hello my beautiful outdoorspeople,

I am sure by now that some of you are sick of these frozen particles drifting from the sky.  I am here to say:  too bad.  here’s another foot.  like it or not, it’s what we got. the following minutes shall delve into just how exactly we exploited the snow.  feast your eyes.


things we don did

  • bentley went cross country skiing with henry, megan, soren, and max and they only fell down a few times
  • alex and soren and chris also went xc skiing in the arb
  • addie changed out the sap buckets
  • soren went up the bigelows 20 minutes ago, he’s very tired and his eyes are very red
  • dom went on the dialogue trip and had discussions and soup at flagstaff hut (what fun!)
  • soren and macey went for an arb walk!
  • anna went to the maine primitive skills school, slept in their own shelter
    • no urine was consumed


things we gon do

  • soren’s leading a katahdin trip! if you’re on it then you know cause you won the lottery
  • anna is coleading a dialogue trip on the 18th on mental health in the outdoors
    • going to scranton hut
  • michael kramer wants to lead a late afternoon arb walk on saturday


dialogue trips

  • anna’s co-leading another!
  • if anyone wants to lead one / facilitate one after spring break, please let us know



  • contest ends the 16th
  • get your submissions in by then



  • hey
  • hey you
  • you wanna run the coc?
  • run for an elected position (k-council, bigelow buds, camden comrades)
  • platforms due various dates post spring break
  • talk to k-council to find out what each role entails!
  • be on the lookout



  • left – 8
  • right – 5
  • ambiguous – all


film festival

  • no man’s land film festival
  • after spring break, “it will be when it is”
  • featuring films about women in adventure sports!
  • be on the lookout for more info!



  • trips
    • update your leader profiles!
    • or get a leader profile by emailing max or michael!
    • two LTTs and two WFAs planned
  • cabin
    • cabin is snowy
    • stay away
  • gear
    • spring break is nigh
    • priority to COC trips
    • probably a form going out if you want gear for spring break
      • coc-gear at colby dot edu


that is all.  class dismissed. go do your homework, or sleep or something, cause it’s past your bedtime.

con mucho love,


hello, my name is Soren Denlinger, and welcome to This Week’s Minutes®!

these are the minutes for this week.  not last week.  not the week prior.  next week is right out.  these are for RIGHT NOW

brothers and sisters, CARPE DIEM

read on!


things we done did!

  • dom went to cape elizabeth with colby photographers.  though they may be unofficial it was officially fun
  • julia and mo were outside all day in new jersey, they won first place! (also yay new jersey!)
  • emma took one tripper to the narrow gauge trail, very good ski place, also good for snowshoes, and narrow gauges
  • megan walked a few miles and found jesus
  • henry went up round top “it was great” thanks henry
  • henry and kaitlin and some other people (7) went up katahdin last week!  no one died. three randos on the trip were nice too. see seth two weeks from now!
  • jared and soren led a trip to flagstaff hut, dialogue was had!  “fun trip” -Jared
  • there was a sleepover on friday night! some people woke up early but some people didn’t, very exciting
    • also max went for a 3AM arb walk cause it was pretty
  • hannah and soren led a trip to french mountain, “it was fun” – Soren
  • anna went for a run in the arb, did not get lost
  • kaitlin went streaking in the arb, 36 degrees was surprisingly warm
  • jared traveled across kingsbury pond in the name of geology
  • ryan from the primitive skills school went outside to boil some sap
  • the other one (colin) was doing something with balsam


trips we gon’ do

  • michael and hannah want to do the cross country ski thing as a dialogue trip!  traveling to one of the maine huts and trails cabins
  • max
    • has ideas.  it’s complicated.  he needs co leads
  • michael wants to lead a trip saturday
  • soren wants to do something in the arb during the snowstorm on thursday!
  • sam, sarah backstrand, someone else will go to a maine huts and trails for another dialogue trip!


maine primitive skills school

  • wanna learn some primitive skills? sign up for the primitive skills thing next weekend!
    • go live at 8PM monday! on the normal trips calendar!
  • learn where to get water, how to make fire, make shelter, navigation, foraging, etc. etc. etc.
  • seems pretty cool and both of the dudes have beards so
  • willing to teach whatever you want (weather dependent)
  • 10:00 AM saturday through noon on sunday! sleep in a shelter you built maybe!
  • it will be “fun”


winter katahdin!

