hello hello hello!

gotta type this FAST to keep up with everything happening on campus! this bright sun has finally opened the door for wiffle ball, leisurely afternoons on miller lawn, slack lines, and MUD. this magnificently thick creation of mother nature herself is quite the treat for these late april days. at last, you can relocate your indoor spa to a more ~natural~ setting. now get out there, sink your toes into that wonderful sludge, and BREATHE. summer is coming…

speaking of the meeting, which we weren’t, here is what went down!


what we done did

  • bentley hit rocks and looked at rocks and found cool minerals
    • sporadic applause
  • zach and jackie went up bald rock in camden
    • blood, sweat, colead
  • jackie went to zoe’s cabin in pemaquid
    • she saw the LIGHTHOUSE (megan fact: featured on the maine state quarter!)
  • joseph went to western ny for woodsmen
    • tents are being dried as we speak
  • max went to saddleback/the horn
    • it was windy, rainy, cold, max got a nosebleed
      • he probably cried a little bit
  • lacey went to french! and had discussions about marvel
    • got a little muddy and didn’t really do the discussion trip…
    • there may be follow up conversation
  • megan and keenan watched softball in the rain!

what we gon do

  • joseph wants to night hike french thursday
    • molly is going up french with sam kwon?? rival coleads??
  • zach wants to lead a trip before the end of the year
    • same with alice
  • max wants to go somewhere
    • same with caroline
    • and grace
  • zoe is looking for a coleader this weekend (saturday maybe)
  • jackie is willing to go to french friday
  • colleen wants to find a lake to swim in this weekend
  • lacey wants to go to acadia
    • megan and keenan are leading a trip to acadia

election results

  • grace/jack are sugaring!
  • bentley/jackie are trips!
  • zoe is events!
  • dean is cabin!
  • molly/will are gear!
  • lacey is d&i!


  • beware of long grasses in the forests
  • tick check tick check tick check please

LTT in the spring(le)

  • LTT is going out this weekend! to mount blue!
  • sign ups are still open for a few hours

club photo

  • yearbook wants to take a photo of us
  • next sunday we will take a photo of us

photo contest

  • send in 3 of your own photos of nature maximum
    • these will be voted on by the people


t shirt tabling

  • the t shirts are finally in and they are radical!
  • sign up HERE to help us sell them!
    • from 11-2 this week in the spa (except thursday)

question of the week

  • daylight savings time?
    • good 3
    • bad 15
  • i am glad this was decisive

bigelow buddy updates

  • cabin
    • absent
    • it is still there
    • dock is going in soon
  • sugaring
    • boiled outside!
    • boiling inside tomorrow (read: monday)! mary low kitchen 9-5
  • trips
    • LTT babay
  • events
    • they are doing wonderful work
  • d&i
    • a dialogue trip went out! more talks to come
  • gear
    • 4 new pots for fire throwing! 
    • poles are coming in the fall! and boots
    • bring BACK your gear @10% of the colby population

coc mystery

  • the fork is gone
    • where? why? 

hot seat

  • zach
    • blue
    • purple
    • favorite what? i dont know
    • what am i playing? i dont know any songs
    • left
    • dinosaur
    • asparagus
    • hands for feet
    • a bathroom
    • oh fold
    • which one? jeffrey
    • fork
    • ………arya
    • digeridoo
    • spirit mineral? whut
    • oh um sophie angus
  • alice
    • oooooooohhhhhhhh pass
    • oh the esma drawing
    • the forks
      • she is a prime suspect for thievery
    • some kind of old instrument
    • ooh no i don’t have crushes
    • a carrot
    • uuuh watermelon
    • ooooh the one with the triceratops
    • bobs
    • mmmm doo

that is all from me!


hey friends!

unfortunately i was not able to transcribe this week’s minutes, but luckily julia captured the time period of 19:00-19:30 of april 21, 2019 in the location of the coc office (mary low basement).

so here they are, enjoy!


Sunday, April 21, 2019 – NO MEGAN! It is I, Julia, reliving my glory days as the COC secretary. Let us commence…

Colby Outing Club Weekly Sunday Thirty Minute Meeting from 7:00pm to 7:30pm in the Basement of Mary Low Dormitory


what we done did (lightning round):

  • Joe: Had a woodsman meet and went on a COC hike (only outdoors, NO homework)
  • Bentley and Zach: Went to Middlebury to throw around some frisbee discs
  • Acadia: some people went here but we were going too fast for me to note all of their names
  • Lacey: “Phillip! It’s not just a person its a place.” – Lacey Wright
  • Zoë: Quarry Road. Outdoors! Close to home! Hurrah!
  • Alice: went to Camden, Max was there too, but Alice is more important!


what we gone do:

  • Jackie wants to go to French Mountain and either eat at Early Bird or have scrumptious mountaintop pastries
  • Zach wants to get his co-lead at anytime (probably like soon though), Jackie has lead 3 trips she can do his co-lead (way to work through the ranks…ur doing amazing sweetie!)
  • SUNDAY: Dialogue trip with SOBLU (!!!!!!!!)  French Mountain followed by Mary Low for some dialogue or just go straight to Mary Low if the skies open up and decide to drench the Earth in rain



democracy! voting! mueller report! elections!

