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Elizabeth Chang, Qingyi Wang, Ben Cunkelman, Dustin Hickey, Sam Axelrod,
Eric Freeman, Nate Eberly, Ali Lavine, Savvy Lodge-Scharff, Zach Currier,
Scott Galica, Roja Nunna, Ryoko Ogasawara, and Colin Anson.


Sarah Levine, Dan Reeves, Amanda Towner, Jennifer Dahnke, Gopal Subedi,
Amy Weston, Drew Vartanian, Htet Thiha, Charlie Klassen, Jack Moriarty.


Kaylea Nelson, Lauren Rand, Joe Meyer, David Connick, Jon Guerrette,
Tatenda Mahlokozera, Shehan Don Talagala, Garrett Rayner, Gustaf Lonaeus,
Daniel Gomez, Alex Tisch, Jamie Jones, Mike MacNicoll,
Nolan Collins, Nathan Hill.
Not shown: Emily Foraker, Christian Talmage.


Back row: Erin Bast, Jamie Waters, Even Eshelman, Alex Gill,
Connor Tubridy, Zach Goodnough, Nolan Reis, Mike Gwaze, Aditya Bhat,
Brian Putnam, Kristen Barnico, Kim Graves, Danielle Nielsen, Luke LaViolet,
Megan Lehmann, Cristian Vesa, Bill Whitledge.
Front row: Cory Johnson, John Chung, Nolan Gagne, Taylor Kilian,
Emily Plumb, Christa Miller-Shelley.
Not shown: Drew Auerbach.


Back row: Ta-Chung Ong, Patrick Drew, Ryan Holben, Tom Hulse,
Art Vrublevskis, Roy Wilson, Sarah Langley, Ian Cross, Yu-Hwei Chou.
Front row: Matt Wallach, Anders Wood, Cliff Johnson, Margaret Martei,
Bridge Mellichamp.
Not shown: Andy Roland, Leslie Peterson, Leigh Audin, Tom Goth.


Back row: Barbara Hough, Kristoff Paulson, Dan Sack, Tomas Verbobjov,
Josh Montague, Nick Stielau, Devon Ducharme, Nick Beaird, Alex Kozen,
Frank Fung, Drew Branden, Ken Thompson, Tucker Burr, Jon Bodansky
Front row: Gene Kafka, Ry Brooks, Todd Dixon, Mao Zheng, Amit Gaind


Back Row: Jamie Falk, Melissa Yosua, Lucas Thatcher, Tsering Wangdi
Middle Row: Chris Farrell, Eric Brockmeyer'06J, Lubos Hudec, Stanislav Presolski, Ryan Boccuzzi
Front Row: Chilann Chan, Megha Kapoor, Zach Hauptman
Not pictured: Joey Farrell


Kevin Andrews Is the Universe infinite?
Jennifer Carini Investigating cold Rydberg Atoms
Eric Fitz Two Cylinder Stirling-Cycle Cogeneration Apparatus Burning Biomass Fuel For Use In Residential Complex
David Fouche Engineering a Nitrous Oxide Injection System for a Motorcycle
Andrew McKenna-Foster A Pulse Shaper for Quantum Optics Experiments
Kimberly Prescott d Scuti-like variability of Herbig Ae/Be stars
Peter Rice Development of microwave transmission lines
Brandon Royce Physics of the sweet spot of an aluminum bat
Adam St. Pierre Neutrino oscillations
Libby Schundler A magneto-optical trap
Monica Thomas Building an external cavity diode laser
Ryan Tyler Source Sizes in Relativistic Heavy Ion collisions


Don Barry Development, analysis, and optimization of a thermal flux liquid flow meter
Mac Cathes The relation between physical qualities and gas flow through snow
Josh Garfein Two-level quantum systems in sodium
Ian Kahn Antiproton annihilation in nuclear matter
Evan McGee Numerical calculation of proton collision events
Alex Tee The Wright Flyer


Jason Bidwell Vibrational Spectroscopy
Tom Curran CCD Camera for the Collins Observatory
Tamas Juhasz Schrodinger Cat States
Ryan Kane Electronics and Chaos
Andy Keiser Doppler-Free Spectroscopy
Katie Magnuson Quantum Computing
Pedzi Makumbe Optical Status of Spin-Gap Materials
Meghan McKenna Surface Plasmon Modes in Metal Thin Films
Patrick Olsen Contruction of a Diode Laser
Martin Schnermann MRI Coil Design
David Zlatin Coherent Excitation of Quantum Systems

Jon LeBlanc Josephson Junctions
Ray Mazza Observing Prominances at Solar Maximum
David Clark Infrared Emitting Dust Cocoons around Newly Formed High Luminosity Stars
Aubrey Frank The Arrow of Time
John Mason Gravitational Effects of Spontaneous Lorentz Symmetry Breaking
Adam Rolewicz Improving a Magneto-Optical Atom Trap
Baskut Tuncak Electron Spin Resonance in Nucleic Acids
Mat Solso Sky Flats vs Dome Flats
Jason St. Pierre Curved Spacetime in and around Schwarschild Black Hole
Tom Dohlie-Evenson Searching for Quantum-Mechanical Supersymmetries
Gavin Garner Improving the Efficiency of the Internal Combustion Engine
Scott Friemann Dirac and His Equation

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