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The Information Age is beginning to shape or rearrange every aspect of our society. With the advent of the Internet, information can be accessed, sorted and retrieved in only a few seconds and with the click of a mouse. Politics, like every other part of society, has quickly moved to catch up. Not only can government documents, which were once only accessible by travelling to Washington, D.C. or filing out a mountain of paperwork, now be viewed easily on any computer screen, but big government is also being more closely scrutinized. Just as think tanks and research organizations have all created their own address on the information superhighway, so too have organizations whose goal it is to make sure that the government remains loyal to the people. Below, you will find a list of websites, which we think are important for you to know. We encourage you to use these sights to research causes that are important to you, find out what the policymakers think about these issues, and to stay on top of the events and happenings that shape our lives. The Internet is a very useful tool and has the ability to enhance our democratic institutions. Please use it! In our next issue, we will highlight websites that focus on issues of foreign policy and international relations.

Think Tanks: These organizations are the home of scholars who produce reports and studies on important issues pertaining to governmental reform, foreign policy, economic issues and matters of the military and defense planning. Some lean decidedly to the left or the to right of the political spectrum, so keep your eyes peeled and be a critical viewer.

Political Watchdogs: Mostly based in Washington, these groups aim to make politicians accountable for their actions. Move over Ralph Nader, these activists are a new breed of watchdogs!

Get Involved: These sites will help you get involved in the political process. Remember, "vote early and vote often!"

Your Government: These sites will connect you to the federal agencies in Washington and your representatives on Capital Hill and in the White House. These sites will also provide you with important statistics that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

Publications: These publications are what the insiders read, and are invaluable to understanding the current political process.

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