D12_5122Throughout the Colby website are resources to better acquaint parents with how students seek and receive support in all aspects of their experience on Mayflower Hill. The Office of Student Affairs encompasses campus and residential life, academic advising, student conduct policies, libraries, the Career Center, and the health center and counseling services.

Central to the Office of Student Affairs is the Office of the Dean of Students, which oversees these wide-ranging activities in addition to operating a 24-hour on-call program whereby one of the professional members of the staff is available to assist students or parents at any hour.

Parents are encouraged to read Living Colby, a series of short essays intended to provide information, insight, and advice to students about life at Colby. Living Colby covers a range of topics including academics, housing and residential education, cocurricular and social life, policy information, and other issues of significance to Colby students.

For links to selected web pages within student affairs and additional resources of particular interest to parents visit our Resources page. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please e-mail parents@colby.edu.

A message from Jim Terhune, Vice President for Student Affairs

Vice President for Student Affairs Jim Terhune

From the first day that you sent your student off to kindergarten right through high school graduation, you, as parents and family members, were told that you play an important part of your student’s education, and you were encouraged to be actively engaged in it. That will continue to be the case while your student is at Colby. But the shape and nature of your relationship with the College will necessarily be quite different.

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