dear reader,

i have one word for you and one word only: blue. no, it isn’t just the name of the adorable and incredibly intuitive dog on blue’s clues. it is a mood, a type of jeans, my favorite color, a berry. we can all strive to be blue: flexible, honest, loyal. blue is a way of life. it is SO MUCH MORE than a color. ode to blue! but most importantly, it’s the color of the sky! wait- shouldn’t you be outside now?

alas, here is a summary taken from the inside of what we done did in the outside:


what we done did

  • joseph was very much outside in WFR / megan in WEMT course
    • lots of fake blood, FIRE, megan was crying, gross, ahhhhhh
  • grace strapped some planks on her feet for corduroy frozen water adventure
    • she went to flagstaff hut
    • lots of sweat
  • olivia went for a pretty cute jaunt in the arb
  • hannah got lost near the apts and went rock climbing in the forest
    • this is apparently a relatable issue
  • abby went skiing at quarry road
    • it was “wild”, she saw a soft and fluffy teenage dog!

what we gon do

  • bentley and megan are going to round top on sunday
    • it will be SUPER FUN come with us
  • joseph is looking for a future co-lead
  • keenan might want some snowshoeing adventures
    • chat with him re: co-lead
  • colleen and dom are going to boston! for the ansel adams exhibit
    • keenan is overwhelmed by the prospect
  • michael is down to lead a trip, he likes outside
  • kaitlin wants to xc ski to grand falls hut

annual survey

  • we want your feedback! on trips, leadership, communication etc.
  • fill it out HERE to win prizes!
  • we are especially looking for non-member feedback
  • PLEASE publicize this link to your friends

office hours

  • 7-8pm monday-thursday, 10-10:45 am friday
  • please check out gear DURING office hours
    • the 6 people with the gear code will appreciate this!

cabin wood

  • the cabin is being reloaded with wood (people could DIE)
  • dean wants help lugging it in! friday afternoon
    • also some trash pack out…

coot apps

  • the application is live! closes thursday at 11:55pm
  • coot is awesome! not just about being “outdoorsy”
  • the app does take some time, please look at it before thursday!


question of the week

  • loaves of toast?
    • yay 8
    • nay 11
  • the whole concept is weird man

bigelow buds

  • gear
    • absent
    • gear is FREE to borrow!
    • please return borrowed gear!
    • working on new ski poles, ski storage
    • have a suggestion for new gear? contact us!
      • NOT rollerblades
  • trips
    • spring LTTs in the works- waiting for winter to thaw
      • if it “continues to winter”- cabin LTT
    • trying to reform LTT curriculum
      • looking for feedback, contact keenan or michael
    • looking to become a leader trainer? contact keenan or michael!
  • cabin
    • new furniture is coming!
    • painting the floor in the works for april!
  • sugaring
    • they tapped 40 trees today!
    • collection happening every day until APRIL
    • talk to grace horne / martin to sign up for shifts
      • you get credit for helping→ maple syrup!
  • events
    • movie nights and game nights in the works!
    • smaller night events maybe
  • d&i
    • election voting coming out soon!
    • we are excited for big things


until next time!