Did you know that the Colby Outing Club was founded in 1914?


Anyways, here’s what we did this weekend:

  • Sam and Michael and Soren and others went up Mount Phillip this Saturday. IT. WAS. WINDY.
  • Soren and Maddy went to Blue Hill, but the most important part of this story is that they visted Grandma Soren and she MADE DOPE HOT CHOCOLATE AND GOT THEM A 4 FOOT LONG SANDWICH. (I wonder if this is the same Grandmother who knitted Soren a scarf in Colby’s official school colors of Colby Blue and Priscilla Gray).
  • Caroline, Logan, Sam and others snowshoed up and down Saddleback. The adjective that best described conditions on this trip was “crusty”.
  • Lilli “Life Alert” Garza and Parky Park took a funky bunch to the Hidden Valley Nature Center (no relation to the salad dressing). They snuggled in sleeping bags and had two fun days of adventure.
  • Julia (me!) and Hannah and Max and others woke up EARLY this morning to watch the sunrise from French Mountain. After this long and strenuous endeavor we all ate our body’s weight in Early Bird food.
  • Carter and others went Nordic skiing (one of Colby’s 32 varsity sports teams) this weekend, conditions were chilly. Gavin from Dartmouth won, but what matters most is that Colby looked the best.
  • Fun fact: Colby is the 12th-oldest private liberal arts college in the country, and was founded in 1813 as the Maine Literary and Theological Institution


Next Week:

  • SGA wants us to lead a Sunrise hike that ends on Miller steps for Doghead (fun fact: Colby’s campus has only been on Mayflower Hill since 1952)
  • Max wants to lead another XC skiing clinic at Quarry Road
  • Roll Clinics will begin tomorrow (Monday) from 6-8


Dialogue Trips and Green is Not White 2.0:

  • facilitated discussion about privilege in the outdoors + Maine Huts and Trails lunch + hiking = the perfect weekend (aka Dialogue trips)
  • Green is Not White part deux will take place on April 15th at the Maine Lakes Resource Center…keep your eyes pealed for more info about this
  • contact coc@colby.edu if you want to help organize these events
  • (cool tid bit: Mary Caffrey Low Carver was the first female graduate of Colby College)



  • so…we have a new waiver
  • you can find them printed out in the office in a bin that says “Blank Waivers”
  • don’t use the waiver that’s online (that’s the old waiver)
  • did you know David Greene is Colby’s 20th president?



  • Gear:
    • we got 10 new pairs of microspikes
    • if you want gear for spring break there will be a gear request form going out soon
  • Trips:
    • Ryan has WFA dates, we don’t have WFA dates, hopefully we will soon have WFA dates
    • There will be a Leader Training Trip going out at the very end of this year
    • Sam and Brittany weren’t here to pass on this info because they were deliberating for COOT (which btw was started in 1975)
  • Sugaring:
    • Sugaring is partnering with other clubs on campus to do a sugaring open house so peeps can learn all about how we make syrup right here on Colby’s 714 acre campus
    • Email Ryan Clemens if you want to be added to this list
  • Events:
    • Jared sent in a platform to be the new events chair!!!



  • fact the first, Colby College used to be called Waterville College
  • fact the second, Colby College also used to be called Colby University
  • fact the third, the COLBY OUTING CLUB HAS A DOPE INSTAGRAM (send us your pictures if you want us to post them)



  • there is ice lurking EVERYWHERE
  • wear yer microspikes and snowshoes kiddos
  • this has been a PSA
  • Colby’s first female varsity sport was Basketball…this has been another PSA



Ok, you’ve now read all of the minutes and you may be wondering “why all the Colby fun facts?” WELL LET’S JUST SAY THAT OUR GOOD ALUMNI FRIEND, BYRD, AND OUR GURL, SOPHIE, LED US TO COLBY TRIVIA GLORY ON FRIDAY NIGHT. It. was. exhilarating.


Lux Mentis nuditas Scientia,


Today I realized that I can add gifs to this blog post. SO GUESS WHO IS ADDING GIFS TO THIS BLOG POST? (Me). Also if you pronounce gif “jif” you can just leave now.

