hey! welcome back for another thrilling episode.

well my dudes it is going to be a warm week! finally i have something nice to say about the weather (sorry mother nature but you have been a real pill lately). anyway, now as you are attempting to avoid the gargantuan puddles that are oh so kindly inhabiting the sidewalks at least you can bask in the sun! close your eyes and soak up those rays! sure the future may bring slush and mud and raging rivers flowing down from the chapel but at least we will be happy!

here’s what went down in the not-so-sunny outside this week!


what we done did

  • joseph went xc ski for the first time!
    • only fell thrice plus twice
  • lacey kinda went outside and learned to ice skate!
    • abby and lacey are going tomorrow morning if you wanna!
      • note: i realize they have already gone at this point
  • michael went for an arb walk in the snow
    • narnia narnia narnia he was in narnia
  • megan went to popham beach and saw lighthouses! and horses!
    • also a woman thought she was having an existential crisis
  • jackie went to mt pisgah
    • there was a fire tower with mountains
    • empowering graffiti!
  • julia went to long island for frisbee
    • pouring rain, mud stuff, cancelled games
  • alice hiked french friday, clear views
    • AND went sledding! gr9 way to destress
  • molly et al went to maiden cliffs
    • nudity x2
    • “every day can be international women’s day”
  • kaitlin walked with her aunt in freeport
    • there was 50th bday SURPRISE (forced)
    • it was very warm, mmmmm, then got cold again booo

what we gon do

  • joseph wants to get his co lead– burnt mountain (Sunday hopefully)
    • kaitlin maybe
  • zoe and michael (?) want to go to popham beach around noon
    • it might be stormy but it’s all about the vibe
  • alice wants to do her co lead! maybe in april!
    • julia would be interested
  • jackie would love to do a chill co lead this week (maybe to french)
    • she is still broken
  • megan and grace and keenan want ALTERNATIVE DOGHEAD
    • maybe at the cabin with board games and snacks!

annual survey

  • it is now closed
  • THANK YOU for participating! 🙂 <3
  • the raffle will be run soon

Carolyn Finney

  • she is coming TOMORROW! at 7! in the CHAPEL!
  • tickets cannot technically be gotten still
    • but beg the people at the door

SHOUT week hike

  • collaborative event with PCB
    • hiking in the arb OR snow angels and hot cocoa and snacks
  • there won’t be a sign up
    • show up to COC office at 3PM friday
  • talk about your identity with the outdoors
  • looking for COC leaders to help out!

t shirt design contest

  • are you artistically inclined? send us a t shirt design!
  • send to coc@colby.edu by march 22
    • voting april 1-5

question of the week (shoutout to jamie pine!)

  • which came first?
    • taco 7
    • burrito 8
  • “hot diggety dog” this was close

bigelow buds

  • trips
    • waiting for the snow to melt for SPRING LTT
    • questions about the process?
      • or want to become a leader trainer/ bigelow buddy?
      • contact keenan or michael
  • gear
    • absent
  • cabin
    • absent
    • available for rent, contact dean strup
  • d&i
    • working on dialogue trips
      • interested in leading one? contact d&i
  • sugaring
    • sap is flowing!
  • events
    • absent

y’all get the gist