The last time Sam missed a meeting he said he was going to be here for every meeting until the end of the semester (lies). Since he is a liar, I’ve been bestowed (once again) with the task of doing the minutes. I hope these minutes are everything you wanted, everything you didn’t want, and much, much more. Lastly, in the wise words of Albus Dumbledore, “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”:


Into the Pensieve (aka the past):

  • Olivia, Reesy Peesy, Catharine, and others went to the 100 year old Acadia National Park to hike the Beehive (buzzzzz). Olivia taught everyone how to do Soulja Boy on the summit (it was DOPE). Olivia just got up during the meeting to show off her dance moves; she really can do the Soulja boy dance, ladies and gents, this is not a joke, this kid has got some moves.
  • Scott “Scooby Doo” Batchelder, Logan, Amy, Max, Jeremy, Charles, Matt Johnson from Johnson, and co. went to Big Moose Mountain and saw 0 moose, I’m really disappointed in y’all. Although they did get donuts at a bakery so it’s a win-lose.
  • Keller and his uncle went to Andover for some hunting. Talks about hunting ensued (something about points and whatnot, idk)
  • Tanner, Eli, and PJ went to…you guessed it, PJ’S HOUSE. They climbed in North Conway, Tanner slept on a window sill. much send.
  • Hannah, Sage, and Ella went hiking in Camden (Mount Battie).
  • Nat led a trip that was meant to go to Mount Blue but ended up at Sugarloaf somehow (SERIOUSLY WUT). Some falling occurred. Much TBSing (tactical butt sliding) was utilized.
  • Kaitlin brought a carload of boys to the cabin, they took the dock out of the water. THANK YOU KAITLIN AND CAR LOAD OF BOYS. YOU ARE RAD.
  • Amy Lo and friends hiked Mount Megunticook.
  • Maddy and Martin and trippers also hiked Mount Megunticook.
  • Sam Wells and friends also ALSO hiked Mount Megunticook.
  • THEY ALL SAW EACH OTHER ON MOUNT MEGUNTICOOK. What are the odds? seriously…
  • WHAT
  • ARE
  • THE
  • ODDS?


What the Prophecy foretold (aka the future): 

  • Fini and Greyson (and Greyson’s adorable cat) are gonna lead a super fun Thanksgiving break trip.
  • Karlene the Dean (that has a nice ring to it) is organizing some great FREE opportunities to get ski lessons over jan plan (more on this later)


Pecan vs. Pecan: 

This poll was brought to you by Abby Mulligan’s amazing pecan pie baking skills.

  • Pecan as pronounced pee-can (like urine + a container for beverages): 20
  • Pecan as pronounced pe-khan (like Ghengis Khan): 18
  • Sherbet Lemon as pronounced sherbet lemon (like a muggle sweet I’m rather fond of): 1



  • Trips
    • update your leader profiles if you took WFA or went on LTT
  • Gear
    • Spencer and Logan are building some shelving
    • We got hiking boots (so many boots)
    • Park threw shade at Eli
  • Events
    • they are putting together a calendar of fun jan plan events (like movie nights, and game nights)
  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • wood was collected and stacked
    • yay FIRE


Open Committee Positions:

  • Martin read his platform for sugaring committee (did you know Vermonters don’t have blood, but straight maple syrup running through their veins?!? fascinating)
  • Since no one else has applied for any committee positions we will be accepting platforms until this Wednesday!
    • we currently have openings for Events/Community Outreach, and Trips Facilitation


Hot Seat:

Julia “has a really cool name” Nelson: Dana, dogs, Spencer, sofas, sitting on the toilet, flavor blasted, left, when does he work out?, cranberry juice, double fisting is better, foss


Warmest of Fuzzies: 

Everyone who took out the dock, Greyson’s cat, all of Nat’s trippers for hiking up sugar loaf, Nat for falling down sugarloaf, Julia for hot seating, all the underclassmen at COCsgiving, Park’s first year friends, Harry for his chats with Spencer, everyone who jumped in the lake, Logan for doing pull ups, PJ and Tanner for taking Eli climbing, everyone who sent Mo snaps, gear committee, Maddy for co leading with Martin, Park for being Park, PJ because he is PJ, Sam, Hannah, and half of Logan, cat harnesses??, everyone who took the dock out, people who brought food to COCsgiving, Park and Abby for putting up with surf club, Sage just cuz, Chris for helping Spencer with comp sci, Logan and Harry for not wasting chicken, Abby’s pecan pie, Spencer and Logan for help with the printer, the LoTemplio family, people who took free gear (ps keep taking free gear)


To all my friends, family, and enemies,

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break. Catch up on sleep, eat some food, get outside, pet a dog, smile. I’m thankful for each and every one of you, faithful minutes readers (even you, Sam).

With a love powerful enough to vanquish the Dark Lord,









Well team, it’s getting to be that time of year again. The time of year when Mother Nature confuses us with beautiful 55 degree days and then ambushes us with hail and freezing wind when we least expect it (the week before finals). The smell of dead leaves is in the air and the taste of turkey is in the Dana burgers. And with this wonderful time comes the last few weekends before we must break out the snowshoes and snowpants and snowshirts. So let us take great advantage of our unburdened shoes, pants, and shirts. Here’s what’s up:


What’s going on in the past dimension:

  • Hannah ‘Cranberry Sauce’ Peters went to French Mountain and Mount Philips with her aunt. Beautiful views, beautiful day, beautiful life.
  • Keenan ‘Stuffing’ Boscoe and Anna ‘Sage’ Jordan and Cranberry Sauce led a walk in the arb with the Colby Feminist Alliance and made new friends!
  • Caroline ‘Green Beans’ Webb and Sam ‘I’m not giving myself a nickname’ Krumholz and Julia ‘Slice of Turkey’ Nelson and Catharine ‘Mashed Potatoes’ Christie and many other cool people hiked Ragged Mountain! There was no blood/sweat/tears/nudity, but my knee hurt a little bit.
  • Sophie ‘Table’ Janeway and Hannah ‘Pecan Pie’ Bossi hiked French Mountain and the sunset was extraordinary. Lighting on the trees was magical. Everything was magnificent.
  • Rachel ‘Turkey Before it Gets Killed’ Bird and Michael ‘Kitchen’ Kramer hiked up the wrong Bald Mountain. Trippers were troopers. Michael almost lost his phone. Moon was huge, but not as big as a moose.
  • A bunch of people went outside and pretended to die a lot. ‘Bloody’ – Natalie ‘The Oven’s on Fire’ Joyce. ‘Death’ – someone else. 
    • To clarify, they took a Wilderness First Aid course, in which almost no real death or blood takes place.
  • CONTRADANCE happened. Many people followed directions exquisitely. Some people followed directions adequately. All people danced. Thanks to Anna ‘Door Closest to the Table’ Caughron for setting it up.
  • Cassandra ‘Chair That Used to be At the Head of the Table But No Longer is At the Table’ Biette watched the sunrise on Ferry Beach. For those who don’t know Chair That Used to be At the Head of the Table But No Longer is At the Table, she is a freshman of the real world.
  • There was a frisbee tournament on Saturday and the Dazzlin’ Asses (Colby’s team) came in third overall and first out of all college teams!
  • Rugby had a Nationals game on Saturday! Unfortunately they lost but it was a great game and an awesome season.
  • Logan ‘Two Slices of Turkey’ Gillen went on a trail run with a few people who would get mentioned except I don’t have enough nicknames.



  • Logan and someone else and Max ‘Fork’ Abramson want to lead a trip to Mount Kineo. A boat may be involved.
  • Amy ‘Wall #1’ Andreini wants to lead a moderate trip and is looking for a co-lead for Saturday.
  • Nathaniel ‘Wall #2’ Rees and Catharine may lead a trip to Cadillac on Saturday!
  • Sophie and Chloe ‘Vegetarian Gravy’ Boehm are leading a hike next Saturday. Will be moderate to difficult.
  • At 1 pm on Saturday, there’s a dog convention in Portland! Looks to be the greatest thing that has ever happened.
  • On Sunday, Kaitlin ‘Turducken’ wants to go to a fort.
    • On a side note, my computer has decided ‘turducken’ is actually a word in the English language.
  • Maddy ‘Wall #3’ wants to lead a day trip next weekend.
  • Nat and I are planning a trip that should include an island and probably the dog convention.


BBQ vs. Sour Cream and Onion:

  • BBQ 21 vs Sour Cream and Onion 26 vs Cajun Squirrel 1.
    • On another side note, you all have terrible taste.



  • COCsgiving (COC + Thanksgiving) is this Saturday! Make sure to fill out check out the email from Hannah Peters for more info and fill out the form so we know how many people are coming!


Committee Updates:

  • Trips:
    • Office hours Tuesday 7-8 pm.
    • Those who just took WFA (or went on the LTT) should update their leader profile!
    • If you’re looking for a shadow, make sure to reach out to leaders!
  • Gear:
    • Office hours Tuesday and Thursday 7-8 pm.
    • They’re done inventorying things!
    • Come help us tidy up the gear room on Friday! More info on the way for that.
  • Events:
    • Contradance was lit.
    • Today and tomorrow Perry Cohen will be here! Here‘s some more info on what he does.
      • He will be giving a talk from 7-8:30 tonight in Page!
      • There will also be a more interactive workshop from 2-5 in Page tomorrow afternoon.
    • Whittling is still here and better than sometimes! We got more wood so come on down and hit things with knives.
  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • 2:30 pm wood stacking on Friday afternoon!


Open Committee Seats:

  • Three Committee Head seats are opening up for the spring: Sugaring, Trips Facilitation, and Community Outreach.
  • Platforms are due by the meeting this Sunday if you’re planning to run for any of these positions. Anyone can run!
  • Let K-Council know if you’re interested or have any questions.


I hope you all learned a lot from these minutes, but if you come away with only one thing, let it be this: you need to rethink your taste in potato chips. You can pretty much forget everything else you just learned. Anyway, have a wonderful week and an even better decade. You’re all fantastic people and I’m honored to write the words that you read. Keep on rising, y’all. But never steeply.

I’m gonna say this now, I’m gonna say it at the bottom of this, and I probably already said it in the email even though I haven’t written it yet: VOTE. No matter who you’re voting for. Please vote.

Anyway, we had an even more important vote in the meeting last night, so read on to get the results of that:


Oh, the places we’ve gone:

  • Matt and Soren and Ella and plenty of other young faces went on the Leader Training Trip (LTT (LIT)) and did some hiking the first day and more hiking on the second day. They also got lost driving up a mountain road, which seems hard to do. “Everything just sort of happened” – Matt
  • Harry and Hannah and others went for a long walk on the beach. The trip checklist was completed as all four necessities (blood sweat tears nudity (b/s/t/n)) occurred, dispersed across the group. Tears and blood were the same, apparently. Nat flashed an innocent family. Not clear if any hiking actually occurred. “You think you’re hiking, there’s a mountain, then there’s a beach” – Harry
  • Face Growler (Grace Fowler (Gwace Frowler)) hiked Tumbledown for the first time ever! No blood, some sweat, yes snow.
  • Tanner and Logan (Logan Gillen (el prez)) and Dylan and PJ went climbing at Clifton. It was very adventurous. There may have been rappelling incidents.
  • Dylan rappelled down everything (Woodman staircase, Diamond staircase, Diamond atrium (okay, not everything)).
  • Park and Lisa went backpacking in Grafton Notch! Bernie Sanders (okay, actually a Canadian (but probably Bernie)) picked them up and brought them to their car.
  • Spencer and Max and Maddy took wood to the COC cabin (I have nothing to put in these parentheses (sorry)). No tears, minimal sweat, no nudity, Max bled a little bit.


Oh, the places we have yet to go:

  • Rachel wants to lead a (beginner (lunch-focused)) trip this Sunday. Beginner, short duration, nearby, lunch.
  • Julia doesn’t want to lead a trip this weekend (not sure why (probably too cool)), but Eliza Adams wants to lead a Roundtop hike with Olivia!
  • Sam Krumholz (me (Meatball)) will be leading a trip to Ragged Mountain with Julia Nelson this Sunday! We would love to have someone shadow it so let one of us know if interested.
  • Mo wants to hike along the Messalonskee on Friday (day before Saturday (day before Sunday)) afternoon.
  • Logan wants to get outside on Saturday at 2 pm (someone go with him (Logan)).