Megan is secretary. We are all very surprised.

Alice is treasurer, Alice is amazing. These are both facts.

Kaitlin had a rough night.


  • Max, Soren, Megan, Alice
  • long live the matriarchy


Kaitlin is thriving.


Camden comrade decisions are next week:

These are up to you!

Some past comrade positions include COC social media influencer, med kits organizer, Poster comrade (AKA graphic-design-is-my-passion), conservation comrade.

If you are stoked about getting involved and filling a niche in the COC, K-council will likely be stoked too! (We’ll only reject negative ideas like a trash the COC office comrade, or a steal gear from the gear closet comrade, or a littering comrade, etc.)


spring leader training trip!

LTT in the sprang, not this weekend but the next (May 3,4,5).

Sign ups will be up very soon.

Trip location ostensibly changing to Mount Blue.

Keenan says potentially and ostensibly are synonyms. I disagree. To the google…

  • evidence points towards they aren’t synonyms
  • but let us not quibble over semantics
  • but also if you want to prove me wrong then please do
  • we didn’t have a weekly poll but perhaps the potentially/ostensibly debate can stand in for the weekly poll


Platforms (the blue links are the platforms, Megan added that, she’s SMORT):

  • Trips: Jackie “Go Outside Everyday” Florman
  • Trips: Bentley “lollipop mic” Meyer
  • Gear: Molly “fears no gear” Gardner
  • Gear: Will “the outdoors is transcendent” O’Connor
  • Cabin: Dean “not a real person, this is a joke” Strup
  • D&I: Lacey “this girl loves special collections” Wright
  • Sugaring: Grace “pun loving gal” Horne & Jack “viscous” Indritz
  • Sugaring: Charlie “shuga shack” Cobb
  • Events: Zoë “with an umlaut” Ward


Events and D&I need more peeps! (megan’s note: 1 more person is needed for each position, please submit platform by 7pm on Sunday)


bigelow buddy updates

Trips: LTT

Gear: just bought poles, wanna get some wintery hiking boots, and 11 pairs of XC ski boots

Cabin: wooden part of the dock is cracked, new furniture will be brought up this coming weekend, Dean is gonna try and do the floor this summer, DEAN IS HERE

D&I: talk to Lacey about dialogue trips (Sunday the 28th)

Sugaring: Jack boiled for 4 hours…what a guy!

Events: end of the year get together! Details to come.


signing out,


(this is me running away from my upcoming responsibilities and the end of the year)

thanks for tuning in!

megan (with the minute writing help of julia)

don’t you just love a good rain soaking? a chance to paint the leaves a deeper shade, moisten the sidewalks (and litter them with critters), for mud to thicken up to ideal spa viscosity. i like to think of rain as a clean slate. so what if last week didn’t pan out? boom! rain comes and you can start again, fresh and renewed! it’s a time to reset, a small disruption in the busy life of a college student (or professor or reader/ fan? of this blog). or at least it is an excuse to curl up in your blankets and sleep…dealer’s choice

here’s what happened last week in the outside!


what we done did

  • ryan and kestrel linehan came from the sheepscot river
    • and they put a trampoline up ooooh
      • NO SAFETY NET “it teaches children boundaries” -kaitlin
  • note from the editor: lacey is KNITTING right now i love it
    • she also went to a bog! it was warm and sunny and lovely
      • highly recommended
  • max “ran” 5k at thomas college mud run
    • 5in thick mud, it was spiteful mud though
    • taryn was there too! the mud spited her
    • blood sweat, definitely blood and sweat
  • caroline went walking barefoot! at johnson pond!
    • mud squished between her toes
  • jackie went to dartmouth’s organic farm
    • they also have a pizza oven?
  • megan watched a softball double header with her parents!
    • everyone got a sunburn oops
  • molly went to acadia! park loop road on the fritz
    • sand beach and thunder hole!
  • michael played frisbee in the sun
  • zoe was slacklining with the prospies
    • and she went skiing in a t shirt!, very slushy (slushie?)
  • jackie and molly went to french mountain
    • they had avocado butter on baguettes (contact jackie for info heights 105)
  • abby went to see the cherry blossoms
    • it was frickin amazing

what we gon do

  • michael wants to play wiffle ball. the pursuits continue!
    • he has a wiffle and a bat and desire!
  • max and taryn are going to saddleback sunday!
  • jackie and molly 4:30 tuesday open earth week hike
    • fun and chill for everyone
  • park wants to lead his final coc trip with zoey in the coming weeks
  • alice and max are going on a mystery trip ooooh
  • jacob eichmann wants to shadow a trip


