behold, the last hurrahs of 2017!  read about our glorious expeditions of the past week and then stare into the utter void of winter break.  yeah there’s no homework and you’ll probably all see your families and celebrate whatever holidays you celebrate but there’s no COC trips so what’s the point??


what we don did

  • abby did not
  • emma walked around the fake tree forest in the sparkle festival in freeport! actual reindeer!
  • james went up a singular bigelow and there was a foot of snow at the top! a fun harbinger of things to come
  • henry went up one baldpate, also snow, just sweat though
  • soren spilled hot chocolate on his laptop in the course of writing this
  • soren also climbed some trees
  • anna went for an arb run, it was sad and dead looking


what we gon do

  • nothing ( officially 🙂 )



  • still happening jan plan break
  • probably fun
  • subsidized for those who need wfa / a re-certification
  • send your questions to trips & facilitation!


spring break

  • sign ups close tonight!
  • those lucky winners will be notified on monday night!


winter ascent of katahdin!

  • planned, kinda ice climbing, kinda hiking
  • sign ups in jan plan for one, in spring semester for a second
  • if you’re interested in leading one of these (must be a COC leader) shoot me an email!



  • 13 said that “next saturday” is the 9th
  • 3 said that “next saturday” is the 16th
  • good job y’all



  • trips
    • if you wanna become a leader talk to michael or max
    • trips committee is tired
  • gear
    • absent
  • events
    • fun events to come!
    • stove clinic this thursday! probably!


and that’ll do it.  hopefully these minutes are enough to get you through the cold cold break and into the new year! at which point there will be toasty minutes once again!


until then!

– soren

with our bellies filled with turkey (or turkey-substitute, for the avian sympathizers among us), we return.  read all about what we did outside! it’s sort of interesting!


what we don did

  • max went for a walk in the woods, lost the car keys, ended up stranded
  • addie went to the beach, was attacked by seagulls
  • anna went to beach on thanksgiving, it was cold
  • ian went to walden pond on friday, no blood or sweat or tears because of familial interference
  • michael stone went on the freedom trail on friday and then cut up a tree on saturday
  • nat went to wood’s hole beachy area on thanksgiving, found a rock (yay geology!)
  • soren climbed a tree, soren was happy, tree was not


what we gon’ do

  • max wants to lead a trip up the bigelows with chris
  • michael stone wants to play wiffleball! and maybe lead a trip
  • soren wants to find an abandoned trail up the baldpates!
  • maybe nat could lead a trip too, if persuaded



  • during jan plan break (after jan plan)
  • sign ups will be the very beginning of january, which is to say after december
  • we can’t pay for it all, so you’d have to pay for some of it
  • there is a price estimate, but max can’t remember it (it’s $250 if it’s doubling as your wfa, $400 or so otherwise)


spring break

  • sign ups going out tonight!
  • big bend / tonto / chic-choc skiiiiing
  • tabling this coming week! sign up in the coming email!
    • ya don’t need to be a leader for this
    • 1 hour long slots, pretty low commitment



  • more trash? soren or rainbow sherbet?
    • soren? 15
    • rainbow sherbet? 9
    • sadness



  • trips
    • no
  • gear
    • whipped cream? we have it!
  • events
    • done w/ events for the rest of the semester, keep your eyes peeled for stuff happening in the groupme!
    • wear festive sweaters for the last meeting!
  • whittling
    • wednesdays
  • cabin, sugaring, conservation, diversity & inclusion
    • absent


and thus concludes this week’s minutes.  tune in next week as we detail the last bits of (official) coc fun in the year 2017.  alas.

