it is the grayest of days.  color once abounded and the hills flowed with life, but bleaker days are upon us now.  soon, snow will twirl, streams will atrophy, and skies will darken at a truly ungodly hour.  gather up your little acorns and hunker down for the long, long winter.


embrace the void!  seek out the marcescent beeches, the crunchiest of desiccated leaves, and the crispest fall air!  lead a trip, sign up for a trip, or say screw it to trips and venture out solo!

that is all from soren’s soapbox.  enjoy your week!*

*unless you have a big ol’ geology module due, in which case, tough luck.


what we done did

  • jackie went to acadia on the leader training trip and then people raised hands if they were on it and man there will a lot of people.  definitely sweat, apparently some blood, metaphorical tears due to ice
  • someone and dominick went up french mountain after class on the really warm / nice day, since there was only one this week (rip)
  • michael saw blood sweat and tears at a half marathon in the scandalous state of new hampshire
  • grace and soren and chris went up the bigelows (in carrabassett not boothbay) and it was very snowy.  snowballs were thrown but frostnip was held at bay
  • that is all.  y’all have room for improvement

what we gon do

  • on saturday alex and megan will reattempt saddleback!
  • michael and soren on sunday, will go look at a syrup making operation in Industry, ME!  there will be a newspaper there apparently? also maybe a side trip to a trail to look at some water / trees
  • max wants to lead a trip on saturday.  kaitlin is picky but wants to do that. sam kwon also wants to co lead so he takes priority.  nevermind he is busy. kaitlin is back to being #1
  • grace might maybe want to do something chilly / chill on sunday eve.  nothin strenuous
  • michael stone would be down for a night hike?? sometime this week?? to explore something?? michael kramer may want to co lead .  michael squared.


  • wilderness first aid sign ups have completed
  • 26 people signed up !
  • saturday and sunday
  • if you got into the training, you will find out on monday!


  • CER is running a wfr/wemt course the first and second weekends in february!
  • and we are helping them with sign ups!
  • express your interest here!
  • it’s like a more in depth wfa! 
  • if you have questions talk to sam max or taryn since they took it last year
  • not entirely subsidized by the club 🙁 but we can help in some situations!
    • those situations would be:
      • if your WFA is up for recertification AND
      • you promise to lead two trips for us in the next calendar year THEN
      • we can pay for $150 of it

thanksgiving trip

  • there is a coc thanksgiving trip! the trip is full but there are spots on the waitlist!
  • they’re staying at the coc cabin and doing some hikes and then camping in acadia and it sounds FUN


  • come help the coc celebrate the giving of thanks!
  • and help out the dock!
  • at the cabin!
  • bring some food because we’ll all devour it after the dock-taking-out

new events head!

  • it is bentley
  • he has risen!

winter training

  • it will be next monday at 6!
  • 3 hours with ryan linehan in diamond!
  • fun and educational and REQUIRED to lead trips with snow on the ground
  • look for an email / a spot in the weekly email about it
  • ALSO a training in winter camping
    • in jan plan or early spring
    • for coc leaders
    • learn how to lead a trip! in the winter! in the snow! overnight!

what matters to me and why!

  • ryan linehan’s is this wednesday at noon in bobby silberman!
  • go go go!
  • use it in place of a meal swipe!


  • bigelow or smallehigh?
    • bigelow 8
    • smallehigh 17
    • stunning results tbh


  • events
    • stay tuned for COCSGIVING INFO
    • AND trivia night!!!!
      • in the pub
    • also welcome tley meyer
  • gear
    • snowpants arrived! they are teal. not green @megan
    • second order of gear this week???? stay tuned
      • snowshoes
      • headlamps
      • coc helicopter (cocicopter?)
  • trips
    • LTT was a smashing success
    • WFA.
  • sugaring
    • they moved wood!
  • cabin
    • it still exists
    • but it is not plowed
  • diversity and inclusion
    • absent but they helped put together the thanksgiving trip!


that is all from me!  don’t forget to hmu with your hate mail!


sor n

why helllllooooooo there

spooky szn has come and passed and it is time to move onto the next segment of the year – the giving of thx.  as the oaks lose their last bits of leaves and snow flurries stick around a little longer, the sun will slowly lose enthusiasm and pack its bags earlier and earlier.  it’s a lazy sun of a gun.  all of this means that the outdoors will be a little bit more precious and worth savoring.  go forth and bask in the shades of gray!