Caramel vs. Caramel:



  • If you like tacos, sorry. None here. Cocsgiving (COC + Thanksgiving (food with the COC)) dinner on Saturday the 19th. We will prepare food and eat food. We will also be having a spirited debate on the theory of evolution as it pertains to turkeys.
  • Take WFR (Wilderness First Responder (Course on the Theory of Evolution as it Pertains to Turkeys)) over JanPlan break! Here is the form and here is some more info.



  • Trips (TFC (Trips Facilitation Committee)):
    • Office hours Tuesday 7-8 pm.
    • Spring Break proposals due November 10th! Get ’em in.
  • Gear (Gear (Gear)):
    • They do awesome things each week, according to them and others!
    • They finished inventorying the snowshoes and microspikes, which is exciting because WINTER IS COMING.
    • If anyone’s excited about gear, come to meetings Tuesday and Thursday night 7-8 pm in the COC office.
    • If you like building things, come break things and then build them!
    • Start thinking about designs for COC t-shirt!
  • Events (things that happen (there’s no possible need for a second parentheses here)):
    • Awesome hot chocolate event happened thanks to Events Committee + Max.
    • We’re co-hosting a skating event with Skate Club! There will be hot chocolate. Hot chocoskate.
    • There’s a contradance this Saturday from 7:30-9:30!!!! If you want to help buy snacks, talk to Rachel Bird or Hannah Peters. If you want to come to the contradance, come to it.
    • WHITTLING will be happening this Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:30 in the COC office. NOTE THE TIME CHANGE. This is so that people can go to the Mental Health Dialogues event at 7:30.
  • Cabin/Sugaring (Sugaring/Cabin (Cagaring)):
    • Look out for an email about moderate to severe physical labor. Yay wood stacking.


These minutes have been brought to you by Double Parentheses (Bringing Unnecessary Clarification to Your Everyday Sentences (this is the slogan for Double Parentheses)). I sincerely hope you enjoyed them. Now, get out and vote. And if you’ve already voted, go get yourself some curly fries. You deserve them. And go get some for me too. I don’t deserve them, but I want them. Thanks.


Well, it was certainly an eventful weekend. I learned only two years after the re$t of the country that Kesha no longer uses a dollar sign in her name, making many of my prior emails moot. Feel free to disregard any prior email with a dollar sign in it. My emails will now be (relatively) dollar sign free to prove my newfound ability to keep up with current events. Anyway, here’s what happened the night after a literal mob tried to force itself through two small doors for two straight hours:


The events that done happened:

  • Buck ‘Doc’ Auchincloss and Ryan ‘Roger’ Clemens and Sophie ‘Mary’ Janeway and Spencer ‘Wal’ Martin went to Sugarloaf and ran into Logan ‘Sea’ Gillen and company at some point and they hiked/skinned up and apparently skied down. I assume by this that there was snow, but it has not been confirmed.
  • Logan went to Sugarloaf with Andrew ‘Sweet ‘n’ Sauer instead of doing work and pushed bikes up then biked down. This sounds scary. Good job Logan and Andrew.
  • Frisbee team went to Clambake and slept outdoors in tents, which amazingly was one of the most outdoorsy things that happened this weekend.
  • A lot of cool CMC people want to Evo Climbing Gym in Portland friday night for Costumed Climbing Night. Shoutout to Maddy ‘Wendell’ Wendell for putting it all together.
  • Park ‘Roll’ Cawley beat some young children at a relay race, then lost to people more his age. But he wore a taco costume so he won in spirit.
  • Keenan ‘#1’ Boscoe and Amy ‘Atom’ Andreini led a trip and did a lot of pumpkin and apple things because it’s fall. No one on the trip was at the meeting so that’s all I got.
  • NESCACS were this weekend and some people went to it.
  • Julia ‘Vince’ von Ehr ran the Freaky 5K with famous alum Cassandra ‘Let it’ Biette and speedy Adrienne ‘Race’ Carmack and presumably finished it.

All these things for us to do:

  • Hannah ‘Undercover’ Bossi and Harry ‘Roll Down the’ Hill are probably gonna lead a trip.
  • XC skiing clinic will be led by Logan in a couple weeks (w/ Max ‘Honest’ Abramson too).
  • Whittling Wednesday will be someday this week from 7-8 pm in the COC office, not sure which day yet.
    • Just kidding it’s gonna be Wednesday and it’s gonna be LIT.

Big Picture Stuff:

  • LTT (Leader Training Trip) is next weekend! If you are signed up you will be going. If you are not signed up don’t go.
    • If you need to make or update your leader profile, talk to Anna ‘Apple’ Caughron and Brittany ‘What a’ Bossi ASAP.
  • WFA (Wilderness First Aid) is the weekend after! It’s all filled up, so sorry.
  • WFR (Wilderness First Responder) will take place over Jan Plan Break if there is sufficient interest, so fill out the form on Spencer’s email if you’re interested. Here’s a link to a description of the course:
  • If you see a dog, contact Rachel ‘Is That a Plane Is That a Superman No It’s’ Bird.
  • They’re making mountain biking trails behind Inland Hospital so we’re hoping to do some volunteer trailwork, keep an eye out for emails.
  • Ron Tipton will be in Diamond 122 at 4:30 on Tuesday! He is a cool person and has done very well. Come see him. There will also be refreshments. He’s checking out Colby as the site for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Conference, which is a super big deal, so that’s cool.
  • Cocsgiving: COC+Thanksgiving. Be on the lookout.
  • Thanksgiving trip: led by Fini ‘Ad’ Just and Greyson ‘Geoffrey the’ Butler. Two days in the Bigelows at Stratton Brook Hut. Might be snowshoeing.  Heated; full kitchen. Thanksgiving dinner. Short sentences. Boston at Greyson’s house. Signups close tonight (Monday) at midnight.
  • December 1st (Thursday) at 8 o’clock, Colby Free Ride is bringing TGR’s new movie ( to Colby. The event will take place in LoPo or Bobby Silberman Lounge, depending on how old/cool you are.
    • Clarification: this event is not taking place in two different places based on your oldness/coolness. LoPo and Bobby Silberman are the same place.