  • bigelow buddy platforms are due this sunday 6:55pm to coc@colby.edu
    • trips x2, cabin, sugaring, gear x2, d&i x2, events x2

LTT! in the SPRING!

  • it is DEF happening! may 3-5! location tbd hopefully acadia
  • come and learn about leadership in the coc!

earth week

  • it is this week and there are some cool environmental events!
  • all of our hikes are rebranded as earth week hikes


question of the week

  • red grapes 5
  • green grapes 19

bigelow buddies

  • trips
    • LTT
  • events
  • gear
    • we are buying/organizing stuff
    • no gear out after may 1
    • gear suggestions welcome
  • cabin
    • absent
    • putting in dock soon!
  • d&i
    • earth week dialogue trip with SOBLU! at french!
  • sugaring
    • absent
    • boiling
  • social media

hot seats


  • oh suzannah
  • uh oh lovejoy like ground floor bathroom
  • sweatpants
  • digeridoo
  • i think its a banjo
  • the ones with the desks attached to it
  • mt mansfield
  • katahdin
  • cheese
  • probably soft
  • i dont even know
  • hahahahahaha
  • snow5671@gmail.com
  • the fish


  • i think like maybe two three potentially more
  • very thin and flowy
  • um in case you get hungry during hot seat
  • probably a unicorn
  • rolling fatties
  • umm great question probably in a canoe
  • milllllerrrrr
  • hehehehehe the stream hehehehehe


  • i have no idea
  • love lakes
  • whale
  • i dont even know isaac
  • yes
  • yes
  • from the peanut gallery: “this one” – i cut my hair a lot as a child
  • WHAT all my knees are double jointed
  • anywhere


what a week! tune in next time!


once upon a time there was a young snowflake named roger. born in the magical kingdom nimbus, roger loved to mess around with his fellow snowflake friends dancing and doing general things that beings made entirely of frozen water would do. idk man. anyway, roger had a dream of one day falling from the sky, glittering in his epic descent. maybe he could become a snowcreature or join an a capella group? every day he would awaken and check with his overlords to see when he would finally be part of a blizzard or even a tiny snow drizzle. and every day they would say, “maybe tomorrow roger”. until one day there was a glitch in the system! it was april 8. in mayhem, all of the snowflakes had no idea what would occur or who would precipitate! they all panicked, expanding the walls of the kingdom nimbus until every snowflake fell out, ruining a perfectly nice spring weather pattern. thanks a lot roger. snow doesn’t belong in april.

here is what happened before it snowed!


what we done did

  • jackie zoe and molly attempted saddleback with a squadron
    • didn’t go that well, scary ice sheet
    • “some of us weren’t prepared”
  • joseph went to west virginia and did some casual hiking
    • way too warm
  • taryn went to utah with megan and max (father maximillian)
    • the canyons were so nice
  • bentley played some sunny mostly warm but sometimes not frisbee
    • they sometimes won
  • lacey toured her own town! she gained some perspective
  • will went to the adirondacks: ski and climb and cool
  • colleen went backpacking in canyonlands with other people
    • strength in numbers
  • lily went to a wildlife reserve
    • there were no salamanders 🙁
  • molly went skiing on frozen lakes, there is a lot of ice still
  • zoe went to the desert! it was really wonderful and WARM
    • in joshua tree! she fell in love
  • taryn went hiking rumford whitecap with her sister!
    • she left her backpack in dana, dehydration was toughhhhhhh
  • michael went to true mountain maple
    • they saw tree tapping with amazing people and amazing food
    • maple syrup flowed through everyone’s veins (esp. martin)
  • kaitlin went scuba diving in florida with her dad!
    • she accidentally forgot she kinda gets super seasick…
  • julia went on lovely hikes with her dog!

