Well, it’s looking like spring. A warm forty degrees, t-shirts, large amounts of rain, Owens is here – all the natural signs. So get outside and enjoy that wonderful Maine sun. Here’s some stuff:


What we’ve been up to:

  • Buck had a hard time getting down. Mo forgot a map. She got the map and proceeded. Sasquatches were found at the great Tumbledown.
  • Julia hiked?
  • Tanner and Eli went to old orchard beach. They may have stood on boards in the water, was not confirmed.
  • Cat and Buck shredded some ice.
  • Green is Not White Retreat!
    • Anna went canoeing for the first time ever (this year) with wolf daddy and wolf offspring.
    • French Mountain and Mt Phillip were also explored.
    • Lots of great dialogue. Thanks to everyone who came!
    • “Great conversations about identity in the outdoors” –Abby
    • “There was some sick trivia” -Cassandra Biette
    • “I loved that game where you stand in a line” -Sara LoTemplio
  • OWENS WAS HERE (but was late).
    • Bought a bus, broke her foot, got a haircut, all the usuals.


Da Future

  • Julia and Sam are going to Big (Little?) Spencer Mountain from Saturday afternoon to Sunday!
  • Logan is going to Saddleback on Saturday.
  • Tumbledown Saturday!
  • Hannah Bossi and Cassandra are leading “something else”.
  • Lisa and Ryan are rolling in kayaks tomorrow from 7-9 pm.


Da Committees:

  • Gear: T-Shirts on their way. No Gear Meeting this week. Run for Gear Committee Head!
  • Trips: LTT: (4/30-5/1 LTT IS LIT)
  • Sugar: Pancake breakfast is coming…spooky.
  • Events: Sign up for ADVENTURE RACE.
    • Sign up for CCAK BBQ (Don’t do this if you have a mentee)


Other Cool Thing:

  • Venture Out is teaching a WFR course in NH (da 603) from 6/1 to 6/7. Focus on LGBTQ+ wilderness medicine issues.


Hot Seat:

  • Abby hot seated!
    • Answers: Loves MRRRNRRR. Perfectly understands the time-space continuum via Charlie and the chocolate factory. AI is lit. Doesn’t like cats or dogs. Does like Acadia. Still likes Acadia. Would like to be led by President Snow. Uses raven like a quill. Hillside Chillside.



  • Candidates for Treasurer:
    • Hannah Bossi
  • Candidates for Secretary:
    • Sam Krumholz (Fall 2016)
    • Keenan Boscoe (Spring 2016)
    • Julia Von Ehr (Spring 3016)
  • Voting can be done here.
  • Make sure to submit a platform for a Bigelow Buddy (gear, events, sugaring, cabin, trips) position by this Sunday if you’re interested!!!


That’s all I got for you, so I hope you didn’t want any more. Because I don’t have it. So go find it elsewhere. Go on, get outta here.

The eminent statesman Gunther has returned to his true home, finally saved from his treacherous captors. But the kidnapping will not go unpunished. The feud rages on. Also, a meeting happened:


So many things we have done:

  • Eli went to Tucks last Sunday and it was awesome. Great day. Also he went surfing today. Eli’s been busy.
  • Keenan, Abby and Kaitlin did some stuff in the ‘dacks (which I’ve heard aren’t as good as the Whites). They failed to summit a very large mountain. No types of spikes were involved.
  • Chloe and Eli and others went on some sort of trip with a wolfish individual. I think they skied. Eli tried to become Father Ryan. Father Ryan slept on the floor to relive college glory days. No knowledge of whether Ryan took part in other old college pastimes. Also not sure why Ryan didn’t have a bed in college.
  • Park and the CMC went to Red River Gorge with the glorious Gunther. Minimal clothes were involved, apparently.
  • COC and women’s rugby coordinated a trip and went to Maiden’s Cliff in Camden! There was snow! Also SWEAT. There may have also been a good old-fashioned mooning. Which is the same as a new-fashioned mooning, but in a car.
  • APT 110 hiked up Bretton Woods for the sunset. “Kim rode Jenna into the sunset”-slotemps
  • Amy went to Utah. Horses were ridden. Two ice creams one day. “Nothing you say makes sense”-slotemps to alotemps. Ah the wonders of sibling banter. Also there was apple cider.
  • Spencer the Schmoozer and Sophie brought some never-evers (including Johanna) up to Sugarloaf and some people learned to ski! All things happened (B,S,T,N).
  • Sara did some banana suit tomahawking. Don’t ask me what that means.
  • Anna and Cassandra went to Death Valley and biked and flowers and low things and sea level and salt. I’m already tired of taking notes and it’s the first category.
  • CMC competition happened Saturday! Bates and Bowdoin were there and climbed some stuff. There were lots of people and normal amounts of hammocks and slack lines.
  • Emma, Brother Emma and Air Julia did not ski Tucks. They had no spikes. BUT there was lots of tree-hugging and lots of butt-sliding. So definitely a successful trip.
  • Wow that was a lot of things.


