Jennifer Corriveau
Lab Manager
Senior Project Researcher

Jenn has developed a working rat model of schizophrenia and is using it to investigate the capacity for prenatal choline supplementation to mitigate the impact of risk factors for this disorder in male rats.
Darshini Mahadevia
Research Assistant
Honors Project Researcher

Darshini is examining whether fetal alcohol exposure slows the development of the hippocampal system and if prenatal choline supplementation corrects those deficits.
Sara Cameron
Research Assistant
Senior Project Researcher

Sara is continuing to expand on her senior thesis project in which she investigated hippocampal neurogenesis as a function of periadolescent choline availability and chronic mild and unpredictable stress.
Duy Lyford
Research Assistant
Senior Project Researcher
Duy is continuing his work with the Golgi-cox stain to study the morphological properties of cortical neurons following chronic mild stress as a function of specific behavioral phenotypes.
Sharonda Bradley
Senior Project Researcher
Sharonda is doing a research project in collaboration with Andrea Tilden's lab in the Dept. of Biology. For her project she is examining the expression of melatonin receptors in rat hippocampus following 6 weeks of chronic mild unpredictable stress.
  Arielle Saporta
Research Assistant
Independent Study
Arielle is working on a pilot study aimed at developing a model of anhedonia in rats with sexual behavior. She will also be collaborating with Jenn to study the female rats in the schizophrenia model.
Stephanie Berger
Lab Systems Engineer
Stephanie is working to reinvent and organize our lab.
  Nora McCall
JanPlan Independent Study
Nora is assessing levels of hippocampal neurogenesis in adult rat brains as a function of periadolescent dietary supplementation with choline, soy, or omega-3 fatty acids.
PS350 Researchers
Sam Gillies, Tory Gray, & Logan Hunter investigated whether exposure to predator odor induced differential outcomes on anxiety and hipppocampal cell proliferation as a function of sexual experience.
PS350 Researchers
Gracie Shanks, Jenny Gelda, & Sharonda Bradley investigated whether none, one, or five social defeat experiences in rats would alter anxiety behaviors and the expression of GABA A receptors in the prefrontal cortex.
PS350 Researchers
Matt Smith & Jenn Corriveau investigated whether diazepam adminstration after a learning event would interfere with memory consolidation. They also examined whether this effect may be mediated by changes in hippocampal cell proliferation by diazepam.
PS350 Researchers
Lauren Tracey and Alessandra Welker investigated the impact of daily sleep deprivation after learning the location of a hidden platform in a water maze on long-term memory in rats.
Summer 2009 Researcher Assistants and Interns
Jenn Corriveau, Ellie Baker (Smith College), Logan Hunter, Darshini Mahadevia

Team 2008