it sucks being indoors for a month
    • night of 1000 glow sticks!
      • a fun lil night things with glow sticks!
      • like hot cocoa, ice skating, cross country skiing
    • movie nights!
      • we’re forever taking suggestions
    • trips (of course)
    • cross country skiing trips (for learners)
    • game nights

whittling opportunity!

  • kaitlin used to lead whittling wednesdays
    • she is looking for an administrative assistant / camden comrade to run whittling!
    • all you need to know is how to spread and take down a tarp and tell people not to cut themselves
      • and it’s FUN
  • if you’re interested in heading this up, email kaitlin or k-council to help the greater whittling community
    • JOSEPH is interested and he will head this up


  • this pole or that pole?
    • 11
    • 11
    • an unprecedented TIE that I am currently unable to process



  • leader training trip in jan plan! the weekend of the 25th
    • probably
    • it would be held at the COC cabin accompanied by a functioning woodstove


  • we just got more snowshoes
    • they’re bright red
    • “have you used them?” “YES well no”
  • we will soon get more head lamps
    • monday update: they’re in and being inventoried!
  • and they have $$$ to burn
  • they want to wax all of the skis so if anyone wants to help come to office hours
  • ALSO if you have your own skis that you want to wax
    • we have tuning equipment available for use!


  • absent

diversity and inclusion

  • absent


  • we ordered a hydrometer to tell how much water is in the syrup
  • this will help us know how much water is in the syrup
  • overall a positive development


  • ya there’s trivia night and all of the jan plan jazz


  • bentley!
    • lava
    • left pinky toe
    • like that one
    • my great grandfather
    • something kind of uh chert
    • katahdIN
    • tley
    • right nostril
    • i don’t know
    • lydia?
    • that one
    • didgeridoooo
    • olin basement
    • johnson pond
    • mashed potatoes
  • spencer!
    • it is like college with a paycheck
    • seventeen
    • no she said favorite year
    • guinness
    • sometimes
    • NOOO
    • definitely the one that i’m dating right now
    • chilliams
    • martin because i just hurt his feelings before
    • logan
    • times they woke me up before my alarm
    • leading tele clinics with ryan linehan
    • i don’t think we had any on any of my trips
      • i tried to keep up with eli hanschka and arthur cassidy skiing and now i can’t walk
    • my maine hunting boots cause they’re like bean boots but retro


that’s all from me!  crush your final week and then your finals and then have a great winter break!