So many things we’re gonna do:

  • Logan wants to go up Saddleback and have a hot chocolate party. Let Logan know if you want to co-lead.
  • Abby and Joe are leading rafting sometime in the future!
  • Buck and Mo are leading a tumbledown trip on Saturday. Possibility of it being a Sasquatch hike, so if you’d like to meet a mythical creature, this is the chance of a lifetime.
  • Julia and Keenan want to reenact the movie Tumbledown sometime this weekend (maybe Sunday).
  • COC-CMC collaboration trip may happen, depending on how the feud goes.
  • Julia and Sam (myself!) will be leading a trip up BIG SPENCER MOUNTAIN within the next couple weeks. The main task of the trip will be to discover how large the mountain’s nose is. Spencer will not be allowed on the trip.
  • Spring Leader Training Trip is happening the weekend of April 30th-May 1st! Sign up here.
  • MLRC Green is Not White retreat this Sunday! We will be leaving campus around 11:30. Dad (Ryan) and his kids will be there! We will be back by 5 pm. YOU SHOULD GO ON THIS. Sign up here.
  • Anna is leading a bowdrill clinic on Wednesday from 7-8 pm! It’s gonna be awesome.


Best Bigelow Buddies Around:

  • Gear:
    • Meeting on wednesday, hopefully better than last week.
    • T-shirt designs have been sent in. Jeff(?) is cool. We will have t-shirts.
  • Events:
    • CCAK barbecue is coming up! The theme is Camp CCAK and they’re looking for people to lead outdoorsy activities. Hannah will send out a sign up sheet soon, so keep a lookout for it.
    • Adventure Race will happen next weekend! More info will be coming soon.
    • TGR movie contract is looking good; should be happening soon.
    • Social Justice Sunday is becoming COC Storytime!
  • Cabin:
    • Amy’s got nothing
  • Buck:
    • NAKED IN NATURE CONTEST IS UP. Prize is as of yet undecided.
    • Send more naked in nature photos to cocnaturephotos@gmail.com.


Prez Stuff:

  • Logan and Spencer read their platforms for the presidency! You can vote here.

Well, that’s all I got folks. Hope you read this all in an Australian accent, or else you really missed the gist of it. But then again, none of us are perfect. Except Ryan. He’s perfect.

Major credits to the WONDERFULly-bad-at-eating-donuts Julia von Ehr for taking notes during the meeting. I’ll do my best to make my minutes as different from those notes as possible, because, as we all know, she’s in on an inside plot to slowly destroy the Outing Club and all we stand for. Or maybe that’s me. Or Spencer. Who knows? Well this is an unusually long heading. Anyways, here goes:


What we been up to:

  • NICK WENT FISHING MEMORIES WHERE HAD (PS it was also his first meeting!!)
  • Eric went for a run in 70 degree weather (in the crabby state of Maryland)
  • Jake went to the Hume center! He was gonna jump in for a swim, but there was ice, and it hurts to jump onto ice.
    • PSA FROM CASSANDRA: dont walk on ice around here, someone fell in and died in Camden last week. I was gonna make a joke about this PSA, but I feel it might not be a joking matter. So just know you missed out on a great joke in this spot.
  • There was also a night time fire on Runnals (twas a log cabin/lean-to style hybrid). Jake and Eli are fire physicists”. I do not know who said this as I was not at the meeting. Odds-are they still aren’t on the level as fire-making legend Fire-Kat.
  • Some people (definitely including Rachel) had an impromptu and completely unplanned get-together atop the steps of Miller Library to see the sunrise on Saturday morning after a full night of sleeping and general healthy behavior.