Messages from those that are buddies upon the Bigelows:

  • Gear:
    • We just ordered 17 new pairs of ice skates, so get on them blades.
    • Still finishing up tents. Should be done within next few weeks/never.
    • Should be getting back to gear purchases soon.
    •  Gear Committee office hours are Tuesday and Thursday nights 7-8 pm!
  • Events:
    • This Friday at 11 am outside the spa we’ll be making hot chocolate on whisperlites and pocket rockets. Hot chocolate, camaraderie, music from Rachel’s phone, etc.
    • Contradance on the 12th (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 7:30-9:30 pm in Foss. If you aren’t excited you are clueless. Get excited.
    • COC is partnering up with Bridge and Feminist Alliance to bring Perry Cohen ( to campus on November 14th and 15th! The 14th will be a talk about his life and the 15th will be a workshop.
  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • Many buckets have been washed.
    • Wood will be moved on Thursday. Logan will be doing manual labor so anyone wants to watch that just put a GPS tracker on him.

Hot Seat:

  • Rachel is leader!!


I would be remiss if I did not mention the birthday of one Julia von Ehr, the honorable sexcretary to the sexcretary. May she one day be her own sexcretary, but for today, she will just be twenty years old. To wish her a happy birthday, she has requested apples to be thrown at her from across dining halls. So, if you see her at dinner, arm yourself and fire away. Feel free to continue this after her birthday ends, she likes to feel like it’s her birthday every day.


New faces met old faces and old faces met new faces, and now all the faces know each other. For those who found that previous sentence confusing, essentially we had a bunch of lovely new peeps at the meeting this Sunday (hi friends!) and we did a name circle (again, whoop whoop).


Sam was (once again) absent from the meeting this weekend because apparently trips to go rock climbing with your sister in Colorado are more important than your duties as a sexcretary. Whatever, I’m over it.


  • Amy, Jake, Anna, and Don went to Vermont to get Sara from the mountains and bring her home. Sara was the president of the COC last year and she was working as a caretaker on the Long Trail this fall; she is now an expert in things like yelling aggressively about alpine vegetation and composting poop. We should all strive to be like Sara (literally y r u so cool? teach me ur ways).
  • The Bossis (Chloe included), Sam, and Abby went adventuring through New Hampshire and Vermont. They too tried to find Sara but they JUST missed her. Upon reaching the summit they saw her hiking away and called after her… but their efforts were futile. This, kids, is what we call a damn tragedy.
  • Duncan, Sage, Anna, Anna, Dalton, Will, Logan, and Rachel went paddling. They canoed up around Rangeley. There was blood, sweat, tears, and Logan got naked multiple times…by himself. Concerning.
  • Jake, Park, SJ, Sarah, Lisa, and WOLFDOG aka Ryan Linehan went to Big Eddy campground and did some fun white water paddling. There was no nudity but things were v wet (I still don’t think both of these phrases should’ve been stated in the same sentence but c’est la vie). The trip was UNREAL.
  • PJ, Mickey, Tevis, and Tanner “Jesus died for our sends” Boucher went on one of two Colby Mountaineering club trips. They went climbing in the whites in North Conway. There was learning, blood, sweat, maybe tears, and definitely lots of sending.
  • Lilli, Scott, Austin, Spencer, Fini, Julia (me!), and lots of other LOVELY folks went on the other CMC trip. We climbed in Acadia. There were sea cliffs, and slabs, and crack climbing, and panda and unicorn costumes, ’twas #illuminated.
  • Big Ronnie hiked the Bigelows over fall break (Logan got very excited when she said this and did a lil jig in his seat). There was FOR SURE blood, sweat, tears, and nudity 😉
  • Eli went to Nova Scotia, he found some good waves. The swell was swell.



  • Tanner hiked Tumbledown, he SAW SNOW WITH HIS OWN TWO EYES. He also (less excitingly) saw Park and Lisa and Lilli and her “pals”.
  • There was a frisbee tournament. The boys killed it. The girls beat Bowdoin. Rap battles to the death were had (ok maybe not to the death, but still).
  • Joe, Duncan, Logan and others went to Canadia where they got woody and muddy with some Canadians.
  • Julia (me again, how exciting!) and others went to Acadia on Saturday will BILL our ecology professor *starts chanting Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill from Bill Nye theme song* where Bill spewed straight knowledge about e-co-lo-gies.



  • Keenan wants to lead a trip…more info TBA.
  • There will be a roll clinic this Wednesday in da pool.
  • This Saturday the cross country team will be having NESCACs at Quarry Road, come cheer on and wear costumes (Bates definitely won’t be wearing costumes)
  • Sunday River will be opening this Friday or Saturday. “How cool will it be to ski all morning and then get glittered by Kesha all night?!?!?” – Spencer Martin



  • Our next Leader Training Trip will be held November 4th – 6th.
  • WFA (another necessary part of the leader process) will be happening on the 12th and 13th. If you plan on becoming a COC leader talk to K-council or Trips Committee about how to do WFA totally for FREE.
  • Thanksgiving Break Trip: lead by Fini, and Greyson. They will go to the Maine Huts and Trails hut in the Bigelows, it will involve day hiking, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and then going to Boston and doing the Freedom Trail. This trip is geared towards people who can’t go home for Thanksgiving but all are welcome, woooooo!
  • WFR will be held over Jan Plan break.



Want to lead trips outside for a job? whaaaaat? more deets below:

  • Overland Summers will be having an info session on Monday (tonight) at 7PM in Diamond 223
  • Apogee Adventures will be having an info session on Tuesday at 7PM in Diamond 221
  • Wilderness Adventures will be having an info session on Thursday at 7PM in Diamond 123
  • Keystone Science School will be here on either Thursday evening or Friday afternoon, more info TBA.



  • Gear:
    • Abby wants you to do tent puzzles with her. RETURN YOUR GEAR FROM FALL BREAK.
    • Office Hours: Thursdays from 7-8, be there or be square.


  • Trips:
    • Office hours will be on Tuesdays from 7-8, come hang.
    • This week is the final week for LTT sign ups.


  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • this week they’ll be going to get some wood at the sugarbush, yay.


