What we done did:

  • Lacey was unsuccessful in doing work so she went on a really long walk in the upper arb and ran into a person from Delta ambulance, she also saw a bird attack a chipmunk, on campus!
  • Taryn went on a hike to the Bigelows and it was beautiful, and they had grey jays come really close to them and landed on someone’s tupperware.
  • PSA: Margaret did a woody plants TA session and found some really delicious grapes behind the admissions building (but pay attention to the poison ivy)
  • Lindsey went on a sunrise hike, went for a couple runs, and she also went to the woodsmen bonfire and met some new friends
  • Abby went for a run the other day and scared a bird into a window, but it flew away!
  • Bentley planned on hiking Morse Mountain, but the parking lot was full so he went to Popham Beach
  • Taryn went canoeing for her capstone and it was really windy on Tuesday!
  • Lacey went to a bog on Tuesday for the first time. She had wanted to go to a bog since before coming to colby, but she finally got to go to one! They also got to take their shoes off and walk through the woods.


What we gonna do:

  • Margaret wants to go to Moxie Falls over fall break, Taryn wants to go too! (Look for the sign ups the week before fall break)
  • Jack wants to lead a trip this weekend, who wants to lead one with him?
  • Lacey wants to go to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, maybe a painting or journaling trip!



  • Events:
    • Scavenger hunt in the Arb over Fall Break
    • Fly fishing club casting clinic the Friday of fall break
    • Some collaborations in the works (woodsmen, space club, ASA, SHOC)
    • Whittling Wednesdays is from 7-8 pm at the COC office!
    • Friendship bracelets will be made on Miller Steps Thursday with Abby!
    • We would like our instagram to be up and running!
      • DM colby outing club instagram your photos and they will be posted
    • No man’s land film festival will be hosted at Colby on October 16 in Ostrove, but there will be a virtual link for all colby students!
    • Let’s make some posters!
  • GEAR! We now have gear rentals all set up, so you can come check it out! Office Hours are Monday-Thursday 7-8 pm and Fridays 9-9:45 am, fill out the form and let us know what you want when! Also please return your gear as soon as you are done using it!
  • Trips: will go out in the weekly email! 
    • Hopefully we will get some trips out this weekend! (reach out to jack)

*****Leaders please email me by midnight Sunday with your trip description!*****

-also the trip must be posted at 8pm Tuesday night, or I will email you and I will be upset!

-Fall Break trips sign-ups will be a lottery system, stay tuned for more information!


  • D&I: we had a meeting and are making some plans!
  • Cabin: absent and the COC cabin remains closed
  • Sugaring: absent!


Poll: submitted by Bentley

Crayfish, crawdad, or what?

    • Crawdad: 5
    • Crayfish: 3
    • Other: 0

Welcome to the third outing club meeting, and maybe the last one online!


What we done did!


*Molly went to french mountain!

*Caroline and Lily and roomates went for a nice walk at Quarry Road

*Lacey went into the Arb, for a woody plants class

*Lacey’s roomates went to Acadia

*Alexis and Bentley went to Megunticook and saw the Atlantic Ocean

*Taryn went up a mountain and collected ants and leaf litter, with the crew that works in Chris Moore’s lab. 

*Cole went stargazing

*Jack went sleeping in a hammock, it was nice and chilly!

*Jackie went on a run and made it around the Pond


What we gon do!

*Alexis and DT want to go on a small hike

*Joseph Savage is going to the Bigelows

*Jack is looking for a co-leader


GEAR! We now have gear rentals all set up, so you can come check it out! Office Hours are Monday-Thursday 7-8 pm and Fridays 9-9:45 am, fill out the form and let us know what you want when!


Trips: will go out in the weekly email! 


*****Leaders please email me by midnight Sunday with your trip description!*****


Become a Trip Leader:

*shadow a trip!  You can do this at any point in the leader training process, and more information about the LTT will be out soon.


No Man’s Land Film Festival! More information to be sent out soon!


Whittling Wednesdays! Fill out a form that says you are going and then go Whittle with Joseph!