what we gon do

  • max and taryn are going to saddleback WITH CRAMPONS saturday
    • people should show up
  • molly and jackie want to sunrise hike french thursday
    • there probably won’t be snow
  • caroline and grace want to hike mt battie this weekend
  • zach wants to shadow a trip
  • keller and megan might go to the arb before his wfa expires
  • alice and michael kramer are going to burnt mountain saturday
    • alice and julia are doing an earth week hike too!
    • alice is on FIREEE

michael’s spiel

  • there is no pack out this weekend
  • enterprise has no 7-person or larger cars this week
    • 6 humans or smaller pls


  • they have started
  • platforms for treasurer/secretary are due this sunday 7pm
    • bigelow buddy positions next week

leader swag

  • lead 2 trips by april 29 to get leader swaggg

admitted students

  • this weekend is PROSPIE WEEKEND!
  • thursday 10pm-midnight CAMPFIRE S’MORES with the KIDS
  • friday 4-5:30pm CLUB FAIR TABLING

t shirt

  • this one won!
  • thanks to all who voted


question of the week

  • toaster or toaster oven? (shoutout to ketty stinson for inspiration)
  • toaster 14
  • toaster oven 10
  • this went exactly as i planned mwahaha

big buds

  • events
    • keep those eyes peeled for events
  • gear
    • may 1 is the last day to rent out gear
    • if you have summer gear needs, contact colby-gear@gmail.com
  • trips
    • please contact trips facilitation if you want to SHADOW
    • we are looking for a good weekend for ltt
      • in the planning process
  • d&i
    • we really really want to do a dialogue trip
      • if you want to be involved, contact lacey and addie
  • sugaring
    • there is a lot of sap flowing
      • down to 2.5 trash cans of sap…
  • cabin
    • absent
    • cabin HELLA needs wood
      • the cabin will get the campfire wood from campus life
  • social media
    • SEND IN spring break photos

thanks for tuning in!



march oh march. “in like a lion, out like a lamb”. well, we have seen the lion baring its fierce teeth. the chilling winds and frigid temps have sent us shivering under the warmth of our blankets. well mother nature, i sure am ready for the lamb to grace us with its presence. melting snow, rays of sunshine, bearable temperatures….at least we can maybe escape for spring break? or shall i say sprink breag? bring spreak? spreang brink? man i could use warmth.

now here is what happened last week


what we done did

  • lacey went to popham beach
    • it was foggy and beauteous
    • almost got trapped on an island
    • molly swam! chilly
  • joseph went to the mountain with jackie, it was “fun”
    • just some sweat
  • jackie and molly went to rumford whitecap
    • hot up cold down
    • some tears, lots of wind, snow, no tooth feeling
    • a disapproving mother in a parka
  • megan and grace went into the arb for alternative doghead!
    • it was foggy and spooky like a horror movie
  • jackie and zoe went to mt phillip
    • “nothing to note”
    • i guess that means phillip is alive and well…
  • maddy led an arb hike with pcb!
    • there was hot cocoa and CHEER
  • michael played frisbee at bates (a bunch of weenies)
    • they beat someone!
    • definitely sweat and cheering
  • michael and brittany went to maiden’s cliff for 2 year anniversary!
    • they are adorable

what we gon do

  • michael s and martin are going to true mountain maple syrup
    • april 6/7 tba
  • michael k would like to do a pleasant and nice trip
    • megan is interested
  • colleen wants to go to the belgrades wednesday or thursday afternoon
    • or a sunrise hike (with julia?)
  • joseph wants to do his co lead! at burnt mountain or anywhere else
  • jackie wants to go to the bigelows after break!


  • they are coming! check out these POSITION DESCRIPTIONS
  • platform due dates:
    • presidents- april 7
      • must be rising seniors
    • treasurer/secretary- april 14
      • treasurer must be rising junior
    • bigelow buddies- april 21
      • trips heads must be trip leaders
    • camden comrades- april 29

leader swag

  • lead 2 trips by april 29th to qualify

t shirt design contest

  • we are looking for designs! pls send one in!
  • send to coc@colby.edu by march 22
  • voting april 1-5

spring break

  • deadline for personal gear has passed
    • please do not come to office hours for personal spring break gear
  • the gear committee is CRUSHING IT
  • pls come back in one piece!

question of the week

  • pole or poll?
    • pole 9
    • poll 6
  • lacey’s brain is destroyed now

big buds

  • gear
    • taryn IS at this meeting
  • trips
    • spring LTT is being planned soon!
    • shadows! reach out to trips committee
  • d&i
    • we want to get dialogue trips rolling!
    • pcb can help us now! yaaaaay
  • sugaring
    • the maple syrup trip!
    • sap is flowing
  • cabin
    • there is no firewood bc keenan used it all whoops
    • dean would love some wood help
  • events
    • absent

hot seat! jackie florman

  • um a shirley temple?
  • um pie, pumpkin
  • uum ribs?
  • syrup
  • diggeridont
  • watersky? water
  • seven?
  • uum i like i like the how we climb a mountain thing
  • scrabble
  • winter
  • ooh rei anything
  • no i haven’t i would like to
  • mammoth
  • eeh
  • peanut butter
  • uh jackson

consider yourself LEADERED

that is all from me!



