hey folks these minutes are a week late since we didn’t have access to our own website for a tad there but now we’re good to go so I’ll spare you the rambling on this set and give ya twice the word count on the week above’s!

– soren


Things we done did

  • Quite a lot, it would seem
  • That is all

Things we gon do

  • Michael wants to play wiffle ball
    • Still
    • He also needs a wiffle ball
      • If you have one:
        • Hit him up
          • please
  • Emma is leading a trip to ali!
    • Sam wants to shadow!
    • Going to hike a mountain
  • Megan wants to hike tumbledown / go anywhere
    • Taryn wants to co lead!
  • Soren and alex are leading a trip over the travelers
  • Julia wants to lead a weekday trip (thursday night – french??)
  • Kaitlin wants to lead a trip between the humps (of maine) – fishing possibly involved
  • Ian wants to go rafting

Autumn leaves

  • Fall break trips!
  • Are you a leader? Do you wanna lead a fall break trip? Then think about that pls
    • K council needs DEETS yo
      • But not yet
        • Deadline to come

K tahds

  • We are hiking it
  • What are we hiking? K tahds.  Katahdin. The highest peak in maine
  • Two weekends hence and then the weekend after that
  • Lottery sign ups going out soon cause they’re uber popular
  • Leaders will know who they are early this week


  • would you rather fight a giant slug or be a giant slug? minivan sized, of course
  • 19 be the slug!
  • 52 fight the slug!


  • Sugaring
    • They make maple syrup
  • Trips facilitation
    • They facilitate trips
  • Gear
    • They have gear
  • Cabin
    • They have cabin
  • Events and community outreach
    • They run events
  • Diversity and inclusion
    • They’re uber important

Coc mystery

  • Ghost
  • Where from? Soren knows.



  • Crumple
  • Didgeridoo
  • Bubbles
  • Shiny freckle
  • The arb
  • Eustis second floor
  • Felt
  • I like pam
  • Ostrich
  • That fork
  • It’s great
  • This one
  • Egg rock
  • vILLain
  • Leech
  • flying teleport
  • Mountains
  • Forests
  • Trailwork a was wonderful


  • five
  • Fingers on the foot
  • Left
  • Uhh antlers
  • The bouncy foam things
  • Brown
  • Caarbon
  • Mmm uh it’s like laughter salad dressing
  • High brace
  • Two separate drinks
  • The other one’s chia seeds
  • The thing that you blow on… harmonica
  • Dex jackson
  • One million


that is all for belated minutes.  thx y’all.

hello my pretties,

tis our last encounter before that gaping void of summer.  get your last licks of colby outdoors in, cause soon it’ll be gone til september.  no more spikeball, no more frisbee on the quad, no more sunburn, just that backup internship you’re dreading.  on that fun note, let’s read some minutes!


what we done did

  • people went skiing somehow
  • chris went canoeing on great pond “it was pretty swell”
  • soren went up round top with JPD!!! and argued about baseball analytics with her, “we had a swell time”
  • michael played some frisbee golf around campus and lost
  • chloe went up tuckerman’s ravine with lilly and slid down
  • anna went for an arb walk, there were small green things
  • max went on a trip up round top this morning and there were views
  • grace n went on a “run” with chris and taryn and went rope swingin
  • julia babysat lia morris’s spawn and played outside
  • soren also went up french mountain
  • emma went climbing in clifton maine!  aptly named, as it were
  • caroline went on a walk in winslow and saw two bald eagles
  • max went up sanders hill and saw a pond and a bent tree
  • hannah briefly jaunted around on friday night with some amigos
  • addie went to a waterfall and saw water and saw it fall


what we gon do

  • dominick wants to re try the frog thing
  • grace andrews and soren are going somewhere, possibly acadia
  • julia wants to climb twin peaks on saturday and then see twin peaks at the concert


picture contest

  • sign ups for tabling is open, contest submissions are open
  • also tabling for no man’s land film festival and t-shirts
  • pls sign up, we need some bodies there



  • go to it
  • it’s friday at 7
  • 90 minutes of rad women doing awesome things
  • invite your friends