No wait, come back, I’m kidding….read my minutes:


If you operate under the assumption that time is linear, these trips happened in the past:

  • Soren and others went on a grand adventure to Caribou Pond/Valley (not sure which, it was lost in translation) Road, they put things on their feet and skied to South Crocker Mountain, then they put other things on their feet and hiked up the mountain. Apparently Soren almost took out Jared’s eye; on behalf of the entire outing club I’d like to tell Soren to not do that again, please.
  • The legendary Sophie Janeway and I took 30 people to Sunday River on Saturday. The conditions were spring skiing meets horror movie fog (aka wet and low visibility) but so many people took lessons and learned to ski!!!!! Also the alpine team had their last race of the season.
  • Samwise “Meatball” Krumholz found a meatball truck but the meatballs were expensive and he left in a huff.


These things may be happening in the “future”, whatever that means:

  • Sam is leading a day hike next weekend.
  • Michael may be doing something this weekend, he was very unclear.
  • Logan wants to do something hard this weekend. That is all.
  • The CMC-COC co-sponsored Katahdin trip will be in two weekends (aka Doghead) it will be led by Owens and someone else (maybe me?!?!)
  • Kayak ROOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL CLLLLLLLLIIIIINNNNNNIIIIICCCCCSSSS with the notorious LBR will begin on Monday, March 6th from 7:30 – 9:30.


Dialogue Trips/ Green is not white:

  • Dialogue trips 2.0 are happening
  • They will be in April (weekends TBD)
  • There will be a weekend of hikes and a retreat at the Maine Lakes Resource Center


Front Wheel vs. Back Wheel:

  • Front Wheel: 8
  • Back Wheel: 12
  • Yes I am equally as confused. Don’t get mad at me I just write down what happens.


WE HAVE A NEW TRIP WAIVER. WOOT WOOT. (Hopefully it will be online soon too, fingers crossed).



  • GEAR:
    • there’s new shelving in the gear room
    • as per usual there will be biweekly office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8
  • TRIPS:
    • Office hours from 7-8 on Mondays
    • Trees were tapped on Sunday
    • Ryan reports that the trees were happy to see them and equally as happy to be stabbed repeatedly with spiles
    • If you want to plan an event contact Maxwell Abramson


Speaking of the events committee…

  • It looks like Rachel Bird put a Defense Against Dark Arts position-like curse on the Events Committee Chair before going abroad because for the third time this year there is an opening for this spot
  • Applicants who:
    • are harboring the Dark Lord on the back of their head
    • are named Gilderoy Lockhart
    • are impersonating the auror Mad-Eye Moody
    • are the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic
    • are known Death Eaters
  • EVERYONE ELSE: Send your platform to coc@colby.edu before next Sunday’s meeting.



  • we are making new COC T-shirts
  • enter a design for a chance to win $50
  • also then we all get to wear your design on our bodies


ADVENTURE FIRST. SAFETY IS A CLOSE SECOND (jk safety is first always)

  • the weather has been weird
  • the ice is melty
  • don’t fall through the ice
  • remember, kids, anthropogenic climate change is real, the earth is dying, stay woke

(don’t be this penguin)


TOASTY CHAIR (Sam became a leader!):

  • coconut oil, bowline, times new roman, don’t cock block road head, ringo, all the best, no preference, syrup, Williams third floor, the ground, a whole salmon.


I’d like to end these minutes with shoutouts to two stellar people:

1. To Nat, we’re gonna miss you, thanks for all the goofy enthusiasm you bring to the COC.

2. We’d like to wish Momma Bossi the happiest of birthdays. Only someone really really rad could keep both Bossis from coming to the COC meeting.

Anyways, here’s a gif of a puppy to brighten your Monday evening.

– Julia

Hey! You there. We like going outside. I hope you do too. Come read about our adventures!


El Pasado: 

  • Maxwell, Scott, Soren, Caroline, Maddy, and “you don’t have to list all the others” went to Quarry Road and learned to Cross Country Ski (they had an eXCellent time).
  • Max went to go ski again. He got in his car drove his car back and forth in his parking spot, accepted defeat, wished for snow tires, and walked back inside. Max’s struggle was shared by many this past week (RIP to all the cars with no 4 wheel drive)
  • During the snowstorm Ryan (not Wolfdog) and Sam went romping in the snow around Foss. Long story short…there was a lot of snow. The lesson here, kids, is to have a snow shovel with you at ALL TIMES.
  • Soren, Logan, Sam, Austin, and others went up Burnt Mountain/ Burnt cHill. Here are some words to describe the adventure: windy, lunch, yummy, snowball, fight, burnt
  • Game night was fire. Max brought “Resistance” and no one could resist how fun it was.
  • Ryan, Sawyer, and Kestrel Linehan (with some small additional input from Spencer) led a tele skiing clinic on Saturday night at Titcomb (hey, don’t laugh) Mountain last night. Titcomb Mountain has once been described as “400 feet of vertical dank”. There were rope tows, t-bars, and only one instance with Ski Patrol but we DON’T TALK ABOUT THAT.
  • During the snowstorm snow day  Matt and many others did some very essential walking around in the tundra. Matt, however, did not walk in a buddy pair so he is being expelled effective immediately.