– soren

hmm yes looks like you folks got outside yet again this past week.  that’s pretty neat.  read alllllll about it right below:

what we done did

  • kaitlin went to mt philip on sat, saw a chipmunk, did NOT sit on butt rock, merely touched it
  • lily went stargazing next to her house
  • anna went lookin’ for a petroglyph on a big ol rock, found the rock, but there was a moat and she couldn’t find it
  • max went to acadia with chris and dean and sj and hiked (a small bit) on the bubble
  • grace went to burnt mountain instead of sugarloaf and it was cold and it was wet
  • michael stone moved the dock, found ½ dock panels, hoping whittling can make new panels
  • charlie on saturday went on a mineralogy field trip to poland, hit rocks with hammers
  • grace also went to big moose mountain, did not see moose or summit but saw snow and a bridge!


what we gon do

  • not much
  • no trips this week (break)
  • abby and hannah want to lead a crepe hike!
  • max will lead a trip probably not to abraham but maybe somewhere else
  • kaitlin wants to lead a trip up tumbledown
  • sam wants to lead a trip to get someone their co-lead, so does soren



  • it is happening!
  • during jan plan break, also weekend after
  • wilderness first responder
  • sign ups will be closer to jan plan
  • only talk to max for this info (jk you can talk to michael too)
  • partially subsidized if you can’t lead trips without it ($150)



  • snail
  • in chris’s salad
  • now where?
  • may be dead


spring break

  • trip descriptions going out tonight!
  • one with jared and anna to arizona, tonto national forest
  • one with soren and max to texas, big bend national park
  • ryan linehan with backcountry skiing in quebec
  • cmc trips to kentucky and california
  • sign ups are next sunday, full lottery style
  • price estimates are attached, also overestimated at the moment



  • string the cheese
    • 27
  • halve the cheese, then string it
    • 6 (7 if you count lilly twice)



  • gear
    • office hours moved from monday to tuesdays 2:18-3:18? not sure honestly, I didn’t catch this
    • return your gear
  • sugaring
    • need your maple identifying skills
    • stay after if you can!
  • cabin
    • put to good use this weekend
    • one dock panel is missing
      • work of local hooligans, according to kaitlin’s conspiracy theory
  • trips
    • talk to events to become a leader!
    • also talk to events, they’re lonely
    • re-starting clinics on thursday nights!
      • it’ll will be in the weekly minutes
      • if you wanna hold one of these, don’t have to be a leader, just sign on up
      • upcoming: what’s in your first aid kit
  • conservation
    • put your trail trash in the trash can


hot seat (first first-year leader this year!) (yay emma!)

  • I DONT drink soda
  • drinking punch
  • basement of grossman
  • getting buried but in her dorm, then she went to walmart, got chased around a film set
  • gryffindor, got sorted there
  • chris hemsworth
  • dogs for walks
  • mud camouflage
  • half to both


guess what guys it SNOWED this week and though it didn’t stick, it means that soon we’ll have snowshoeing and skiing and sledding and snowball fights and snowpeople and snowanimals and snowplants and all other varieties of snow-based fun.  so get PUMPED people for winter is almost upon us! praise be


that’s all for this week – see ya post-turkey day

– soren

hey hi how are you?

good to hear.

how about some minutes?


comin’ right up.



what we don did

  • max went to orono, petted baby cows, grown cows, went walking @ umaine’s sheep club
  • ian and 19 others stood on miller lawn for wfa!! yay
    • that is quite a few people, by my count
  • zach went outside for johnson day, did raking
  • george went for a late night walk in the arb on runnals, saw some stars
  • logan went to the bigelows! his true loves.  there was sweat and NUDITY and attempted vandalism, the real trifecta
  • michael stone went to the rugby game, and now they’re playing vassar in rugby for nationals!
    • this is a direct result of michael’s attendance
  • luke and soren and charlie and some others bushwhacked up abraham to find voodoo/plane crash!
  • ben went up burnt hill / mtn w sam jared emily and henry, very icy, nice and clear, good views were had by all
  • chloe went outside, hiked a mountain in new hampshire


what we gon do

  • emma wants to do her co-lead!
    • soren wants to lead a trip / get someone their co-lead! what a coincidence
  • michael still wants to play wiffleball! before snow