Mamma: 8

Mia: 7


What we done did?


Bentley went on a hike in the Belgarades


DT and Alexis led a trip in the arb, on the yellow trail and then the blue trail! They think people had fun!


Lacey went on an arb walk today with Taryn and Joseph, she saw the train tracks.


Taryn saw the old and new bridge across the stream, the old one is hard to walk across


Molly biked to campus in the wind


Taryn went to Tumbledown and swam in the pond and saw a few dogs! 


Abby at dinner with her roommates at the head of the falls last night.


What we gonna do?


~We are cleared for off campus trips, but only day trips~

Fall Break we want so many day trips (2-3 a day) , leaders please lead them!


Bentley wants to do Megunticook next week, who wants to co-lead with him?


Taryn wants to go to Popham beach, there are probably gonna be dogs


Acadia! (we are gonna wait for tourist season to die down a little bit so we are able to stay socially distanced)


If you are close to becoming a leader, please let K-Council know, and we will make sure you finish the process




We are hoping to have the policy finished and ready for you all within the next couple of weeks, but we are just waiting on approval and cleaning.


Bigelow Buddies


We still have a few openings for some positions, please submit your platforms for Trips, Events and Outreach, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


Trips Bigelow Buddy, must be a trip leader!

DEI, no experience necessary

Events and Outreach, no experience necessary


Please send them to (megard22@colby.edu) by Wednesday Night, I go to bed early, so make it before 10 pm!


Becoming a Trip leader  (a rough overview)

  1. Anyone can shadow a trip, reach out to leaders! You learn how they prepare and get to go on an awesome trip.
  2. Leader Training Trip:  we are working on a way to get all those skills learned without the classic pre COVID 2 night LTT.
  3. Wilderness First Aid: we are working on figuring out how to get that certification, which is required to become a trip leader.
  4. Co-Lead a trip with an experienced leader
  5. Interview with K-Council, this is really fun just a conversation with Taryn, Bentley, Alexis, or Molly.
  6. Become a Colby Certified Driver, Security has a form and then there is a moodle quiz you have to take and pass. 
  7. Lead Trips



If you had to hike, not walking on your two legs, what would be your preferred transport method.



Roll: II

Bearcrawl: IIII/I


We talked about the Club in general!


This is the Katahdin Council (K-Council):

Bentley and Taryn Co- Presidents

Molly Secretary

Alexis: On Campus treasurer and Secretary 2.0

Alice: off campus treasurer!



Abby (looking for another events co-head)

Weekly meetings [usually sundays at 7, maybe  a little different this year?]

Special Events, examples: COC prom, knitting, Kites on runnals


Grace N. (looking for another Trips co-head, but needs to be a COC trip leader)

Signing up

*this happens at 8pm on tuesday nights on the COC calendar

Becoming a Leader (will find out more information soon)

*in the past it has been a weekend trip, but that will look pretty different this year and may be a series of sessions 

On campus trips starting next weekend, off-campus hopefully soon


Kayla and Margaret

Borrowing Gear

*this is gonna look different this year, we will send more infor once we hear back from the administration, hopefully soon

What we have

*everything you need to go outside! Boots, Cross country Skis, Stoves, Pots, Tents, Snowshoes, etc.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: 

Jordyn (looking for a co-head)

Collaborations with other clubs

*In the past we have done questbridge and SOBLU collaborations, but we would love to do more!

Accessibility (COC and outdoor spaces in general)


*we hope to do more surrounding DEI outdoors!


Grace H.

What is sugaring?

*getting sap and making maple syrup! 

  • We have a Sugar bush on campus in the lower arb!




COC Cabin is closed, please respect that and DO NOT GO there!


Updates coming soon, feel free to reach out with questions in the meantime!


What we done did:


Taryn and her roommates went swimming at quarry road. It was really nice!


lily and bentley walked in the upper arb


caroline got lost running in the upper arb


martha hiked mt washington 


So did Margaret and she went to mt zircon! And saw bear poop (scat)


skwon played tennis


bentley found baby snapping turtles, they were the size of turtles


James ran in the arb and swam off a dock!