Things we might do if we feel up to it:

  • Roll clinic led by Spencer and Wolf-Dog Linehan tomorrow at 7 pm. Sign ups around 9 tonight probably?
    • Julia referred to Wolf-Dog as RDOG in her notes. Let it be known this is vastly incorrect.
  • Tree ID clinic on Wednesday (led probably by Jack Lynch but maybe not because he hasnt texted Sara back in typical Jack Lynch fashion). The clinic will be at 6PM even though Jack wants to do it at 6AM because thatd be great for seeing birds’.
  • SPRING BREAAAAAK. Rumor is that’s happening.


Things we’ll definitely do in April (not sure why this is a separate section, this is pretty much chaos, Julia):

  • White water rafting?!?!?! We’d love for this to happen, it would probably be with Crabapple on the Kennebec. Yay water and helmets.
  • This line of notes just said “RAD RAD RAD”. Don’t know what to take from that.
  • Learn to Ski Day! All expenses paid for by COC, so even if you need to rent it’s all good. Keep an eye out for this.
  • Leader training trip (APRIL 30TH) at ACADIA!!!!!! Sign ups/apps will be after break. Will be led by yours truly, so consider whether you really want to spend two days learning from me. Acadia’s great though.
  • Spring WFA course run by COOT! More info on that coming soon. WFA is a requirement for a COC leader.


ELEXIONESZES (that’s Dutch for elections):

  • President platforms are due April 2nd (must be a rising Senior).
  • Secretary and Treasurer platforms are due April 9th (secretary and treasurer).
  • Sometime after those are announced, committee head platforms will be due.
  • Reminder that even previously held positions must be run for again. Complete democracy up in here.


Committee Bigelow Buddies Peoples:

  • Gear with Chris (Spencer keeps disappearing):
    • Plug from Logan: donate your old hiking boots!!
  • Sugaring:
    • Due to weird weather (read: climate change) sugaring yield has not been that great BUT there are still opportunities to help out
    • Potential pancake breakfast for the Colby community
    • We are very close to getting a hard structure over the sugaring shack (project run by PPDbuilt by students, talk to Seth if you want to help)
  • Events:
    • Movie screening in Olin 1 on March 30th, first all black ascent of Denali: http://expeditiondenali.nols.edu/
    • Working on the adventure race (obstacle course/scavenger hunt extravaganza on Earth Day which is April 22nd (PS: catching a squirrel is automatic win))
    • The Earth is LITregistered partyBYORC (bring your own reusable container) will also be on Earth Day
    • CCAK brunch, need help from people that arent mentors to lead all the activitiezzzz


Other stuff that Julia didn’t put in a category:

  • NOTE TO EVERYONE FROM SARA: pick up free stuff whenever possible (just make sure you arent stealing). I honestly don’t know what this means.
  • Patches are on their wayyyyyy YEAHcool.– Jake
  • Plug it so hard.– Logan about getting free Maine huts and trails maps. You can order some online.


Hot Seat:

  • Sir Park “P-dog” “Parky Park” “Fenway” Cawley hot seated and became a LEADER. Below be his answers:
    • dogs chicken parm cuz I love it sleeping Eric Teddy not that often anymore getting pulled over late at night because I apparently cut someone off shorts, shorts, shorts YES my house


If I don’t see your lovely faces before Spring Break, have a magnificent time. Or a bad time. I ain’t your boss. Do whatever makes you happy, unless it makes me unhappy. Then you probably shouldn’t do it, because I’m your boss.

Hello friends and enemies, I hope you have all been doing well in these stressful pre-break weeks we are in. If you have not been doing well, eat some chocolate. Or watch Netflix. Or kick someone. I guarantee any of these will help. Here be the minutes:


What we been doing:

  • Dialogue Trips:
    • Rachel was one of two trippers, they walked around a pee loop, talked about stuff, “it was like mmm”-Julia. There was nudity.
    • Anna and Co. actually took the trail, then went on lake and were penguins. They might have seen urine.
    • Fini and crew did not manage to get to the cabin, but said some good stuff and ate some good food.
    • Good food all around.
  • Tanner and Eli climbed a tree yesterday and got busted by security. They’re probably gonna get expelled, say goodbye to them while you have the chance.
  • Emma went ice skating on Great Pond! Hit her up if you wanna skate.
  • Sara and Mo saw at least one tree in NYC (did not climb it).
  • Some peoples saw Audrey Peterman speak at Bates. ‘twas rad.
  • Logan chopped down trees with chainsaws! I’m very scared of him. He also got the ES truck stuck on Wednesday. But then he turned a knob and he was all good. Lesson: always check the knobs.