El Futuro:

  • Lilli really really really really wants to go to the Maine Huts and Trails.
  • Logan wants to go somewhere and do something over 4,000 feet in elevation (yes this is super informative)
  • Max wants to lead XC ski clinic 2.0 at Quarry Road.


Weekly poll:

What’s up with the word Bi-weekly?

  • Bi-weekly (as in twice per week): 4 votes
  • Bi-weekly (as in once every two weeks): 17 votes

RESULTS: EVERYONE LOSES…Biweekly technically means both twice per week and once every two weeks (definition).

So in conclusion…the English language is freaking weird.



  • Gear:
    • Still doing renovations to the gear room (meetings biweekly hehe)
    • Meetings are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8
  • Trips:
    • Monday night office hours
    • Talk to Brittany Bossi or Samwise Gamgee Krumholz if you wanna be a leader
    • Spring WFA is approaching…keep your eyes peeled for emails
  • Events:
    • MAX ABRAMSON is the new co-head/cohort of events
    • He won by one vote in a tightly contested unopposed election
  • Sugaring:
    • because of climate change we can tap really really really really soon
    • and that means emails will be coming in the pretty immediate future
    • Sugaring meetings at 7:35 on Sundays


We’re Soren, flying (Soren became a leader today!!):

  • just the plain one because its cheapest and I’m a cheapskate, I’m soaring, cuz we haven’t tapped the trees yet, two, water, jumping, jumping, jumping, chillside


It has (once again) been my pleasure to do these minutes in lieu of my homework. I’d like to earnestly thank you, dear reader, for keeping up with this weekly forum for the past few weeks. So ta ta for now and I’ll see you again soon!

Your sexcretary who is freaking out because she just realized March is in a week,

Julia von Scare

On the eve of Snowpocalypse 2k17 the ever faithful members of the Colby Outing Club met once more to discuss outdoor adventures past, present, and future…here’s what they discussed:



  • people went to watch movies at BANFF, it was lit, supposedly.
  • Ryan had a lovely, meditative solo ski on Saturday.
  • Harry, Max, Soren, Fini, and others put big things on their feet and walked around in the snow. They initially wanted to go to Blue Hill (but that backfired), so then they went to the Mountain (and that backfired too), so then they snowshoed along the Messalonskee Stream Trail. Then their car got stuck in the parking lot for 45 minutes (car related tears were shed).
  • Park and Lisa went tele skiing, it was the first time since Parky Park’s hip dislocation!!! He posted a #adorbs insta (follow @parkcawley on the gram).
  • Maddy, Max, Caroline, and Erin went adventure XC skiing, which I think is like regular XC skiing but with extra sending.
  • Maddy, Arunika, and Jason went spontaneous snowshoeing in the arb. They also went on the Posse Plus Retreat!!
  • Maddy took me XC skiing for the first time this Friday. She said, and I quote, “You are quite possibly the worst cross country skier I have ever met.”
  • Also, side note, it looks like Maddy got outside A LOT this week (go Maddy)!



  • that is all…



  • Maxwell “Silver Hammer” Abramson and Maddy “Miracle Whip” Wendell will be leading a cross country skiing trip this weekend for beginners!!! YAY


Samwise’s Weekly Poll* 

4 vs. 5: 15 for 4 and 6 for 5

*let it be known that everyone thought this was a stupid poll question



  • Trips:
    • office hours on Monday’s from 7-8
  • Sugaring:
    • new email chain (ask rclemens@colby.edu or mdeutsch@colby.edu for more info)
    • get psyched to shovel some snow



  • Max ran unopposed for the new events chair…we think his chances are great!


