Each year, the philosophy department invites at least four speakers to share their latest research with us in a public forum, with two lectures in the fall and two in the spring in a typical year.  These lectures cover a broad range of topics and traditions.  The colloquium events aim to set a congenial tone of philosophical dialogue and engagement, and we encourage all philosophy students at all levels to attend the colloquium lectures regularly, joining us in creating our community.
The colloquium series is also part of our curriculum. Senior majors participate directly in the series as their capstone experience through PL401 and PL402. They read each speaker’s work closely and discuss it before the speaker’s visit, and they jump start our Q&A sessions with focused questions. They then often join the speaker and members of the department to continue the conversation over dinner.  Further details about the procedures and requirements for PL401-402 appear below in our Guidelines.

Colloquium Guidelines

This Spring’s colloquiums are the following:

Past Colloquium Speakers:


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