The head of the falls downtown is a nice spot to walk during golden hour or just in general and there is a bridge.


Ariana went to yosemite! and there weren’t many people so cool!


cole drove here from oregon and stopped in grand tetons and yellowstone


Molly and taryn drove in a car from Minnesota to Maine and stopped at 4 gas stations, and camped in Ohio,  that was it, otherwise they were in the car.


What should we name our house plant?

Josephine- 13



the outing club’s stance on bias incident:

we as an executive council wanted to address an email that went out this past week. The email contained an image that was offensive and in poor taste. This email listserv is moderated by K Council (our co-presidents, secretary, and treasurer) and every message sent goes to us first and is approved or revised. Unfortunately, we cannot preview images and this one got past our moderation system. This in no way reflects the values of the Outing Club or the student who sent the email. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to coc@colby.edu.


thanks for reading


here is what happened in the outside!


what we done did

  • grace and soren did a race 25k oh my
    • soren wasn’t last, he was second to last
      • the last placer was a senior citizen
    • soren apparently skis in khakis
    • fire soren
  • alexis and alice hiked bald mountain
    • there was not a single hair
  • lily went on a nice long walk on the backroads
    • she enjoyed feeling the sun
  • soren went to qr and it sucked
  • jackie and ming went to poplar hut and climbed a big hill
    • the hill was quite difficult
  • lacey went to the museum and saw a nice mini photo of a hawk
    • she also saw a real bird this week
    • “museum, go do it”

what we gon do

  • jackie would lead a skiing trip if someone wanted to join
  • margaret wants to do a “hike” on sunday
  • lacey wants someone to be interested in doing something friday afternoon
    • lily and megan and margaret mumbled support

learn to swim!

  • the first lesson was today
  • two people swam and three people taught
    • no one even drowned
  • more advertisements are coming hopefully better written @swim coach man
  • 2:30 pm on sunday

kayak clinics

  • 7:30-9:15pm tuesdays in the ac pool
    • wear something you can swim in
  • @sam kane if you are reading this we love you

spring ltt

  • eventually
  • taryn may or may not have been running from camden
  • there is a ski cabin that could be rented out in camden! 


  • it is getting cleaned! dave from ppd is getting back to us
  • the carpet has never been cleaned in dave’s tenure

poll: submitted by taryn

who would win in a fight?

  • A wolverine 7
  • silver-backed gorilla 6

bigelow buddies

  • gear
    • someone is getting back to us about the skis
    • the ski storage is being revamped
  • trips
    • spring ltt to come!
    • messalonskee hs volunteering
      • first outing friday @3 with 15-25 or 40 high schoolers
      • to volunteer you must complete the minor training 
  • d&i
    • learn to swim
    • april programming
      • movie
      • hike
  • cabin
    • absent
      • he was at the history dinner in foss
  • sugaring
    • absent
    • they have been sugaring
    • the sap used to be frozen
    • bugarshush 
  • events
    • craft club collab: painting birdhouses
      • christina believes that putting a bird house near your actual house may not be a good idea…
    • knitting on thursday



hey y’all

forgive me if i am wrong but this weather is really feeling like snow weather. it is cold enough and dark and cloudy enough and we all want it. mother nature can’t you please just throw a few flakes on us? please?

ok here is what happened this week


what we done did

  • anna margaret and soren went to the mountain
    • bentleys cave had slightly shifter
    • blood sweat tears nudity
      • soren “cut his finger doing a nude” and “larkin cried but it wasn’t connected”
  • charlie well was outside on saturday for like actually ten hours
    • only if you do the math tho
  • alexis went night skiing at lost valley
  • max and taryn went to popham beach with emma too
    • it was awesome and there was frozen sand that you could kinda pick up
    • no one went swimming
  • lacey went ice skating on the pond for the first time
    • she was also at the beach
  • molly went skiing near sugarloaf and there was fresh snow
    • ten people learned how to ski!
    • she tried to go pee but there “were literally people everywhere”
  • lily walked around wabanaki territory and the pond was v frozen
    • the guy likes to drive across the pond to get home
    • she went with a class
  • soren tried but failed to go up sunday river whitecap
  • dt went to canada for skiing and there were sled dogs!
    • a snowmobile towed them up the hill!
    • blood sweat and tears