  • 17th and 18th of march
  • sign ups will close this wednesday
  • very difficult so please be prepared / very physically fit, but also very fun
    • as in please carefully consider whether you can do this trip
    • but also it’s super fun
  • talk to any variety of people who went on the first two!
  • it’s during doghead.  pick ur priorities


dialogue trips

  • if you’re a leader and interested in leading one
  • or if you have experience facilitating discussions
  • please contact us! or sign up! so we can run some!
  • jared can also function as a liaison between a leader and a PCB facilitator


t shirts

  • we would like some t shirts please
  • please design some
  • send in your designs by friday before friday before spring break (march 16th)
  • then we’ll vote on the designs!



  • after spring break, elections start
  • k-council, bigelow buddies, and camden comrades
  • all spots are available
  • think about whatcha wanna do
  • ask a member of k-council for what each role will be!



  • unicycle 10
  • tricycle 7
  • disappointing to say the least




  • personal spring break needs will be met the week before spring break
  • there will be cookies this thursday during office hours!


  • spring LTT will be in april. at some point
  • keep ur profile updated or FACE THE CONSEQUENCES
  • if you want a profile talk to max or michael
  • two wfa dates, april 14th-15th and 28th-29th

diversity and inclusion

  • if you want an idea for a dialogue trip, talk to jared!  also talk to him about your current topic


  • cabin’s probably out of commission for a bit due to snow


  • the sap floweth
  • buckets overfloweth
  • emptyeth them


club photo?

  • photos due the tenth
  • no photo now since only ⅗ of k-council is here
  • submit your pics to us if you think it depicts the club well and we might just use that instead


and there you have it.  another victory in my war against the scourge of capitalization!

see y’all outside!

– soren


hello hello hello

here’s another edition of the COC weekly minutes, prepared like momma used to make & served hot.

I strongly encourage you to enjoy

what we done did!

  • max went up the carters and it was awesome
  • soren went night-walking and saw an owl
  • zach rowed on messalonskee stream wow!
  • addy tapped some trees, very maine-like
  • max also went on a night hike up french mountain, saw more than five stars
  • brittany and hannah and her parents visited the actual third bossi up north, visited the bangor city forest, saw snow fleas, but they don’t bite
  • grace walked around campus in her crocs
  • hannah went to the spacecoc clinic! (part deux to follow)
  • michael and max led a trip up sanders hill, it went very well, wonderful times for all!
  • there’s a trip hiking in baxter RIGHT NOW but they are currently unfacetimeable
    • editors note: right now was 7:15 PM on sunday


what we gon do

  • michael stone says there’s kayak clinics! maybe, unless the leaders go on the tele clinics
    • look for email
  • hannah and michael want to cross country ski up by sugarloaf!
    • would like some experienced folks to go with
  • soren wants to lead a night hike one night! with hannah perhaps!
  • julia might lead a trip, there might be a dialogue trip
  • mo wants to sit in the snow in lieu of hiking
  • macey and emma probably wanna lead a hike sometime


dialogue trips

  • two coc leaders and a trained facilitator lead a hike out to a Maine Huts and Trails hut to have a discussion about the outdoors and another topic – social justice, colby, etc.
  • good food, good huts, good convos
  • “would recommend” – sam
  • “sometimes you end up in the middle of a lake” – julia


primitive skills thing

  • this is a thing, potentially
  • there is a cost, potentially
  • fires, shelters, eating stuff, tracking, what have you
  • interest form is out there currently
  • sign ups later this week if it will actually happen



  • julia’s doppelganger?
  • unanimous yes
  • wow
  • JULIA???

anna thing

  • wanna know how to do the reimbursement forms?
  • wanna drive for the coc form?
  • talk to anna caughron after the meeting / in general


design contest

  • submit your t shirt design!
  • submissions due the friday before doghead! (the 16th of march)




  • thursday nights, there shall be gear activities (labels! fixing! cookies!)