what we done did

  • jackie and zoe tried to hike mt abraham but could not find the trailhead and there was plentiful snow so bushwhacked for 4 miles and then went to mt blue instead
    • wow
    • no blood sweat or tears
  • joseph and the woodsmen had a woodsmen thing
  • john and megan and soren and also joseph went on a costume hike to french mountain and soren had the best costume (in john’s words, and also soren’s words)
  • zoe went to round top on saturday with jackie and some folks and there was rain but no snow
  • megan and soren and dalton went to three lighthouses. 
  • keenan and “a couple” folks went to quarry road in the snow and witnessed the wonderful descent of the nascent winter
  • max be quiet
  • kaitlin went to tumbledown by herself and did not go swimming but there was not as much snow as she had hoped 🙁  so many dogs! fantastic. dog hiking szn

what we gon do

  • soren wants to go up the bigelows
  • michael stone wants to lead a night hike but has no general ideas.
    • he desires a co leader
  • megan wants to go through the arb (formally)
  • keenan is gonna go outside and VOTE on tuesday


  • it’s this weekend!
  • if you signed up you’re probably on the trip, you’ll hear officially sometime soon!
  • in acadia!
  • what is this??
    • leader training trip!
    • learn how to make a fire, make people feel included, plan a trip, etc.
    • “its a great mandatory part of the leader process”


  • the weekend after this coming weekend (17th-18th)
  • sign ups went out yesterday!
  • what is this??
    • wilderness first aid!
    • held on campus, saturday and sunday
    • learn how to treat various illnesses and traumatic injuries
    • both lecture and hands on!
    • if you use this as part of your COC leader process, it’s free
      • recertifications are also free, as long as you lead two trips for us this year

spring break

  • due date for applications is november 9th
  • see Megan for a template on how to do this
    • she knows what she’s doing


  • there will be a thanksgiving break trip!
  • it will probably go to acadia
  • it will definitely be awesome
  • look for an email!

events head!

  • two candidates!
    • lacey wright and bentley meyer!
  • election email later this week!

sugaring thing

  • two weekends hence (nov 17th and 18th)
  • going to industry maine
  • look for sign ups


  • lighthouse? or lighthouse? which one???
    • light house – 20
    • ligh thouse – 16
    • close

bigelow buds

  • gear
    • ordering more gear this week!
    • also presumably organizing the gear room!
      • they want help! tuesday and thursday they have office hours, 7-8PM!
      • you can also learn how to work with stoves
  • trips
    • mostly just LTT and WFA
  • cabin
    • absent
  • events
    • the new head is in the ROOM? but which one is it??
  • sugaring
    • not absent!
    • but nothing is really happening
  • d&i
    • also absent

that’s all from me folks!  go devils boo penguins!



ahoy there mateys


tis that spooky time of year when the ghosts of all flora and fauna past come to haunt us all.  in the forests, spectral spruces and sycamores sprout.  in the skies, ghoulish goldfinches take flight.  in the oceans, ghostly corals send their phantom polyps to and fro.  among all of these eerie creatures, there is one dude of whom you must be particularly cautious.  be on the lookout for a weird lad in a cheap plastic inflatable flamingo costume that is far too small for him, slowly perusing the forests of maine in anticipation for a woody plants exam.  some say his name is “soren,” while others say it’s simply “hey you.”  either way, he is fueled by stress, and that is the spookiest motivation of all.


read on, reader!  become a learnèd student!


what we done did

  • joseph did some inside things (please ignore)
  • max went to acadia with other people and it was fun and we saw a lot of waves that were large, too large and over-rocky
  • anna went to acadia and saw egg rock and saw precipice and saw egg rock and it’s megan’s fav
  • zach went to the hume center to row and was successful in some fields but not in others
  • grace hiked french mountain with addie and lacey and it was fun apparently
  • addie played some frisbee
  • philip soren moon.
  • michael biked outside (ooo slippery)

what we gon do

  • megan and soren are gonna lead a thursday night hike IN COSTUME
  • max wants to hike this weekend
  • IN THE FUTURE there will be a trip to syrupy people in western maine and a sign up sheet to gauge interest and then it’ll be the 17th or 18th and look for that in the weekly email
  • kaitlin wants to go to acadia!


  • two weekends hence there will be an acadian LTT
    • sign ups will go out very early this week
  • leader training trip
    • necessary for becoming a coc leader
    • learn from leader trainers the way of the outing club, complete with hard and soft skills from stoves to sticky situations
  • we promise this one will be successful


  • supposed to be happening the weekend of 17th and 18th.  again sign ups should be soon (@trips where u at???)
  • fully subsidized by us!!
  • necessary to lead trips for us!
  • it’s wilderness first aid, it’s two full days, and it teaches you a fair bit about how to take care of injured people

spring break (!!)

