Each year, parents of Colby seniors show their generosity and support for the Colby experience by giving to the Parents Fund. Last year parents raised an incredible $ 1.8 million. Senior parents led that effort with better than 50 percent participation.

The Challenge

1. Raise $325,000. Class of 2017 parents have increased their gifts by 28 percent in each of the last three years. Let’s continue that tradition and build the Class of 2017.

2. Reach 45 Percent Participation. Every gift counts. Last year half of all senior parents gave—this year, with our students giving at 80-plus percent, we’re looking to raise our own mark to 45 percent. We can do it!

3. Create a matching gift for the senior parent Class of 2017.

Why Give

Your gift ensures that students continue to push themselves academically, challenge assumptions, and explore new ideas at Colby, one of the world’s top liberal arts colleges. Every gift from a Colby parent strengthens the activities that take place both inside and outside the classroom.

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Our Goals
289 Donors

By Commencement
on May 21

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Make a gift

We encourage you to consider making your gift in honor of a special professor, coach, or mentor who has made a difference in your student’s life.

  • You may make a credit card gift online to the Senior Parents Campaign.
  • Call the toll free gift line 800-311-3678.
  • Mail a check to the Office of Parent Giving and Programs, 4322 Mayflower Hill, Waterville, ME 04901.
  • Call Matt Mullen or Deb Thurston P’16 in the Office of the Parents Giving and Programs at 207-859-4322 for more information about giving.

What Senior Parents Say

Here’s why the Cangemi and Doherty families co-chairing the Class of 2017 gift effort choose to support the Parents Fund.

Tom and Jodi Cangemi P’17,’19, Zachary ’17 and Jonathan ’19

“Our sons Zachary ’17 and Jonathan ’19 have learned and grown more than we imagined possible at Colby. Through the PEC we have gained knowledge, good friends, and inspiration. The opportunity to interact with the faculty and administration, alongside other parents has made all the difference in our experience as Colby parents.Through our participation, service and philanthropic support we help to ensure the Colby experience for all Colby students.”


Buzz and Liz Ann Doherty P’17, Hugh Doherty ’17 

“We joined the PEC, and have been contributors to the Parents Fund, because we fully support Colby’s efforts to involve families in their student’s education.  The sense of community at Colby is one of its key attributes, and our participation in the Parents Fund is one way we can ensure those values persist.”

How to get involved

The first step is easy—make your gift. Then, talk with senior parents you know and encourage them to participate in the Senior Parent Gift Committee. For more information on volunteering opportunities that will allow you to make the Senior Parent Gift Campaign even more successful, contact Matt Mullen, director of parent giving and programs, at mrmullen@colby.edu or 207-859-4322.