hello there and welcome to my blog!

don’t you just love spring semester? a foot of snow to come, wind chill, windows in hillside freezing over… as the temperatures drop and you all soon become increasingly spiteful and grumpy more learned individuals, i encourage you to try and seek warmth during these trying times: in the depths of the arb, in the feathers of down jackets, or even in the kindly spirit of a friend (awwww). but we all know the best way to defeat the cold is to embrace it! so strap on some snowshoes/skis/microspikes/otherwinterformsoftransportation, look winter straight in the face, and say “roar”. works every time.

anyway, read my minutes!


what we done did

  • joseph went to wfr (megan also went to be a wemt)
    • not distinctly outside, but in the realm
  • grace and olivia went to french mountaiiinnn (and went up too!) was ice
    • none of the above
  • will went yonder to popham beach. cold water for surfing
    • he couldn’t even cry due to the vaseline
  • max and bentley and friends went part of the way up old speck
    • the snow felt fake and did weird things to the mouth region
    • snowglobe snow? conspiracy? is old speck real??
    • blood and sweat, too cold for nude
  • megan and soren went to big rock cave in nh
    • it was spectacular! magnificent spelunking and icy structures
    • they also went uphill both ways, oops
  • caroline went skiing at icy quarry road
  • keenan and family moved to great diamond island!
  • kaitlin made a fire on runnels with coc comrades
    • there were snow tears, the fire melted into the snow

what we gon do

  • grace and max want to (maybe) teach people to xc ski or go on an adventure or will figure something out on xc skis idk man
  • michael wants to plan another sugaring farm tour
    • maybe a tour or maybe doing some work, definitely sugary
  • kaitlin is interested in a night hike
  • caroline lunt (absent) is interested in an easy friday afternoon trip- contact her!

COC annual survey

  • every year, coc sends out a survey to gain feedback about how we are doing
  • it will be in the weekly email and fill it out HERE
  • you can win a leatherman, a night at the cabin NOT WITH MEGAN, t shirts
  • fill it out!

winter ktahds

  • going out this weekend with michael and nat
  • if you are on it, you know
  • will be an awesome and chilly time! amazing views
  • maybe another one in march


  • we have an opening for this awesome position
  • incredibly important and impactful in making our club a welcoming space
  • send platforms to K council by february 17 at 7pm to be read at the meeting


  • friday february 15 at 8-10 (?) in foss
  • a folk dance, mixture between line and square dancing
  • is super fun! partner optional! following commands!

COOT apps

  • the application is live! any returning student can apply!
  • an opportunity to mentor the youth!
  • NO outdoor experience is necessary
  • tabling in the spa this week! an application and an interview! due feb 21

avalanche skills

  • on march 1, ryan is doing an avalanche skill workshop
  • you will be able to check out backcountry and avalanche gear for personal use
  • information will go out through ryan

carolyn finney

  • she is coming to talk during shout week in march about diversity in outdoor spaces
  • she wrote the book club book, we have it!
  • a generally amazing perspective


  • runs summer trips for teenagers (biking, hiking, service, language, photo)
  • you can apply to lead said teenagers and get paid for it (wow)
  • trips ranging from 9-20 days
  • looking for responsible and dynamic leaders
  • check em out at the career fair if this strikes your fancy

question of the week

  • is soup a meal?
  • sure, it is filling enough – 23
  • no way, just a side- 2

y’all are WRONG, surprisingly decisive

big buds

  • trips
    • jan plan LTT went spectacularly!
      • a training trip, critical part of becoming a leader
    • working with trip feedback and implementing curriculum
    • spring LTTs in the works
  • gear
    • ordering new xc poles and boots
    • working on new ski storage, less destruction
    • bring back checked out gear for the love of GOD
      • taryn and max will send you angry emails beware
  • sugaring
    • buckets were washed
      • syrup sans twigs! amazing
  • d&i
    • instagram feed about pertinent people in the outdoors in honor of black history month
      • if you have ideas of people, send them to will
  • events
    • see bentley and grace about ~events~
  • cabin
    • absent
    • dean’s personal items have been removed from the cabin calendar
      • whew
    • you can rent the cabin, just need a pick up-drop off deal

now get outside!