  • hey
    • you
      • leader
  • if you wanna lead a spring break trip HIT US UP soon cause the deadline is sneaking up on ya (11/6)
  • here’s the form for ya leaders [put the link here soren]
  • email k council for trip templates or ideas or suggestions!


  • there will be a thanksgiving trip! probably to acadia!  wowee!
  • we’re collaborating with the pugh center to lead this trip
  • v good if going home for thanksgiving break is unreasonable

outdoor expo

  • 7 pm outdoor industry expo, a couple other companies will be there too
  • overland especially cause sam is here
    • leads trips for kids 4th-12th grade
    • go all over the place, both in the country and on the planet
    • sam krumholz and connor o’brien are here.  but especially sam
      • info session at ostrove at 6:15
  • please note that all of this is for monday and if you’re reading this on monday night or later then you’ve missed it


  • overland or over water????
  • 17 if by land
  • 8 if by sea
  • this is the right call.  the ocean is a scary place.


  • trips
    • absent.  woo
  • gear
    • we have it
  • cabin
    • it exists
  • d&i
    • needs to meet
  • events
    • events are planned.  be on the lookout. things are happening.
    • ALSO we have an opening as events head
      • let us know if you want to fill this role!!
  • sugaring
    • also exists


that is all from me.  pester me by email or snail mail if you would like additional coc lore.


hello dearest friends and enemies,

my name? sorn.  my quest? to educate the masses and the scattered hermits on the glory of the out-of-doors.  yes, some have called it “heaven on a stick” and it is near and dear to my heart.  in fact, I keep the howling west wind in a locket that I wear at all times.  it helps me on my exams.  there are those that ask me, “what is the difference between xylem and phloem?”.  and to those critics, I answer back, “fight me”.


read on, literate mules!


what we don did!

  • joseph went outside like four times
    • fall break trip, snow wind, distinct lack of rain
  • emma and macey went for a run yesterday, there were dogs, very friendly, not edible.  they were mistaken for pigs.
  • michael kramer did a fall break trip.  people keep interrupting and it’s not important
    • they met larry
      • he is living like larry
  • taryn went on a fall break trip canoeing in the bigelows.  julia was there.
  • bentley played frisbee
  • chris and soren led a fall break trip to the white mountains.  there was much snow and even a bit of exquisitely rare rain!
  • megan hiked the crockers on tuesday and was rebuffed from redington.  again cold. soren blew his nose a lot
  • max hacked up snow mountain today and it was cold and there was a bit of snow and yeah
  • jackie hiked in the camden hills on monday after fall break, “failed miserably”
  • katie got her co lead! with keller! and people who aren’t here! to tumbledown! no swimming!

what we gon do

  • dom and megan are hiking the PRECIPICE on saturday in acadia and maybe see egg rock lighthouse and also talk to megan about lighthouses
  • soren and michael are leading a trip to true maple syrup in industry maine and we’re gonna go look at their stuff and it should be cool
    • look for a pre sign up
  • macey and emma are leading a night hike in the arb or some nearby tree filled place to go look for stars (celebrities)
  • megan had a vision
    • flipping pancakes on mt philip
    • that’s so raven
  • julia doesn’t know what but she wants to do something spooky!  costume hike!
    • coc haunted house???

the hunt

  • next weekend is the start of gun hunting season! wear your orange! it’s soren’s favorite color!
  • until thanksgiving so be extra careful
  • pls note that hunting is not allowed in the arb

contra dance!

  • this friday! woooo
    • 8PM! to 10PM!
    • in page!
    • oct 26th
  • two types of cider!
  • co hosted with the contra dance club!
  • very fun!


  • is coming next weekend! including sam krumholz! our exiled president!
  • overland leads trips for the youths over the summer and they’d like to hire people from colby to do it!
  • Overland Info Session: Monday, October 29th 6:30-7:30pm in Ostrove

sprang break!

  • leaders got an email from megan about spring break trips!
  • if you’re interested, fill out the interest form.  to show you’re interested
  • k council can help you find a co leader if you want one!
  • detailed timeline is in the email

skillz clinicz

  • tuesday nights!
  • max sneezed
  • if you wanna lead one hit us up
  • past clinics include: first aid kits, tree ID, stoves!
    • basically, you come in and teach club members about whatever you’re passionate about!  you don’t have to be a leader!

surf club movie

  • they are having a movie
  • it’s on thursday.  they have spiffy posters around.
  • there is a raffle.  this is not a drill.
  • it’s about surfing


  • we’d love to send out a thanksgiving break trip this year! if you’re interested email michael! even if you don’t have a co leader!


