Neuroblogging @ Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience
Colby undergraduates from the neuroscience lab were selected as one of 10 online neuroscience blogs to post entries from the meeting, held in Washington, D.C. The students--John Gardner '12, Derek Wise '12, Kristen Erickson '12, and Chelsea Nickerson '13--were selected as part of pilot project for the society to have "Student Undergraduate Neurobloggers", or SUN Writers as they were called, write about their unique experiences at the meeting. It is the largest gathering of neuroscientists worldwide with as many 35,000 scientists and students attending annually.

Glenn receives research grant through Maine INBRE!
I am thrilled and honored to have been selected Maine's INBRE junior investigator. The aim of my funded research is to study the ways in which choline's neuroprotective and antidepressant properties may occur via genomic and epigenomic mechanisms. Maine's INBRE is funded through the National Center for Research Resources at the National Institutes of Health. Clicking the logos below will take you to sites with more information.

Colby Undergraduate Research Retreat
July 21-22, 2011 Crab Apple White Water, The Forks, Maine

Another summer, another award! Congrats to all the summer students for making the Psych/Neuro lab look so good. :)

Best Oral Presentation
Congratulations to Kristen Erickson '12, Derek Wise '12, and Chelsea Nickerson '13 for being award best oral-presentation at the retreat. This is the third year that this honor has gone to students from our lab! And in fact this award has only been given out for 3 years!!! The award winning talk was entitled "Choline: The way life should be". See them in all their glory here!

Awesome Poster Presentation
Congratulations to John Gardner '12 and Katie Palano '12 on their awesome poster presentation. The title of their poster was "Teaching an old rat new tricks: Role of adult supplementation of choline on spatial memory".
Past Honors & Events
Glenn Lab Reunion--Boston Aug. 2011
I hope this will become a regular tradition!

Top left-right: Melissa Glenn, Kelly Brooks '09, Tory Gray '11, Sara Cameron '10. Bottom left-right: Kristi Boman '08, Lauren McClurg '09, Natasha Atkinsen '11