  • camden comrades!
    • sam wells is returning as a conservation comrade
    • bentley meyer is the new geocaching comrade
    • sam kwon is medical supplies comrade



  • who would win in a fight, michael or michael
    • 10
    • 17
    • the real answer is the viewing public



  • events
    • nothing official
  • trips
    • “no”
  • gear
    • due by this friday
    • if not back in by this friday, you’ll get charged for it
    • you don’t want that
  • sugaring
    • pick up your syrup!
    • it’s on the desk
    • if you don’t take it then it’s martin’s
  • cabin
    • ppd
    • no floor painting… yet
    • let’s put in the DOCK


hot seat

  • DOM
    • chair
    • kashmir
    • right whale
    • rushmore
    • no answer
    • incandescent
    • soren
    • michael
    • put off pee for an hour
    • anywhere with whale sharks
    • grass
    • bubbles
    • 7 up lime
    • fold
    • didgerihmmmmm
    • spork
    • that one (yvonne)
    • stepping on squishy things
    • like squishy
    • i don’t like spiky
    • moose
    • zephyr
    • giver
    • this big toe
    • right eye cause it has a scar
    • middle left finger
    • a bunny that got killed by a raccoon
    • serendipitous
    • platypus
  • and now seniors
  • ANNA
    • suite bathroom
    • death valley
    • i don’t meme
    • spicebush
    • spicebush
    • bigfoot maple leaves
    • birch bark
    • the arb
    • root beer
    • shenandoah valley
    • brittany
    • there used to be a dog here
    • katahdin, first year
    • zach and caroline
    • devil forks
    • flat tire katahdin
    • a rock when michael put it in my bag
    • the people
  • SAM
    • foss and ac
    • davis 3rd floor
    • pineapple
    • grape
    • bigelows
    • runnals
    • hands for feet
    • hannah
    • lupin(e)
    • buzz cut until 3rd grade
    • uh hm katahdin
    • crocs
    • misery whip
    • this one right here cause it’s really soft
    • like seven six eight
    • keyes
    • the katahdin one at the winter
    • dustpans for hands
    • hmm just like the notch every time
    • all of them
    • that chair
    • ducks
    • one star right here
    • everyone was once new to the outdoors
    • edward
    • peeta
    • both
    • the bubbles
  • MO
    • earthquakes
    • uh ummmmmm an anthro class
    • there’s this place at the top of runnals with a really flat rock that you can look at trees
    • miller during finals
    • thought being hunted by moose but not actually
    • anchovy

that’s it for this year, folks.  hug your seniors.



hello crew.  welcome to the minutes.

the sand’s winding down on the metaphorical going-outside-at-colby hourglass.  grain by grain, second by second, we inch closer to reading period, then finals, then freedom.  greet it with fear or welcome, but be prepared nevertheless for time’s unstoppable crawl.

now for some fun COC things!


things we done did

  • zach went on the ltt to acadia and it was “fun”
    • almost everyone is sunburnt
  • michael stone went and hiked mt. philip? missed the trailhead but then didn’t miss it and then there were some folks with RC cars which sounds less than lnt to me
  • ian went up mt. washington, also got sunburnt
  • max was generally outside during the warm days
  • kaitlin went to catch some peepers after the steminist dinner with her advisor / boss / prof
    • they’re very fat
  • soren biked around east vassalboro, which is east of vassalboro
    • it was pretty ok
  • jeremy biked around oakland
    • we shall assume it was also pretty ok
  • hannah played some frisbee golf around campus
    • simultaneously, julia was enjoying the sun with ms. frisbee, a dog.  what are the odds.
  • bentley and addie got wfa’d and he got struck by a bee and she got stung by lightning
  • colby dancers was on friday and it kicked butt


things we gon’ do

  • soren and megan are going up round top on sunday!
  • addie and hannah are going to the bigelows that day too!
  • max and grace might go somewhere next weekend!
  • taryn really wants her co-lead!
  • soren and martin might go up french mountain or something like that!


picture contest

  • it has ended.  keep your submissions.
  • BUT be on the lookout for sign ups to table in the spa!  we’ll be selling t-shirts and voting on the photos simultaneously



  • yeah that’s happening
  • posters need to go up
  • no man’s land film festival
    • rad women doing rad things, but all genders are invited
  • in two weeks!    julia wants YOUR help in setting this up



future is now!