  • oklahoma 20
  • coma 9


  • sign ups for LTT are closed! in the next couple days you’ll get info about whether you’re on, pre trip meeting, etc
  • wfa sign ups are soon! the third weekend of november.  wilderness first aid! essential for becoming a coc leader and also for helping people in medical distress in the outdoors
  • second LTT the second weekend of november! separate sign up sheet


  • dean is HERE
  • the cabin is still there.
  • send him an email if you wanna reserve it


  • absent


  • we just borrowed a whole slew of gear from coot, sleeping pads, backpacks, sleeping bags
    • they need to be organized!
    • come help on tuesday or thursday night!
  • also ordered a whole slew of gear!
  • microspikes! tents! snow pants! there will be headlamps!

diversity and inclusion

  • absent


  • absent
  • BUT there is interest in certain events
  • more to come



  • scar from banging into cousins head
  • olin, it’s really warm
  • tumbledown
  • left eye, kinda lazy sometimes
  • carrots
  • reindeer
  • definitely like uhhh blueberry something its a nasty combo
  • pineapple pizza but cherry garcia or something
  • gabriel
  • lemonade
  • oh my god are you recording this


that is all from me this week, amigos.  go jump in some leaves



hello there y’all,

if you have any functioning senses then you’ve surely noticed the aggressively luminous foliage, the sensation of crisp fall air, and the pervasive odor of decomposing organic matter.  isn’t it lovely.  anyway, it’s only here for the next couple weeks so enjoy this fleeting glimpse of otherworldly color in an entranced stupor.  procrastinate, dump your work on someone else, clear your schedule, and get outside! or you’ll regret you didn’t when it’s late march and the latest storm just dropped another foot of snow on campus.

adventure > academics


what we don did

  • bentley played some frisbee against deceivingly good alumni
  • joseph did a woodsman demo and also went up french mountain and saw the milky way!
    • no
  • jackie went to the camden hills, there was blood sweat and tears from her parents
  • michaela gazed @ some stars on friday and also HARVESTED leaves at quarry road
  • someone went down to boothbay and also checked out french mountain
    • i’m sorry i don’t know your name pls email me if this was you
  • someone else went on a run today and also climbed a tree (props from soren)
    • i’m doubly sorry i also don’t know your name pls email me too
  • bentley (technically last weekend) climbed katahdin! hannah phillips was there too
    • it was sent
    • blood sweat tears and SUMMIT NUDITY
      • incredible and worthy of praise
  • soren and molly and kaitlin and max went for a dip in great pond on friday night and the water was nipp(l)y
  • soren also went up katahdin and the knife edge was sharp #ouch

things we gon do

  • fall break trips mostly
  • NEXT weekend grace andrews wants to go up rumford whitecap which she said two weeks ago but she was lying then and she’d like a colby certified co leader for that pls
  • megan wants a night hike this week? jk that’s a lie but she wants to hike the PRECIPICE next weekend
  • soren wants also to hike snow mountain
    • janky fire tower + janky dirt roads + janky 3970′ = fun fun fun
  • LL bean is doing college night wed 6-10 pm, gear giveaways coupons and scavenger hunt, maybe a trip there? maybe not.  just know it exists
    • probably mostly inside but there would be an outside component
  • informally michaela would like to HARVEST more leaves since she is insatiable and it is PEAK leaf szn
  • jackie florman wants to shadow someone!! attn leaders

fall break gear

  • @fall break leaders, group gear was due last week and personal gear is due sometime this week and after this is sorted out, all students may check out gear
  • so you can’t check out gear for non coc trips yet
  • wait til wednesday please
    • then go for it


  • is coming 28th and 29th
  • guess who’s talking about it?
      • our exiled president
  • info session and presentation at the end of our meeting
  • they like to hire colby students to lead their trips

spring break

  • rolling review process this year!
  • plan ur trip and send it to k council
  • we’ll look it over and get back to you as soon as we can
  • more to follow!  look for an email from megan about this very subject

contra dance!