arb walks

  • pugh center arb walks! pt. 2
  • looking for a leader on saturday @ 1pm
  • hopefully you should be awake by then
  • don’t need to be a leader! let jared fong know via email


spring break

  • proposals are in!
  • descriptions are going out next sunday!
    • be on the lookout!
  • sign ups the weekend after that!
    • lottery style


question of the week

  • gray 4
  • grey 15
  • y’all are british af



  • gear
    • wear orange this time of year! it’s hunting season
    • we have orange vests and hats
  • trips
    • congrats to the wfa-ers
    • jan plan there WILL be wfr!
    • interest form went out, not closed, fill it out if you’re interested!
    • wfr and emt can both happen at the same time
  • cabin
    • uhhh
    • alright uh ok
    • cabin is low on wood, need a wood run
    • need to remove a pine tree before thanksgiving!
    • keep your eyes open in the groupme!


hot seat!

  • crumple
  • didgeridon’t
  • marble
  • pine trees
  • catchy?
  • [unintelligible]
  • 2 years ago
  • spindly ice needles
  • rum and coke
  • olin
  • steez
  • mac and steez
  • ariel


and thus concludes this week’s minutes (multiply by 60 for this week’s seconds)

tune in next week for some more juicy, medium rare, fancy, grade A, prime outing club goodness!


until then,


tally-ho, fellow outdoorspeople!  it has been brought to my attention that several of us have had the pleasure of experiencing the out-of-sides in the past week, and that several more wish to experience the world beyond our doors in the coming week.

in celebration of these joyous times, i would like to humbly present this week’s minutes:


max fixed the printer


what we don did

  • James went on the leader training trip to mt. blue state park, hiked mt. blue, learned some things, experienced some blood, tears, sweat, almost nudity, lots of people were there yay
  • Emma went to megunticook with Sam, went swimming, it was v cold
  • the crew team cleaned up the hume center with leaf blowers
    • the humes are super nice people, they have croque
  • Michaela walked in the arb late night, ran into a skunk, did not get skunked
    • her class took photos of foxes and fishers!
  • Max went to a risk management course in portland, and went outside to see a coast guard practice rescue, met Molly!
  • Chris and Dean and Taryn went up le franch mtn, took a wrong turn on way there and ran into some murdery cars. Dean and Chris did not get murdered, although Taryn is MIA. presume the worst.


what we gon do

  • Michael still wants to play wiffleball, and Sam found a wiffle ball! yay!
  • Julia and her conservation bio class will put up camera traps this weekend
    • OPEN SEASON for hunting so watch out, even in the arb
  • Sam wants to lead a trip on sunday, for a co lead / shadow
    • maybe Jared? stay tuned.
  • Soren wants to find the plane crash on mt abraham with Austin!


spring break!

  • get your proposals in 11/9! that’s thursday
  • if unsure about a co lead / location, talk to Max and/or Michael! they are matchmakers


poll – crunchy or smooth peanut butter?

  • smooth – 16 votes, minus james
  • crunchy – 18 votes, minus james
  • this was closer than it had any right to be, crunchy is far and away the superior nutty spread



  • trips
    • ltt happened!
    • update ur leader profile
    • talk to Michael and Max about future trips
    • WFA! anyone who filled out the form is on the WFA roster
  • gear
    • gear poll is still open, fill it out soon to have your voice heard
    • link will be in minutes
    • we got cool new gear! sleeping bags, day packs, head lamps (pink)
    • return ur gear
  • cabin
    • it is Kaitlin’s birthday
    • hooray
  • whittling
    • wednesdays
    • yes
  • conservation
    • trash can is there! filling up! it’s full of trash! but not regular trash!

and so concludes this week’s minutes, sadly.  there shall be more next week, fear not!

now go get outside







ya it rained a ton and ya the leaves are all falling and ya it’s getting cold and ya schoolwork is slowly but surely crushing me like a hungry boa constrictor but WE GOT OUTSIDE ANYWAY cause adventure > academics*

anyway here’s some piping hot minutes to get you through these desperate times!