what is to come

  • soren wants to go up mt zircon but doesn’t have much affinity for it
    • maybe puzzle mountain but he was there today
  • molly wants to do something outside
  • alice and alexis want the sun to rise one day
  • lacey and joseph want to go to rachel carson wildlife refuge
    • it’s a long drive
  • maxi wants to do a hike that will raise his heartbeat in order to feel accomplished
    • ~130 for an extended period of time
  • annie and jackie are going for a walk in the arb with barely post-pubescent kidds
    • not on doghead tho
  • soren might want to lead a 3am doghead hike somewhere outside
    • in the farm? the higher arb? are the bees ok? 

messalonskee hs

  • it’s a thing now
  • if you want to be involved, contact annie or jackie
  • yee haw

kayak clinics

  • tuesday nights 7:30-9:15PM
  • stop by anytime then and wear something you can get wet!

learn to swim

  • if you want to help with teaching of learn to swim, contact lacey
  • fill out the doodle! and stay tuned for amazingness

question of the week

  • off the wall or wall ball
    • off-the-wall 6
    • wall-ball 8
  • soren coerced everyone to vote for “wall-ball”

bigelow buds

  • trips
    • spring ltt is underway
      • maybe acadia depending on campsites
  • events
    • absent x2
    • knitting tbd and whittling wednesdays! 
  • d&i
    • learn to swim!
    • angry inuk later! 
  • gear
    • “yeah we’re doin it”
    • gear to be ordered: not mentioned
    • it has been 6 days since someone has responded to molly and she has been sitting by her computer CRYING someone help her
      • wait actually they read the email
  • cabin
    • absent
      • waiting for the shuttle
      • hbd dean
      • he is taking the MCAT soon
      • “can you say in the minutes that i say hai” – soren
  • sugaring
    • absent
    • there was a fun event! there is a sapton of sap! the ice was “crunchy”
      • editor’s note: 30 gallons of sap

hot seat: margaret staller

  • ear hair
  • yar? oh a tyrtyr
  • uuuuuuuh st berdoodle
  • oh i hate all of you guys
  • spoon
  • rugby
  • digiridoo
  • i don’t have one… any recommendations
    • yes1
  • um       seven up it says
  • that’s such a loaded question *laughter* a weka
  • left foot
  • left fart


hey bobs

do you ever feel like a plastic bag? wouldn’t that be pretty wacky? you are just a husk of a being blowing into the wind. however, you have major potential! you can hold jellybeans! or sand! i mean yeah you are pretty easy to poke holes through and you are kinda fragile but aren’t we all?

and so here is what happened in the outside!


what we done did

  • there was a snowshoeing trip led by the venture out project!
    • it sounded gr9
  • abby got super good at skate skiing
    • max is skeptical
    • she went down the big hills even
    • taryn fell ~15 times
  • jackie and ming and max went to flagstaff hut skiing
    • the lake was frozen, bigelows majestic
  • soren went to shed pond in manchester (me) and he fell into the stream
    • his feet were “wet”
  • lacey was outside her dorm and correctly IDed a house finch outside!
    • it was -6 out and the tweeting birds had no coats!
  • max and taryn and charlie went to camden and saw lots of dogs
    • max didn’t pet a lot of them (what gives?)
    • it was toasty, charlie ran up the mountain
  • molly went skiing on the messalonskee lake today
    • it was nice and ice is flat
  • alice and annie and margaret went to burnt mountain
  • megan and soren went xc skiing around witch hole pond
    • it rocked!
  • will got up early and went to saddleback
    • there were skis involved but megan didn’t catch this part