  • COC is hosting one! with the now official “contra dance club”
  • october 26!
  • in page commons!
  • is fun!
  • would recommend!
  • there MAY be alcoholic beverages for those of the requisite age!
  • super fun again and there’s a caller and you don’t have to be good at dancing, you just have to OBEY directions

movie screening

  • planet earth! thursday at eight! in bixler!
  • go!
    • to the movie


  • backpack or snackpack??
  • backpack – 7
  • snackpack – 16
  • this was an obvious choice
  • “if you vote for backpack, you deserve to be rejected” -Maddie Carlini



  • ABSENT.  lame
  • they’re planning an LTT or two and also WFA (ostensibly)


  • fall break gear (look above ya dingus)


  • ABSENT.  also lame


  • ABSENT.  lame as well


  • ABSENT.  lame lame lame
  • there should be a fall break day trip? and also maybe a thanksgiving trip? if you wanna lead that last one talk to addie thompson

cmon bigelow buds y’all need to step up ur attendance

that is all.










hello friends!

september has come and passed and it’s time to wake up billie joe armstrong.  get ready for chilly morns and crisp mid days and nippy afternoons and brisk evenings and cool nights.  get ready for pumpkins and squash and gourds to festoon every square inch of dana.  and, best of all, get ready for excessive use of conjunctions from your sexcretarial staff.  yes, hunker down, for it is truly the most magical time of year!

in unrelated news, here’s some stuff we did:


what we don did!

  • michael played frisbee (woo) at bowdoin (eww)
  • jackie hiked avery peak (not every peak, sadly) and the leaves they were a-changing
  • joseph went to the top of french mountain and burned his tongue on hot choc (or chocolat chaud, to keep the theme)
  • addie went for a quarry road run and the leaves were visibly changing colors before her very eyes
  • megan hiked katahdin (mama k). they came saw and conquered too blind, blodd sweat tears and nudity. not quite topless in the tablelands, too nipply.  max slept alone.
  • soren hiked elephant mtn in andover maine with charlie cobb who was temporarily back from the dead (ie, bigelow)
  • jared went apple picking and garnered quite a few apples.  at least thirty, per his estimate. could be as many as three thousand, unconfirmed
  • grace did some work on a bench

what we gon do

  • jared and SJ are going to mt megunticook! probably sunday
  • max wants to lead a saturday morning trip (possibly a parents hike??)
  • soren wants to lead a night hike
  • megan wants to lead a saddleback hike (maybe with kaitlin)
  • michaela wants to go on an informal arb walk (monday?? four??) to see some maple leaves and collect these maple leaves and admire these maple leaves and appreciate and savor and enjoy and absorb their knowledge
    • meet outside dana
  • keenan wants to go to quarry road at some point but like informally and no sign ups so keep ur eyes peeled (eyes emoji)

fall break

  • sign ups are OUT
  • sign up HERE
  • sign ups close wednesday at 4PM and then we will let y’all know your fate by friday


  • it’s not happening it’s dead sorry
  • two more this semester planned
  • due to lack of interest and leaders
  • look for others late october / early november

parents’ hike

  • michael is planning on leading a parents hike, bring ur parents or borrow someone else’s
  • saturday, mid morning, something easy ish
  • “its wild” – julia von ehr

question of the week

  • what is the superior flat breakfast carbohydrate?
  • waffle 16
  • pancake 4
  • crepe 8
  • this is the correct ranking, thank u for ur support



  • LTT is dead
  • LTT or LIT? you decide


  • absent.


  • possible sugar forest? farm? plantation? tour! in the works! be on the lookout!


  • cookies provided at this week’s whisperlite whisperer clinic!
  • during megan’s office hours at 7
  • what is a whisperlite? it’s a super portable stove that we use a whole lot


  • there was a meeting
    • with the pugh center
      • involvement with other clubs was discussed
        • day hike during fall break, probably
          • for those who are on campus
      • also if you can lead a thanksgiving trip!! talk to addie thompson because there is HIGH demand for a trip like this (especially from those who can’t travel home / don’t really care about thanksgiving)


  • movie screening! planet earth!! next thursday at 8PM!
  • trailwork in the arb! wednesday and thursday 2-5 PM! fixing some bridges in the lower arb and we would LOVE volunteers.
    • sign ups will go out soon

that is all.  enjoy your cold rainy day.



hey there

check under your bed at night.  keep your head on a swivel.  don’t trust anyone.  cause the leaves are about to turn.  they’re gonna turn ON YOU.  one day they’re there, rustling in the wind, quietly photosynthesizing, blending in with their neighbors.  but the next, they’re ditching their tenuous tree toehold for a one way ticket down.  and they’ve got their sights on you.

in unrelated news, some people went outside recently and plan to go outside again.