What we gonna be doing:

  • Keenan wants to lead a trip! Let him know if you’re interested in leading with him.
  • Sara’s leading a clinic this Wednesday from 7-8pm. Might be on knot-tying, but maybe knot.
  • Tuesday night 7-9 pm roll clinic with Wolf-Dog (Ryan Linehan) and Spencer! Sign ups go live tonight.
  • Special office hour with Logan Thursday at noon focused on gear, stop by if you want to help.


Them Bigelow Buddies:

  • Events:
    • Wednesday after spring break we will be screening “An American Ascent”, a documentary on the first all-African American ascent of Denali! Link to the website is here: http://www.anamericanascent.com/.  
    • Community Outreach is planning a community hike in the arb with families and professors and such on the first weekend of April (more info on the way).  
    • There are plans of an adventure race!!! Talk to Hannah with ideas for events of the race.
    • FACES (not sure why i wrote ‘faces’ in my notes, but I thought I’d keep it in here).
  • Trips:
    • Meeting tomorrow at 6:30 pm with Monique (and others!). Continued work on new ERP and other helpful forms. HELP THEM.
  • Gear: Meetings. Gear. Clinics. Chris. Friends (none).
  • Cabin: Logan brought wood to cabin. Spencer did not. Hoorah.


Weird Things Sara Says:

  • We are now a monarchy. Cassandra and Sara are the queens. Amy’s the dragon. Emma’s the moat. Mo’s the drawbridge. Most importantly, Spencer’s the court jester.



  • Round River!! Study abroad in Patagonia, Costa Rica, Namibia, possibly other places?  You get to do conservation and outdoorsy things, which is really the dream. Talk to Emma if you’re interested and my description gave you literally no information. She has flyers. Here’s a link to their website: http://www.roundriver.org/student-programs/.


Sam (Me!):

  • Here’s a little blurb on Overland (a wonderful company that I just happen to work for): 

    Overland Information Meeting: Wednesday, March 9th at 7PM in Diamond 141

    Overland is hiring exceptional college students to lead summer programs. We offer service, leadership, language, hiking & biking programs to students in grades 4-12. Our staff of 200 leaders spend 10 days training and 6 weeks leading programs. We are looking for Colby students who are responsible, charismatic, dynamic and love working with kids. Attend our short presentation to learn about Overland, where you come in as a potential leader, and how to take the next step to apply. 


    Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put you in touch with them.


Hot Wall:

  • Jacob Wall is officially a trip leader! Here are his hot seat answers:


That’s all, folks. Try not to eat any live aquatic creatures over the next week. We’re all human though.

Warning to all: I was not at the meeting (secret awesome spy stuff) and Spencer took the notes, so if my minutes are not up to snuff, it’s his fault, and if they’re awesome, that means I’m great at working with other people. I knew you’d all understand. Here be that COC stuff:


What done happened:

  • Pj freed his heel. Eli dropped his heel naturally. People got high (on mountains). People sweat, windy tears, blood was kept in its veins and arteries.
  • Keenan, Spencer, Anna, and others tapped trees, didn’t make the NESCAC story, boiled things, reports are coming in positive. Travis Reynolds was there. He seems cool.
  • Want to join sugaring? Email Lydia.Wasmer@colby.edu if you wanna join. Payment is in syrup. Wages are negotiable.
  • Kailtin, Cassandra walked to car, drove said car, walked to ll bean, sat down in llbean. Listened to people talking about marching. Kaitlin bought smartwool socks and saw coach who forgot her. She said it was still a good day: Potentially saw lunchlady from the good old days.  
  • Reality TV Shows have been asking to have us. Rachel is int.


Future Shenanigans:

  • Abraham, saddle back. Professor Katz will decide if Logan can lead this. Send him your O-Chem (orange chemistry) vibes.
  • Dialogue trips have mixed signups. Some are empty, some are super full. Sign up!
  • Kayaking / Roll clinic Tuesdays from 7-9 starting this week. Signups go live tonight at 8!
  • Sara will not be at office hours for Audrey Peterman. BOC invited us to dialogue about diversity in the outdoors. Chipotle? Bus? Making Bates jokes? Sign up for all that and more on the email recently sent out by slotemp!
  • Sir Spencer Martin will be leading a wilderness medical review during Wednesday office hours! Come on down whether you have WFA/WFR, hope to take it some time in the future, or even just have a dislocated shoulder!
  • Colby Fly Fishing- Horizons! A newly released fly fishing film in Lopo/Lower Pulver/below the pub/Bobby Silberman/place with chairs on Wednesday March 9th at 7pm.
  • No more Tree-Trimming Tuesdays. No one has been coming to them.


