The Colby Outing Club is an entirely student-run organization.

We dedicate our time because we love the outdoors and we want to share that love.

 The Katahdin Council

The noble governing body.

Kaitlin Volk ’19


Interests: Camping, hiking, canoeing, fishing, walking in a winter wonderland, caves, mud

I was brought up to have a deep and undying affection for the outdoors. I started my life in Alaska, lived for the past decade in Maine, and have spent countless hours exploring what ever patch of woods or water I can find. My utter lack of acknowledgement of my own mortality has sent me squeezing through random crevices, crawling through caves, and essentially falling down mountains (I swear I’m more cautious when I’m actually leading). On any weekend you can find me hiking with my dog, trying to get a fish to bite, or in the library wishing I was outside getting dirty.

Julia von Ehr ’19


Interests: backpacking, day hiking, rock climbing, outdoor education,snowboarding, slack lining, sleeping in hammocks, disc related activities

I’m from Fairfield, CT and I love the outdoors (surprise surprise). Don’t ask me what I’m majoring in… actually don’t ask me about anything school related at all, it stresses me out. I love rocks, particularly climbing on them. Some of my other favorite outdoor activities include cooking with a whisperlite, eating copious amounts of peanut butter with a spork, and playing really intense games of screaming toes.

Michael Stone ’19


Interests: Backpacking, Day Hikes, Swimming (any time of year), Whitewater anything, Snowyaking, late night adventures, snowball fights, puppies!

Michael hails from the great state of South Carolina where it is always sunny and 70 degrees.  He is still trying to figure out this “snow” thing but is up for any type of adventure.  He enjoys going down whitewater in any vessel but will also get off the water for land adventures!

Soren Denlinger ’20


Interests: Backpacking, Day Hiking, Snowshoeing, Kayaking, New England 4000 Footers, Disc Golf, Cheese
Born in the rugged mountains of New Jersey, I have long lived a rustic lifestyle. I shun electricity and running water in favor of the lightning bolt and the cascading brooks. I am often found scavenging in or near clumps of trees. Also come on trips with me, normally I don’t bite.

Megan Harnett ’21 
Sexcretary to the Sexcretary

Bigelow Buddies

The passionate organizing body.


Emma Goldberg-Courtney ’21

Trips Facilitation Bigelow Buddy

Interests: hiking, backpacking, swimming, eating, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, skiing, hammocking (should be found in the Webster dictionary), climbing (rocks and trees)

Emma is from Freeport, Maine where she has spent her life finding new places to go that are generally considered too “out of the way.” She likes being in high up places, trees, on rocks, roofs, and mountains, and has a small, definitely not severe, juice addition (apple, orange, mango, pear, but not grape, never grape). Emma loves to hike, backpack, swim, sail, kayak, ski (both sorts, no discrimination), cook, cuddle, and lounge in her hammock. Emma quite enjoys animals, traveling, and ice cream.


Macey Broadwater ’21

Trips Facilitation Bigelow Buddy





Max Abramson ’20

Gear Bigelow Buddy

Interests: Backpacking, XC skiing, procrastination, copying other peoples bios

Max Abramson is a former Libertarian member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, representing Rockingham District 20 (Hampton Falls, Seabrook). In May, 2016, Abramson switched registration from the Republican party to the Libertarian party. He was a 2016 candidate for Governor of New Hampshire, getting 4% of the popular vote.

Taryn Waite ’21

Gear Bigelow Buddy





Jared Fong ’20

Events and Community Outreach Bigelow Buddy

Interests: Whitewater Canoeing (ask me about it), Rock Climbing, Backpacking, Alpine Skiing, Cycling, Trail Running and Trail Work

I’m from Mass in a tiny farm town called Berlin where I spent most of my time getting outside and muddy. I’m a Environmental Science major specializing in geology because rocks are awesome. I love whitewater canoeing and if you have no clue what that entails please come find me. I also love being covered in mud and moving boulders to build trails! You can find me lost in Arboretum(the arb), sleeping(naps are important), or holed up in Miller(as math and science drain my life away). See you out there!

Grace Neumiller ’21

Events and Community Outreach Bigelow Buddy





Addie Thompson ’21

Diversity and Inclusion Bigelow Buddy






Grace Oh-Willike ’21

Diversity and Inclusion Bigelow Buddy






 Martin Deutsch ’19

Sugaring Bigelow Buddy

Interests: Day hiking, backpacking, alpine skiing, XC skiing
Martin is a junior from Essex, Vermont, and, like most Vermonters, has maple syrup in his veins instead of blood. He enjoys hiking, skiing, and summer sausage. When he is not outside, Martin is a computer science major and works at the Farnham Writers Center.

Dean Strup ’21

Cabin Bigelow Buddy






Camden Comrades

The skeletal system.