what we done did

  • emma walked around outside at the common ground fair
    • they sold red pig shirts
    • oink oink
  • soren went on a very long geology field trip and he is very not recovered
    • BUT he went in a cave
    • and went swimming in said cave
    • there were a couple weird moths
    • there was changing behind cars so i guess that’s nudity
  • max and megan and bentley went up sugarloaf and nearly spaulding and it was “fun” and they may or may not have broken into the sugar shack
    • blood sweat and bentley cried
  • macey and brett went to acadia and climbed some rocks. probably against doctor’s orders
  • zack went up tumbledown and some people blew away in the gale force winds
    • 12 people cut themselves
    • hooray for first aid kits
  • kaitlin went up katahdin! it was beautiful! there’s still a trip out there in the void!
    • the stove caught fire! and no one died!  the adrenaline was like “hahhhhh” but with a lil vibrato in there
    • up and down saddle trail, hungry chipmunk at chimney pond
    • a lil blood.  sweat. tears and snot blown around on the summit.  nudity ONLY in the tents

what we gon do

  • soren wants to lead a night hike and see stars
    • max wants to co lead / or is choking
  • kaitlin needs to study her woody plants / go into the arb
    • soren and park need to study too
  • grace wants to go up a mountain – possibly rumford white cap!
    • @co leaders hit her UP
  • in two weeks megan hartnett wants to go up saddleback and kaitlin is quite intrigued
  • in two weeks michael wants to lead a parent friendly trip!
    • kaitlin forgot that was a thing

fall break trips

  • are happening
  • keep your eyes peeled
  • they’ll be announced soon we promise


  • leader training trip! one of the requisite steps to become a leader
    • we cover various leadery things
      • FIRE
      • sticky situations
      • TENTS
      • outing club policies
      • MORE FIRE
  • first one in two weeks! october 5 6 and 7!
  • leave friday after classes!
  • sign up sheets going out
  • this will not be the last LTT this semester / this year
  • probably acadia but also maybe not  definitely not


  • kids or watermelon?
    • 25 watermelon
    • 11 kids
  • credit to julia for this wonderful abstraction


  • gear
    • we have gear
    • come and borrow it
    • next week on tuesday night we’ll have a stove party!
      • learn how to fix them!
      • combust things!
      • there could be food!
      • seven to after eight!
  • Trips
    • LTT is all
  • cabin
    • dean is absent
    • he is ostensibly attending to cabin matters
    • remember y’all we have a cabin.  it’s on a gr8 pond. gr9 even.
      • credit to maug
      • we have a fire pit
      • and a canoe
      • and a really big dead tree
  • sugaring
    • yep
    • probably nothing
  • events
    • absent
    • they’re probably planning events
    • be on the lookout for a contra dance and things of that nature
  • diversity and inclusion
    • absent

hot seat

  • ali fraize!
    • typically on
    • didgeridont
    • mullet
    • eyebrows no eyelashes
    • ohhh um squishy foam balls
    • the long one that’s crusty on the outside w parmesan
    • moren
    • i like the one in dana that’s next to the dining hall for when you’re eating
      • please note that she was dying throughout this statement


and that is all from me folks.  now if you’ll please excuse me I have some precious sleep to make up @gastaldo



hello my beautiful outdoors-goers!

there is no denying that the year is underway and at some point, academic things will have to be done.  however, there’s nothing wrong with shoving that paper to the back of your mind, throwing your backpack off of miller tower, and scuttling into the woods to scrape by on acorn flower and fungi.  everyone needs that every so often.

but what if you’re new to colby, maine, or the outdoors in general?  to whom will you turn for the best in acorn mashing advice?  well that’s where we come in.*  we run trips that hit all aspects of acorn mashing, from the planning to the hiking to the foraging to the cooking.*  we provide gear (for free!) to help you get the right mash for even the trickiest of acorns.*  and, we foster the community that fuels innovation across the acorn-mashing world!*

what follows below is the distillation of a week’s worth of adventure, emotion, and vision.  forge on, dear reader, and learn of our exploits!

* we have no experience in mashing acorns.  but we do like going outside.


stuff we done did

  • dom on friday went fishing and then on saturday went to the beach and then hiked french mountain
  • bentley got sunburnt playing frisbee
  • anna went to her own burrito night because she’s abroad at bigelow
  • grace and soren and some folks went to the northern end of baxter state park to hike the travelers and it was super lovely
  • michael played wiffleball with 15 friends! rip one of the wiffle balls
  • grace and grace and olivia hiked tumbledown and nature called
  • emma and ali and some other folks climbed the bible camp blueberry mountain and found some pilgrims too
  • megan and dru and teddy went to tumbledown, saw some dogs. there was blood and sweat and some partial nudity (spicy!)
  • kaitlin and the ES capstone people had some mandatory bonding at the flagstaff hut

what we gon do

  • max wants to lead a night hike up french mountain
    • so does soren and julia and like half the club apparently (RIVALS)
      • upon further examination soren is unable to so don’t count on that
  • kayaks 6:15 to 8:30 on tuesdays! they’re in the AC pool for anyone who wants to learn how to yak / roll a yak / have some fun in yaks
  • megan wants to go outside with max maybe up saddleback or sugarloaf

fall break!

