In addition to filling out and submitting the form below, applicants for admission into the Philosophy Honors Program must submit (electronically) an honors thesis proposal to the Department Chair no later than July 15th prior to the applicant’s senior year.

An honors thesis proposal is the most important part of your application and should include the following:

a)  A substantive (one to two page) description of your project.
b)  A tentative bibliography (you should make some use of Philosopher’s Index in compiling your bibliography).
c)  A work plan for completing research, writing, and revision.  Note that at least one chapter must be submitted and approved by your tutor at the end of the fall semester in order to proceed with the second semester of honors work.

After submitting this form, you will be redirected to a page with an e-mail link to the Department Chair.  Please use this link and attach your honors thesis proposal to the e-mail.  If you absolutely cannot send the e-mail at this time, please send the e-mail with attached document as soon as you can to:

Your application will not be complete until this form has been submitted and your honors thesis proposal has been sent to the Department Chair.

All applications and honors thesis proposals must be approved by the entire Philosophy Department.  Generally, students will be notified of the results of the approval process within two weeks.

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