  • congrats to our new bigelow buds!
  • there’s a lot of them!
    • diversity and inclusion:
      • addie thompson and grace oh-willeke
    • gear:
      • max abramson and taryn waite
    • events and community outreach
      • grace neumiller and jared fong
    • trips facilitation
      • emma goldberg-courtney and macey broadwater
    • sugaring
      • martin deutsch
    • cabin
      • dean strup
  • hooray


future is future! (kinda)

  • camden comradeships are due tomorrow at noon? nine? not sure.  either way it’ll be closed by the time you read this



  • shrek or moose
  • shrek 8
  • moose 19
  • c’mon people, opposable thumbs



  • did you buy anything for the outing club this year?  wanna be reimbursed?
    • talk to anna
    • exact dates are important



  • trips
    • hey there’s a lot of newly wfa’d and ltt’d folks
      • they want shadows and co-leads so give em up!
      • they will be added to outing-leaders email list, exciting
  • events
    • jennifer pharr davis!
      • talk this coming friday at 7:00 PM and then a hike on the next day!
      • let me repeat: JENNIFER PHARR DAVIS
          • she’s great and everyone should go to her talk!
  • cabin
    • ice is out, cabin is accessible, let’s goooo
    • kaitlin wants to paint the floors this coming weekend
      • evidently this is a process so stay posted


just as time slowly steals seconds from under our noses, it has also taken these minutes.  they are now property of time, and it’s not happy you’re nosing through them.  pal.





hello folks

it is i, your trusty sexcretary, once more.

in the last week’s passing, some of the more astute among us may have noticed the gradual recession of the ice, rising of the mercury, and things of that nature.  preposterous, really.

some call it spring, some call it between-winter, but whatever it is, it’s fleeting, so soak it in like a sponge in the desert


things we done did

  • taryn and max and others got WFRed
    • congrats and all that
  • grace and grace and chris went on an earth day hike to philip and sat outside.  go earth.
  • taryn sat outside and got very sunburnt, if you couldn’t tell
  • chloe and brittany and co ate some sour patch kids on french mtn
  • michael stone went to acadia, cadillac was closed but that couldn’t stop the sunrise, also got sunburnt
  • anna went on an arb run
  • emma took her dog on a run and went to the beach
    • her DOG which is a GOLDEN RETRIEVER named ALBUS
    • good boy
  • kaitlin made some smores with some prospies and we answered questions and things of that nature
  • chloe and grace and hannah and soren and a whole slew of other folks did the club fair, parents were very nosy, asking about funding and stuff
  • soren went up french mountain with his mom and his lil sister who’ll be here next year so be on the lookout


things we gon do

  • julia still wants to go up big spencer, maybe leave friday or so?
    • big ol mtn and it’s got a firetower
  • soren wants to retrieve a bench from the arb, perhaps informally
  • michael still wants to play wiffleball
  • hannah could be coerced into doing something, possibly for a co lead
  • hannah also wants to go to the bigelows with addie in a couple weeks


photo contest

  • we have received photos
  • they are good
  • they just have to be nature photos
    • don’t even have to be good
  • closes friday


no man’s land film festival

  • may 11th @ 7PM
  • films about women doing rad things in the outdoors
  • other colleges also invited





  • how would you eat a sim card
    • by yourself: 8
    • split up: 19
  • you people are disappointing
  • as promised, advantages of each:
      • don’t have to share your shame
      • can eat at your own pace
      • can repeat if you want without having to gather a group
      • you don’t have to eat the entire thing
      • you can pick people who’d cheer you on
      • you have someone to explain the situation to the people at the emergency room

anna found a phone in her car

  • we tried using siri
  • we tried plugging it into a computer
  • it has a background that says ‘sherm queen’
  • it thinks it’s july 24th
  • if you have any information regarding this phone, please contact anna via smoke signal



