Spring 2018

The Psychology Department’s Colloquium Series features research psychologists presenting recent discoveries. The presentations are held on Fridays 3-4 pm in Davis 301, unless otherwise noted. Presentations last about 50 minutes with time for questions at the end. All are welcome to attend.

February 16

Sarah Ainsworth–University of North Florida
Ascending the Hierarchy: Relationships among Motivational States, Dominance, and Aggression

February 23

Eric Robinson–University of Liverpool
When Ignorance is Bliss and Knowing Hurts: Overweight & Obesity

March 9

Susan Wenze–Lafayette College
Understanding the Targets of Mental Health Treatment for New Mothers of Multiples

March 16

Katie Corker–Grand Valley State University
College Student Personality Traits and Motivation: Levels, Stability, and Change

April 13

Andrew Butler–Washington University in Saint Louis
Facilitating the Development of Students as Self-Directed Learners

April 20

Mark Schmuckler–University of Toronto Scarborough
Seeing, Hearing, and Moving: Multisensory Integration in Development of Mobility

April 27

Douglas Terry–Harvard Medical School
Persistent Symptoms, Rehabilitation, and Potential Long-term Effects Following a Concussion