Hot Seat (aka new leaderz):

  • Michael: davis, 10 feet underneath the ground a few feet from decoy dead dog in the arboretum but I wouldn’t kill it, pepsi, couch, degrade, both, arm wrestling no real wrestling yes, fold, because this one is empty, this is cheer wine
  • Max: maximilien robespierre, print?, diner swanky, prince ali, I don’t have good names the one from where I live, chartreuse, three, back of my head, I’m going with three again, 3 8 or 91, I voted for 91, ariel, davis



I’d like to thank the universe for making snow. Sincerely,




THE FIRST MEETING OF THE SECOND SEMESTER OF THE YEAR. From the bottom of my heart I’d like to welcome back all avid readers of this forum/ lovers of the outdoors. Here be the minutes:


Jan Plan Break and Beyond:

  • People went skiing at sugarloaf (shocking, I know)
  • Max, and Maddy, and Fini, and Sam, and some Acadia Mountain Guides mountaineered up Katahdin. They also mountaineered down Katahdin. It was sendy.
  • The once and future sexcretaries (Samwise and myself) made a triumphant return to the COC after jan plans off campus with a less than triumphant hike to Mount Megunticook, followed by lunch on Mount Battie, and a stroll to a lighthouse.
  • Abby went to Quebec and cross country skied in FRENCH. It was fun.
  • L cubed (Laura, Lilli, Lola) went on a hike to Sears Island. They saw some “nice” rocks.
  • Spencer is taking a WEMT class, that’s like an EMT but with upgraded Wilderness skills.
  • Bossi squad + Julia went on Johnson pond. (Johnson pond PSA, don’t let your skates get stuck in the cracks, you will fall).
  • Grace “the truant” Fowler skipped the first 3 days of school and back country skied in COLORADO with E Q Wood (we are all envious).


Future outside:

  • Fini, Maxwell, and Soren are leading a hike up one of the many Bald Mountain’s in Maine (more on exact location later)
  • Lilli and Catharine (??) are leading a trip to do some trail work in Bradbury State Park.
  • The Second Annual French Mountain sun rise + Early Bird breakfast hike is happening. It will be led by myself and the Notorious HJB (Hannah Jean Bossi).


Super Duper Future outside:

  • Talk to Abby if you’re interested in leading a white water rafting trip (with guides) this spring


Adirondack Trail Improvement Society (SUMMER JOB!!!!!):

  • Sophie worked here for like 6 years. You get to work on a trail crew (no experience necessary) and help maintain over 105 miles of trails in the Adirondacks. Email Sophie (sjaneway@colby.edu) for more information.



  • BANFF Mountain Film Festival is going on TOUR in Maine. We are trying to organize transportation to go this weekend. So keep your eyes peeled for another email from meeeee. Here’s the trailer for it. Get amped.



  • Trips: Trips descriptions go to Julia (not Sam) now. They need to be in before 8 on Monday.
  • Gear: meetings Tuesdays and Thursdays on Wednesday
  • Events:
    • Keenan made a movie starring Sage and Max. There will be a screening at 6pm on Thursday in Lovejoy 100. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.
    • Hannah Peters’ farmer heart needed to go study agriculture and we miss her dearly…but we now have an open committee head spot, apps are due before next week’s meeting.


Shout outs from Sam/Spencer: Apply for COOT and Hall Staff!!!!


Peace n luv,



PS Next week is bring a new person to a meeting week. Bring your friends!!!





Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet [your new secretary]


Here’s what happened last week (and last semester?)

  • Ski trip happened- Signups go live every Friday on ColbyNOW
  • Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my! Anna went to Jackman-She recommends literally anywhere near the US-Canada border. NoticeHas not crossed it yet, nor has she snuck up on it
  • Brownies were used and microspikes were consumed by Lilli. I think thats right. 
  • Logan and RadDad went Ice Climbing. They were very excited to be excited about the same radness.
  • Eli went up Mt Washington- skiing was bulletproof. No skiing was harmed in the making of these minutes
  • TylerMac went to Patagonia and backpacked for a fortnight (this did not happen in one weekend)
  • Tom Kiffney returned from abroad-but-not-really-abroad (YAY)

Things that will happen as tomorrow becomes today (woah)

  • Michael ‘Pebble’  Stone wants a colead! Brittany is down. Look for something Friday Afternoon
  • Lilli is chill (and leading a trip as such) Hit her up ASAP (lygarz20@colby.edu)
  • Mr. Kramer wants to do something else… v unclear
  • Young Stone also wants to sn-ayak (snow-Kayak)
  • Contradance! Tuesday @ 7pm ! Anna is amped! No talent required. Maine folk dancing-  with a live caller and a band! Twirling highly reccomended

Winter Skills- Postponed. Rescheduled TBD. Please reach out to coc@colby.edu if you have any questions or concerns!