  • events
    • LTT is this upcoming weekend!
      • we’re looking for tricky situations or free lessons that COC leaders have encountered, for use in future leader training
      • fill it out please! multiple times!
    • jennifer pharr davis is coming may 4th! get excited
  • all other committees are dormant


that’s all for this past week.  some nifty stuff happened.  some nifty stuff is about to happen.  it’s up to you to seek it out, capture it, and extract all possible fun out of it before you leave its desiccated husk behind.



your newly renewed secretary

hello there people of the outside,

i greet you once more to whisper tales of adventure past and hint at promises of adventure future.  read on, for knowledge is power:


what we done did

  • sam kwon went skiing in the chic chocs over spring break, then stabbed himself while on duty while whittling (no stitches needed)
  • michael and megan and some other folks did wfa, got in a boating accident / nearly got struck by lightning in the process
  • grace boiled some sap – “it’s coming along”
  • hannah, sophie janeway, and brittany hiked round top and had an icy ole time
    • also stepped in human poop
    • also suffered through a hot ball, whatever that is
    • in summary: rough day for brittany
  • hannah went up saddleback with max and sj, it was very snowy, also sunny
  • dom went to mt. megunticook, butt slid down
  • emma went on an arb walk and it was snowy
  • soren and james and max went up caribou mountain and saw a couple of moose (!)
  • frisbee was played in brunswick
  • michael and sam and co played wiffleball, good attendance
    • park’s team lost, despite his stellar pitching


what we gon do

  • dominick wants to lead a frog walk / clean up trash in the arb to celebrate earth day
  • chloe and brittany are going to lead a french mountain nite highk
  • emma wants to lead a sunrise hike tuesday or thursday, looking for a co lead
  • julia and sam want to lead a trip up big spencer mountain, possibly this weekend, possibly next, there’s a firetower
    • if not, julia is amenable to other options but also she has knee pain


photo contest

  • same info as last week
    • we’re holding a photo contest for your pictures from both coc and personal hikes this year!
    • look out for an email with further details
    • limit three submissions per person
    • winner gets eternal glory


admitted students s’mores

  • sga wants us to do this
  • we’re doing this
  • some night this coming week
  • look for sign ups to volunteer to hang out with awkward high schoolers


new hand warming technique

  • ask dominick
  • looks like that one dude from charlie brown


the future is female!

  • congrats kaitlin and julia on their incoming presidencies, may they rule with iron fists



  • secretary platforms:
    • megan
    • soren
  • treasurer platforms:
    • michael (stone)
    • max
    • park
  • vote if you’re registered! voting closes at 5PM on tuesday!
  • upcoming: bigelow buddy platforms are due (diversity and inclusion, events and community outreach, sugaring, gear, cabin, and trips facilitation)
  • the week after, camden comrade self-nominations are due (ex. – conservation, social media)



  • onion or funyun
    • onion: 20
    • funyun: 5
    • pretty darn decisive if you ask me




  • new cross country skis!
  • also maps are now inventoried
  • if you wanna engrave pots / tattoo max, come help out gear on thursday


  • stuff is upcoming
  • contra dance occurred and was fun, according to eyewitnesses
  • jennifer pharr davis is coming!
    • friday, may 4th
    • talk that evening at 7:00 PM
    • followed by hike to mt. phillips the next morning ~10ish


  • congrats to those who are now wfa certified as of this weekend
  • next weekend is the wfr wrap up
  • weekend after that is more wfa and also a leader training trip
    • sign ups are closed for both.  lo siento


  • first weekend in may, kaitlin wants to paint the floors (looking for help!)


