Department of Psychology:  Department Policy

One of our goals in Psychology is to provide the best learning environment for our students. The curriculum and our methods of teaching are geared toward active engagement with the material and collaboration among students and faculty. For the best experience in the major, students are encouraged to attend all classes and participate in all class activities. Moreover, we believe that significant learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom, and we encourage you to share your learning experiences with your peers and to form study groups.

Students should treat deadlines as firm. Scheduling of exams, papers, and other assignments is done with careful consideration, attending to balancing material covered and the appropriateness of the evaluation at the time it is scheduled. Professors will make every effort to return graded exams, papers, and assignments in a timely fashion, and asking for an extension delays the return of graded work and feedback, thus disrupting the learning process.

Attendance, Absence and Deadline Policy: The department abides by the following policy as stated in the Colby College Catalogue: Students are expected to attend all of their classes and scheduled course events in any semester or January and are responsible for any work missed. Failure to attend can lead to a warning, grading penalties, and/or dismissal from the course with a failing grade. The department also adheres to the College’s Policies for Missed Class Time Due to Athletic Contests. Students taking a course in the Psychology Department are expected to attend all meetings of that course. Absences in seminars and in courses involving student discussions, group projects, lab exercises and/or class activities are particularly problematic because such absences negatively affect other students in the course and detract from your overall learning experience. Only valid medical excuses, documented personal catastrophes (such as a death in the family), and religious observances (see below) will be accepted as reasons not to attend class, take an exam, or turn in a paper or other assignment as scheduled.  If you are, for legitimate reasons, unable to take an exam or turn in a paper or assignment when it is scheduled, you should notify the professor in advance of the exam time or due date. Having a lot of work to do, several exams/papers in a few days, being generally unprepared, or having conflicting travel arrangements are not acceptable excuses. Professors will provide additional detail about class attendance policies and penalties, if appropriate, on the course syllabus.

Incomplete Grades. The mark of incomplete (I), indicating that a course was not completed, will be assigned only in the case of documented emergencies. The assignment of a mark of I is contingent on students making prior arrangements with their professor regarding completion of the course work by a certain date in accordance with policy specified in the Colby College Catalogue. Professors may consult with the department chair and/or the dean of students office (e.g., advising deans) prior to assigning an incomplete. Please note that a student with a mark of I (except in the case of illness or critical emergency) is not eligible for the Dean's List.

Religious Observances.  Practitioners of a religious tradition requiring time apart from the demands of the normal work schedule on a particular day (or days) should contact their professors in advance to make arrangements for academic events that conflict with a religious observance.

Academic Honesty:  The department abides by the following college policy as stated in the Colby College CataloguePlagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty are serious offenses.  For the first offense, the instructor may dismiss the offender from the course with a mark of ‘F’ and will also report the case to the department chair and the dean of students, who may impose other or additional penalties, including suspension or expulsion…A second offense automatically leads to suspension or expulsion.

(revised October 2010)

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