Bates Outing Club stuff will happen! Trampoline park & Salt Pump takeover (BBC vs CBB)


  • Gear– Lots of toys. Come play!
  • Trips– Talk with them about the process. Update leader profiles. Anna plugged contradance. PSA leaders get prodeals! Email lmgillen@colby.edu
  • Cabin/Sugaring– It’s still cold. Sap will start running l8r
  • Events- Movie night happened. More will happen. Including this week- Wed@8pm

Logan is sledding after the movie on wednesday! (~9:30pm)

Whiperlight Clinic- Tuesday night at 7

Ski Tuning Clinic- Thursday night at 7!

Night of a Thousand Glowsticks- Monday the 23rd! Brittany is amped. She promises 2000 glow-sticks minimum.  Skating, Skiing, Sledding, Romping, Adventuring, Snark Hunting. 





 What a time to be alive – A beautiful secretarial interim. @Sam- I am your father. @Julia- game on. Welcome to 2k17 all! Stuff will happen!


What have we done?!

  • Michael went to a fortress ( a castle on a mountain) in Israel. He saw the dead sea. 
  • Anna & Duncan & Alyssa went not snowshoeing in acadia. Tactical Buttsliding most definitely occurred. Microspikes were remembered. 
  • Park and Lilli and Katie went XC skiing. Park is now in Bermuda. Apparently unrelated.
  • Keenan snowshoooooo’d on Runnals. Snow said to have a similar crunch to an Oreo. Unclear on whether or not it was Double Stuf
    • Some snowshoers didn’t use snowshoes… intruiging
    • Other snowshoers carried snowshoes for nearly an hour.
    • Fish were caught from beneath the ice. Hiking also occured!
      • Rumor has it that Karlene was here snowmobiling!!
    • Indoor climbers pranked a lot. 

What’s happenin’ in ’17?

  • Lilli wants some low-key MicroSpike action on Sunday. Possibly to the west Coast
  • Max is leading an XC ski clinic on TUESDAY! 1pm-ish. Contact mrabra20@colby.edu to colead with him!!
  • Logan wants Cadillac sunrise hike on Sunday. Possibly has a co-lead?!
  • Julia wants a sunset French hike! PSA that Logans low-key and Julia’s low-key are probably a little different. This one will be more low-key for beginner adventurers!
    • Anna wants to    →     Acadia (again! yay!) 
  • Tele clinic Wednesday at da Loaf. Led by Ryan and Spencer. Unequivocally the best thing in the coming week. No experience necessary!
  • Winter Skillz Training- 5-8pm on Wednesday with Ryan


Signups will go live Tuesday night! @Leaders, send me your blurb by tomorrow night to be included in the trips email!



  • Gear: New Skates New Sleds New Skis New Pants New other stuff
    • Gear Hours Tues/Thurs 7-8pm
  • Trips: JanPlan is the time to become a leader! Do winter skillz stuff!
    • Trip Hours Mon 7-8pm
  • Cabin/Sugaring: Meetings will occur immediately after outing email ends!
  • Events/Community Outreach: Welcoming Nat as the new chair! Upcoming things:
    • Night of a Thousand Glowsticks- 1/23
    • Contradance on 1/17 (Contact Abbey Gracey if you want a Contradance Club!!)
    • Lots of other STUFF


WFR is happening over JanPlan break- Contact Logan (lmgillen@colby.edu) if interested. This is an industry standard for many outdoorsy jobs!

EMT –> Wilderness EMT bridge course being offered in Febuary. Email Spencer (smmartin@colby.edu) if interested! PSA this is open to folks currently in the JanPlan EMT class.


Matt Johnson is Warm&Fuzzy




PS Join our email list: http://www.colby.edu/outingclub/how-to-add-yourself-to-the-coc-mailing-list/

Well folks, this is my last official minutes for you all. It’s been an honor transcribing notes into barely understandable minutes for you wonderful people, but I will now be giving up the reigns to the wonderful Julia von Ehr. I’ll try to jump in and do minutes once or twice when Julia finally misses a meeting (unlikely), but I can’t promise anything. For now, enjoy:


What we been up to:

  • Lilli and Sophie and probably their trippers went to Douglas Mountain. Unfortunately, there were no Douglas Fir trees. Apparently there are none this side of the easternmost Douglas Fir trees in the country.
  • Jake and others went to Morse Mountain and the beach. They felt the sand between their toes. There was nudity, but only their feet. There was also jam, commonly known as fruit blood.
  • Fini and Greyson led a fantastic Thanksgiving trip and had fun. “We had a good mixture” – Fini
  • Kaitlin went up Tumbledown with some home friends. Found a crevasse. Also went up Mount Zircon. Was lame at first. Wasn’t lame later.
  • Nat went to Sugarloaf and saw people. She learned how to ski, sort of.
  • Mo ran a turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning. She beat all the young children, which was her only goal.
  • Logan went to the Bigelows for the first time. Didn’t get naked, unfortunately and surprisingly.
  • Ryan (Wolfdog) sat in a woodfired hot tub right next to the Dyer River, proving yet again that literally everything he does is cool.