  • second weekend of boiling has passed


miscellaneous things that i can’t categorize

  • there’ll be a fly fishing clinic for earth week! stay posted for more info
  • also a film screening on thursday night on human-caused extinction, that’ll prob be advertised more too


and that’s that.  riveting stuff, i tell you.  deserving of a bookmark, even.

hasta luego,


why hello there, fellow coc person!

could I interest you in some minutes?  these ain’t no knock-off minutes, they’re organic, american-made, real robust minutes.  yeah, they’re on the expensive side, but they’re low mileage and they’ll last AT LEAST five years.



things we done did

  • dom saw some cacti and snakes in tonto national forest!  cars weren’t up to the road challenge but dom was sure up to the road challenge
  • hannah went to the easter sunrise service on top of sugarloaf
  • max and a whole slew of others boiled sap on sunday! a veritable maple sauna, according to some sources
  • megan turned to snow for sustenance in an attempt to make it to stratton brook hut.  played bananagrams / shared a tea bag with some folks once she stumbled through the door
  • zach got snowed on in worcester
  • emma and macey hiked french mountain and then made some empanadas in coburn since only french cuisine is allowed on the mountain
  • grace hiked on the superior trail
    • “compensating for something, I’m sure”, julia
  • kaitlin and michael tried to lead a trip to morse mountain but bates hates dog so they went to popham beach but they hate dogs too but kaitlin has an in and got in anyway and hiked to the fort which also hates dogs but they found an ice skating rink with seven (7) ghosts
  • max and soren led a trip to big bend in texas and the bends were big and it was also a desert and there were a lot of spiky angry things
  • soren bushwhacked up mcgaffey mountain and was aggressively swallowed by the snow


things we gon do

  • sj and max are going up saddleback / maybe the horn on saturday!
  • michael wants to go canoeing on messalonskee stream
  • soren and james are going up caribou mountain on saturday


picture contest

  • upcoming picture contest! submit your photos from coc or personal trips and we’ll display them in the spa for the student body to vote on
  • keep an eye open for an upcoming email


t shirts!

  • addie’s design won!  woo go addie
  • anna’s corresponding with the t shirt dude, tryna make them maroon
  • same polyester / cotton blend as last year, fear not, we ain’t messin with the formula
  • stickers in the works too with dom’s designs cause those were super slick too





  • more elections next meeting – secretary and treasurer!
    • then, bigelow buddies (gear, cabin, sugaring, diversity and inclusion, trips facilitation, events)
    • then, after that, camden comrade self-nominations due
  • if you have any questions about a position, talk to the current officer / k-council!



  • seerup – 15
  • suhrup – 14
  • you guys disappoint me



  • they’re still looking for sophomore-senior guys to apply (especially juniors and seniors)
  • they lead trips all over the globe, sam’s working there next year
  • also – we get a ton of job opportunities sent to us and we forward them to outing-leaders email list so if you wanna get those talk to k-council



  • trips
    • ltt on the weekend of april 28th!
    • leader training trip is required to become a coc leader
      • it covers both practical and interpersonal skills across the weekend
    • also, wfa the weekends of the 14th and the 28th
      • wilderness first aid, also required to be a coc leader (unless you’re wemt or wfr)
      • email ryan linehan (rlinehan) if you’re interested
  • events
    • keep an eye out for informal events
    • contra dance next saturday!!
      • i totally forgot, for one
      • at 7:00 PM in foss dining hall!
      • anna is stoked she’s not organizing it
    • jennifer pharr davis (may 4th and 5th) is coming to colby!
      • held at one time the appalachian trail speed record, male or female
      • she’s great
      • she’s wild
      • she’s a celebrity
      • this is lit
      • she’s having a talk and then the next day leading an unofficial hike
  • gear
    • if you took gear out, return it
    • that’s an order, young man
  • cabin
    • kaitlin went to the cabin and it’s still snowed in
    • don’t go cause you’ll be disappointed unless you wanna walk in
    • “my hopes are low” – kaitlin volk
  • sugaring
    • probably more stuff next sunday

it’s a real exciting time, folks.  the year’s winding down, meaning that as soon as we get perfect summer hiking weather, we all go home.  perfect timing.

until next time,


Julia von Ehr has returned to her home position of Sexcretary in attempt to rescue her friends The Minutes from the clutches of the vile gangster Soren the Hutt.

Little does Julia know that the GALACTIC K-COUNCIL has secretly begun plotting elections to vote in a new star sexcretary even more powerful than Julia herself.