Ze Bigelow Buddddies:

  • Gear: We getting gear!
  • Trips: New ERPs are being made (maybe have already been made?) Be on the lookout for those.
  • Sugaring: Sugaring is sugaring!
  • Community Outreach: Afterschool hikes with 3th, 4rd, 5nd graders sometime during March. Check in with Rachel if you’re interested in that.
  • Events: TGR is coming to Colby! Stay tuned.


A Heated Seat

  • Fini and PJ burned their bums! Here are their answers:
  • Fini: Toenails 3 days. Germany. So many COWS they chomp. Not Hitler. Ice climbing. Cookies & cream. Tomato & Something. Julia. 2nd. 1st. what’s a ply?
  • PJ: Pearse,  Pearse Jacob. PJS?!?!?!?!? Yeah sure. Pj in pj’s. Um, close. I don’t know, lord of the rings? Larvae. Idk, I guess the default is Emma Watson? Wait no- Lizzy Duffy.


Spencer wrote a lot of weird things at the bottom of the notes that I’m gonna ignore, except CONGRATS TO LEX on being awesome and skating fast and making it up that well. You Rock. Hope nobody runs into a crocodile this week. Bonjour, and adios.

It’s cold, it’s warm, it’s raining, chunks of lava are falling from the sky, who even knows anymore. All we know is Julia is REALLY bad at eating donuts. Next competitor at the event will be the one and only Logan Gillen. Anyway, here’s what happened:


Outside Past?

  • Julia and Emma led a trip camping on Bigelow! I went on it, it was very fun. They were stopped from reaching the summit by snow, ice, and butt sliding.
  • COC tangles with the law…and wins: Park and Eric and crew almost got arrested while going to Early Bird, but made it to breakfast safely.
  • Spencer/T$/Eli and Co skinned/snowshoed up to bullwinkle’s, PJ bled maybe? Chloe and Eric (and others?) did it in the dark. No explanation needed, unless you have a dirty mind, then explanation is definitely needed. But I won’t give it to you. Also, Spencer cried tears of beauty when he looked over at Bigelow and saw us camping beautifully.
  • Kaitlin and Sage and unknown ‘Kate’ went on Sara and Jake’s trip and nordic walked (not a thing) and stayed in a yurt and visited a bog. ‘twas a fun time.
  • Woodsmen men got either 3rd place or 6th place (Logan is mysterious) and Woodswomen got 2nd at meet in Orono! Logan got a German beer thing for coming in 3rd/6th.
  • Sugaring tapped some trees up! Sap flowing all dayyyyyyy. Hoo rah.
  • We talked about ski culture at Social Justice Sunday! Let hjbossi@colby.edu know about any ideas you have for future SJS’s.


Outside Future?

  • Dialogue trips are happening this weekend and next weekend at Maine huts and trails!! Hiking, eating, and discussing! Three of my favorite things. Trip themes still to be decided. The hikes will be easy 2.2 mile hikes round-trip, mainly focused on the dialogue. Sign ups will be Wednesday at 7pm (tentatively). GO ON THEM. If you want.
  • Tumbledown will be playing at railroad square Tuesday night at 7pm! It’s a rom com set near Tumbledown Mountain, which is in Maine, which is where Colby is! Keenan and Julia will lead a group there, let them know if you want in.
  • COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT- Coot applications are due Thursday night at midnight! If you have any questions, either send an email to coot@colby.edu, go to the COOT panel Tuesday at 8pm in Ostrove, or just ask me!
  • Anna and Joe will be looking at tracks in the arb on Thursday if there is a substance on the ground that holds tracks. More info on that in the future.
  • Whisperlite clinic Wednesday from 7-8 pm in the COC office! Whether you’ve never used a whisperlite, or have had one blow up in your face at the base of Katahdin, come learn some fancy tips and tricks from cooking experts!
  • PJ and Jacob will lead a tele skiing clinic to Sugarloaf on Saturday
  • Tree-trimmin’ (Twhittling?) Tuesday tomorrow!
  • Bruce Rueger (rad geo teacher) is speaking on Friday at 7 in Freeport on this topic: Benedict Arnold (traitor) going to Canada (cold) and how it affected some rocks (rocks)?
  • TRAMPOLINE JUMP-OFF COC V BOC IN LEWISTON (not planned at all yet but keep a nose out for news).
  • FOSS TRIVIA NIGHT ON FRIDAY-THE COC MUST WIN. If you also love collecting completely useless pieces of knowledge and then telling that knowledge to other people after being asked a question about that knowledge, let me or Sara know and let’s rule the galaxy together.