  • Events/ Community Outreach:
    • Fall fest was NOT a success because stoves are dangerous indoors and there was rain, BUT we have loads of hot chocolate now and will probably be doing an event soon with all that delicious chocolatey goodness.
    • Meetings are in Foss at 6:30 on Thursdays.


Spencer is literally always alone.


Warm fuzzies were had, but I was too busy partaking in said warm fuzzies to write them down. I am sorry, I have failed you as a scribe. On that note…goodbye, my loyal subjects, until the next time Sam isn’t here.

– Julia

Per popular demand, I have triumphantly returned to my post as sexcretary and your faithful minutes-creator. Immediately after the meeting last night, which pitted Julia and myself in a battle of the sexcretaries, I received news of many completely bipartisan polls that had me in a landslide. I tell you, these were the fairest of polls. So I have taken it upon myself to enact the wishes of the people and retake the minutes from my opponent. Anyway, here’s what I got:


The result of our Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays:

  • Thursday night, Park and Father Park went on a bonding trip to their ancestor Park, Acadia National Park. They biked on a carriage path, did some hiking, then came back to Colby. Sweat and good vibes were abound.
  • Saturday night, Michaela and Soren and Sam (me!) hiked French Mountain very late at night! Too dark to know whether nudity/sweat/tears/blood occurred, so we’ll assume they all did.
  • Tucker and Eric rowed Runnals. Still unsure what that means.
  • Keenan almost got outside with some old people. His new goal is to see how close he can get to going outside without actually getting out there.
  • People made a fire on Runnals Friday night. I was one of them. Anna “FireCat” Caughron made fire out of nothing, defying every law of science.
  • Owens is multifaceted. Went to Whites and made some did some business deals (seems shady). Went paddling with Lisa and Wolfdog and Small Wolfdog. Lot of fun. Lot of wet. Every two out of four peoples swam. Rad mushrooms. More puffballs. Sorry for the lack of full sentences; she said a lot of things.
  • PJ went to NH (home) and climbed Cathedral. Led his first trad 5/11. ALSO HE IS BEST FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE NAMED HOBO GREG.
  • Brittany and Hannah went kayaking. Brittany annoyed Hannah. Sometimes Brittany is my spirit animal.
  • Austin went canoeing with Logan and Anna and maybe others. Logan was mediocre.
  • Lydia and Dylan and Family Dylan went to Acadia and did not hike.


Near Future:

  • Fall Break is next weekend! We have some trips going out, but they’re all filled up already, sorry.
  • Everything else is too far away to plan. Planning is hard.


Far Future:

  • The next Leader Training Trip will be the weekend of November 4th-6th. Keep an eye out for more information.
  • A WFA (Wilderness First Aid) course will be held on campus on November 12th and 13th. Check out what kind of stuff you can learn here. YOU MUST HAVE WFA TO BECOME A COC LEADER. Sign ups will be coming out soon.
  • A WFR (Wilderness First Responder) will most likely take place on campus over Jan Plan Break and the following weekend (Jan 27th-31st and Feb 4th-5th). WFR is a step up from WFA and is described here. Keep an eye out for more info.
  • Proposals for Spring Break trips will be due mid-November! Spring Break trips are awesome. Check in with K-Council with any ideas or questions.
  • We’re working on making a Winter Training Weekend with Ryan Linehan (probably over Jan Plan)! Keep an eye out if you’re interested.


Committee People:

  • Trips:
    • Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Owens has decided to step down as Trips Facilitation Committee co-Head. She has done so many amazing things for the COC and will be dearly missed. If you have benefited from anything she’s done for the club (hint: you all have), give her a subtle but knowing head nod next time you see her. Or actually say thank you, but I think the head nod would be more meaningful.
    • On the bright side, the fantastic Anna Caughron will be stepping in as co-Head! She doesn’t like head nods though, so don’t confuse the two in your greetings of them.
    • Talk to Brittany and Anna if you want to be a leader!
  • Gear:
    • Tent puzzle fiasco party this Tuesday and Thursday 7-8 (PUZZLE PUZZLE PUZZLE)!
    • We got new microspikes! Or, as Park calls them, mini-crampons.
  • Events:
    • Fall Fest is coming up soon (October 22nd)! For those who have not been here for a Fall Fest, it’s basically a celebration of all things fall. Pretty self-explanatory. COC will be helping out by providing a hot chocolate making station and leading a walk in the arb. We need volunteers, so email Hannah Peters ( if you’re interested!
  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • It’s great.
    • Gonna buy some stuff.
    • Getting kicked out of boat room.



  • Maddy leader now.


Hope y’all aren’t stressing out too much over exams. Remember, the answer is usually c. If you’re writing an essay, don’t put too many exclamation points in it. A few should suffice. And when you finish a midterm, reward yourself with a few thousand french fries.

This has been “How to Survive Midterm Weeks” by Samuel ‘Meatball’ Krumholz. aDiEu.

Dear all,

I’m writing to inform you that this past week there was a coup within the ranks of the K-council. Your ever faithful sexcretary, Samuel L. Krum(b)holz, was usurped by myself (Julia) the former sexcretary-to-the-sexcretary and now official keeper of the minutes. Sam is unable to comment because his writ of habeas corpus has been suspended, and I can neither confirm nor deny his current location. So to all those eagerly awaiting the weekly edition of Sam’s minutes (sorry not sorry), and to all those using this to procrastinate homework (me) let us begin:



  • LTT was L.I.T. Owens, and Hannah, and Anna, and Chloe, and Brittany, and Lilli (Life Alert) , and Max, and Catherine, and Olivia, and Julia, and Greyson, and Tanner, and others whom I did not get to write down went to Mount Blue for a leader training trip and there was “too much learning” and also “we went mushroom hunting and found many cool mushrooms that we ate, yay!” YIPPEE FOR NEW LEADERZZZ AND NOT EATING HALLUCINOGENIC SHROOMS.
  • Mo has no friends and hiked French Mountain in the dark. It was cloudy and the stars allegedly disappeared…which I can only rationally conclude means THE UNIVERSE IS ENDING AND WE ARE ALL IN MORTAL PERIL.
  • Laura (one of my dearest coot baby children) and others went to Mount Battie, and then went to the beach and saw DOGS. PUPPIES >LITERALLY EVERY HUMAN EVER. 10/10 trip because doggos were seen.
  • Abby, Soren, Ryan, and squad hiked Mt. Abraham. Nudity, sweat, and blood?!?! (it is unclear). More importantly there was a harvest festival and r-o-l-l-i-n-g f-a-t-t-i-e-s. Possibly the best day ever.
  • Maddy, Logan, and Andrew climbed Old Speck. Old Speck is the 3rd or possibly 4th highest peak in Maine, it’s contentiously debated. Tune in later for more answers to this and other COC mysteries including: How did the forks get up there? Where is the juice? and Why is Spencer pretty?
  • Spencer hiked French Mountain with his fam and puppies they ran into other puppies and the puppies didn’t get along and they had to hike in opposite directions, why can’t we all just be friends, ya feel? Also PSA there was a fire on French Mountain this past summer. Remember kids only YOU can prevent forest fires. #LNT #smokythebear



