hello there!

thanks for tuning in.

jack frost? more like JERK frost am i right? he has come to visit us with icicles: on the trees, falling off of buildings, drooping from your beard, in your hearts (ouch). what a wondrous gift he has brought for us! from the sparkly whites of the magical snowflakes to the daring blues of PPD’s road salt to the graying of your freezing skin, he has brought us a rainbow of JOY. so snuggle up to your radiators and hunker down because winter has only just begun.

anyway, here are my minutes! yes haw!

what we done did

  • keenan went arbshoeing
    • perkins brook is frozen, he heard rushing water
  • taryn went skiing on chapel hill
    • there was a jump! she jumped! maybe 3 seven-up bottles high
    • “it was actually pretty good”
  • joseph snowshoed from ams to bobs and swandove into the banks
    • ‘twas cushy
  • larkin tried to hike coburn. it was really really cold and pretty
    • they also hit moxie falls!
    • “uh i uh like coburn”
  • max went cross country skiing with the rents
    • it was fun. taryn was there
    • louise has great technique. stu has endurance.
  • soren went to the mountain with bentley and john
    • they rediscovered bentley’s cave!
    • challenging elevation gain
  • michael and brittany went to the ladies delighthouse and walked on the frozen lake
    • there were people snow ice fishing

what we gonna do

  • max and bentley are doing the “1st annual Julia Von Ehr in absentia hike”
    • sunrise hike, french mountain, early bird (PANCAKES)
  • michael would totally lead a trip this weekend not friday
  • max feels obligated by the grips of campus life to lead cross country skiing at 10am on saturday, looking for a co-friend

winter LTT!

  • it’s happening! we have s p o t s
    • sign up here by monday night
    • we got a sign up. and another one! oh MY MY
  • an essential step in the leader process
  • from saturday-sunday on great pond in the COC cabin!
  • we will be toasty and learn important leadership skills and be toasty

diversity and inclusion

  • we are holding an election for this vacancy at the beginning of spring semester
  • this bigelow buddy is important in making the COC a more inclusive space
    • involves collaborating with PCB and the Colby community

learn to ski

  • 3 different types!
  • cross country ski
    • 10am at quarry road! classic or skate ski
  • telemark skiing
    • must know how to make parallel turns and a hockey stop on alpine skis
    • sign ups here!
    • pre trip meeting on tuesday! if you sign up, show up
  • alpine skiing
    • at sugarloaf!
    • run by outdoor education, spots chosen via lottery
    • this friday AND sunday
    • check out ColbyNow for sign ups
    • we can outfit you with coats, gloves, snow pants, hats, smiles, etc.

quarry road

  • we just got 6 passes to quarry road! incredible!
    • for cross country skiing!
  • you can check these out during office hours and return them after use


how many emus does it take to defeat a moose?

  • five 2
  • fifteen 6
  • thirty 4
  • moose are indestructible 1

might need to see this one in action

big buds

  • gear
    • taking a field trip to home depot oh jeez
      • duct tape and shelves are on the docket
      • we will be flush with duct tape ideally
    • we have gear! come check it out! heh
  • events
    • game night tuesday at 8!
    • movie night thursday at 8!
  • d&i
    • see above!
  • sugaring
    • absent
    • def out there prepping for a bountiful syrup harvest
  • cabin
    • pls dont go this weekend
    • there is still wooood
  • trips
    • absent
    • winter LTT
    • keenan is excited
  • whittling
    • wednesday at 7 (for real this time)


that is all for now my friends.

later skaters,