When elected, this ultimate sexcretary will spell certain doom for Julia in her struggles to maintain her power as supreme sexcretary of the galaxy…


A long time ago in some wilderness far, far away…

  • Dom’s friends from home, Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey (look at that crazy double hyphenation!), came to visit and they went snowshoeing up Le French Mountain
  • Chris and Dean went XC skiing but the snow was sticky and therefore sketchy and there was likely falling involved.
  • Parky Park “and the Funky Bunch” Cawley and Lisa “Linda the WEMT” Blackmer-Raynolds went snowshoeing up a bald man’s head Bald Mountain.
  • Bentley went outside on Wednesday! Good job, Bentley! He went snowshoeing in the arb and had a snowball fight too. WHAT UTTERLY WHOLESOME FUN!
  • Someone built snow forts in the arb for a Doghead party? Why? Wasn’t? I? Invited? I. LOVE. SNOW. FORTS. (The better question is did these snow fort building, doghead partying hooligans LNT? I .THINK .NOT.)
  • People went to the steps, people didn’t went to the steps, the steps were stepped on, the sun was risen.
  • Mo shoveled her car and it took an hour and a half. The snow was higher than her car, thus “Colby sucks at plowing!” To which I respond, yes that may be true, but it also seems like Mo sucks at shoveling.
  • Dean was feeling left out and also wanted to mention that he moved his car. Here’s a gold star, kiddo!
  • Soren and Austin and some redshirts went to the ice planet Hoth (otherwise known as Katahdin) for another fun mountaineering ascent! Here’s to summiting and not being killed by snow troopers.


See you in April!

  • No trips this week!
  • Because,
  • SPRANG BRAYKE will spriggity spring!
  • enjoy ur adventures 😉


Y’all are creative artístes!

  • we got some RAD t shirt designs
  • peep your emails this week to perform your civic duty and vote for the one you want to wear on your body!


Wat in democratic participation  ?

  • The future is going to happen whether we like it or not (we don’t) so we need to get ready for election szn 2k18.
  • Elections for K-council and Bigelow Buds will begin after break
  • Sam sent out an email with all of the positions and their respective duties (hehe duties).


Was Soren in New Jersey or Katahdin? (Snap maps never lie!)

  • New “put that thing back where it came from or so help me” Jersey – 10
  • KATAHDIN – 2



  • Cabin
    • First years went to the cabin
    • It is still unplowed
    • They may or may not be dead
  • Events
    • 🙂
  • Trips
    • LTT LTT LTT LTT coming to a theater near you!
  • Sugaring
    • “There is still sap. There is still trees. There is still buckets.” – Addie
  • Gear


“If you can’t tie knots, learn how to tie f*king knots.”

Knots clinic 2.0 will be held this Thursday at 7pm!


Meet a Mule (not an ass)!

We will be having discussions over dinner with other members of the community this week! Let’s make new friends! Hurr be the topics and timez:

  • Tuesday –  5-6pm Dana – Is it better to explore the outdoors solo or with friends?
  • Wednesday5:30-6:30pm Bobs – What can you gain from going outside?
  • Thursday – 5-6pm Foss – What is the value of going outside?
  • Friday9-10am Dana – What barriers exist to enjoying outdoor spaces?


As I reached the end of these minutes I felt a disturbance in the force telling me that this may be the last time my words will grace this weekly forum. I hope you have enjoyed my not-so-witty quips and my not-too-funny jokes as much as I have enjoyed typing them. I will not, however, bid thee farewell once and for all, for who knows if the path I take shall lead me back to the minutes. As a wise three foot tall green Jedi once said “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”


Catch ya on the flip side! *dramatic exit*

hello my beautiful outdoorspeople,

I am sure by now that some of you are sick of these frozen particles drifting from the sky.  I am here to say:  too bad.  here’s another foot.  like it or not, it’s what we got. the following minutes shall delve into just how exactly we exploited the snow.  feast your eyes.