  • third winter katahdin!
  • march 17th and 18th! also doghead
  • there will be goldfish
  • EVERYONE should sign up
  • email will be out soon! (lottery style again)


  • super tentative coc sleepover!
  • no windows so you can’t tell what time it is!

cabin and sugaring both absent

all camden comrades absent

and so concludes this week’s serving.  this post constitutes 100% of the weekly recommended minute value for the average person’s diet.

as you were,


hello and welcome to another edition of soren’s finest™ minutes, hot off the press.  GAZE upon the finely crafted words.  ADMIRE the courageous endeavors of colby’s most daring outdoorspeople.  DARE to push the limits of what we call the ~outside~


what we done did

  • cam snowshoed up bradbury mountain, fun was had
  • chloe and hannah went skiing in canada, it was pretty fun, kinda icy, very canadian
  • wavus people went cross country skiing, also camped in eustis, also went to french mountain, which was lovely
  • soren and kaitlin went up round top, the top was indeed round


what we gonna do

  • soren wants to do something at night
  • max wants to lead a short or not short trip on sunday
  • kayak clinics are a thing once more
    • in the pool at the ac
    • beginners to experts!
  • ryan and lisa are leading a second tele clinic in two weeks’ time
  • michael wants to lead something saturday, pls talk to michael
  • hannah might lead a dialogue trip this weekend with dwayne
    • what a good segue


dialogue trips

  • looking for leaders! and facilitators!
  • like a normal trip but there’s a specific topic (dialogue)
  • if you’re interested, come talk to k council so we can help arrange things
  • past topics: gender roles, accessibility in the outdoors, first gen at colby and the outdoors


selling stuff

  • tryna get rid of some old t shirts, though they’re pretty spiffy
  • tabling in spa monday through friday from 11 to 2
  • let anna know if you wanna table! or else just sign up in the spreadsheet that she sent out



  • shuffle 13
  • shimmy 12
  • you folks were close but ended up disappointing me




  • two more wfa certifications coming up in april!
  • also if you recently became a trip leader, please send in a blurb about yourself and a pic of yourself in the outdoors so we can stick ya on the website
    • except you emma, we got your stuff, we’re just being slow about it


  • this thursday, SPACECOC
  • collaborative clinic between space club and the coc
  • constellation ID
  • cookies and hot chocolate plus a trip to the observatory!
  • wowee





  • trees are tapped!
  • if you wanna help collect sap then talk to martin or sign up on the spreadsheet he sent out

that will be all.  back to your regularly scheduled homework.  run along now.


hello hello hello

welcome back to another episode of your favorite daytime soap

follow along as this lovable cast does generally lovable things


things we done did!

  • Addie is a national-sorta toboggan champion, she screamed a lot.
  • Anna went snowshoeing with others to Mt. Phillips. Butt rock pristine.
  • Michael did the snowshoeing obstacle course. Grace helped out.
  • James went to the crockers. He says it was fun. (editors note: really, james?)
  • Hannah went to messalonskee stream trails.
  • Cal went to quarry
  • Megan and Dominick went to Harpswell, she ripped her pants but was wearing two.
    • also macey was there
  • hannah and chloe got lost at sugarloaf


things we gon do!

  • michael stone wants to go xc skiing up by sugarloaf! @maxwell
  • max wants to go up pleasant mtn on sunday
  • soren wants to do something (wiffleball?)
  • hannah wants to go ice skating if the pond’s still skateable
  • sj and james are planning a hike somewhere    saddleback? sunday river whitecap? no one knows
  • tele outings? ask ryan! there’s prob gonna be another



  • sign ups are out
  • sign up
  • soren did
  • trip is the 24th and 25th of febby feb february
  • sign ups close wednesday


dialogue trips

  • if you’re interested in leading / facilitating, sign up in the sign up form that went out earlier
  • leading means leading, facilitating means getting the conversation going
  • if you didn’t get the email / deleted it / deleted your email account, talk to anna!


selling stuff

  • next week (not this coming week, next week)
  • selling t shirts in the spa
  • we would like some money
  • ALSO t shirt design contest soon


  • taylor ham or pork roll
  • taylor ham 21    !!!
  • pork roll 13
  • praise be you guys chose the right answer
  • if you don’t know what either of these options are / aren’t from new jersey, LOOK NO FURTHER