Sam Wells ’20

Conservation Comrade

Interests: Backpacking, day hiking, alpine skiing, canoeing, peak bagging, xc skiing, mountaineering, making fires, befriending dogs and the occasional wolf

I was born in Richfield Wisconsin, a place where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average. Having been raised in this idyllic Midwestern environment, I decided to come to Maine to try something new. At Colby I have been known to go outside more than the average bear, talk incessantly about Wisconsin, and eat far more carrot cake than is healthy. I am a big fan of backpacking, climbing, dairy products, skiing, camping, and canoeing. Please join me on my quest to get into nature as much as humanly possible.

Sam Kwon ’21

Med Kit Comrade???





Bentley Meyer ’21

Geocaching Comrade???




Trip Leaders

The devoted hands and feet.

Amy Andreini ’19

Interests: Backpacking, day hikes, sea kayaking, rock climbing, exploring outside

I’m from Alameda, California and spent a lot of my time growing up on long road trips through Yosemite, Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton National Parks where I first discovered my love for the outdoors. Before coming to Colby I spent a year in Patagonia mountaineering, rock climbing, backpacking and sea kayaking. At Colby I study biology and environmental science. I’m excited to keep getting outside at Colby and exploring new places.


Grace Andrews ’21






PJ pj bensonBenson ’19


Interests: Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Skiing

I was born and raised in NH. When I was 8 I ran away to live with a family of bears for a year. They taught me how to hike, ski, fish, and the ways of nature. I’ve now hiked all 48 4,000 footers in NH, climbed a glacier or two, and hiked the Inca Trail in Peru. I love adventuring, most commonly in the vertical direction and can’t wait to get into nature with some fellow outdoors people.


Lisa Blackmer-Raynolds ’19

Interests: Backpacking, day hiking, skiing (alpine, tele, and nordic), canoeing, whitewater kayaking and rafting

Lisa was born in Fort Collins, CO to a pair of tele skis and a whitewater kayak. With this unique heritage, it came as no surprise that Lisa took to following in their tracks/wake. By the age of 7, she was an internationally ranked tele skier and won her first national kayaking competition by 9. Having moved to the East Coast, she yearns for returning to the Rockies but will make due with what Maine has to offer. Sugarloaf is more of a home for her than Colby, having dug a snow hotel and hosts West Coast skiers on Friday nights in the winter. Despite her bias towards those from out West, Lisa welcomes all who want to go on adventures to join her on her crazy schemes.


keenan leader profile

Keenan Boscoe ’19

Interests: Backpacking, Day Hiking, Peak Bagging, Canoeing, Long Walks on the Beach

Hailing from Albany NY, Keenan Boscoe is a man of simple pleasures. The sent of fresh pine, a days worth of grime, and a Uncle Bens Fiesta Rice™ over a roasting wisperlite are enough to keep him happy. A lover of fine music and art, he has been a wonderful addition to the Colby Outing Club, and constantly strives for finding the perfect Hot Seat Question. Overall Rating: 8/10 – fairly attractive.


Park Cawley ’19






Catharine Christie ’19

Interests: Backpacking, Day Hiking, Camping, Sleeping Under the Stars

Hi there! My name is Catharine and I’m from Silver Spring, MD. I love a good walk outdoors whether its the hike to foss I take every day or a jog up Katahdin. I’ve been backpacking since I was a wee adolescent and if I could backpack anywhere outdoors right now it would be the Grayson Highlands. I can be spotted around campus by the beautiful locks of my wooly mammoth hair.


Lilli Garza ’20

Interests: Rock Climbing, hiking, backpacking, hangin out in hammocks!
I’m from Milwaukee, WI but that doesn’t stop me from getting outside! I grew up in a tent and can’t keep my hands off a rock wall. I love leading day hikes to get people outside even if they don’t have a ton of time. I have a passion for cheese that can’t be reigned in and I’m always down for a spontaneous excursion! 

Colleen George ’21

Interests: Day hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, running and diving (the kind where you go deep in the ocean with air strapped to your back, not jumping off boards into pools)
Colleen is from Switzerland, though it’s complicated. While her natural habitat is somewhere with warm climates and oceans, she also has a strong passion for the mountains. Though she’s yet to delve into dry suit diving (or develop her personal anti-hypothermia mechanisms), she is eager to dive around the world, so eventually will take the plunge in the Gulf of Maine. That said, she’s happy to take an instantaneous swim anywhere, any time of year, especially if it’s at the end of a hike! As Calvin rightly said: “It’s a magical world, Hobbes ol’ buddy – let’s go exploring!”.

James Ishiguro ’21


sage leader profile Sage Jordan ’19

Interests: Backpacking, Day Hiking, Canoeing, Kayaking (Flatwater), Skiing (XC),

I feel strongly about lots of things like goat cheese and music and blueberry picking.




