Colby @ Neuroscience
Colby undergraduates presented their research findings at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington D.C. November 2008

Raven Adams '08
presented her honors thesis in the general meeting. The title of her poster was "Behavioral and neural responses to social isolation rearing in the rat as a function of prenatal choline supplementation".
Kelly Brooks '09 presented her SOMAS research at the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience poster session. The title of her poster was "Postnatal choline availability modulates the behavioral consequences of chronic mild stress in adult male rats".
Lauren McClurg '09 presented research that she helped collect as part of the Spring 2008 collaborative research course on Neural Plasticity and Behavior at the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience poster session. The title of her poster was "Supplemental dietary choline during prenatal and adolescent development, but not during adulthood, has an antidepressant-like effect in adult female rats".

Photos taken at the Faculty for Undergraduate
Neuroscience Poster Session.
Top Right: Lauren McClurg presenting her poster. Top Left:
Kelly Brooks and Melissa Glenn at Kelly's poster. Bottom Right:
Raven Adams at her poster. Bottom left: Kelly, Melissa,
Raven, and Lauren.
Travel Award to Colby Student from the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience
Raven Adams
This esteemed award reimbursed Raven for a portion of her travel costs to attend the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. She was presented with the award, a check, and a science book at the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience Poster Session.

Davidson College

The National Science Foundation
Support of Mentors and Their Students in the Neurosciences (SOMAS)
Melissa Glenn received this award, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, to support a summer research project (see abstract below). Melissa selected Kelly Brooks to be the student recipient and collaborator for 10 weeks in the summer of 2008. The award also supported travel for Melissa and Kelly to attend the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington D.C. during November 2008 and the Survial Skills and Ethics Program. A special luncheon during this meeting honored SOMAS awardees, the NSF program, and the administrators of the awards.

Capacity for Dietary Choline to Ameliorate Symptoms of Depression in a Rat Model
The increasing prevalence of stress-linked disorders, like depression, and their negative outcomes for physical and mental health warrant investigations into new strategies to mitigate risk and improve treatment. Little is known about the ways in which levels of specific nutrients available during developmental sensitive periods, when the brain is very plastic, may modulate neural, physiological, and behavioral responses to stress in adults to alter the onset and progression or such disorders. Several recent findings suggest that the nutrient choline may play such a role. In the present study, a chronic mild stress rat model of depression was used to uncover whether choline supplementation, administered during adolescence, decreases, in adulthood, vulnerability to depression and attenuates behavioral and neural outcomes of depression.
Colby Undergraduate Research Retreat
July 24-25 2008 Crab Apple White Water, The Forks, Maine

Kelly, Duy (pictured left), and Jenn wowed attendees with their outstanding summer research findings and excellent oratory skills!

For the past twenty years, summer research on the Colby College campus has been an excellent teaching and research experience for many students and faculty.  In an effort to strengthen this successful program, the faculty and administration (including President Adams, the Dean of Faculty’s office, the Dean of Students’ office, and Alumni Relations) organized the Colby Undergraduate Summer Research Retreat.  All summer research students and faculty mentors in the social and natural sciences were invited.  A full day research symposium included student talks, student posters, and a Keynote Lecture by Dr. David Bodine, ’76 of the National Institutes of Health.  The following day was a whitewater rafting adventure down the Kennebec River courtesy of Crab Apple Whitewater

Thanks to Kevin Rice for organizing this!