hello krusty krew!

over winter break I am sure we all salivated over the thought of gliding effortlessly across the smooth, shimmering ice of johnson pond.  alas, it remains buried in snow.  BUT, colby has thoughtfully prepared an alternative: the walk between the spa and dana.  come borrow some skates from our gear room and enjoy this thrilling chute of salty, dirt-laden ice!  alternatively, borrow some cross country skis and glide across the still-snowy paths of frat row! and if you’re not in the mood for that, then come check out some gloves and a winter coat to finally make the cold of east tolerable!  the options are limitless!


anyway here’s what we did and what we may or may not do in the future:



stuff we done did

  • joseph went snowshoeing up french mountain and then went to camden and skipped some stones (over 20)
    • pls note that the beach in camden has prime skippy stones
  • larkin went outside
    • last night
    • it was night time
    • reportedly cold
  • megan re learned how to cross country ski to quarry road with max
  • bentley went up a fire tower, it was windy and cold and sunsety
  • some ppl went to the loaf
  • max and soren and austin went mostly up east kennebago mountain
    • kaitlin is mostly proud
    • “there is shame in turning around”
  • charlie raced in cross country skis in vermont today
  • bentley hiked up to see some wind caves over break
  • over chrimas michael ran around outside in the dark
  • max also went skiing over winter break and went to a hut or two
  • soren climbed the peak above the nubble over break
  • kaitlin walked her dog and found a dead deer (oh dear)
    • “pretty frozen”

stuff we gon do

  • bentley and soren will ascend the mountain! on thursday
  • max is interested in leading a skiing trip
    • learn to ski
    • or adventure
  • megan, on saturday, would like to go to round top or sanders hill
    • maybe with michael
    • casual lil friendly snowshoe
  • soren and especially kaitlin will ascend coburn mountain on saturday
  • PEOPLE should lead these requested hikes:
    • the annual early bird trip
      • which is actually in the works
    • ice fishing
      • like maybe

winter LTT

  • leader training trip!
  • a necessary step in becoming an outing club leader!
  • two weekends from now! 25th and 26th of january
  • we shall travel to the outing club cabin and live in relative warmth
    • AND learn about general leadership things
      • like how to manage groups and how to set up a tent and other important things

winter Ktahds

  • first trip this weekend
  • you know if you are on it
  • there is a second one feb 16-17
  • professionally guided
    • “it’s like really lit”

night of 1000 glow sticks

  • this wednesday!
  • maybe not 1000 glowsticks
  • but people encouraged! to go outside! and enjoy themselves!
  • meet at COC office at 7 to pick up gear
  • ice skating on Johnson Pond, sledding, snowshoeing in the Arb
  • if you want to HELP, fill out this form

tele clinics

  • telemark skiing downhill (free the heel!)
  • we have tele skis!
  • our ryan linehan will be leading these to teach the populace
  • first one this wednesday! check your inboxes for info! sign up here!
  • must know how to parallel turn and hockey stop on alpine skis

learn to ski day!

  • learn to ski program at Sugarloaf
  • fully funded by Colby!
  • limited spots, check ColbyNow/ outing emails for signups
    • it is a lottery signup
  • it is SUPER FUN
  • we have warm gear you can borrow 🙂

book club

  • we will be sponsoring a book club
  • Black Faces, White Spaces: Reimagining the Relationship of African Americans to the Great Outdoors” by Carolyn Finney
  • reading a few chapters a week
  • meeting tuesdays 6-7 in Dana Camp Room


  • car horns 4
  • car antlers 18
  • entirely obvious

big buds

  • trips
  • sugaring
    • absent
    • another trip to sugaring farm is coming!
    • sugaring fact: during the day you need temperatures above freezing and in the night you need below freezing temperatures for sugaring
  • cabin
    • it’s there
    • in winter: only accessible if you get dropped off and picked up
    • new furniture is coming
    • there is woooooooddddddd
  • gear
    • we got new sleds! yay
    • they are cool and foam and snow SCREAMERS
    • we will attempt to wax all the XC skis in the next week
      • more info coming- we need your HELP HELP HELP
  • d&i
    • one of our d&i heads has stepped into a new role
    • so we need a new one!
    • bring us your passion
    • we will be holding elections this spring
      • stay tuned my dudes
      • prepare your platform for the vote
  • events
    • game night tuesday at 8
      • last one was rockin
    • movie night thursday at 8
      • it’s brother bear 🙂
  • whittling
    • its BACK
    • this wednesday at 7
  • will
    • he is the social media guy
    • send in your outdoor photos!
    • he wants cool social media stuff! like stories
    • DM them to @colbyoutingclub
      • shameless plug: follow our insta it’s gonna be rad

until next time!