loyal readers,

another day another winter surprise. today involved “walking through a flavorless slushie” and a wind tunnel as you walked from foss. what ever could be next? snowpocalypse? buildings freezing over? personally i would enjoy something ~unexpected~. like glitter. just falling from the sky. sure it’s slippery and pervasive but imagine the style guys. let me just say you would never need to worry about your outfit being dull…

speaking of the minutes which we weren’t, here you are my friends!


what we done did

  • julia went walking with multiple dogs! it was more like a arb march
    • abby’s dog disappeared, didn’t fall into a tree well
  • joseph fought snowballs! no one won but everyone won
  • jackie hiked maiden’s cliff
    • “aren’t you in a boot?” eeeeehhhhhhhhh
  • ryan told max to go up rumford whitecap, he did
    • ryan has more fans than i ever will
    • sweat and so many dogs
  • grace went ski in arb before the nasty rain
  • caroline took old people on a nature walk because she was nearby
  • michael saw rad slacklines and tried, but failed
    • the snow was there to protect him
  • addie went for a run that turned into a walk
    • there was a cool owl in a tree! it’s a sign….
  • deirde went snowshoeing for the first time in the arb!
    • they were supposed to go to round top
      • SHOUTOUT to flexible leadership tho
  • molly went to sanders hill
    • it was sunny and nice
    • people like to hike with injuries apparently
  • kaitlin went skiing at quarry road for the first time
    • go early in your college career! it rocks!
    • abby also went to quarry road (she got on it early)

what we gon do

  • grace wants to hike bald rock mountain
  • addie would be interested in a shorter sunday trip
    • grace is also interested
  • megan wants to go somewhere saturday
    • joseph wants his co lead! what a COINCIDENCE
  • julia may do something informal at 11:59 AM
  • caroline is doing her co lead with max saturday!
  • michael and martin are going to the sugaring farm again!
    • first weekend after spring break
  • kaitlin wants to do overnight xc ski trip this friday
    • maine coast conservancy yurt
    • looking for a xcing coleader
    • grace is interested! man she is getting out there this weekend

annual survey

  • we are looking for feedback here!
  • please circulate the link! win prizes!

new d&i head

  • it’s ***Lacey Wright***
    • congrats
  • also thank you to Joseph and Colleen for applying!
  • even if you didn’t run, we would love your ideas!

shout week

  • mid march- put on by PCB
  • this year’s theme is diversity in the outdoors
  • collaboration on hikes
  • carolyn finney! she is awesome and is giving a talk


  • wavus is looking for some great leaders
  • a wilderness tripping camp for girls
  • megan worked here so pls bombard her with questions


  • wilderness tripping organization all over the US/world
  • coming to campus for interviews and info sessions
    • wednesday 7pm Diamond 141 info session
    • it will be SAM (former co pres!) and will (we don’t know him…)
  • shoot questions towards michael stone

question of the week

  • baby IN a backpack 10
  • baby WEARING a backpack 17
  • imagine the size of the backpack! great counterbalance for their heads

big buds

  • gear
    • we WILL buy xc skiing poles
    • max gave an impassioned speech about the map in the corner
  • trips
    • absent
    • lead trips! ask us about trips! we love trips!
  • cabin
    • the wood is not at the cabin
    • one of our sleds is broken
  • d&i
    • new head new head new head
    • help us become more inclusive!
      • we are looking for ideas and promise
      • “frickin heck yeah”
    • carolyn finney!
    • dialogue trips are coming back!
      • trips to maine huts to converse about relevant social issues
  • sugaring
    • the sap floweth, despite the weather
    • contact martin if you want to help!
  • events
    • movie night or game night soon
    • craft night???????????? yes

see you next week!