what we gon do

  • grace n and jack are leading a ski trip this weekend
    • she is also leading with taryn???
    • she is gonna be hella active
  • lacey wants to go to popham beach
    • there was scattered interest
    • you can swim if you want to
    • max and taryn can lead this trip
  • soren wants to lead a hike up the mountain and into bentleys cave
    • after geo seminar ~2pm
  • molly and questbridge are leading a learn to ski trip
    • you can probably just show up and do it
  • soren wants to go up puzzle mountain
    • he is gonna say it until someone does it
    • taryn has wooden 3d puzzles

leader SWAG

  • if you are a leader and lead 2 trips by the end of the year, you will get somethin
    • it is usually cool

kayak clinics

  • tuesdays in the ac from 7:30-9:15
  • stop by and hang with sam kane!

social media

  • will is looking for a replacement…
  • there is now a form for social media! FIND IT HERE!

question of the week

  • vanilla bean or french vanilla?
    • vanilla bean 12
    • french vanilla 7
  • can you make vanilla bean with other beans?

bigelow buddies

  • trips
    • planning spring LTTs! leader trainer dependent / interest dependent
  • d&i
    • things are boiling
      • not available to faculty sorry guys…
    • jack said something about grace (absent)
  • gear
    • we do have gear
    • more gear is coming! skis and winter boots!
    • get the gear is coming! a video project
    • if you have overdue gear molly is coming for you
      • max (daddy) is a criminal
    • if the gear room is open, close it
      • do not raid it lol
  • cabin
    • absent
      • he says “hi” and that he “misses us”
  • sugaring
    • jack tapped all the 32 trees by himself and should learn to use technology better
    • however, he is not done so he may look for help
      • next saturday afternoon sugaring gathering! L E A P  D A Y 
        • fire and hot cocoa and maple viewing and tapping and sapping!
        • check your emails for communication from jack
  • events
    • learn to knit nights! this tuesday
    • whittling wednesday continues!
    • craft club collab in the works!
      • possibly painting birdhouses!
  • k council
    • the carpet is getting cleaned soon!





i am sure you all have something better to do (or not) than to read my compilation of random thoughts. in case you don’t have anything to fill your time, here are some ideas

  • take more buzzfeed quizzes and email megan the link

  • learn to knit and knit something awesome to show to megan

  • visit the animal shelter and send cute pics to megan

  • go to a bookstore and send titles of good books to megan

  • do something awesome and update megan

here is what happened last week in the outsides


*6:58 PM: everyone admired zach bob in his lil sweater. he is the cutest horse in the entire world*

what we done did

  • jack and soren went up rumford whitecap
    • there was nudity and sweat and no tears to remember
    • sorens lip bled because he bit it
    • driving was questionable
  • jackie infiltrated bowdoin outing club
    • she stole their skis and the skiing was pale in comparison to quarry rd
    • her friend didn’t even know how to ski apparently
  • will did something on saddleback and made a “surfer dude” hand gesture
    • someone actually bought it and planning to open next winter
    • maybe it will never open
  • dt “skinned up” a bar of sugarloaf
    • she basically just walked up sugarloaf
  • soren went to sanders hill and bushwhacked to round pond
    • round pond took quite the beating

what we gon do

  • molly and ming are leading a learn to ski with questbridge! 
    • other people may be invited
    • alice wants to usurp ming
  • ming and max are going to flagstaff hut on saturday
    • ming is WICKED active this week despite his clear absence
    • there will also be lunch
  • jackie and will want to snowshoe saddleback
    • surreal landscape, pretty wild
  • soren wants to go to puzzle mountain and maybe do a puzzle
    • people with dexterity will be first priority
  • max wants to hike a mountain with a barbeque pit and use it
    • hogback mountain most likely
    • barbequing burgers and maybe a pineapple
  • soren wants to go sledding maybe friday maybe earlier
    • at quarry road
  • alice wants to go somewhere and do something but doesn’t know what to do or where to go
    • sounds like an existential thing
    • max also shares this interest
    • someone pls help them

office hours

  • again, they are monday-thursday 7-8 PM and friday 9-9:45 AM
  • if emergency strikes, you could email coc-gear@colby.edu 

contra dance

  • this friday! in foss! live band! 
  • bring a partner or don’t! instructions provided
    • extra points for a flowy skirt or cool hat

kayak clinics

  • this tuesday from 7:30-9:15 in the athletic center pool!
    • come anytime! in something you can get wet
  • learn to roll a kayak! play games! be a water master!

