MANY Trip Reports (due to fall break hiatus)

  • Over fall break Emma, Allison and Anna, had a splendid time hiking and canoeing in Baxter State Park. They missed a moose by about 2 hours, so better luck next time…!
  • Hannah K and Eliza BW did some hiking and canoeing around the Bigelows, met 5 moose and some French-Canadians (more interesting than the moose?)!
  • Margaux et al enjoyed a successful parent’s weekend potluck at the COC cabin! There was a great fire, but no grill (please keep eyes peeled on Maine roadsides for good deals?)
  • Drew, Logan, and Jack canoed Flagstaff lake. Much nudity! Much foliage! (What more could you want)
  • Gregory and Drew led a vintage Tumbledown hike: views, nudity, blood, laughs, tears, memories.
  • Carina attended Tread Fest in Augusta, participated in the road race, and highly recommends the Bond Brook recreation area to all!
  • Ben went canoeing with Carson and saw a weird tree on an island (adventure!)
  • Will, Caroline, and Alain hiked Mt. Abraham! They’ve dubbed it the “slushy trip,” and experienced wind-induced brain freeze (email with questions and concerns). Alain ate flowing bacon on the “tippy tip tip top” of the mountain, so be sure to congratulate him when you see him around campus.
  • Sarah, Cassandra, and Kimberly came in a close second to traitor Teddy and Jackson and George at the Foss cook-off. (Teddy was really just making sure to spread the COC wealth so that we had a better chance of having some representation in the winning team….you’re welcome!)
  • Owens, Brandon, Will, and Kyle did some ADK climbing over fall break! They went to chapel pond to enjoy some sick crag lines and delicious baked apples.
  • Danny Leaman completed his first roll in a kayak at the pool!

Upcoming Trips and Events

  • COOTober! The COC and COOT folk are joining up to rekindle the beauty that is first-year orientation trips. Freshmen only trips this Sunday, get psyched!! You can go fly fishing and canoeing with RKCOLE!
  • Cassandra and Parwana will be hiking to Cutler Coast to see the sunrise!
  • Cat and Bengtson will lead an overnight trip to the Bigeloooooooows!
  • The beginning of Fly Fishing Tuesdays! Learn how to tie flies with Ryan, Jake, and team this Tuesday during office hours!
  • Bengtson will teach how to make an alcohol stove this Fwednesday (?) during office hours.
  • PANTHER GROUP: Wanna go to Mt. Tremblant right after exams this December? Get a sweeet deal to stay in a 5-star hotel and ski 3 days and chill 3 nights with a great group of college students! Talk to with interest!

Committee Updates

  • Gear: about to make a gear order! If you have thoughts, join the committee or just let Logan and Spencer know. Either way email or
  • Events: shout outs to Margaux (potluck organization) and Cassandra (cooking)! Here are things that are happening soon…if you want to be a part of planning events contact
    • DamNation screening October 29th!! Watch trailer here:
    • Lucas Sinclair of Katahdin Woods and Waters is coming to speak November 5th!
    • Teton Gravity Research film will be coming in November (details TBD)
    • Registered keg, tent building, join with CA’s … extravaganza! November 7th!
    • WFA will be November 15th and 16th, mark yo calendars!
  • Cabin and Sugaring
    • Sarah Jeanne ( has made an awesome binder with the cabin forms! Go her! If you want to be a part of maintaining the cabin, choppin’ wood, etc, contact her!
    • If you want to stack wood for the sugaring season, contact Seth (
  • Trips
    • working towards new trip leader process!
    • see Owens’ email to vote on new structure!!!!!!
    • current leaders: please fill out Excel spreadsheet if you haven’t already.

Final Things:

Read the books that are in the office, learn!

Re: reimbursements: come to Wednesday office hours to sign form then, or the Sunday meeting. Making JTort’s life easier.


Location: Township 6 North of Weld

Date: 10/13/14

Trip Difficulty: 2

Trip Length: Day trip


Gregory and Drew led an amazing trip to Tumbledown on the Monday of Fall Break. The sun was shining, the temperature was in the low 60s, and everyone had an amazing time! Some parts of the trail were rather rocky.




Others involved waterfalls.



It took less than two hours (with many breaks and 13 people) to get up to the incredibly beautiful pond just below the summit.


From there, it took only about twenty minutes to get up to the open summit ridge, which had amazing views.


There, we ate lunch, hung out, took selfies,


… and took several other pictures that perhaps shouldn’t be posted in a public forum such as this one.


We also met several other Colby-related hikers – other Colby students, and a few Colby grads, one class of ’88 and another, Matt Silverman ’12, who just so happened to be a former Treasurer of the COC. Good times were had by all.


We made good time going down, and got back to Colby just after 6.