  • gear
    • thanks for the help peeps, we got stuff done
    • want to get stuff done? come by mondays or thursdays
    • there might be puzzles
    • leading spring break trips?  look for an email from gear committee
  • trips
    • uhh
    • winter katahdin i guess
  • events
    • thanks to y’all who helped with the winter olympics stuff
    • new member! hannah smith-erb
    • banff film festival sadly did not happen
    • this wednesday – WHITTLING RETURNS
    • no new wood, but we have old wood and soap and knives and gouges
    • next sunday, wavus is coming by looking for souls to employ
  • sugaring
    • want to join sugaring? email martin!
    • talk to martin
    • he’s cool
  • cabin
    • cabin is not plowed
    • cabin is not reachable
    • cabin is not usable unless you’re getting dropped off or something contrived like that
  • camden comrades
    • all of them are absent


hot seat

  • what
  • crumple
  • museum first floor
  • mauve (spelling?)
  • jam
  • oh crap 17
  • butterfly with a wing on each side
  • 19
  • no

and thus concludes this week’s gripping action

tune in next week to see where our heroes go next! (hint: it’s mostly outside)

toodley doodley,


After an excruciatingly long break, the long-awaited return of Sexcretary Krumholz is already here, if only for one week. So it’s time to dust off those reading glasses, polish those reading chairs, and get ready for a doozy. The following are the mostly-true, probably-unadulterated goings-on of the Outing Club this past week.


What we definitely did:

  • Dom ‘More or’ Leskiw (and others) watched the sunrise Friday morning then ate one pancake. For those wondering, the pancake was larger than his face (an above-average 13 face units)
  • Taryn ‘Go’ Waite went skiing on Friday – it was fun
  • Michael ‘Definitely not Cosmo’ Kramer and Macey ‘Smallfire’ Broadwater led a trip to Megunticook – Macey said it was “wonderful, spectacular, cemetery, fruitful”
  • Luke ‘PB and’ Kelly and Sam ‘Falls Into’ Wells and Henry ‘The’ Doud and others (including me!) went to Bald Mtn, yet (unexpectedly but thankfully) did not become bald
  • Max ‘Honest’ Abramson went XC skiing at Quarry Road on Monday – no one asked him a follow up question
  • People played with glow sticks on Monday! Bentley ‘Tippy’ Meyer did not fall over, which I for one don’t believe
  • Charlie ‘Corn on the’ Cobb went XC skiing all day every day, which seems a little extreme (XCtreme?) in my opinion
  • Dom ‘Nickname Already Established’ Leskiw and Macey ‘Ditto’ and others went sledding on Friday – Dom almost hit a tree accidentally, did hit his roommate on purpose
  • Max went to foss and danced in contra style

What we probably will do:

  • Max wants to lead a cross country skiing clinic sometime this week (preferably Tuesday)
  • The Colby Garden is hiring student workers – ask Nick Pattison (nmpattis@colby.edu) about it!
  • Soren probably wants to lead two trips per weekend for the rest of the semester – he wasn’t at the meeting but it seems likely

Wilderness First Responder:

  • If you’re interested in the Wilderness First Responder course taking place over Jan Plan Break, get in contact with Max Abramson (mrabra20@colby.edu) immediately!

Tele Clinic:

  • Ryan is running another tele skiing clinic; keep an eye out for sign ups

Winter Katahdin:

  • There will be another Winter Katahdin trip in February on the 24th and 25th! Keep an eye out for sign ups going out soon.

Question of the Week:

  • Fruit at bottom – 9
  • Flavoring – 6

Bigelow Buddzz

  • trips
    • Spring LTT(s)(?)
  • gear
    • Tell us (coc-gear@colby.edu) if you know where to get good cheap snow pants!
    • Skates have been sharpened!
  • conservation
    • We’ll be sending people to the MYTAC trailwork summit in March; if you’re interested, reach out to srwell20@colby.edu and/or awvand20@colby.edu for more info

Hot Seat

  • Macey became a leader!


Well, that’s all from me. Hope you have a wonderfully cold Jan Plan Break, and may you stare at the sun a lot but not for a dangerous amount of time.

Signing off,


Jan Plan is in full swing and so are various things performed out of doors!  People with waxed bits of wood strapped to their feet!  People with claws strapped to their feet!  People with spikes strapped to their feet!  People with feet!  Read about em here!


Also I have decided to flee the cold and go to Bermuda for a spell so adios until the spring semester


what we done did

  • dom watched the sun rise at a beach, “it was lovely”
  • michael stone did the thing where he went down the mountain on friday with the colby learn-to-ski program
  • michael kramer also tried to do that thing but couldn’t
  • nat tried to do that thing twice, succeeded once
  • ben went up french with some people known to sam (ie, sam)  good views were had
  • taryn and max and soren tried to do mt. madison but it was windy so they didn’t
  • brittany went skating on johnson pond! even the snowy section like the intrepid explorers they are
  • max went cross country skating and the lifts were closed but it didn’t matter
  • grace went sledding on that one hill with the chapel
  • soren and taryn and macey and jimmy went up old speck and the fire tower was scary

what we gon do

  • julia’s annual french sunrise with early bird breakfast (paid for) on friday morning, leaving around 6 am
  • max wants to lead a xc ski clinic on saturday, looking for co lead (sam?), doesn’t need to teach
  • michael kramer wants to snowshoe some sort of mountain on saturday, looking for a co lead
  • sam wants to lead a trip up bald mtn with sam wells on sunday ~~~4 miles near rangeley
  • michael stone still wants to play wiffle ball!