k council meetings

  • they happen from 4-5PM on mondays in lopo
    • we want to chat with y’all
  • will, STOP TALKING 


  • townsville
    • town 8
    • ville 8
    • neither a town nor a ville 8 (jk it was actually 4)

bigelow buddies

  • sugaring
    • jack will choose a time for tappin 
    • everyone in the groupme can come tap that too
      • contact jack to join tappin it
  • trips
    • an ltt is upon us, possibly at the cabin
    • “trips are fun”
    • talk to taryn/jackie to become a leader
      • also do some more stuff
  • gear
    • “yeah we’re doin it right here we’re doin it”
    • molly is sending flame mail to people with overdue gear
    • sleeping bags are washed but not all of them
      • the lightweight bags are being washed soon
  • cabin
    • absent
      • seen in bobs
      • stood up abby
      • seen in foss
  • d&i
    • absent
    • questbridge trip tbd
    • any group on campus wanna collab? let us know
    • angry inuk screening soon
  • events
    • leap day is coming
    • learn to knit nights maybe
      • yarn PROVIDED
      • and needles PROVIDED

hot seat: lileana sethares

  • that one
  • that particular area right there its just ugly
  • what? soren jk i would never kill anyone
  • one but megan decides
  • sinking into it
  • ummmmmm the ice world
  • the inner core
  • um ………. glass and glass
  • no pants
  • uhh swim
  • uhh 1AM
  • which what? um my right ear
  • sojnwpogu my left foot
    • i need my hands for my craft viola
  • the lovechild between a cello and a violin

hot seat ii: larkin denlinger

  • uuh i like foss
  • dana
    • classist
  • um i really like the two oh three forks intertwined
  • ummm the individual bathroom in the spa
  • 1.8 inches
  • centaur
  • um the uh bathroom in the spa but in the pool room
  • digeridont
  • no
  • yes
  • um there are some really good mittens
  • spatch? oh blue
  • ideally 10 minutes probably 15
  • pogo
  • umm bald eagle what can i say?




as you find yourself dodging icy chunks slipping from the roofs of buildings and gracefully sidestepping that patch of unsalted sidewalk, i am here for you. i have prepared this hot lil set of minutes to get you cozy and make you feel the warmth all the way down to your tummy. so sit back, put another log on the fireplace and R E LA X. i got you

aaaand here’s what you missed on survivor!


what we done diddly did

  • taryn and abby skated on the pond and unfortunately didn’t fall in
    • hopefully they will clear more of it soon
  • jackie went to quarry road, highly recommends
  • max and lily went to sanders hill and made fun of people
    • they were skating (ABBY AND TARYN???)
    • twisted tea was had not by them
  • taryn and max and soren and jack went to mt abraham and her eyelashes froze
    • the road was plowed on the way back
    • naked in nature 
  • joseph went on the skiing trip today
  • soren and larkin (notably absent) saw ferret tracks on round top
    • there are apparently wild ferrets in maine / in the world
    • beavers and groundhogs are enemies?
      • editor’s note: no they are most definitely not
  • molly walked outside in freeport and it was nice
  • aidan went to national toboggan championships 
    • her friend made it to the finals today
    • editor’s note: grace is my mortal enemy

what we gon do

  • soren wants to ascend a whitecap (rumford or sunday river)
    • jack indritz is also on board
  • max and ming are going to ski to maine huts and trails and also back
    • or maybe a learn to ski day to prepare the masses
  • soren also wants to ski in the kennebec highlands
    • there is scattered interest
  • joseph wants to night hike french mountain
    • you heard it here first: night hike of french mountain
    • molly is interested
  • jackie wants to lead a trip with someone else
    • hit her up

squidward tennis balls

  • max wants to wash his coat but is in search of tennis balls
    • joseph HAS tennis balls
  • ALSO if anyone wants to wash a coat??????????????? contact max

office hours

  • they are MONDAY TO THURSDAY 7-8 PM AND FRIDAY 9-9:45 AM 

bring a friend to work day

  • bring yourself AND a plus one to next week’s meeting
  • same place same time!
  • there could be snacks

k council meetings

  • we meet weekly from 4-5PM in LoPo
  • come see us with inquiries
  • ryan is also there