FUTURE (there’s not a lot of future because the semester’s ending):

  • Sunday night study skating break on the hockey rink 7:30-9:30 with Skate Club and Hawaii Club(?!)!  Keep a lookout for more info.


Mittens vs. Gloves:

  • Mittens 23 vs. Gloves 19. “Gloves are like each finger has their own mitten”-hbossi
    • ALERT: Since Wolfdog voted for gloves and his vote is worth 6, gloves now actually wins by 1 vote.
    • SECOND ALERT: I did not watch the whole video in the link for mittens, so my apologies if it gets even weirder than it started out. It started out pretty weird, so that could get bad.


NEW Bigelow Budz:

  • We have New BIGELOW BUDZ!!!
    • The new Sugaring co-Committee Head is Martin Deutsch!
    • The new Community Outreach Committee Head is Natalie Joyce!
  • A HUGE HUGE thank you to Anna Caughron, Rachel Bird, and Lydia Wasmer for all the work they have done as committee heads over the past semester, and well wishes for their travels abroad.



  • Trips:
    • Tons of new leaders!
    • Winter training!
    • Add it to your profile!
  • Gear:
    • New hiking boots!
  • Events/Community Outreach:
    • Sleepover!
  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • Haven’t met in a while.


Spring Break:

  • If you entered your name in for a spot on one of our Spring Break trips, you will hear back by the middle of this week!


Face Growler:

  • Grace told us all about High Mountain Institute (HMI)! Here’s a recap:
    • Summer Term (internship)
      – A five-week program (with ~4 weeks of training) that combines academics, rock climbing, fly fishing, and wilderness expeditions in the Rockies. As an intern you will help teach courses, lead backpacking expeditions, support residential life, and play an integral role in creating a wonderful summer! 
    • Apprentice Program
      – Professional residency program in traditional and outdoor education.
    • HMI Gap
      – Semester program for students ages 18-22. The fall semester focuses on rock climbing, wilderness, and conservation in the American West and Patagonia, while the spring semester focuses on wilderness, conservation, and culture in Patagonia. 
      Head to http://www.hminet.org/about-hmi/mission-and-programs or contact Grace Fowler (gfowler@colby.edu) for more information!


Hot Seat:

  • Michael became leader!
  • Nat became leader!
  • Harry became leader!
  • Lilli became leader!
  • Greyson became leader!

Hope you’re all enjoying this cold stuff that’s falling from the sky, because I sure am. Although watch out, sometimes it hides little patches of ice. And ice can get slippery. Anyway, I hope everyone has a not-too-stressful finals period and an even-less-stressful winter break. And watch out for the ice.


The last time Sam missed a meeting he said he was going to be here for every meeting until the end of the semester (lies). Since he is a liar, I’ve been bestowed (once again) with the task of doing the minutes. I hope these minutes are everything you wanted, everything you didn’t want, and much, much more. Lastly, in the wise words of Albus Dumbledore, “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”:


Into the Pensieve (aka the past):

  • Olivia, Reesy Peesy, Catharine, and others went to the 100 year old Acadia National Park to hike the Beehive (buzzzzz). Olivia taught everyone how to do Soulja Boy on the summit (it was DOPE). Olivia just got up during the meeting to show off her dance moves; she really can do the Soulja boy dance, ladies and gents, this is not a joke, this kid has got some moves.
  • Scott “Scooby Doo” Batchelder, Logan, Amy, Max, Jeremy, Charles, Matt Johnson from Johnson, and co. went to Big Moose Mountain and saw 0 moose, I’m really disappointed in y’all. Although they did get donuts at a bakery so it’s a win-lose.
  • Keller and his uncle went to Andover for some hunting. Talks about hunting ensued (something about points and whatnot, idk)
  • Tanner, Eli, and PJ went to…you guessed it, PJ’S HOUSE. They climbed in North Conway, Tanner slept on a window sill. much send.
  • Hannah, Sage, and Ella went hiking in Camden (Mount Battie).
  • Nat led a trip that was meant to go to Mount Blue but ended up at Sugarloaf somehow (SERIOUSLY WUT). Some falling occurred. Much TBSing (tactical butt sliding) was utilized.
  • Kaitlin brought a carload of boys to the cabin, they took the dock out of the water. THANK YOU KAITLIN AND CAR LOAD OF BOYS. YOU ARE RAD.
  • Amy Lo and friends hiked Mount Megunticook.
  • Maddy and Martin and trippers also hiked Mount Megunticook.
  • Sam Wells and friends also ALSO hiked Mount Megunticook.
  • THEY ALL SAW EACH OTHER ON MOUNT MEGUNTICOOK. What are the odds? seriously…
  • WHAT
  • ARE
  • THE
  • ODDS?