hey! welcome back for another thrilling episode.

well my dudes it is going to be a warm week! finally i have something nice to say about the weather (sorry mother nature but you have been a real pill lately). anyway, now as you are attempting to avoid the gargantuan puddles that are oh so kindly inhabiting the sidewalks at least you can bask in the sun! close your eyes and soak up those rays! sure the future may bring slush and mud and raging rivers flowing down from the chapel but at least we will be happy!

here’s what went down in the not-so-sunny outside this week!


what we done did

  • joseph went xc ski for the first time!
    • only fell thrice plus twice
  • lacey kinda went outside and learned to ice skate!
    • abby and lacey are going tomorrow morning if you wanna!
      • note: i realize they have already gone at this point
  • michael went for an arb walk in the snow
    • narnia narnia narnia he was in narnia
  • megan went to popham beach and saw lighthouses! and horses!
    • also a woman thought she was having an existential crisis
  • jackie went to mt pisgah
    • there was a fire tower with mountains
    • empowering graffiti!
  • julia went to long island for frisbee
    • pouring rain, mud stuff, cancelled games
  • alice hiked french friday, clear views
    • AND went sledding! gr9 way to destress
  • molly et al went to maiden cliffs
    • nudity x2
    • “every day can be international women’s day”
  • kaitlin walked with her aunt in freeport
    • there was 50th bday SURPRISE (forced)
    • it was very warm, mmmmm, then got cold again booo

what we gon do

  • joseph wants to get his co lead– burnt mountain (Sunday hopefully)
    • kaitlin maybe
  • zoe and michael (?) want to go to popham beach around noon
    • it might be stormy but it’s all about the vibe
  • alice wants to do her co lead! maybe in april!
    • julia would be interested
  • jackie would love to do a chill co lead this week (maybe to french)
    • she is still broken
  • megan and grace and keenan want ALTERNATIVE DOGHEAD
    • maybe at the cabin with board games and snacks!

annual survey

  • it is now closed
  • THANK YOU for participating! 🙂 <3
  • the raffle will be run soon

Carolyn Finney

  • she is coming TOMORROW! at 7! in the CHAPEL!
  • tickets cannot technically be gotten still
    • but beg the people at the door

SHOUT week hike

  • collaborative event with PCB
    • hiking in the arb OR snow angels and hot cocoa and snacks
  • there won’t be a sign up
    • show up to COC office at 3PM friday
  • talk about your identity with the outdoors
  • looking for COC leaders to help out!

t shirt design contest

  • are you artistically inclined? send us a t shirt design!
  • send to coc@colby.edu by march 22
    • voting april 1-5

question of the week (shoutout to jamie pine!)

  • which came first?
    • taco 7
    • burrito 8
  • “hot diggety dog” this was close

bigelow buds

  • trips
    • waiting for the snow to melt for SPRING LTT
    • questions about the process?
      • or want to become a leader trainer/ bigelow buddy?
      • contact keenan or michael
  • gear
    • absent
  • cabin
    • absent
    • available for rent, contact dean strup
  • d&i
    • working on dialogue trips
      • interested in leading one? contact d&i
  • sugaring
    • sap is flowing!
  • events
    • absent

y’all get the gist



i just love snow globe days. the ones where the giant hunks of frozen water are beautifully swirling as they fall from the sky. the days where there is a mix of frenzied professors who sat in traffic and a strong urge to jump into a snowbank and not return. as you walk across the wintry mix (which sounds more like salad than the slushy icy nastiness covering the sidewalks) catch a snowflake on your tongue! spin around! make a snow angel! enjoy the beauty of winter while we still have it! or wait until april because you know it will still be snowing…

here’s what happened in the outside last week!