  • Events: Rachel Bird is Hannah’s first friend (aka head of new community outreach committee)!  Meeting for the Rachel/Hannah committees will be at 6:30 pm on Wednesday. On another note, if anyone can tell me what I was referencing in my meeting notes when I simply wrote ‘all-denim’, please let me know. There will be an adventure race sometime in April being planned by events committee! There is talk of summer sausage. Talk to hannah with any ideas you might have; the crazier the better.
  • Trips: if you’re leading or facilitating a dialogue trip, there is a meeting at 7 tonight in the COC office.
  • Gear: Meetings for gear will be every Wednesday for the rest of the semester.
  • Cabin: wood will be brought down to the cabin sometime on Wednesday; if you would like to help or heckle let Amy (aalotemp@colby.edu) know.



  • Send Spencer t-shirt designs! The more summer sausages included, the better.
  • Jake Lester made patches. The patch is circular.


Hot Seat

  • Keenan and Sage hot seated and have therefore become leaders!! Here are their answers to the hot seat questions with zero context of the questions:


I have nothing more to tell you people. As always, it’s an honor writing out words for you folks. Stay golden, Colby.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR, AND DAMN IS IT COLD. If you were too cold to come to the meeting, or otherwise engaged in some other Valentine’s Day activity, don’t worry! I’m here to sorta let you know about some of the stuff that may or may not have happened at the meeting.

Here ya go:


Recent Adventures and LESS EXCITING THINGS:

  • Maddy and Mo and others went snowshoeing and it was COLD.
  • Catharine and Olivia and Keenan and others (and me!) hiked round top and it was COLD. No blood anywhere though, which is good I guess.
  • Sara wimped out and decided not to snowshoe to early bird just because it was -20 with the wind chill or something. Wimp.
  • Emma caught a twizzler. It was actually quite fantastic.
  • Sara watched some people play hockey and possibly told them when they hit each other too hard and stuff. It was probably COLD.
  • Anna XC skied for the first time ever and only fell a lot! Well done Anna!
  • Julia ‘just said no’ to some responsible uncles on a ski lift! A fine example for others to follow.


Those things that might happen in the time period after this current time period:

  • Spencer and T$ Gregston are leading a trip to Sugarloaf Friday evening for moonlight climb. Skinning and snowshoeing are allowed; piggybacks and sledding are not; darkness, cold, and spencer are mandatory. Keep an eye out for more info on this trip.
  • Sara and Jake overnight XC ski trip Friday night to Saturday night! Minor experience is recommended.
  • Emma is leading an XC ski clinic on Thursday! More info on the way.
  • Jack is leading trip to Devil’s Chair at Quarry Road sometime in the future. This will be a beginner ice climbing a trip and will technically be a CMC trip; however, anyone interested may sign up. The COC-CMC feud is informal and will not affect trips, only eating competitions between club leaders.
  • Lidia and unknown second leader are leading snowshoeing to Early Bird Sunday morning, since Sara is a wimp.
  • Emma and Julia might lead winter camping trip Friday-Saturday!
  • Social Justice Sundays now after every meeting! Let us (coc@colby.edu) know if you have any suggestions for topics.
  • Next week is spirit week (hosted by SGA)! Monday the 22nd the COC (us!) will be giving out hot chocolate between 4-5 pm on dana lawn; email Jake Lester if you wanna be there! His whisperlite skill is the stuff of legend; if you haven’t seen it before you better try your best to be there.
  • Tree-trimming Tuesdays continues! Come on down to trim (whittle) 7-8 pm in the office!
  • Ski waxing with Sara and Spencer this Wednesday from 7-8 pm in the COC!



  • Events: committee meetings will be during Wednesday community hours; stop by if you want to be involved. Movie night next Thursday! Email hjbossi with ideas. TRAMPOLINES.
  • Gear: Spencer is lonely. Send him pictures of helicopters.
  • Trips: community hours and committee meetings on Monday nights. Come tonight if you want to be on the committee! Also if you want help planning a trip.
  • Sugaring: committee meeting Monday 7-7:15 pm.
  • Community Outreach: Rachel read her platform and is running unopposed! I wonder who’s gonna win. Electronic vote this week. Best of luck to all candidate.