What the Prophecy foretold (aka the future): 

  • Fini and Greyson (and Greyson’s adorable cat) are gonna lead a super fun Thanksgiving break trip.
  • Karlene the Dean (that has a nice ring to it) is organizing some great FREE opportunities to get ski lessons over jan plan (more on this later)


Pecan vs. Pecan: 

This poll was brought to you by Abby Mulligan’s amazing pecan pie baking skills.

  • Pecan as pronounced pee-can (like urine + a container for beverages): 20
  • Pecan as pronounced pe-khan (like Ghengis Khan): 18
  • Sherbet Lemon as pronounced sherbet lemon (like a muggle sweet I’m rather fond of): 1



  • Trips
    • update your leader profiles if you took WFA or went on LTT
  • Gear
    • Spencer and Logan are building some shelving
    • We got hiking boots (so many boots)
    • Park threw shade at Eli
  • Events
    • they are putting together a calendar of fun jan plan events (like movie nights, and game nights)
  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • wood was collected and stacked
    • yay FIRE


Open Committee Positions:

  • Martin read his platform for sugaring committee (did you know Vermonters don’t have blood, but straight maple syrup running through their veins?!? fascinating)
  • Since no one else has applied for any committee positions we will be accepting platforms until this Wednesday!
    • we currently have openings for Events/Community Outreach, and Trips Facilitation


Hot Seat:

Julia “has a really cool name” Nelson: Dana, dogs, Spencer, sofas, sitting on the toilet, flavor blasted, left, when does he work out?, cranberry juice, double fisting is better, foss


Warmest of Fuzzies: 

Everyone who took out the dock, Greyson’s cat, all of Nat’s trippers for hiking up sugar loaf, Nat for falling down sugarloaf, Julia for hot seating, all the underclassmen at COCsgiving, Park’s first year friends, Harry for his chats with Spencer, everyone who jumped in the lake, Logan for doing pull ups, PJ and Tanner for taking Eli climbing, everyone who sent Mo snaps, gear committee, Maddy for co leading with Martin, Park for being Park, PJ because he is PJ, Sam, Hannah, and half of Logan, cat harnesses??, everyone who took the dock out, people who brought food to COCsgiving, Park and Abby for putting up with surf club, Sage just cuz, Chris for helping Spencer with comp sci, Logan and Harry for not wasting chicken, Abby’s pecan pie, Spencer and Logan for help with the printer, the LoTemplio family, people who took free gear (ps keep taking free gear)


To all my friends, family, and enemies,

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break. Catch up on sleep, eat some food, get outside, pet a dog, smile. I’m thankful for each and every one of you, faithful minutes readers (even you, Sam).

With a love powerful enough to vanquish the Dark Lord,









Well team, it’s getting to be that time of year again. The time of year when Mother Nature confuses us with beautiful 55 degree days and then ambushes us with hail and freezing wind when we least expect it (the week before finals). The smell of dead leaves is in the air and the taste of turkey is in the Dana burgers. And with this wonderful time comes the last few weekends before we must break out the snowshoes and snowpants and snowshirts. So let us take great advantage of our unburdened shoes, pants, and shirts. Here’s what’s up:


What’s going on in the past dimension:

  • Hannah ‘Cranberry Sauce’ Peters went to French Mountain and Mount Philips with her aunt. Beautiful views, beautiful day, beautiful life.
  • Keenan ‘Stuffing’ Boscoe and Anna ‘Sage’ Jordan and Cranberry Sauce led a walk in the arb with the Colby Feminist Alliance and made new friends!
  • Caroline ‘Green Beans’ Webb and Sam ‘I’m not giving myself a nickname’ Krumholz and Julia ‘Slice of Turkey’ Nelson and Catharine ‘Mashed Potatoes’ Christie and many other cool people hiked Ragged Mountain! There was no blood/sweat/tears/nudity, but my knee hurt a little bit.
  • Sophie ‘Table’ Janeway and Hannah ‘Pecan Pie’ Bossi hiked French Mountain and the sunset was extraordinary. Lighting on the trees was magical. Everything was magnificent.
  • Rachel ‘Turkey Before it Gets Killed’ Bird and Michael ‘Kitchen’ Kramer hiked up the wrong Bald Mountain. Trippers were troopers. Michael almost lost his phone. Moon was huge, but not as big as a moose.
  • A bunch of people went outside and pretended to die a lot. ‘Bloody’ – Natalie ‘The Oven’s on Fire’ Joyce. ‘Death’ – someone else. 
    • To clarify, they took a Wilderness First Aid course, in which almost no real death or blood takes place.
  • CONTRADANCE happened. Many people followed directions exquisitely. Some people followed directions adequately. All people danced. Thanks to Anna ‘Door Closest to the Table’ Caughron for setting it up.
  • Cassandra ‘Chair That Used to be At the Head of the Table But No Longer is At the Table’ Biette watched the sunrise on Ferry Beach. For those who don’t know Chair That Used to be At the Head of the Table But No Longer is At the Table, she is a freshman of the real world.
  • There was a frisbee tournament on Saturday and the Dazzlin’ Asses (Colby’s team) came in third overall and first out of all college teams!
  • Rugby had a Nationals game on Saturday! Unfortunately they lost but it was a great game and an awesome season.
  • Logan ‘Two Slices of Turkey’ Gillen went on a trail run with a few people who would get mentioned except I don’t have enough nicknames.



  • Logan and someone else and Max ‘Fork’ Abramson want to lead a trip to Mount Kineo. A boat may be involved.
  • Amy ‘Wall #1’ Andreini wants to lead a moderate trip and is looking for a co-lead for Saturday.
  • Nathaniel ‘Wall #2’ Rees and Catharine may lead a trip to Cadillac on Saturday!
  • Sophie and Chloe ‘Vegetarian Gravy’ Boehm are leading a hike next Saturday. Will be moderate to difficult.
  • At 1 pm on Saturday, there’s a dog convention in Portland! Looks to be the greatest thing that has ever happened.
  • On Sunday, Kaitlin ‘Turducken’ wants to go to a fort.
    • On a side note, my computer has decided ‘turducken’ is actually a word in the English language.
  • Maddy ‘Wall #3’ wants to lead a day trip next weekend.
  • Nat and I are planning a trip that should include an island and probably the dog convention.


BBQ vs. Sour Cream and Onion:

  • BBQ 21 vs Sour Cream and Onion 26 vs Cajun Squirrel 1.
    • On another side note, you all have terrible taste.



  • COCsgiving (COC + Thanksgiving) is this Saturday! Make sure to fill out check out the email from Hannah Peters for more info and fill out the form so we know how many people are coming!


Committee Updates:

  • Trips:
    • Office hours Tuesday 7-8 pm.
    • Those who just took WFA (or went on the LTT) should update their leader profile!
    • If you’re looking for a shadow, make sure to reach out to leaders!
  • Gear:
    • Office hours Tuesday and Thursday 7-8 pm.
    • They’re done inventorying things!
    • Come help us tidy up the gear room on Friday! More info on the way for that.
  • Events:
    • Contradance was lit.
    • Today and tomorrow Perry Cohen will be here! Here‘s some more info on what he does.
      • He will be giving a talk from 7-8:30 tonight in Page!
      • There will also be a more interactive workshop from 2-5 in Page tomorrow afternoon.
    • Whittling is still here and better than sometimes! We got more wood so come on down and hit things with knives.
  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • 2:30 pm wood stacking on Friday afternoon!


Open Committee Seats:

  • Three Committee Head seats are opening up for the spring: Sugaring, Trips Facilitation, and Community Outreach.
  • Platforms are due by the meeting this Sunday if you’re planning to run for any of these positions. Anyone can run!
  • Let K-Council know if you’re interested or have any questions.


I hope you all learned a lot from these minutes, but if you come away with only one thing, let it be this: you need to rethink your taste in potato chips. You can pretty much forget everything else you just learned. Anyway, have a wonderful week and an even better decade. You’re all fantastic people and I’m honored to write the words that you read. Keep on rising, y’all. But never steeply.