  • proposals for trips are due this friday!! this friday!! like in five days!!
  • wowee that’s soon, get on that ish
  • k council / trips facilitation needs the leader’s names, qualifications, itinerary, itemized budget, etc


  • attention leaders!
  • we’re posting a form on the coc website to fill out when you need to rent a car
  • for weekend trips you’ll have til 7:00 (1900) on wednesday night to fill this bad boy out


  • aka k tahds aka mama k
  • we ran the lottery for spots
    • if you didn’t get on, sorry, run again next year
    • if you got on, congrats! you got an email
  • trips this weekend and next


  • would you rather fight a bear or a moose?
    • lots of fighting polls recently
  • bear – 15
  • moose – 19
  • closer than expected but 19 of you are highly mistaken

common ground

  • it’s this coming weekend!
  • it’s run by the maine organic farmers and gardeners association and it’s super cool and they have cheese and animals and gourds and plenty of other maine farmy type things and tickets are five dollars in the spa and there very well might be a bus

four square

  • we should play


  • how to become a leader email just went out!
  • also you can just ask emma and macey questions


  • we have gear
  • look at it
  • wear it
  • smell it
  • BE it
  • we also have a tub of lard


  • we have a cabin
  • look at it
  • wear it
  • smell it
  • BE it
  • no tub of lard there, sorry

diversity and inclusion

  • pughpalooza is coming up!
  • coc people should come
  • this thursday 7-9
  • fun fun fun


  • ya


  • events are coming
  • arb trailwork?? movie nights?? DOG SLEDDING??

hot seats


  • no lights
  • hands
  • meese
  • sweat jelly
  • cubes
  • poop
  • the library when it’s empty
  • basement
  • miller
  • that bird head [editors note actually a fish]
  • grass


  • schedule
  • potato
  • lehsure
  • tomato
  • gray
  • peCAN
  • probably like polyester cotton blend (50/50)
  • yellow one
  • british
  • ahhhhhhhh i don’t know
  • sometimes there’s a fork shortage in dana
  • trees

that’s it from me, folks.  tune in next week to find out how many of these plans were just hot air and how many became rock solid MEMORIES

exciting times in which we live



hey folks these minutes are a week late since we didn’t have access to our own website for a tad there but now we’re good to go so I’ll spare you the rambling on this set and give ya twice the word count on the week above’s!

– soren


Things we done did

  • Quite a lot, it would seem
  • That is all

Things we gon do

  • Michael wants to play wiffle ball
    • Still
    • He also needs a wiffle ball
      • If you have one:
        • Hit him up
          • please
  • Emma is leading a trip to ali!
    • Sam wants to shadow!
    • Going to hike a mountain
  • Megan wants to hike tumbledown / go anywhere
    • Taryn wants to co lead!
  • Soren and alex are leading a trip over the travelers
  • Julia wants to lead a weekday trip (thursday night – french??)
  • Kaitlin wants to lead a trip between the humps (of maine) – fishing possibly involved
  • Ian wants to go rafting

Autumn leaves

  • Fall break trips!
  • Are you a leader? Do you wanna lead a fall break trip? Then think about that pls
    • K council needs DEETS yo
      • But not yet
        • Deadline to come

K tahds

  • We are hiking it
  • What are we hiking? K tahds.  Katahdin. The highest peak in maine
  • Two weekends hence and then the weekend after that
  • Lottery sign ups going out soon cause they’re uber popular
  • Leaders will know who they are early this week


  • would you rather fight a giant slug or be a giant slug? minivan sized, of course
  • 19 be the slug!
  • 52 fight the slug!


  • Sugaring
    • They make maple syrup
  • Trips facilitation
    • They facilitate trips
  • Gear
    • They have gear
  • Cabin
    • They have cabin
  • Events and community outreach
    • They run events
  • Diversity and inclusion
    • They’re uber important

Coc mystery

  • Ghost
  • Where from? Soren knows.