  • Everyone send Buck nudes! But seriously, if you want to be part of the Naked in Nature competition, send Buck (dbauchin@colby.edu) your tasteful (outdoors) nudes. 
  • Submit t-shirt designs! We know you’re artsy. Believe in yourself. Submissions to Spencer. DO NOT SEND NUDES TO SPENCER (unless you want them to be on COC t-shirts.
  • Patches by Jake Lester. Be on the lookout for an email about getting them. This is not a contest, I do not know why I put in this section. Just go with it.



  • WFR certs are in! If you took WFR and haven’t gotten your cert, email Logan or stop by during community hours.


Hot Seat:



Before I let you all go, I must let you know of a very exciting opportunity. Our very own Eric, Tom, and Tyler have submitted an app to the Red Bull “Can You Make It?” competition and they need all your votes. Here is the link: https://www.redbullcanyoumakeit.com/en/applications/6729/. Throw ’em a like. I dare you.


I hope you all had a wonderful day of Valentines. I myself drank a lot of chocolate milk. Couldn’t have been better. Live, love, eat Twizzlers. Au revoir, amigos.


 Welcome to Second Semesterrrrrrr- the semester of snow, movies, snow, thimbles, and pancakes. Though our fearless sexcretary Theodorus is gone, we will soldier on and completely forget about him until September.


So here’s what happened:


Who are the outside people?

  • People went to Banff! There were movies there! If you wanna learn more, here’s the link: https://www.banffcentre.ca/banff-mountain-film-and-book-festival. I know there’s a way to make it so you can click the word link and it goes to the link, but I’m just not that savvy. Lex went to Banff. Also, Lex was here. But she’s gone, so don’t get too excited. Logan got sad about a dog.
  • WFR- 9 (10?) people took a Wilderness First Responder course! Fini learned a lot. Especially which joints to let hang (hint: it’s almost never right to amputate).
  • we had a game night this past friday. twas fun. words were spoken.


What’s happening in the future??? 

  • Tripzzzzz (all going live on the calendar at 7 tonight):
    • Mo and Fini are leading a trip up (down?) the Messalonskee Stream this Saturday!
    • Keenan and Sam (moi) are heading to Round Top on Saturday. This is guaranteed to be the best trip of the weekend.
    • Sara and Lydia are snowshoeing to Early Bird to eat on Sunday morning! Extra points if you bring a certain member of the K-Council back a plate bacon.
  • Eventzszszszsz (and future tripszzzz):
    • Sara and I are leading an intro backpacking clinic on Wednesday at 7. Come one, come all, come after dinner.
    • Hannah’s gonna wax stuff with people in da future
    • Sara and Jake will lead XC ski trip February 26-27
    • Whittling Wednesdays is now Tree-trimming Tuesdays! Just an extra reminder about the importance of alliteration, which some people don’t seem to get (Cassandra). Anywayz, that starts tonight! 7-8 in COC office.


Committee Stuff!

  • Trips- if you wanna become a leader, look out for email and/or carrier pigeon from Julia and Anna (only select few will receive carrier pigeon).
  • Events- Teton Gravity Research! Sammy C Project (http://www.tetongravity.com/films/the-sammy-c-project) will be coming to Colby with a 50% discount! Please thank your local neighborhood Bossi for this lovely event. Should be in late Feb-early March.
  • Community Outreach- We need a committee head! Apply by next week’s meeting. We believe in you all.
  • Gear- Committee members please do inventory of something(?). You’ll get an email. Spencer has literally no idea what we have in that locked room. Any work will be appreciated.
    • Gear purchase being made soon! Come talk to us or Spencer, we have no friends. Most likely gear purchase will be helicopter
  • Cabin- Amy and Kaitlin found unplowed roads. Made fire safety changes. Doing great things.



  • Naked in nature contest! We gonna be naked (not mandatory). Buck is gonna look at all our naked photos and create a contest! Prize yet to be determined.
  • Spencer is leading the tshirt contest! People will submit logos and we might choose one! Send your ideas to Spencer, but make sure not to send him naked photos. Unless you really want to, no judgment.