what we done did

  • lily went to the mountain, found bentley’s cave!
    • bentley was sucked into the cave oops
    • blood sweat tears heroic acts spelunking
  • taryn went skiing at sugarloaf and saddleback
    • nightmare glades are still there!
  • zoe did a sunrise hike at french mountain, ‘twas lovely
    • the broken foot crew strikes again
    • she also went downhill skiing
  • grace did her co lead at bald rock mountain
    • her heart was warmed by old people learning to ski
    • sweat
  • julia went to bates (ew) to play frisbee (less ew)
    • beat bowdoin for the first time!
    • very ice, much bruise
  • michael played frisbee against high schoolers
    • they won!
  • grace and kaitlin led a trip to a yurt! more signage requested
    • they skied and had great fun
    • they ran into a biathlon and a girl scout troop

what we gon do

  • michael wants to go outside friday/saturday
    • megan is interested
  • max wants to go outside with bentley
  • zoe wants to go outside for her co lead!
    • maddy is interested also (glad she made it to her first meeting!)
  • megan wants to lead alternative doghead!
    • julia is interested, grace is also interested

annual survey

  • keep spreading the link! it is still open!
  • we want your feedback
  • complete the survey for a chance to win a leatherman or other prizes!

carolyn finney

  • she is the keynote speaker of SHOUT week!
  • an environmental justice activist and generally pretty cool!
  • monday march 11 7PM in Lorimer Chapel
    • get tickets in the Spa from 12-2 on tuesday, 11-1 on wednesday-friday
  • megan’s office hour will be moved from 6-7

shout week

  • the theme this year is environmental justice!
  • collaborative hike with COC is being planned

t shirt design/sticker contest

  • we are having a contest to design a new t shirt and sticker!
  • submit designs to coc@colby.edu by March 22
  • we can use up to 3 colors
  • an email will be sent out by Julia

leader swag

  • you will get cool thing as long as you:
    • become a leader
    • AND lead 2 trips by april 2


  • we recently posted a statement on civil discourse
  • COC is in opposition to frat/secret society activity
    • especially in our cabin (privileges will be revoked)

coc mystery

  • 7 UP bottle is missing
    • kaitlin was planning to steal it post grad

question of the week

  • unknowing ants 8
  • knowing ants 9

oh my my this was CLOSE

bigelow buds

  • gear
    • ski poles are being bought!
    • ski shelving is being finished
    • if you have gear in your room/car/possession, BRING IT BACK
  • trips
    • absent
    • if you are a leader, we have a trip leader resources folder!
      • please contact us if you don’t have access
    • spring LTT is coming
  • events
    • craft night in the works
  • cabin
    • absent
    • check out our statement on civil discourse or HERE
  • sugaring
    • some of the buckets fell :/
      • reparations in the works
  • d&i
    • dialogue trips in the works!
      • and dialogue dinners on campus!!
    • trip leaders look out for a sign up form

HOT SEAT: Grace Horne!

  • max
  • um kool aid
  • orca whale
  • do i get to hide in it? then yes
  • 5 spoons
  • katahdin last year
  • 12 grapes
  • corduroy
  • uhhhh one? one
  • ooh eustis basement, toilets are so low, “natural angleage”
  • hickory horned devil
  • she pointed at something but i didn’t see
  • she has been LEADERED

tune in next week for another episode!


loyal readers,

another day another winter surprise. today involved “walking through a flavorless slushie” and a wind tunnel as you walked from foss. what ever could be next? snowpocalypse? buildings freezing over? personally i would enjoy something ~unexpected~. like glitter. just falling from the sky. sure it’s slippery and pervasive but imagine the style guys. let me just say you would never need to worry about your outfit being dull…

speaking of the minutes which we weren’t, here you are my friends!


what we done did

  • julia went walking with multiple dogs! it was more like a arb march
    • abby’s dog disappeared, didn’t fall into a tree well
  • joseph fought snowballs! no one won but everyone won
  • jackie hiked maiden’s cliff
    • “aren’t you in a boot?” eeeeehhhhhhhhh
  • ryan told max to go up rumford whitecap, he did
    • ryan has more fans than i ever will
    • sweat and so many dogs
  • grace went ski in arb before the nasty rain
  • caroline took old people on a nature walk because she was nearby
  • michael saw rad slacklines and tried, but failed
    • the snow was there to protect him
  • addie went for a run that turned into a walk
    • there was a cool owl in a tree! it’s a sign….
  • deirde went snowshoeing for the first time in the arb!
    • they were supposed to go to round top
      • SHOUTOUT to flexible leadership tho
  • molly went to sanders hill
    • it was sunny and nice
    • people like to hike with injuries apparently
  • kaitlin went skiing at quarry road for the first time
    • go early in your college career! it rocks!
    • abby also went to quarry road (she got on it early)

what we gon do

  • grace wants to hike bald rock mountain
  • addie would be interested in a shorter sunday trip
    • grace is also interested
  • megan wants to go somewhere saturday
    • joseph wants his co lead! what a COINCIDENCE
  • julia may do something informal at 11:59 AM
  • caroline is doing her co lead with max saturday!
  • michael and martin are going to the sugaring farm again!
    • first weekend after spring break
  • kaitlin wants to do overnight xc ski trip this friday
    • maine coast conservancy yurt
    • looking for a xcing coleader
    • grace is interested! man she is getting out there this weekend

annual survey

  • we are looking for feedback here!
  • please circulate the link! win prizes!