  • groundhog or beaver
    • groundhog 1
    • beaver – everyone else
    • THERE IS A CLEAR ANSWER, you all didn’t find it

big buddies

  • gear
    • see the above bullet point
      • please don’t look us up in the directory for gear
    • if you find COC gear, please return it
      • black puffy, headlamps, microspikes, etc……………
  • events
    • movie night soon
    • lacey has a movie request that will be awesome
  • trips
    • LTT in the cabin soon? more to come
    • “also trips are fun”
  • d&i
    • absent
    • ocean trip soon
  • sugaring
    • we might start tapping next week!
    • contact jack indritz to be informed
  • cabin
    • absent

hot seat : joseph 

  • um not the bathroom on the foss floor entrance
    • anywhere else
  • i like big toes… mine
  • water cuz you can always have water
  • moss carpeted moss
  • woods
  • hmm ash is nice to split, pine smells nice, cedar burns fast
  • almost 3 minutes
  • 7 up and red
  • yrtaur
  • yes um break it up
  • oooh ooh um hm i really like baldpate
  • hmm i just like taking a piece of wood down to absolutely nothing


groundhogs > most people


ala shazam! i return!


hey now, i know what you are all thinking. i abandoned you for the great expanse of ghana. you can bet your bottom dollar i did and i regret nothing. but fear not, i have returned to swaddle you with words that i type on my keyboard. so find a comfy seat and settle in, i have some minutes hot off the press for your viewing pleasure.


but really, here is what happened this week!


what we done did

  • christina and max led a hike to the eyebrow 
    • christina raise your gosh darn hand
    • it was fun
  • she also went to messalonskee stream trail
    • wet and sloshy and pretty fun
  • max and christina went to sugarloaf for learn to ski day!
    • sign up for this friday’s trip! wait actually sorry they are closed
    • there might be another one in february stay tuned
  • jack went to quarry road on tuesday there was a lot of snow
    • they have less snow now
    • he also made snow
  • lacey went sledding! on the hill next to the chapel
    • it was incredible
    • she tied for furthest down the hill but then charlie stole her sled
  • max is ~nostalgic~

what we gon do

  • no trips this weekend
  • you could lead one this wednesday/thursday
  • lacey wants to do a wednesday morning walk maybe with early bird
    • jack can lead something
    • molly should be notified

trip descriptions

  • none for this weekend
  • send them in by tuesday at 8

office hours and jan plan break gear

  • no friday office hours for janplan 
    • please stop calling megan on fridays

night of 100000000000 glowsticks

  • it is this wednesday apparently
    • 8-10 wednesday night
  • come to coc for gear, go to johnson pond or chapel hill
  • we have clean sleeping bags

return your gear now

  • if you still have gear from fall or janplan you WILL be charged

wednesday clinics

  • these are going to start up spring semester

first meeting of spring

  • bigelow buddy meeting after the sunday night meeting!

question of the week

  • bread or beard?
    • bread – everyone
    • beard – no one
  • what would charlie cobb choose?

side note

  • a reverse centaur is really weird to think about
  • we watched a commercial
  • abby drew a stick figure horse / swingset

big buds

  • gear
    • molly is doing stuff
    • will was there last night
  • trips
    • absent
    • rip bentley
  • d&i
    • no news
  • events
    • glowsticks! 
  • sugaring
    • they went to the sugar supply place 
      • colby alum class of 1960! 
      • bought some new taps and buckets discounted!
  • cabin
    • dean no longer exists
    • he is in ohio?


later skaters!