  • sign ups are still somehow open!
  • feb 2nd through 5th & april 3rd
  • all that jazz about substituting for wfa

tele clinic

  • wolfdog is leading a tele ski clinic on wednesday, 3pm to 9pm, dinner provided
  • must be able to ski parallel downhill and stop safely
  • lottery is tomorrow (1/22) so sign up asap

winter katahdin

  • first one is set, next weekend
  • second one in february, sign ups after jan plan


  • is harry potter a documentary or merely based on true events?
  • documentary – 8
  • true events (all the others) (which was like 13)
  • both michaels had their eyes open, for the record

night of 1000 glow sticks

  • tomorrow!
  • roughly 1000 glow sticks
  • super fun
  • snowshoeing, sledding, skating
  • 7-9 pm, meet in the coc, get lit, get gear
  • if you wanna help out, sign up on the spreadsheet


  • events
    • movie night? probably? maybe tuesday.
    • movie tbd
    • contra dance is this coming saturday, evening ish? 7 pm! look for an email
    • “no creativity necessary”
  • trips
    • “talk to us, we’re lonely”
  • gear
    • yeah
    • wanna help with gear? come by during office hours on thursday nights! or any weeknight but friday!
    • 1,000 pieces of gear have been checked out this year!
  • cabin
    • in sri lanka
    • not plowed
  • sugaring
    • in hibernation

hot seat

  • uhh that one
  • jim
  • he would eat bentley
  • ally russell?
  • allergic to cottage cheese
  • crumple
  • frisbee
  • you can find out later
  • touche
  • spa
  • pink
  • magenta
  • not gonna answer


and thus concludes my final minutes of jan plan.  also for the record the people here think 65 is cold so chew on that for a while.



soren flyin

welcome back to the 2018 edition of the colby outing club!  get your (or our!) snowshoes ready cause the cold frozen white snow is here to stay.


what we done did

  • lilli played on a frozen canadian lake, did not turn into a mountie
  • alex learned how to tele ski!
  • ian lost his phone on a mountain
  • megan learned how to cross country ski
  • dominick hiked in the camden hills
  • dean found a frozen lake with creepy fishermen, also dogs eating chocolate? confusing story to be honest.
  • nat went arb-shoeing
  • max went sledding on a day last week at quarry road
  • lots of people went skiing, woo
  • hannah and anna and taryn went snowshoeing in the arb (good riddles were told)
  • soren and his dad tried snowshoeing up a mountain, didn’t make it
  • addie went rock climbing
  • james went up mt. moriah with some people
  • soren crashed his car!

what we gon do

  • max wants to lead a trip!
  • hannah wants to lead multiple trips this week! preferably short xc ski or snowshoeing!
  • max wants to lead a xc clinic at quarry road this week
  • soren wants to go up old speck this weekend!
  • sam wants to lead a trip on sunday, shorter, to get someone their co-lead, and also a shorter trip!


  • maybe!
  • over jan plan break + one day in april (the 21st)
  • wilderness first responder, a level up from wilderness first aid
  • “it’s great” – sam
  • stay tuned

open house

  • during office hours on monday! tomorrow!
  • come! learn! mingle!
  • @ges students @people who wanna learn

winter katahdin

  • winter ascents of maine’s tallest peak! with professional guides!
  • “very cool” – max
  • jan 27 – 28, lottery style sign ups
  • also one in mid to late february
  • fully subsidized! wowee!

poll – pajamas or paJAMas

  • pajamas – 18
  • paJAMas – 7 (would’ve been 8 but lilli peeked)
  • pretty decisive but y’all chose the most boring possible way of saying it