new d&i head

  • it’s ***Lacey Wright***
    • congrats
  • also thank you to Joseph and Colleen for applying!
  • even if you didn’t run, we would love your ideas!

shout week

  • mid march- put on by PCB
  • this year’s theme is diversity in the outdoors
  • collaboration on hikes
  • carolyn finney! she is awesome and is giving a talk


  • wavus is looking for some great leaders
  • a wilderness tripping camp for girls
  • megan worked here so pls bombard her with questions


  • wilderness tripping organization all over the US/world
  • coming to campus for interviews and info sessions
    • wednesday 7pm Diamond 141 info session
    • it will be SAM (former co pres!) and will (we don’t know him…)
  • shoot questions towards michael stone

question of the week

  • baby IN a backpack 10
  • baby WEARING a backpack 17
  • imagine the size of the backpack! great counterbalance for their heads

big buds

  • gear
    • we WILL buy xc skiing poles
    • max gave an impassioned speech about the map in the corner
  • trips
    • absent
    • lead trips! ask us about trips! we love trips!
  • cabin
    • the wood is not at the cabin
    • one of our sleds is broken
  • d&i
    • new head new head new head
    • help us become more inclusive!
      • we are looking for ideas and promise
      • “frickin heck yeah”
    • carolyn finney!
    • dialogue trips are coming back!
      • trips to maine huts to converse about relevant social issues
  • sugaring
    • the sap floweth, despite the weather
    • contact martin if you want to help!
  • events
    • movie night or game night soon
    • craft night???????????? yes

see you next week!


dear reader,

i have one word for you and one word only: blue. no, it isn’t just the name of the adorable and incredibly intuitive dog on blue’s clues. it is a mood, a type of jeans, my favorite color, a berry. we can all strive to be blue: flexible, honest, loyal. blue is a way of life. it is SO MUCH MORE than a color. ode to blue! but most importantly, it’s the color of the sky! wait- shouldn’t you be outside now?

alas, here is a summary taken from the inside of what we done did in the outside:


what we done did

  • joseph was very much outside in WFR / megan in WEMT course
    • lots of fake blood, FIRE, megan was crying, gross, ahhhhhh
  • grace strapped some planks on her feet for corduroy frozen water adventure
    • she went to flagstaff hut
    • lots of sweat
  • olivia went for a pretty cute jaunt in the arb
  • hannah got lost near the apts and went rock climbing in the forest
    • this is apparently a relatable issue
  • abby went skiing at quarry road
    • it was “wild”, she saw a soft and fluffy teenage dog!

what we gon do

  • bentley and megan are going to round top on sunday
    • it will be SUPER FUN come with us
  • joseph is looking for a future co-lead
  • keenan might want some snowshoeing adventures
    • chat with him re: co-lead
  • colleen and dom are going to boston! for the ansel adams exhibit
    • keenan is overwhelmed by the prospect
  • michael is down to lead a trip, he likes outside
  • kaitlin wants to xc ski to grand falls hut

annual survey

  • we want your feedback! on trips, leadership, communication etc.
  • fill it out HERE to win prizes!
  • we are especially looking for non-member feedback
  • PLEASE publicize this link to your friends

office hours

  • 7-8pm monday-thursday, 10-10:45 am friday
  • please check out gear DURING office hours
    • the 6 people with the gear code will appreciate this!

cabin wood

  • the cabin is being reloaded with wood (people could DIE)
  • dean wants help lugging it in! friday afternoon
    • also some trash pack out…

coot apps

  • the application is live! closes thursday at 11:55pm
  • coot is awesome! not just about being “outdoorsy”
  • the app does take some time, please look at it before thursday!


question of the week

  • loaves of toast?
    • yay 8
    • nay 11
  • the whole concept is weird man

bigelow buds

  • gear
    • absent
    • gear is FREE to borrow!
    • please return borrowed gear!
    • working on new ski poles, ski storage
    • have a suggestion for new gear? contact us!
      • NOT rollerblades
  • trips
    • spring LTTs in the works- waiting for winter to thaw
      • if it “continues to winter”- cabin LTT
    • trying to reform LTT curriculum
      • looking for feedback, contact keenan or michael
    • looking to become a leader trainer? contact keenan or michael!
  • cabin
    • new furniture is coming!
    • painting the floor in the works for april!
  • sugaring
    • they tapped 40 trees today!
    • collection happening every day until APRIL
    • talk to grace horne / martin to sign up for shifts
      • you get credit for helping→ maple syrup!
  • events
    • movie nights and game nights in the works!
    • smaller night events maybe
  • d&i
    • election voting coming out soon!
    • we are excited for big things


until next time!