*actually do your homework kiddos


what we done did!

  • Grace went to Mt. Phillip/Philip/Phillips on saturday! so did Sam! ya!
  • Max walked through the arb and sat on a bench next to perkins brook
  • Hannah and Brittany led their parents through the arb and got just a tad lost
  • the Bossi’s also led the ‘rents hike to Mt. Phillips on sunday, all parents returned intact (this time)
  • Michael Stone raced at the Hume w/  Crew, also bates was there 🙁 there was food though!
  • Addie and her friends went to the arb, tried to climb a tree, but the tree wasn’t cooperative
  • Hannah went to the How Do You Outside event on friday
    • leaves were learned
    • human knot was unsuccessfully attempted
    • fun was had
    • more in the future! so stay tuned
  • SJ and Soren went up tumbledown, found a flotational tube and had a generally good time
  • Michael Stone held kayak clinics with wolfdog! and the wolfpups!
  • Kaitlin led a trip w/ Grace and Caroline and Henry to Mt. zirCON and it was pretty and the mountain was pretty too (blood, sweat, no nudity)
  • Anna lit fires! join the ever faithfuls to hear about this type of pyromania!
  • Kramer took his parents to the arb, they had a decent time


what we gon’ do

  • Addie wants to go outside, and she will, on the LTT!
  • Emma and Grace want to shadow!
  • Sam wants to get someone their co lead! or maybe SJ!
  • Michael Stone wants to play wiffleball – hmu if you have a wiffleball
  • send ur trips to me 


sprang break!

  • trip proposals are due the 9th of november
  • you gotta be a leader / alllmost a leader to lead
  • trip sign ups go live week after thanksgiving, after tabling and much emailing



  • 3 eyes or 1 eye??
  • 32 votes for 3!
  • 2 spiteful votes for 1



  • events
    • movie night tuesday! the lorax!
    • 7:00 PM
  • trips
    • 2nd fall LTT this weekend!
    • (leader training trip) ^^
    • if you wanna go on the next one talk to michael or max
    • WFA also happening!
    • (wilderness first aid) ^^
    • sign ups still open through sunday night!  [editors note – closed now]
    • fully subsidized! take our money!
  • gear
    • pls return ur gear
    • active gear poll! respond to that to have a say in what gear you want us to buy
    • new email address!
    • very efficient
  • cabin
    • still standing
  • conservation
    • we have a trash can now!
    • put ur trash that you find on trails in it

keenan: “ah wsh bu eh”  – you heard it here first, folks

  • special note from the treasurer’s office:
    • if you want money back from trips led and reimbursement forms scare you like they scare me, talk to anna


hot seat

  • SJ edition!
  • red
  • i dont know
  • what is it
  • football
  • the gurrrrrr wait wait
  • earth
  • i dont know knots
  • brooks
  • trees
  • avocados
  • not joshua – sequoia
  • woodman basement, WITH CONVICTION

LASTLY if you don’t claim ur kayak in the coc office, we’re going to claim it for ourselves next week


yeah that’s all for this week.  check back next week for updates on our clubly shenanigans and escapades (and don’t forget to contribute to them yourself)

until next time amigos


fuzzy regards,


ya sexcretary

hey guys we got outside!  and we’re gonna get outside again!  wow!

here’s a fun summary, sans capitalization and most punctuation:

what we done did:

  • ian and henry and some people hiked up tumbledown, there were a few tears and 60% nudity due to swimming (up to you to decide percentages)
  • taryn and some folks went to old orchard beach, cleaned up some trash, then swam, it was cold
  • sam and folks climbed french mtn yesterday, there were bees (soren does not like bees)
  • grace and grace went rock climbing with maddy in acadia over fall break
  • grace (just one this time) went to mt. redington and there was a SUMMIT
    • attempt #4 for soren, but hey, who’s counting?
  • maddy and eliza and one tripper went up mt philips (phillips? phillip? felipe?)
  • kramer went and played disc golf
    • (hit soren up if you wanna play cause he wants friends / has discs)
  • katie and sam went to the whites for a good ol fashioned presi traverse, but a blizzard forced em down after 2 out of the 9 peaks, v fun
  • nat and michael kramer went to acadia, with 6 other people. it was super pretty and hiked the bubbles, and connor’s nubble for maximum rhyming.  t’was very introspective, they slept out under the stars, and saw the sunrise on cadillac on tuesday!
  • chris went to the white mountains (the bonds), has since forgotten most of the trip, but it was fun,
    • blood, sweat, tears, and nudity! 
  • anna and anna and anna and some others went to Attean Pond canoeing, also did some hiking, also slept in, lots of fun, came back when they said they would (@ every other fall break trip)
  • soren went for a run but then went for a tree climb when this was determined to be superior
  • taryn watched the meteor shower! anna caughron went to vermont to a prof farm and saw the same thing
  • ultimate happened yay

what we gon do

  • max would like to lead a trip to mt. philips on thursday, watch the sunset, michael kramer would like to go with!
  • soren and SJ are going to tumbledown saturday (probably)!

parents weekend hike

  • sunday @ 11 am, there will be a parent’s day hike going up mt. philips
  • leaves from the coc office, no sign ups necessary, just show up!
  • led by the bossi’s so you know it’s #lit

how do you outside?

  • you’ll get an email about it later just like with everything else
  • friday afternoon, 3-7? 2-5? we know not. afternoon 4 sure
  • on dana lawn and the pine tree area between the office and pulver
  • if anyone has a thing they’re excited about, then talk to nat, so we can feature it!
  • also we’ll fix the post its since they all fell down (sad)



  • unofficial movie night on thursday in the coc office, during office hours, THE LORAX possibly
  • not official, just a hang out, just a bunch of friends w snacks


  • WFA sign ups live! they’re necessary to be a leader
  • sign ups are first come first serve!
  • it’ll be the 11th and 12th of november, 9am to 5pm each day
  • it’s FREE
  • leader training trips! november 3rd to 5th!
  • sign ups are live, go dead wednesday at 8!
  • reminder email will go out of course since we love emails
  • no outdoor experience necessary for any of this


  • return ur fall break gear
  • new gear poll! help suggest what we buy!  find it here!
  • katie’s office hours moving from thursday to wednesday, hannah’s are still thursday though


  • maybe we’ll refinish the floors this weekend? if you wanna help, look out for an email


  • we washed buckets!
  • that is all


that’s all folks.  another fruitful couple of weeks during which a plethora of people got outside!  now quick go enjoy the leaves while you can before the branches turn as barren as my hope of finishing my homework at a reasonable hour tonight!  nature is pretty, gosh darn it!

thanks for tuning in,


Dear friends, enemies, frenimes, and enemends,

Today we mourn the loss of our good friend Caspian. For those of you who didn’t know Caspian, he was a beautiful blue Subaru Forester. Caspian was born and raised in Virginia but he braved the harsh Maine winters time and time again to transport students on many a COC hike. If Caspian were here today he would tell us to continue going on outing trips without him, so we can continue to brave the wilderness and pursue the things we love. Because after all – love, is what makes a Subaru, a Subaru. 