things we don did

  • bentley went cross country skiing with henry, megan, soren, and max and they only fell down a few times
  • alex and soren and chris also went xc skiing in the arb
  • addie changed out the sap buckets
  • soren went up the bigelows 20 minutes ago, he’s very tired and his eyes are very red
  • dom went on the dialogue trip and had discussions and soup at flagstaff hut (what fun!)
  • soren and macey went for an arb walk!
  • anna went to the maine primitive skills school, slept in their own shelter
    • no urine was consumed


things we gon do

  • soren’s leading a katahdin trip! if you’re on it then you know cause you won the lottery
  • anna is coleading a dialogue trip on the 18th on mental health in the outdoors
    • going to scranton hut
  • michael kramer wants to lead a late afternoon arb walk on saturday


dialogue trips

  • anna’s co-leading another!
  • if anyone wants to lead one / facilitate one after spring break, please let us know



  • contest ends the 16th
  • get your submissions in by then



  • hey
  • hey you
  • you wanna run the coc?
  • run for an elected position (k-council, bigelow buds, camden comrades)
  • platforms due various dates post spring break
  • talk to k-council to find out what each role entails!
  • be on the lookout



  • left – 8
  • right – 5
  • ambiguous – all


film festival

  • no man’s land film festival
  • after spring break, “it will be when it is”
  • featuring films about women in adventure sports!
  • be on the lookout for more info!



  • trips
    • update your leader profiles!
    • or get a leader profile by emailing max or michael!
    • two LTTs and two WFAs planned
  • cabin
    • cabin is snowy
    • stay away
  • gear
    • spring break is nigh
    • priority to COC trips
    • probably a form going out if you want gear for spring break
      • coc-gear at colby dot edu


that is all.  class dismissed. go do your homework, or sleep or something, cause it’s past your bedtime.

con mucho love,


hello, my name is Soren Denlinger, and welcome to This Week’s Minutes®!

these are the minutes for this week.  not last week.  not the week prior.  next week is right out.  these are for RIGHT NOW

brothers and sisters, CARPE DIEM

read on!


things we done did!

  • dom went to cape elizabeth with colby photographers.  though they may be unofficial it was officially fun
  • julia and mo were outside all day in new jersey, they won first place! (also yay new jersey!)
  • emma took one tripper to the narrow gauge trail, very good ski place, also good for snowshoes, and narrow gauges
  • megan walked a few miles and found jesus
  • henry went up round top “it was great” thanks henry
  • henry and kaitlin and some other people (7) went up katahdin last week!  no one died. three randos on the trip were nice too. see seth two weeks from now!
  • jared and soren led a trip to flagstaff hut, dialogue was had!  “fun trip” -Jared
  • there was a sleepover on friday night! some people woke up early but some people didn’t, very exciting
    • also max went for a 3AM arb walk cause it was pretty
  • hannah and soren led a trip to french mountain, “it was fun” – Soren
  • anna went for a run in the arb, did not get lost
  • kaitlin went streaking in the arb, 36 degrees was surprisingly warm
  • jared traveled across kingsbury pond in the name of geology
  • ryan from the primitive skills school went outside to boil some sap
  • the other one (colin) was doing something with balsam


trips we gon’ do

  • michael and hannah want to do the cross country ski thing as a dialogue trip!  traveling to one of the maine huts and trails cabins
  • max
    • has ideas.  it’s complicated.  he needs co leads
  • michael wants to lead a trip saturday
  • soren wants to do something in the arb during the snowstorm on thursday!
  • sam, sarah backstrand, someone else will go to a maine huts and trails for another dialogue trip!


maine primitive skills school

  • wanna learn some primitive skills? sign up for the primitive skills thing next weekend!
    • go live at 8PM monday! on the normal trips calendar!
  • learn where to get water, how to make fire, make shelter, navigation, foraging, etc. etc. etc.
  • seems pretty cool and both of the dudes have beards so
  • willing to teach whatever you want (weather dependent)
  • 10:00 AM saturday through noon on sunday! sleep in a shelter you built maybe!
  • it will be “fun”


winter katahdin!

