hellooooo friends!

another week has come and gone, and with every passing day, the looming specter of the spring semester grows nearer.  soon, the carefree cold of jan plan will be replaced by the fretful frigidity of february and march.  one may be tempted to stay inside, in dana or in bed.   HOWEVER you must do the OPPOSITE.  head for the hills!  homework, labs, and essays can’t find you hidden in a tree or under the snow.  evasion is the only solution.

but before you go, read these minutes!


what we done did

  • joseph and some folks went on an LTT
    • ice ok it went really well
    • “i think i learned a lot”
  • bentley went sledding!
    • nearly killed the toboggan
  • michael went skiing on friday as did many others for the first time!
    • conditions were crap
    • he looked “lonely and sad” in the parking lot
    • john dowling went snowboarding on the trip and
  • soren went skiing at quarry road
    • his inner thighs hurt
  • lily went up french mountain!
    • and then got part of a choco chip pancake at early bird
  • max and michael went cross country skiing on saturday and then taught people how to ski on a pretty hard trail
  • kramer went to the maine lakes resource center
    • for a class
    • no one knew what it was for
      • the center, not the class
  • michael went to pies on parade in rockland and had a whole lot of pie
    • this should really be a COC trip
    • tickets are $30 but you get a badge and a fork

what we gon do

  • wednesday trip to quarry road to go sledding?
    • potentially with bentley and max
  • kaitlin might wanna lead a night hike
  • wow there might actually be trips
  • tele ski clinics this wednesday
    • EDITORS NOTE these were all lies there are no trips


  • bigelow bud updates!
  • two new interim trips facilitation!
    • michael kramer! a veteran bud
    • keenan boscoe!
  • if you wanna become a leader or get some help leading trips contact these wonderful people!

diversity and inclusion

  • we have an opening!
  • if you’re interested in working on the COC’s ability to be inclusive and diverse, then we’d love your help!
  • it’s a pretty open ended position but please talk to K Council for more information / to send in a platform!

winter and k tahds

  • weekend of feb 16th! katahdin! winter! amazing!
  • sign ups this coming week!
  • if you’re a leader and interested in leading it, email michael kramer
    • can’t use this as ur co lead, sorry


  • soren pre-memorial poll
    • would you rather cry jelly or sneeze whipped cream?
    • jelly 5
    • whipped cream 13
    • duh


  • trips
    • there will be a spring LTT! fear not
    • also winter katahdin is a thing!
    • talk to michael or keenan if you wanna see a specific trip or become a leader!
  • gear
    • trying to buy some poles, ski boots, and insulated boots
    • maybe a toboggan
      • maybe for the toboggan race in camden
  • cabin
    • absent
    • but it was great during the LTT
    • running low on wood
  • sugaring
    • the season is actually coming up somewhat soon
    • talk to martin if you wanna participate in the harvest!
  • events
    • wednesday night: movie night!
    • tuesday night: game night!


that’s all from me, folks! and this time I mean it

for the last time, toodles