  • Kaitlin wants to lead a trip to Mount Coburn (not the dorm). Her guide book says it rivals the best views in Maine + it will be extra pretty because of that güd fall foliage (peace. love. temperate deciduous forests.)
  • Eric wants to lead a tumbledown hike. That’s all I have for this bullet. Move on, please.
  • PJ “trips to my house” Benson and sister Peej might go hike with the Williams Outing Club in the whites (ps Williams’ mascot is a purple cow but they call themselves the Ephs…should I know what ephs are? lmk please)
  • If you need someone to babysit your parents this weekend send them to the Perkins Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary for a parents weekend hike (with Jake, maybe????)



  • Wolfdog Linehan (aka Dad (aka Ryan)) will be leading a legendary canoe trip over fall break. Btw probability of seeing moose/mooses/meese increases by 200% percent in the presence of Wolfdog.
  • If Logan doesn’t go on Ryan’s trip he will lead a separate and less moose filled canoe trip.
  • CMC FALL BREAK. THE MOUNTAINEERING CLUB HAS BREECHED THE INNER SANCTUM OF THE COC. COME CLIMB IN ACADIA. There will definitely be one trip, maybe two, no climbing experience necessary. (if you want more deets, send me an email and I’ll add you to the CMC email list)


THANKSGIVING (aka everyone pls give thanks for Fini Just):

  • Fini Just (literal cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure) will hopefully be leading a trip over thanksgiving for international students and others who can’t go home for the holiday. She needs a co-lead.



  • Spring break trip proposals will be due in mid November. Talk to K-Council as ASAP as possible.



  • If you’ve had your driver’s license for 3 years or more and would like to get Colby certified to haul trailers loaded with large water sleds (read: canoes) then hit up K-council for more info.



  • Gear:
    • Abby said she had nothing new to talk about but she actually has loads to talk about. Please keep returning gear. ALSO we have NEW microspikes! Yay! There will be a gear meeting this Tuesday from 7-8. Abby and Parky Park have office hours on Thursday at 7-8.
  • Trips:
    • There will hopefully be another LTT in November. Also we have so many new leaders in training looking for co-leads and shadows…help them blossom into beautiful full fledged leaders.
  • Cabin/Sugaring:
    • PPD crushed all of their hopes and dreams. They didn’t approve a new sugah shack. Talk to Ryan Clemens if you want to get involved with sugaring/console him on his crushed dreams.
  • Events/ Community Outreach:
    • The COC will be helping with activities for fall fest, more deets to come.



  • fb message/mail/text/carrier pigeon/signal flare to Hannah Bossi if you want to join the Friends of the COC facebook group or the COC groupme.
  • hit up these sweet instas: @colbyoutingclub, @colbymountaineeringclub, @colbyfreeride



Amy, mushrooms, future leaders on LTT, Logan’s warm fuzzy beard, people on top of Abraham who helped with directions, Sam Krum, Greg for looking at Colby, people that got naked on Tumbledown, people that got naked on Abraham, Kaitlin for being a warm and fuzzy person, Amy for creating warm fuzzies, buildings warmed by renewable energy, dana having blue cheese and feta cheese, my coot daughters, chilliams, mom



OK that is it, that is all. In case you were worried, Sam was actually at home this weekend. He went to a Red Sux (no that isn’t a typo) game and will be back to flooding your inboxes with emails soon. So long, farewell, with love,


Hey all, welcome back to your favorite weekly blog post about a meeting in a room with a lot of couches. There’s a lot of other choices out there, and we (I) truly appreciate your continued patronage. This week, a shining star sat amongst us. Wolfdog “Ryan” Linehan abandoned his weekly routine of watching the meeting through a micro-camera planted in Spencer “Camera-Eye” Martin’s left pupil and mingled with the curious masses. The following is the truth, the whole truth, and everything but the truth:


What we been up to:

  • Eli “Lettuce” Hanschka” and Eric “Slug” Carlson went to Sugarloaf Mountain Bike Festival. There were some cool demos. There was blood and sweat but no nudity but blood could have been seen had their been nudity. Also no tears (seems like a lie).
  • Julia “Ehr” von Air is a nerd and went on a field trip this weekend. There were SHEEP there.
  • Common Ground Fair happened! For those who didn’t go or don’t know what it is or went but are still confused, it’s essentially just a really big celebration of Maine with rabbits and falafel and such. Cassandra “Alumni-Don’t-Get-Nicknames” Biette was there.
  • The best people ever (definitely no bias) went to Bigelow and did a 13-mile loop and it was super fun and we camped a lot and went to Common Ground. There was sweat and debatable other things. There was also an upside-down bunny.
  • Kaitlin “DUCK DUCK DUCK” Volk and 7 rad other peoples and Wolfdog went canoeing and some of them are certified and that’s what Kaitlin had to say about that.
  • Tanner “Frenchman” Boucher and Park “The-Cah”-ley and Tevis “Keens” Vitale and Mickey “Middle Name” Spencer did crag climbing and there was blood and poop and it was good. They sent.
  • Chloe “Gimli” Boehm and Brittany “B-Boss” Bossi and Greyson “Grayson” Butler and Soren “Porcupine” Denlinger and Meghan “Ace” Hurley went to the Whites and GREGORY “No Nickname Necessary” NAIGLES saved them from ultimate disaster. Not all peaks were climbed, but all fun was had.
  • Dylan “Triple Date” Cincotta went to the Acadia Sky Festival and it was pretty much just a date. It was really cool. Pretty stars and pretty bubbles.
  • PJ “Pearse Jacob” Benson went to New Hampshire to climb very big rock.
  • Jake “Fantastic Mr. Fox” Hagler and Lisa “Paddle Queen” Blackmer-Raynolds went kayaking! They met some cool kayakers. No b/s/n/t. Pretty boring overall.
  • Dalton “Couch” Carter looked VERY comfortable on the couch during the meeting.
  • Roger “Daredevil Stone set up a slackline all the way across Miller lawn (250-300 feet) and WALKED IT ALL. This is literally the coolest thing that’s ever happened.