  • 17th and 18th of march
  • sign ups will close this wednesday
  • very difficult so please be prepared / very physically fit, but also very fun
    • as in please carefully consider whether you can do this trip
    • but also it’s super fun
  • talk to any variety of people who went on the first two!
  • it’s during doghead.  pick ur priorities


dialogue trips

  • if you’re a leader and interested in leading one
  • or if you have experience facilitating discussions
  • please contact us! or sign up! so we can run some!
  • jared can also function as a liaison between a leader and a PCB facilitator


t shirts

  • we would like some t shirts please
  • please design some
  • send in your designs by friday before friday before spring break (march 16th)
  • then we’ll vote on the designs!



  • after spring break, elections start
  • k-council, bigelow buddies, and camden comrades
  • all spots are available
  • think about whatcha wanna do
  • ask a member of k-council for what each role will be!



  • unicycle 10
  • tricycle 7
  • disappointing to say the least




  • personal spring break needs will be met the week before spring break
  • there will be cookies this thursday during office hours!


  • spring LTT will be in april. at some point
  • keep ur profile updated or FACE THE CONSEQUENCES
  • if you want a profile talk to max or michael
  • two wfa dates, april 14th-15th and 28th-29th

diversity and inclusion

  • if you want an idea for a dialogue trip, talk to jared!  also talk to him about your current topic


  • cabin’s probably out of commission for a bit due to snow


  • the sap floweth
  • buckets overfloweth
  • emptyeth them


club photo?

  • photos due the tenth
  • no photo now since only ⅗ of k-council is here
  • submit your pics to us if you think it depicts the club well and we might just use that instead


and there you have it.  another victory in my war against the scourge of capitalization!

see y’all outside!

– soren


hello hello hello

here’s another edition of the COC weekly minutes, prepared like momma used to make & served hot.

I strongly encourage you to enjoy

what we done did!

  • max went up the carters and it was awesome
  • soren went night-walking and saw an owl
  • zach rowed on messalonskee stream wow!
  • addy tapped some trees, very maine-like
  • max also went on a night hike up french mountain, saw more than five stars
  • brittany and hannah and her parents visited the actual third bossi up north, visited the bangor city forest, saw snow fleas, but they don’t bite
  • grace walked around campus in her crocs
  • hannah went to the spacecoc clinic! (part deux to follow)
  • michael and max led a trip up sanders hill, it went very well, wonderful times for all!
  • there’s a trip hiking in baxter RIGHT NOW but they are currently unfacetimeable
    • editors note: right now was 7:15 PM on sunday


what we gon do

  • michael stone says there’s kayak clinics! maybe, unless the leaders go on the tele clinics
    • look for email
  • hannah and michael want to cross country ski up by sugarloaf!
    • would like some experienced folks to go with
  • soren wants to lead a night hike one night! with hannah perhaps!
  • julia might lead a trip, there might be a dialogue trip
  • mo wants to sit in the snow in lieu of hiking
  • macey and emma probably wanna lead a hike sometime


dialogue trips

  • two coc leaders and a trained facilitator lead a hike out to a Maine Huts and Trails hut to have a discussion about the outdoors and another topic – social justice, colby, etc.
  • good food, good huts, good convos
  • “would recommend” – sam
  • “sometimes you end up in the middle of a lake” – julia


primitive skills thing

  • this is a thing, potentially
  • there is a cost, potentially
  • fires, shelters, eating stuff, tracking, what have you
  • interest form is out there currently
  • sign ups later this week if it will actually happen



  • julia’s doppelganger?
  • unanimous yes
  • wow
  • JULIA???

anna thing

  • wanna know how to do the reimbursement forms?
  • wanna drive for the coc form?
  • talk to anna caughron after the meeting / in general


design contest

  • submit your t shirt design!
  • submissions due the friday before doghead! (the 16th of march)




  • thursday nights, there shall be gear activities (labels! fixing! cookies!)


  • third winter katahdin!
  • march 17th and 18th! also doghead
  • there will be goldfish
  • EVERYONE should sign up
  • email will be out soon! (lottery style again)


  • super tentative coc sleepover!
  • no windows so you can’t tell what time it is!

cabin and sugaring both absent

all camden comrades absent

and so concludes this week’s serving.  this post constitutes 100% of the weekly recommended minute value for the average person’s diet.

as you were,