  • events
    • michaela is leading a clinic this thursday!
    • how to identify plants in winter! & leaf pressing!
    • she has so many leaves
    • also sign up for clinics!
    • ALSO
    • whittling wednesdays returns!
    • movie monday! at 8 following the open house, movie tbd (it was emperors new groove)
    • craft night on tuesday? not sure!
    • thursday evening, after clinic, snow pants or no pants!!!
    • ALSO
    • jan 27th! contra dance! no prior skill or ability of any kind needed!
    • jan 22nd! night of 1000 glow sticks! sledding and skating and snowshoeing
  • trips
    • winter skills training this wednesday!
    • 1 of your co-leaders must have this, it’s necessary to lead trips in winter
    • 4-6 PM in diamond
    • covers ice safety, layering, hypothermia, etc.
    • ALSO
    • pond should open on tuesday!
  • gear
    • return ur gear
    • especially during jan plan
  • cabin
    • road is plowed, the driveway is not
  • we would like a foursquare ball please


that about covers it.  please, if you have a foursquare ball, deliver it unto us.  this is urgent.

thx for reading & until next time,


behold, the last hurrahs of 2017!  read about our glorious expeditions of the past week and then stare into the utter void of winter break.  yeah there’s no homework and you’ll probably all see your families and celebrate whatever holidays you celebrate but there’s no COC trips so what’s the point??


what we don did

  • abby did not
  • emma walked around the fake tree forest in the sparkle festival in freeport! actual reindeer!
  • james went up a singular bigelow and there was a foot of snow at the top! a fun harbinger of things to come
  • henry went up one baldpate, also snow, just sweat though
  • soren spilled hot chocolate on his laptop in the course of writing this
  • soren also climbed some trees
  • anna went for an arb run, it was sad and dead looking


what we gon do

  • nothing ( officially 🙂 )



  • still happening jan plan break
  • probably fun
  • subsidized for those who need wfa / a re-certification
  • send your questions to trips & facilitation!


spring break

  • sign ups close tonight!
  • those lucky winners will be notified on monday night!


winter ascent of katahdin!

  • planned, kinda ice climbing, kinda hiking
  • sign ups in jan plan for one, in spring semester for a second
  • if you’re interested in leading one of these (must be a COC leader) shoot me an email!



  • 13 said that “next saturday” is the 9th
  • 3 said that “next saturday” is the 16th
  • good job y’all



  • trips
    • if you wanna become a leader talk to michael or max
    • trips committee is tired
  • gear
    • absent
  • events
    • fun events to come!
    • stove clinic this thursday! probably!


and that’ll do it.  hopefully these minutes are enough to get you through the cold cold break and into the new year! at which point there will be toasty minutes once again!


until then!

– soren

with our bellies filled with turkey (or turkey-substitute, for the avian sympathizers among us), we return.  read all about what we did outside! it’s sort of interesting!


what we don did

  • max went for a walk in the woods, lost the car keys, ended up stranded
  • addie went to the beach, was attacked by seagulls
  • anna went to beach on thanksgiving, it was cold
  • ian went to walden pond on friday, no blood or sweat or tears because of familial interference
  • michael stone went on the freedom trail on friday and then cut up a tree on saturday
  • nat went to wood’s hole beachy area on thanksgiving, found a rock (yay geology!)
  • soren climbed a tree, soren was happy, tree was not


what we gon’ do

  • max wants to lead a trip up the bigelows with chris
  • michael stone wants to play wiffleball! and maybe lead a trip
  • soren wants to find an abandoned trail up the baldpates!
  • maybe nat could lead a trip too, if persuaded



  • during jan plan break (after jan plan)
  • sign ups will be the very beginning of january, which is to say after december
  • we can’t pay for it all, so you’d have to pay for some of it
  • there is a price estimate, but max can’t remember it (it’s $250 if it’s doubling as your wfa, $400 or so otherwise)


spring break

  • sign ups going out tonight!
  • big bend / tonto / chic-choc skiiiiing
  • tabling this coming week! sign up in the coming email!
    • ya don’t need to be a leader for this
    • 1 hour long slots, pretty low commitment



  • more trash? soren or rainbow sherbet?
    • soren? 15
    • rainbow sherbet? 9
    • sadness



  • trips
    • no
  • gear
    • whipped cream? we have it!
  • events
    • done w/ events for the rest of the semester, keep your eyes peeled for stuff happening in the groupme!
    • wear festive sweaters for the last meeting!
  • whittling
    • wednesdays
  • cabin, sugaring, conservation, diversity & inclusion
    • absent


and thus concludes this week’s minutes.  tune in next week as we detail the last bits of (official) coc fun in the year 2017.  alas.

– soren