cognitive development lab

Lab Alumni

Object examining

Natasha Atkinson, '11 - Research Assistant at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in the Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation

Hali Castleman, '11- Teach for America

Kaitlyn Billington, '11- Nurse practioner program at Columbia University

Catherine Stewart, 11 - Research Assistant at the NYU Child Study Center

Dana Breakstone ,'10 - Research Assistant at the Child and Family Research Section at NICHD

Casey Lynch ,'09 - Graphic arts

Pollee Hruby ,'09 - Nurse Practitioner program at Yale University, specializing in pediatrics

Cheryl Hahn,'08 - University of Virginia, Ph.D. program in Social Psychology

Stacey Dubois,'08 - - Tufts University, Ph.D. program in Experimental Psychology

Sarah Kunkel,'08 - Leslie University, MA degree and certification in elementary education

Stephanie Lubin-Levy,'08 - Nurse Practitioner program at Mass General, specializing in family practice or pediatrics

Linsey Walker,'08 - research assistant for Bernard S. Chang, M.D. at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Harvard Medical School in Boston. 

Spring 2010 - Celebrating the end of a good year with Friendly's Ice Cream

Ice Cream 2010

(Left to right: Dana Breakstone, Catherine Stewart, Natasha Atkinson, Katie Billington, Jojo Salay, Shaquan Huntt)

Spring 2008 - Celebrating the end of a good year with Gifford's Ice Cream

Ice Cream Picture

(Left to right: Martha Arterberry, Stephanie Lubin-Levy, Cheryl Hahn, Sarah Kunkel, Stacey Dubois, Casey Lynch, Linsey Walker)