  • Crumple
  • Didgeridoo
  • Bubbles
  • Shiny freckle
  • The arb
  • Eustis second floor
  • Felt
  • I like pam
  • Ostrich
  • That fork
  • It’s great
  • This one
  • Egg rock
  • vILLain
  • Leech
  • flying teleport
  • Mountains
  • Forests
  • Trailwork a was wonderful


  • five
  • Fingers on the foot
  • Left
  • Uhh antlers
  • The bouncy foam things
  • Brown
  • Caarbon
  • Mmm uh it’s like laughter salad dressing
  • High brace
  • Two separate drinks
  • The other one’s chia seeds
  • The thing that you blow on… harmonica
  • Dex jackson
  • One million


that is all for belated minutes.  thx y’all.

hello my pretties,

tis our last encounter before that gaping void of summer.  get your last licks of colby outdoors in, cause soon it’ll be gone til september.  no more spikeball, no more frisbee on the quad, no more sunburn, just that backup internship you’re dreading.  on that fun note, let’s read some minutes!


what we done did

  • people went skiing somehow
  • chris went canoeing on great pond “it was pretty swell”
  • soren went up round top with JPD!!! and argued about baseball analytics with her, “we had a swell time”
  • michael played some frisbee golf around campus and lost
  • chloe went up tuckerman’s ravine with lilly and slid down
  • anna went for an arb walk, there were small green things
  • max went on a trip up round top this morning and there were views
  • grace n went on a “run” with chris and taryn and went rope swingin
  • julia babysat lia morris’s spawn and played outside
  • soren also went up french mountain
  • emma went climbing in clifton maine!  aptly named, as it were
  • caroline went on a walk in winslow and saw two bald eagles
  • max went up sanders hill and saw a pond and a bent tree
  • hannah briefly jaunted around on friday night with some amigos
  • addie went to a waterfall and saw water and saw it fall


what we gon do

  • dominick wants to re try the frog thing
  • grace andrews and soren are going somewhere, possibly acadia
  • julia wants to climb twin peaks on saturday and then see twin peaks at the concert


picture contest

  • sign ups for tabling is open, contest submissions are open
  • also tabling for no man’s land film festival and t-shirts
  • pls sign up, we need some bodies there



  • go to it
  • it’s friday at 7
  • 90 minutes of rad women doing awesome things
  • invite your friends



  • camden comrades!
    • sam wells is returning as a conservation comrade
    • bentley meyer is the new geocaching comrade
    • sam kwon is medical supplies comrade



  • who would win in a fight, michael or michael
    • 10
    • 17
    • the real answer is the viewing public



  • events
    • nothing official
  • trips
    • “no”
  • gear
    • due by this friday
    • if not back in by this friday, you’ll get charged for it
    • you don’t want that
  • sugaring
    • pick up your syrup!
    • it’s on the desk
    • if you don’t take it then it’s martin’s
  • cabin
    • ppd
    • no floor painting… yet
    • let’s put in the DOCK


hot seat

  • DOM
    • chair
    • kashmir
    • right whale
    • rushmore
    • no answer
    • incandescent
    • soren
    • michael
    • put off pee for an hour
    • anywhere with whale sharks
    • grass
    • bubbles
    • 7 up lime
    • fold
    • didgerihmmmmm
    • spork
    • that one (yvonne)
    • stepping on squishy things
    • like squishy
    • i don’t like spiky
    • moose
    • zephyr
    • giver
    • this big toe
    • right eye cause it has a scar
    • middle left finger
    • a bunny that got killed by a raccoon
    • serendipitous
    • platypus
  • and now seniors
  • ANNA
    • suite bathroom
    • death valley
    • i don’t meme
    • spicebush
    • spicebush
    • bigfoot maple leaves
    • birch bark
    • the arb
    • root beer
    • shenandoah valley
    • brittany
    • there used to be a dog here
    • katahdin, first year
    • zach and caroline
    • devil forks
    • flat tire katahdin
    • a rock when michael put it in my bag
    • the people
  • SAM
    • foss and ac
    • davis 3rd floor
    • pineapple
    • grape
    • bigelows
    • runnals
    • hands for feet
    • hannah
    • lupin(e)
    • buzz cut until 3rd grade
    • uh hm katahdin
    • crocs
    • misery whip
    • this one right here cause it’s really soft
    • like seven six eight
    • keyes
    • the katahdin one at the winter
    • dustpans for hands
    • hmm just like the notch every time
    • all of them
    • that chair
    • ducks
    • one star right here
    • everyone was once new to the outdoors
    • edward
    • peeta
    • both
    • the bubbles
  • MO
    • earthquakes
    • uh ummmmmm an anthro class
    • there’s this place at the top of runnals with a really flat rock that you can look at trees
    • miller during finals
    • thought being hunted by moose but not actually
    • anchovy

that’s it for this year, folks.  hug your seniors.