Off-Campus Study and the Psychology Major

Department Liasons: Martha Arterberry (course approvals) and Erin Sheets (general information about programs)

Policies and Recommendations:

The Department of Psychology encourages students to take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad, particularly for those students for whom it addresses specific educational goals.  Students should speak with the OCS liaison and their academic advisor early in their sophomore year to begin investigation of appropriate program and course opportunities.  Psychology courses taken abroad must be pre-approved by the department for transfer back to Colby.  Courses at the 200-level taught at Colby and those not available here (if the content is of sufficient academic relevance) will be considered for credit toward the major.  Neither Psych214 (Research Methods and Statistics) nor Psych215 (Research Methods and Statistics II) can be substituted through study abroad. You will also not be able to obtain credit comparable to the seminars with collaborative research.  No more than two courses taken abroad may count toward the major.  For purposes of completing the major, there is no preferred semester for off-campus study, but students should plan to complete the PS214/215 sequence at Colby in their sophomore year, and must do so no later than the end of their junior year.