What is myColby?

Essentially, myColby is a set of web pages that present information to whoever the user is based on the user’s role within Colby College. The tabs across the top of the page will appear different for students, faculty, and parents.

Parent Permissions

For parents, myColby can be used to monitor deadlines, access payment information, and find useful information specific to parents. A student must give permission from their own myColby account in order for their parents to access the student’s financial or academic information. Students can find this link on both the academic and finance pages (it is easiest to find on the academic page). By clicking on the link that says “Parent Permissions,” students will be brought to a new page where they can select what they want to give access to for their parents. Once permitted, parents must also be logged in with a parent ID and password to access the links for those categories.

Navigating myColby

Navigating the site can be done through using the categorized tabs at the top of the site’s page and the column to the left.

There are categories listed at the top of the page. By clicking on one of those tabs you will be brought to the home page for whatever category’s tab that you clicked. On that home page will be a number of portals or links that have to do with that category. While you are on this page, there will be a column on the left of the screen which will display the name of the tab you are currently viewing, the name of the page that you are on that will be followed by a list of the portals on the page, a list of pages that are also relevant to the category of the page you are on. By clicking on one of these links, you will be directed to that link’s page.


While the layout may be confusing, as a number of links and figures often appear on the main pages of one of the categorized tabs, the actual navigation can be quite straightforward if you keep an open mind. Simply find the links that match the category or subject you are inquiring about and by clicking on them, you should be able to narrow down your search to the sub-categories, which will hopefully help guide you closer to what you are looking for.