Here is a tentative schedule of upper-level physics courses for the spring and next year. This schedule should be used for students
planning to take a junior year away from Colby. Some courses can only be scheduled on an alternating or occasional basis. Students 
should consult with their advisor about which courses to take to fulfill the major or honors major. This list is subject to change. 


Spring 2013
PH 311 Classical Mechanics – Sato
PH 334 Experimental Atomic Physics – Tate
PH 335 General Relativity and Cosmology – Bluhm
Fall 2013
AS 231 Introduction to Astrophysics (with lab) – McGrath
PH 321 Electricity and Magnetism – Sato
PH 431 Quantum Mechanics – Conover
Spring 2014
PH 254 Essential Electronics (with lab) – Sato
PH 311 Classical Mechanics – McCoy
PH 332 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics – McGrath
PH 333 Experimental Condensed Matter Physics – McCoy