We went OUTSIDE and it was RAD and here’s some notes about it:

  • On Thursday Soren and Max led a trip up Mont Français to watch the harvest moon and eat macaroni. What a wholesome trip. 5/5 barks.
  • Jared went outside with the Pugh Center and some members of the COC. They went on walks in the arb that were deemed “great” and “beautiful”
  • Anna Van Dresser (full names cuz at least two Annas – but probably more –  went outside this weekend) went to Acadia and hiked some mountains. She didn’t tell us which ones because she couldn’t remember their names. There were apparently many many people there because the Sierra Club was celebrating being old or something.
  • Kaitlin went to a different fall fest in Freeport that was – allegedly – bigger and better (but were there poopy bunnies? huh? didn’t think so).
  • Kaitlin also had a herpetology (a smart people word for studying reptiles and amphibians) lab and helped save an endangered species of salamander. NEATO.
  • Evan went on a nice bike ride to a *nice* place called Belfast to see the super /nice/ ocean. (disclaimer: Evan did not ride his bike into the ocean). It was a nice day!
  • Grace picked apples at the apple farm, now her room is full of apples and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Hannah went to the observatory with the Space Club (#spacecoc) and looked at the moon through her eyes and also three telescopes (all at once? unclear).
  • Lilly ran up Sugarloaf (me oh my that is impressive). It was rainy and cold, but fun!…kind of. I give it a rating of type II fun on the fun scale.
  • Chris and others went on the Leader Training Trip with Sam and Anna (Caughron). They hiked up Mount Blue in the rain AND this is where Caspian, our trusty Subaru, died. I guess when it rains it pours (see what I did there?) But there were also good things like something involving nudity and fireworks???? and also the Bossi Van valiantly coming to rescue our stranded leaders and soon to be leaders.


Da future:

Next week is fall break so all our trips are set and ready to go, but we got some ideas for after break, here’s a sneak peak:

  • Kaitlin wants to hike Old Speck
  • Soren wants to hike his arch nemesis, Mount Redington
  • There was a wildfire in the Whites and Anna (Van Dresser) wants to go see it with her own two eyeballs.


Whittling Wednesdays:

  • Wednesdays will be whittled this week
  • Kaitlin’s first wood guy fell through and then her Minnesota wood guy fell through (or maybe they’re the same guy? idk) so there will not be any new wood but it will still be FUN
  • also @Kaitlin ur vague ramblings about shifty guys bringing you wood have me intrigued


Kayak Clinics from 7:30-9:30 on Thursday in the pool:

  • there will be kayak clinics from 7:30 to 9:30 on Thursday in the pool.


How Do You Outside?™

Blurbity blurb: “This is a new campaign to engage the Colby community with the Outing Club as a way to encourage students to tell us their stories and what they love and appreciate about the outdoors. We hope to inspire more students to find things they enjoy about being outside such as stargazing, watching birds, walking in the arboretum, sledding, canoeing, etc.”

  • come put post it notes on our wall and Soren’s face about the things YOU love about the outdoors
  • we’re gonna do lots of other stuff but people were talking all at once in the meeting and I could not figure out what to type


Spring Break:

wut? we’re talking about spring break trips in the fall? YUP. CUZ WE’RE PLANNERS. and we like to know what we are doing at least 4 to 5 months in advance.

  • Leaders that want to lead spring break trips…It’s time to get those gears turning and thinking about your WWWWWZ (who, what, where, when, why, zebra) because we want to have everything set before the end of the semester
  • An email will be going out with specifics but here’s your timeline:
    • Trip proposals due the 2nd week of November
    • Sign ups around Thanksgiving time
    • Trippers finalized before winter break


Bigelow Buddies:

  • Trips:
    • We will be having another LTT the first weekend of November
    • The following weekend we will be hosting a WFA training (which is fully subsidized if you become a COC leader and partially subsidized for everyone else)!
  • Events:
    • The last weekend of October is parents weekend and we need leaders for a parents hike! It will be Sunday the 29th at 11am.
  • Gear:
    • bring your gear back you heathens
    • also there will be a form sent out this week with any gear needs y’all may have for fall break!
  • Cabin:
    • On the last week of October Kaitlin wants to redo the floors in the Cabin. It’s in need of a makeover!
    • Come help! Ryan will probably bring yummy food (Wolfdog, if you’re reading this, hi! and thanks! and hopefully you do bring food!)