What shall we be doing:

  • Mo “Money” Legault and Rachel “Early” Bird (or Michael “Sand Wedge” Kramer) are climbing Mount Philips Wednesday night in the dark. Both headlamps and eye patches will not be provided.
  • Kaitlin wants to lead a moderate trip; Julia may co-lead it.
  • Carina “Quotation Marks” Wallack wants to do Sugarloaf and Spalding as a day hike either Saturday or Sunday.
  • Grace “Grace” Fowler would love to lead a hike to Tumbledown to swim before it gets too cold; also maybe a trail run in the arb.
  • There’s some cool running thing going on at Quarry Road, keep an eye out for more info.
  • Maddy “Colby Card” Wendell is looking to lead a moderate-strenuous day hike, probably with Grace.
  • KAYAK ROLL CLINICS are starting this week Wednesdays at 7. Sign ups posted on the calendar Tuesday nights.
  • Logan “Katahdin-is-the-best-mountain-in-Maine” Gillen wants to lead a Tumbledown-esque trip Saturday.
  • Spencer wants to bike on mountains Wednesday afternoon.


Fall Break:

  • Talk to K Council ASAP if you have any interest in leading a fall break or spring break trip!



  • Leader Training Trip this weekend at Mount Blue! Keep an eye out for sign ups if you’re interested in becoming a leader! Ask Owens “I-want-to-put-her-real-first-name-here-but-I’m-afraid-of-her” Strawinski and/or Brittany if you have any questions!



  • Right Twix wins 28 to 25. Everything is right with the world.
  • If you think Milky Ways are criminally underrated, let me know. I’m thinking of forming a club or society or cult or something.


Committee Stuff:

  • Trips:
    • If you went on the canoeing trip with Wolfdog, talk to Owens and Brittany ASAP.
  • Gear:
    • Tent Party was awesome! Some (but not all) were set up. Thursdays 7-8, email Abby “Another Try” Mulligan or Park if you’re interested in helping out!
    • If you checked out your gear this past week, it’s due this Friday!
  • Events/Community Outreach:
    • Game night this Thursday 7-9 pm!
    • Parents weekend hike in the arb; we need leaders and trippers.
    • Whittling will begin this Wednesday night 7-8 pm in the COC office. It will be rad.
  • Sugaring/Cabin:
    • Sugaring Cabin is actually being worked on
    • Talk to Ryan “Bravo” Clemens” or Lydia “Lydia” Wasmer if you’re interested in sugaring!


Hot Seat:

  • Kaitlin has become a leader. She hot seated and these are her answers:


Honestly, the best thing that happened this weekend and will ever happen was the cheese tent at Common Ground. Everything I just listed is awesome but that will never be beat. Free cheese is literally what I live for. In case anyone wanted to know. Anyway, that’s all I got. I hope you all find your metaphorical and (more importantly) literal free cheese this week. Adieu.

Welcome back, outdoors-lovers!! Seeing all your lovely faces at the meeting warmed my heart and cooled my toes (still confused by the toe effect). If you’re new to reading my minutes, I apologize in advance. If you’re not new, well, it’s your fault that you clicked on the link. Suckers. Anyway, here’s what happened in a windowless room with many couches on a wonderful Sunday evening:



  • Chloe, Abby, Caroline, Maddy, Jamie, and Zane hiked a prezidENT. ‘Twas a lot of fun, they got to see a cabin. There was sweat, but unfortunately no tears. Too bad.
  • The weather app sucks, but Kaitlin and Brittany (plus others) managed to sweat a little bit on French Mountain. Toad urine (NOT FROG URINE) ( was spotted.
  • PJ went to his house with Spencer. Along with that, he and Dylan and others climbed some sick stuff at Mount Washington. No nudity was involved apparently, but I for one don’t believe it.
  • Maddy and Park and Logan and others summited THE BIG OLE KATAHDIN and Logan ate a WHOLE block of cheese. No updates yet on his digestive system.
  • Anna and Hannah and Amy and some others went to Maiden(s?) cliff(s?) and DID NOT go swimming. They played fantasy, in which someone presumably died.
  • Keenan went up Old Speck What the Heck and put cream cheese on another vehicle’s parts. Keller ate some pies.
  • Julia and Hannah others went to Grafton Notch and ate pie and went swimming. BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD STAPLES STAPLES STAPLES STAPLES. THE BIG 4 (blood sweat nudity tears for future notice) ALL HAPPENED.
  • Tanner Tucker Mickey Ian tkiff and Eric bouldered on boulders.
  • Stampy.
  • Jake and others paddled up a bloody river. Bowdoin got shown (showed?) up.
  • Amy B and Dalton and others did THE BIG OLE KATAHDIN. Fear was had.
  • Owens and some other unknown (or maybe known by some of y’all) people climbed at Precipice (in ACADIA) and CRUSHED and had fun.
  • Soren Austin Max Spencer Jeremy Maddy Martin Maeve Collette (and sorta Dylan) went up Mount Washington and it was pretty. No reports on whether they made it down. Nudity sweat blood and tears supposedly had, but I doubt it. Spencer is known to be a liar.



