i just love snow globe days. the ones where the giant hunks of frozen water are beautifully swirling as they fall from the sky. the days where there is a mix of frenzied professors who sat in traffic and a strong urge to jump into a snowbank and not return. as you walk across the wintry mix (which sounds more like salad than the slushy icy nastiness covering the sidewalks) catch a snowflake on your tongue! spin around! make a snow angel! enjoy the beauty of winter while we still have it! or wait until april because you know it will still be snowing…

here’s what happened in the outside last week!


what we done did

  • lily went to the mountain, found bentley’s cave!
    • bentley was sucked into the cave oops
    • blood sweat tears heroic acts spelunking
  • taryn went skiing at sugarloaf and saddleback
    • nightmare glades are still there!
  • zoe did a sunrise hike at french mountain, ‘twas lovely
    • the broken foot crew strikes again
    • she also went downhill skiing
  • grace did her co lead at bald rock mountain
    • her heart was warmed by old people learning to ski
    • sweat
  • julia went to bates (ew) to play frisbee (less ew)
    • beat bowdoin for the first time!
    • very ice, much bruise
  • michael played frisbee against high schoolers
    • they won!
  • grace and kaitlin led a trip to a yurt! more signage requested
    • they skied and had great fun
    • they ran into a biathlon and a girl scout troop

what we gon do

  • michael wants to go outside friday/saturday
    • megan is interested
  • max wants to go outside with bentley
  • zoe wants to go outside for her co lead!
    • maddy is interested also (glad she made it to her first meeting!)
  • megan wants to lead alternative doghead!
    • julia is interested, grace is also interested

annual survey

  • keep spreading the link! it is still open!
  • we want your feedback
  • complete the survey for a chance to win a leatherman or other prizes!

carolyn finney

  • she is the keynote speaker of SHOUT week!
  • an environmental justice activist and generally pretty cool!
  • monday march 11 7PM in Lorimer Chapel
    • get tickets in the Spa from 12-2 on tuesday, 11-1 on wednesday-friday
  • megan’s office hour will be moved from 6-7

shout week

  • the theme this year is environmental justice!
  • collaborative hike with COC is being planned

t shirt design/sticker contest

  • we are having a contest to design a new t shirt and sticker!
  • submit designs to coc@colby.edu by March 22
  • we can use up to 3 colors
  • an email will be sent out by Julia

leader swag

  • you will get cool thing as long as you:
    • become a leader
    • AND lead 2 trips by april 2


  • we recently posted a statement on civil discourse
  • COC is in opposition to frat/secret society activity
    • especially in our cabin (privileges will be revoked)

coc mystery

  • 7 UP bottle is missing
    • kaitlin was planning to steal it post grad

question of the week

  • unknowing ants 8
  • knowing ants 9

oh my my this was CLOSE

bigelow buds

  • gear
    • ski poles are being bought!
    • ski shelving is being finished
    • if you have gear in your room/car/possession, BRING IT BACK
  • trips
    • absent
    • if you are a leader, we have a trip leader resources folder!
      • please contact us if you don’t have access
    • spring LTT is coming
  • events
    • craft night in the works
  • cabin
    • absent
    • check out our statement on civil discourse or HERE
  • sugaring
    • some of the buckets fell :/
      • reparations in the works
  • d&i
    • dialogue trips in the works!
      • and dialogue dinners on campus!!
    • trip leaders look out for a sign up form

HOT SEAT: Grace Horne!

  • max
  • um kool aid
  • orca whale
  • do i get to hide in it? then yes
  • 5 spoons
  • katahdin last year
  • 12 grapes
  • corduroy
  • uhhhh one? one
  • ooh eustis basement, toilets are so low, “natural angleage”
  • hickory horned devil
  • she pointed at something but i didn’t see
  • she has been LEADERED

tune in next week for another episode!