You should probably get back to your midterms now. I know you may be stressed and anxious and maybe even feeling a little down. But remember everyone, even the smartest of us, have bad days. To prove my point here is an honest to goodness actual Charles Darwin quote:

“But I am very poorly today and very stupid and hate everybody and everything…I am going to write a little Book for Murray on orchids and today I hate them worse than everything.”

– Charles Darwin, the dude that figured out evolution


buh bye,



hey y’all here’s some minutes, fresh out of the oven!  just like momma used to make


stuff we done did

  • Michael Kramer hiked to Early Bird and dipped in the Messalonskee, “very refreshing”
  • Jared, Soren (that’s me) and Anna went through the Natch and stayed at Speck Pond, “cold”
  • Max, Soren, and trippers went to The Mountain, “maybe found the summit”
  • Keenan went to Prout’s Neck for a field trip, wants to lead coastal hikes in the future
  • Grace and Taryn and ppl tried to go surfing, but the roof rack malfunctioned to much dismay, then went to Popham beach anyway which was fun
  • Mo and Anna Ramsey accidentally ran a half marathon (!)
  • Sam Wells went up Sugarloaf and Spaulding and Abraham with Katie
  • Michael Stone used the slack line!
  • Keller led a trip to Philip with Ana and ASA, Phil Collins prompted some tears
  • Soren napped in a particularly grassy spot in the arb
  • Sam went up Philip on Wednesday, it was dark and they barely got lost
  • Hannah went up Philip, saw 11 yr old Logan (dog)

stuff we gon do

  • Soren wants to go to French Mtn and cook all the leftover food in the office
  • Michael Stone will have kayak klinics! at pool 7:30 – 9:30 Thursday
  • SPACECOC! November 2nd (a Thursday), there will be a trip to the cabin with telescopes!


  • next weekend!
  • leader training trip!
  • mandatory if you want to lead fun trips! and boring trips too!
  • second one in november, 1st weekend, or maybe not
  • learn stuff!
  • priority for first years in november

Demo day

  • Friday 4-7 on Dana Lawn!
  • We’ll be demoing gear, also knot tying and cooking maybe
  • A nice wholesome learning experience
  • Volunteers needed! And you don’t need to be a leader!

Fall Fest

  • The very next day!
  • Run by SPB, a big ol festival of fall
  • Whittling maybe?
  • Volunteers also needed
  • Ice cream churner will be present!

Fall Break Trips

  • Descriptions going out tonight! (10/1)
  • Lottery-style sign ups, with rank choice
  • Results by Thursday (10/5)
  • CMC also sending out two trips simultaneously

Arb Hikes

  • This Saturday, 11-1:30
  • Combined with the Pugh Center
  • Beginner arboretum walks and subsequent BBQ
  • Get to know ppl!
  • We need leaders! let us know pls

NOLS film

  • Wednesday 6:30-9 PM!
  • NOLS = national outdoors leadership school ft. derek
  • stickers!
  • whole slew of short films
  • thusly no whittling ( 🙁 )
  • office hours?? maybe


  • sugaring
    • meeting after this meeting!
  • trips
    • leaders-in-training, get ya shadows in
    • shadows are a good / easy way to learn
  • events
    • iplay soccer!
    • rec / intramural soccer
    • email kaitlin / brittany if you want in!

hot seat!!!

  • Austin Joseph Lee
    • trunks
    • some bathroom
    • crumple
    • didgeri doo
    • curduroy
    • slick
    • sophie joffrey
    • lolcakes9
    • bob dylan

That’s all folks!  Congrats on another productive week of adventure and such.  also fall is HERE right now and it’s pretty so go out and stare at some dying leaves!