  • Park is doing some crazy 30 mile hike with SARA LOTEMPLIO (aka tied for best president ever) this weekend, let him know if you’re interested.
  • Hannah B and I and Michael Kramer and Stampy ‘Nat’ Joyce are going on the BEST TRIP IN THE WORLD which might be Katahdin but also might not but no matter what WILL BE THE BEST from a completely unbiased third-party observer.
  • Spencer is leading a biking trip to common ground fair Friday after (his) classes.
  • Volunteer at that there (Common Ground) fair, it’s fantastic.
  • Brittany and Chloe are heading to the Whites (Wildcat to Moriah), lengthy hike and tons of fun and 6(!) 4000 footers.
  • Acadia Sky Festival w/ Dylan and his +1 Lydia (DOUBLE DATE OPPORTUNITY). Let Dylan ( know if you’re interested in joining. p.s. Date not mandatory.
  • Mo wants to do a night hike sometime this week!
  • Sugarloaf Mountain Bike Festival (talk to Eli at if interested) is this weekend.
  • This Saturday, Grain Surfboards is having their Surf Revolutions party (movie premiere, food and beer, $15, many funs).
  • Look out for roll clinics at the pool.
  • Presi loop weekend before fall break? Maybe.



  • The first Leader Training Trip of the year will be September 30th-October 2nd (Mount Blue?). A survey will be coming out soon for those interested in getting trained to become a COC leader. If you have any questions, direct them to Owens ( and Brittany (
  • If you have any other questions about become a leader, ask Owens or Brittany or a K Council member, or just come to office hours (Mon-Thurs 7-8pm)!



  • Leader Canoe Training trip (trailers and canoeing) will be run by Ryan Linehan 9-5 this Sunday, talk to K Council (preferably Logan at ASAP if interested. Spots are limited; must have had a driver’s license for three years to get trailer certified.


Bigelow Buddzz:

  • Just a reminder: office hours are 7-8 pm Mondays-Thursdays! Come to hang out or ask questions or do fun stuff or do homework or make voodoo dolls or whittle or play the bassoon or drive around in one of those yellow and orange play cars that kids have or sit and watch the wall. Also if anyone has one of those yellow and orange play cars that kids have please let me know.
  • Trips Facilitation:
    • If you’re a current leader or aspiring leader already on the outing-leaders list, check out the Leader Resources file that has been sent to you! It’s SICK.
  • Gear:
    • No membership fees.
    • Talk to Abby ( or Park ( if you need anything.
    • We’ve got so much stuff you can all use for free (originally while taking notes I just wrote ‘WE’VE GOT THE MEATS’ for this bullet. Took me a little bit to figure out what I meant)!
    • If you’re interested in being on gear committee, come to committee hours on Thursday 7-8 pm or just talk to the committee heads!
    • If you’re interested in construction, they want you.
    • Tent City Night: working with tents this Thursday 7-8pm.
  • Events:
    • Game night in two weekends?!?!$%!?//!
    • There will be a family hike in the arb the Sunday of Parents Weekend at 11 am. Show up your family with your superior walking abilities that you’ve learned in your time in the COC.
    • Family (COC) dinners every Sunday at 6 pm. All are welcome, as long as all are wearing fedoras.
    • Whittling will probably happen soon (GET PUMPED).
  • Sugaring:
      • Not yet, don’t get too excited


It appears that’s all I’ve got for you. If you haven’t quite had enough, just contact me (preferred method GroupMe direct message or Facetime Audio) and I’ll send you audio recordings of myself directly quoting Remember the Titans with pronunciation errors. However, if for some reason you’ve had enough, then I guess it’s goodbye for now. Have a fantastically fun but decidedly disciplined week.

As obvious from the beautiful weather outside, it’s almost summer, meaning the COC has now had its final meeting of the year. We wistfully say goodbye to our trusty seniors as they go on to bigger and smaller things. But for now, let us enjoy the rain and cold for all its wonder. Here’s what I got:


Recent Adventures:

  • LTT (Leader Training Trip) was LIT (LIT). They hiked the Beehive and hardly anyone got stung (hopefully that joke is not a sign of my humor for the rest of these minutes).
  • Abby and Fini led a white water rafting trip on the Kennebec! Supposedly it was awesome. All levels of rapids were rapidded.
  • Pearse-Jacob and Jack Lynch climbed at El Precipe. ‘It was mellow’-Jack.
  • Sara and Emma and George went canoeing on Friday! Then she stopped being an athlete. Then she and Ridgeway hiked French Mountain on Sunday – Sara’s last trip!!! Sara had a busy weekend.
  • Logan took a chainsaw to some wood. AKA whittling.
  • Eric hiked French Mountain. ‘Twas LIT.
  • APT 110 minus Sara and Kimbo hiked Abraham (no spikes involved). Sun nudity possibly happened. Cat got caught twirling.


Stuff that’s gonna happen:

  • CABIN SHINDIG/BARBECUE/AWARDS/FUNTIME- sign up on this form. It will be a fun and relaxing way to end the COC year and acknowledge the awesome stuff we’ve done this year.
  • ROLL CLINIC on Tuesday from 7-9 pm. Sign ups go live at 8 pm tonight.


BIGelow BuddIES:

  • Trips:
    • If you have any questions about further leader processes, ask Julia and Anna.
    • LTT might change to LIT, but also it probably won’t once Owens comes back.
  • Gear:
    • Outdoor Research sent us hella jackets. If anyone wants to send them a gift basket of mini-muffins, that would be much appreciated.
    • T-shirts are being sold! Buy one or three or possibly DEFINITELY HELP SELL THEM.
    • We are accepting gear donations, so if you have any stuff you don’t use anymore (especially hiking boots), we would really appreciate adding them to our gear room.
  • Events:
    • If you’re volunteering for CCAK bbq, make sure you go. Also we need a couple more volunteers. Email with any questions, comments, recipes, or photos of giraffes.
    • Trying to reschedule adventure race, might not work. Who knows? Definitely not me.
  • Sugaring:
    • If you did sugar, Seth has stuff for you.
    • Naked in Nature Contest has been completed, and it is time for voting.
    • Vote in the office with paper and put it in the box. Buck will tally the votes before the cabin shindig. Has not been decided whether he will the tally the votes nudely.


Summer Stuff:

  • If you live in Boston, NY, DC, or San Fran area and want to go outside with alumni, talk to Logan!


Hot Seat:

  • Sophie Gould has become a leader!


It’s been an honor this past semester giving you all information in a (hopefully) humorous manner. While I am sad that this wonderful year is drawing to a close, I am already excited for the new opportunities of next year and all the ways that I will write them down and send them to you. This is Sexcretary Krumholz, signing off.