Natalie Joyce ’20

Community Outreach Bigelow Buddy

Interests: Hiking, camping, skiing, snowshoeing, and climbing

Hi, I’m Nat! Nature is pretty neat, and I’m just excited to show you all how neat nature really is. I hail from the great city of Chicago, but I feel I am a New Englander at heart. My goals in life include befriending a squirrel, catching a fish with my bare hands, and finding the best donut shop in the world. I love friends, so I can’t wait to meet all of you and share the glory of the outdoors.

fini leader profile

Fini Just ’19

Interests: Backpacking, Day Hiking, Rock Climbing, Snowshoeing, Social Justice, Dialogue

I have always experienced going outdoors as a powerful way to ground myself in the world and to connect with myself meaningfully. I learned that being outside also with other people also offers a special opportunity to get to know one another and to foster relationships very different from those in a “frontcountry context”. Also, I believe that being outside with a group makes it possible to have intimate and powerful conversations and learn more about each other and ourselves while experiencing something new and being in a wonderful place. I hope to be able to incorporate those passions when being a COC leader.

Michael Kramer ’19

Interests: Backpacking (overnights and day-trips), winter camping, hammocking, whittling, and frisbee!!!

Kramer likes long walks on the beach, playing frisbee at Colby, and spending as much time outdoors as possible. You can often find me listening to music near Johnson Pond whilst sitting in a hammock. Other times I am out exploring the Arb or taking spontaneous hikes in the surrounding wilderness.


Austin Lee ’20

Interests: Backpacking, Day Hiking, Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Canoeing, Rafting, Kayaking, Snowboarding and Mountain Biking

I am Austin Lee, from Larchmont, New York. My spirit animal is the platypus. If I had to choose a favorite landscape, it would be a desert. Recently I learned that most rocks on earth are made of clam shells, and that blew my mind. That’s a lot of clams. I’m an Art History major and part of the Woodsmen team. I love the phrase “Ooftah,” and use it often, despite the surprising amount of negative reactions. I wish I was a surf bum, but I don’t surf, so I’ll settle for a snowboard bum on a beach.


Keller Leet-Otley ’19

Interests: Backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, canoeing, camping, rock climbing, playing guitar, and being in nature.

Hey everyone! My name is Keller Leet-Otley and I am an environmental science student from Rochester, MN. I lead COOT trips, including backpacking at Sugarloaf and rock climbing in Acadia! On campus, I’m an SVP peer educator and a member of the classical guitar ensemble! You can probably find me climbing trees or eating copious amounts of summer sausage and cheese. Hope to get outside and make new friends!


Dominic Leskiw ’21



 amy loAmy LoTemplio ’19

Interests: Backpacking, Day Hiking, Stars and Space stuff, Snowshoeing, skiing(Alpine), Skiing (XC), Kayaking (flatwater), biking, trail running

I’m Amy Lo, and I’m a junior from Plattsburgh, New York. Doing activities outside is the best! I have always loved the outdoors and people that love the outdoors. I feel most at home when I am outside of my home. Everything is simpler when you have everything that you need on your back.



Caroline Lunt ’20


abby leader profileAbby Mulligan ’19

Interests: Backpacking, day hiking, stars, snowboarding, classic cross-country skiiing

“I am not lost for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost” — Winnie the Pooh. And the best place to be lost, whether in thought, dream or footstep, is in the outdoors! I look forward to seeing the sunrise and sunset, having long and important conversations, dancing in the rain or snow, cooking fancy food over a whisperlite, and watching the campfire smoke swirl into the stars with all of you!

Julia Nelson ’19






Ana Petrie ’20

Interests: Camping, Day Hiking, Stars and Space and Stuff

Dogs > plants > bees > hiking > plant memes > memes > me > caroline lunt




Chris Reardon ’21






SJ Sahagun ’20

Interests: Avocados, fruits, day hiking, kayaking (whitewater), canoeing, surfing, rock climbing, scooters

I’m from Southern California, where rivers run dry and fruits grow sweet. Before Colby, I sailed around the world to find the best tasting fruit. I’m a big fan of eating fruits in nature. My goal in life is to own a food truck where I will have five pugs sitting in front of it and attracting people to buy my food. You can find me every Sunday morning in Dana enjoying an avocado toast.

Anna Van Dreser ’20

Conservation Comrade

Interests: Tele skiing, hiking, biking, trail work, snow, winter, backpacking, trees of all kind, more snow.

Hailing from the happiest city in America (Boulder co), I grew up trying to ski on three-pin bindings like I was straight out of the olden days. I love to hike and to be in the woods for months at a time, and if I could, I would be a hermit. Winter is my favorite season, so catch me at the loaf or Tuckerman’s ravine on the weekends.

Maddy Wendell ’19

Interests: Day Hiking, Rock Climbing, Alpine Skiing, Canoeing, Whitewater Rafting, Flatwater Kayaking, Base Camping, Backpacking

I’m from Massachusetts, and I’ve always loved being outside! The COC helped equip me to go outside even more and meet people who share my love of the outdoors. My first semester at Colby, I went down to the climbing wall (check out the CMC – it’s awesome!), met some amazing people, became more involved with the COC, and decided to become a trip leader. I’m super excited to go outside with great people, eat some peanut butter while outside (the best way to eat it), and have important conversations with said great people (preferably outside). My main source of food is Foss (the best dining hall by far). On campus, I’m an Envrionmental Policy and English double major and a research assistant in the English department.