– soren

If you’re in the mood for hours, I can’t help you.  If you want seconds, go elsewhere.  But… WE GOT MINUTES so feast your eyes on this glorious semi coherent heap of words (courtesy of ya boi soren this week):


here’s all the fun jazz we done diddly did:

  • Keenan went to Albany (hometown of the famous Keenan) for geology and looked at fossils and swam underwater to a CAVE
  • Davis and co. hiked Katahdin, and everything went according to plan with 0 hiccups and 0 flat tires, also there was blood sweat and tears yay! jk flat tires were had and Brittany and Chloe saved the day and rescued our valiant hikers
  • Lilly biked to the Common Ground Fair and met a thru biker named “thumbs” 
  • Hannah hiked Round Top w Max and Ana and also Max knows every word to hips don’t lie
  • Michaela found a beaver dam in the arb (site of dragonfly exoskeletons)
  • Dominic went fly fishing in Moosehead lake (no fishes were caught)
  • Caroline and Julia went to Mt. Philip and ran into underwear models (!!!!) sweat, lots of nudity ensued
  • There was a W1 field trip to Stratton Brook Hut yay
  • Chloe went to Acadia with the Bossi clan and hiked the Precipice and walked around Jordan Pond and then rescued the Katahdin Krew
  • Max and Soren and Austin went up sugarloaf and spaulding it was fun, there was blood sweat and LOTS of nudity
  • Eric hiked French Mountain and it was normal mostly
  • Taryn hiked the Bigelows with Soren and co and there was blood and sweat and NUDITY again (where there is soren there is nudity)


Here’s what we gon’ do

  • Sam wants to lead a night hike after whittling with Nat
  • Eric would lead a trip to Early Bird with a bit o hiking too
  • Lilli wants to lead a Friday trip to Reid State Park
  • Michaela wants to explore the Arb during some afternoons (not as an official trip)


LTT (Leader Training Trip) yay

  • Leaders will be trained on October 6 7 and 8
  • Notifications will be sent soon we promise, and sign ups are closed
  • No outdoor experience necessary to become a leader!
  • None!
  • Zero!
  • There’s gonna be a second LTT in November for all y’all that missed this one


Fall Break

  • Fall Break is Oct. 14-17th!  We lead generally longer trips during this time and they’re all super fun
  • Trip leaders wanting to lead a fall break trip should have descriptions in by Friday
  • Trip descriptions go out this coming Sunday, sign ups are lottery style
  • Sign ups close next Thursday



  • Ed Webster is coming to Colby!
  • Thursday at 7 pm in Olin 1!
  • He ascended without sherpas and oxygen and radios!
  • Office hours are moved up an hour from 6-7 M


NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School)  Film

  • October 4th!
  • There will be a bunch o short outdoor films
  • A NOLS rep (Derek) will be there givin out stickers and swag
  • Come watch movies with us in Ostrove in Diamond!


  • Gear
    • Bring yo gear back pls
  • Cabin
    • We’re workin with PPD in October to redo the floors
  • Events
    • Game night on Tuesday, 7:30
    • Coincidentally my office hours yay
    • Whittling Wednesdays from 7-8!
  • Sugaring
    • To join sugaring talk to / email Martin Deutsch!
    • There will be a meeting next week!
  • Conservation comrades
    • Help clean up Maine’s trails!
    • Take trash from trails and put it in a communal garbage can here in the COC!

Also lastly there was an awesome microaggressions training following last night’s meeting that was mandatory for all leaders / leaders in training so if you couldn’t attend then please email me or K-Council or the Diversity & Inclusion Comrades and we’ll work something out.  Thx yall


And that’s that!  Aren’t we a productive bunch

Also it’s warm out guys take advantage while you can before the snow monsters set in on colby and you can’t feel your face for weeks at a time and rime ice starts to form on your nose and the line for hypothermia treatment extends out of Garrison Foster.  So get outside peeps!

Until next time amigos,

– soren