Colloquium Series 2012-2013

Friday's at 3:00pm in Roberts Union 312
unless otherwise noted*

Spring 2013

Feb. 22 -Lauren Weinstock
Brown Uniiversity
Suicide and Bipolar Disorder: Phenomenology
and Treatment Development
March 8 - Vanessa Bohns
Uniiversity of Waterloo
I Can't Believe You Agreed to That!
Underestimating Our Influence Over Others
March 15 - Corinne Zimmerman
Illinois State University
Evaluating Scientific Research
in the Context of Prior Belief
April 5 - Don Saucier '96
Kansas State University
When Prejudice Emerges
April 26 - Nuwan Jayawickreme
Manhattan College
Do Measures of Distress Need to Be Culturally
Specific? The Example of Sri Lanks
May 3 - Lewis Goldberg
University of Oregon
Personality and Health: Predicting Morbidity and
Mortality from Childhood Personality Traits


Fall 2012

September 14 - Janet Duchek
Washington University
Attentional control as an early marker for
Alzheimer's Disease

September 21 -Stephen Berry
Miami University of Ohio
Hippocampal theta and the coordination of a
distributed neural network for associative learning
September 28 -Wayne Brake
Concordia University
Effects of estrogen on central dopamine
transmission and multiple memory systems

October 26 - Diane Poulin-Dubois
Concordia University
Infants mistrust ignorant and inaccurate adults
November 2 - Marianne LaFrance
Yale University
The ins and outs of fake smiles
November 9 - Manuel Riemer
Wilfrid Laurier University
Being green is not easy: Psychological applications
to global climate change, sustainability and
enbironmental justice