hello there and welcome to my blog!

don’t you just love spring semester? a foot of snow to come, wind chill, windows in hillside freezing over… as the temperatures drop and you all soon become increasingly spiteful and grumpy more learned individuals, i encourage you to try and seek warmth during these trying times: in the depths of the arb, in the feathers of down jackets, or even in the kindly spirit of a friend (awwww). but we all know the best way to defeat the cold is to embrace it! so strap on some snowshoes/skis/microspikes/otherwinterformsoftransportation, look winter straight in the face, and say “roar”. works every time.

anyway, read my minutes!


what we done did

  • joseph went to wfr (megan also went to be a wemt)
    • not distinctly outside, but in the realm
  • grace and olivia went to french mountaiiinnn (and went up too!) was ice
    • none of the above
  • will went yonder to popham beach. cold water for surfing
    • he couldn’t even cry due to the vaseline
  • max and bentley and friends went part of the way up old speck
    • the snow felt fake and did weird things to the mouth region
    • snowglobe snow? conspiracy? is old speck real??
    • blood and sweat, too cold for nude
  • megan and soren went to big rock cave in nh
    • it was spectacular! magnificent spelunking and icy structures
    • they also went uphill both ways, oops
  • caroline went skiing at icy quarry road
  • keenan and family moved to great diamond island!
  • kaitlin made a fire on runnels with coc comrades
    • there were snow tears, the fire melted into the snow

what we gon do

  • grace and max want to (maybe) teach people to xc ski or go on an adventure or will figure something out on xc skis idk man
  • michael wants to plan another sugaring farm tour
    • maybe a tour or maybe doing some work, definitely sugary
  • kaitlin is interested in a night hike
  • caroline lunt (absent) is interested in an easy friday afternoon trip- contact her!

COC annual survey

  • every year, coc sends out a survey to gain feedback about how we are doing
  • it will be in the weekly email and fill it out HERE
  • you can win a leatherman, a night at the cabin NOT WITH MEGAN, t shirts
  • fill it out!

winter ktahds

  • going out this weekend with michael and nat
  • if you are on it, you know
  • will be an awesome and chilly time! amazing views
  • maybe another one in march


  • we have an opening for this awesome position
  • incredibly important and impactful in making our club a welcoming space
  • send platforms to K council by february 17 at 7pm to be read at the meeting


  • friday february 15 at 8-10 (?) in foss
  • a folk dance, mixture between line and square dancing
  • is super fun! partner optional! following commands!

COOT apps

  • the application is live! any returning student can apply!
  • an opportunity to mentor the youth!
  • NO outdoor experience is necessary
  • tabling in the spa this week! an application and an interview! due feb 21

avalanche skills

  • on march 1, ryan is doing an avalanche skill workshop
  • you will be able to check out backcountry and avalanche gear for personal use
  • information will go out through ryan

carolyn finney

  • she is coming to talk during shout week in march about diversity in outdoor spaces
  • she wrote the book club book, we have it!
  • a generally amazing perspective


  • runs summer trips for teenagers (biking, hiking, service, language, photo)
  • you can apply to lead said teenagers and get paid for it (wow)
  • trips ranging from 9-20 days
  • looking for responsible and dynamic leaders
  • check em out at the career fair if this strikes your fancy

question of the week

  • is soup a meal?
  • sure, it is filling enough – 23
  • no way, just a side- 2

y’all are WRONG, surprisingly decisive

big buds

  • trips
    • jan plan LTT went spectacularly!
      • a training trip, critical part of becoming a leader
    • working with trip feedback and implementing curriculum
    • spring LTTs in the works
  • gear
    • ordering new xc poles and boots
    • working on new ski storage, less destruction
    • bring back checked out gear for the love of GOD
      • taryn and max will send you angry emails beware
  • sugaring
    • buckets were washed
      • syrup sans twigs! amazing
  • d&i
    • instagram feed about pertinent people in the outdoors in honor of black history month
      • if you have ideas of people, send them to will
  • events
    • see bentley and grace about ~events~
  • cabin
    • absent
    • dean’s personal items have been removed from the cabin calendar
      • whew
    • you can rent the cabin, just need a pick up-drop off deal

now get outside!