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Philosophy Honors Theses are the written presentations of research conducted under the guidance of Colby faculty by senior Philosophy majors. A bound copy of each thesis is kept in the Department library.


Megan Burd, Mysticizing Philosophy

Josh Kahn, Separating the Good from the Great:
                  Toward an Objective Criterion for Value in Music

Chris Surprenant, Cultivating the Good Will:
                             Moral Progress and the Kantian State

Alex Telis, Ethics and the Akeda:
                  An Existenial Exegesis of Genesis 22


Edward F. Smith, Rationality, Warrant, and Theistic Belief


Peter K. Osborn, Lost in the Woulds:
                         Why I am Not a Counterpart and Other Lessons from Modal Logic

Tracy E. Schloss, When Morality Builds:
                        An Analysis of Art, City Planning, and The Ethics of Iris Murdoch

Edwin Stone, Positivism in the Wasteland:
                         An Essay on the Nature of International Law


John S. Brownell, Ethical and Legal Issues of Informed Consent in Medicine

Ryan M. Wepler, Boats, Bats, and Bootstraps: A Defense of American Neopragmatism


Bryan P. Kessler, The Importance of the Ontological Relationship
                  Between Absolute Spirit and Individual Minds in G.W.F. Hegel's Philosophy


Scott J. Bridges, Challenging the Laws of Thought


Dennis N. D'Angelo, If I'd Known Then What I Know Now

Katie Quackenbush, Literature, Drama, and Philosophy in Plato:
                                    The Trials and Death of Socrates


John S. Brunero III, Autonomy, Authority, and Discourse:
                                    Can Habermas and Mill Resolve Philosophical Anarchism?


Michael S. Barber (senior scholar), Reading Nietzsche, Reading Emerson:
                                                            (Con) Texts for Creative Meaning

Andrew B. Glos, The Mystic, the Heretic, and the Dame of Norwich


Paul J. Fontana, The Existence of Evil and the Problem of God

Christopher McMath (senior scholar), Medical Treatment and the Good Death


John E. Costenbader, Buddhism and the Unveiling of an Environmental Ethic

Caleb E. Mason, The Early Genealogy of the Concept of Will