  • Mo hot-seated and is now a leader! Here are all of her answers with no context- NO FOLD DIGERIDOO DIDGERI ALWAYS ONE PIECE CRANBERRY JUICE CLIT I LOVE ALL OF THEM SAM LEX DAVIS EARLY IN THE MORNING


Anyways, everyone have a magnificent week and a Valentine’s Day full of merriment, chocolate, and lovvvvvvvv. Salutations to all, and to all a good Tuesday.


If you guys missed the meeting, hey, don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s ok! But it was the last one of the year 2015 and it was nice. Guys soon it’s gonna be 2016 CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT??? I CANNOT.  Ok I digress, here’s what happened:



One thousand people went skiing. Reports include some good ol’ #skitheeast hardpack, all white snow (yay no mud), an epic Owens’ coat, and burritos galore. PSA ROLLING FATTIES OPENS THIS WEEKEND so whip out ya wallets, plebes.

Emma and Sara went on a very epic and intense hike up Mt. Philip.  They hiked for a LONG time and woke up EARLY (20 mins / noon) but I guess it was nice.

Buck & Sam & Keenan went to Hogback mountain (no hogs, some backs) and they had some experiences with a tractor (…) They also invented a word that I don’t fully understand but it sounds like “ingenuity” ? unsure

Sophie and Sophie (G&J) walked through the arb briskly, and it sounded like it got heated! Ask ’em about it via tumbr

Anna, Julia, and Sage went to Round Top and had a lovely hike with some people who were new to the outing club! Hoo rah new membership!

Logan hiked up the back side of the loaf on the AT, and met a very very intense man who is attempting to hike lots of mountains frequently.

Grace and Sophie hiked up the loaf, skiied down, and then did a couple runs as the Bossis!

SPRING BREAK WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO beach bods more like tuck that knotted hair into your buff #sweat

The CMC trip to Joshua Tree has, unfortunately, been cancelled. Email jmlynch@colby.edu if you have any questions. Otherwise!! SIGN UP HERE BY DECEMBER 10TH:



Four rad ladies read their platforms for this position at the meeting.  They were eloquent and cool as cukes.  Please keep an eye out for an electronic vote coming early this week!

**John Bengtson was hot-seated, grilled about his experiences as an ~adult~ and Buck was hot-seated regular. 

MMMM THAT FINALS STENCH IS IN THE AYER – güd luck munchkins, just remember that soon we will be j playin in the snow (would it SNOW already???)


A famous person entered the strange college cave of the outing club office on Sunday night. And the crowds were silenced by his greatness.  His wit and rad experiences and sleek noggin amazed the masses.

You missed out because Ken Meidell is a COOL MAN and he chatted with us LIKE WE WERE ALL FRIENDS!


ANYHOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo0ooOooolololol, The Minutes? Is that why you were here?


  • Buck went mountain biking behind his grandfather’s farm in the Berkshires.  Sounds like a fireside novel to me.
  • Hannah and Brittany inaugurated a Turkey Trek with the fam! They are extremely wholesome!
  • Tayte had a bonfire with some high school friends! Warmth.
  • Emma Wood went skiing at Sugarloaf on Saturday! Hayburner is open. THE LAWD IS A MULE
  • Emma and Lex ALSO hiked up Sugarloaf at 4 am and then skied down it a couple times! They are cool, which we already knew.
  • LEX CAME IN 4TH AT A FANCY SKATE RACE THANG IN QUEBEC (Red Bull Crashed Ice) – she is practically famous, which you know to be true because she didn’t even come to the meeting, we just found that our because of HEARSAY
  • Teddy went running and biking around the Cape with ex-Treasurer of the COC John Tort (he was a savant at this job btw)! He sends hugs.
  • Julia took her family on a hike, and she said it was lame. (ending on a suuuper epic tale I know)


  • Biggy “Smalls” Low: Hannah squared are hiking this cool mountain that nobody’s heard of.
  • Round Top: Julia wants to lead this beginner hike, and needs a co-lead!
  • ~MyyysterrYYYY~: Buck and Sam want to do one we gathered via intense eye contact.
  • Hike n Ski: Spencer wants to wake up early on Thursday and hike and ski at Sugarloaf. Stay TUUUNEED (do ya feel me???)


  • There will be many.  We will be tabling in ze spa for these epic adventures THIS WEEK! They will include backpacking and skiing and other things.  Details TBD!!!! (Think Death Valley and Quebec and JoshTree w/ the CMC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! among others)