Colby College Registrar's Office
Advanced Placement Exam Policy

Please note: credits shown do not count toward the 128 required for graduation, but can be used for advanced course placement and to satisfy distribution requirements.

Exam scores of 4 or 5 are required, except as detailed in the Notes column.

For more information about score reporting services, etc. see AP Students Score Reporting Services. (Colby's school code is 3280).

AP Exam"Credits" *Course
Art 2D Design3ART% (generic)ArtsPossible AR131 based on portfolio evaluation
Art 3D Design3ART% (generic)ArtsPossible AR131 based on portfolio evaluation
Art- Drawing3ART% (generic)ArtsPossible AR131 based on portfolio evaluation
Art History6ART#Arts 
Biology6BI163, BI164Nat Sci (2) & Lab3 credits each
Calculus AB3MA121Quantitative 
Calculus AB Subscore3MA121QuantitativeEspecially if Calculus BC < 4
Calculus BC6MA121,MATH#QuantitativeIf score=3 and pass MA122 at Colby, then MA121
Chemistry6CH141, CH142Nat Sci (2) & Lab3 credits each
Chinese Lang/Cult6noneForeign Language 
Comp Sci A3COMP# (generic)Quantitative 
Comp Sci AB6COMP# (generic)Quantitative 
Economics- Mac3EC134Social Science 
Economics- Mic3EC133Social Science 
English Lang/Comp3none **none **** (see below)
English Lit/Comp3none **none **** (see below)
Environmental Science6ES118Nat Sci (1) 
European History6HIST# (generic)History 
French Lang6noneForeign Language 
French Lit6noneForeign LanguageIf score=3, 3 credits but not Language Req
German Lang6noneForeign Language 
Govt & Pol- Comp3noneSocial Science 
Govt & Pol- US3see NoteSocial Science, US DiversityIf score=5, GO111
Human Geography3none  
Italian Lang/Cult6noneForeign Language 
Japanese Lang/Cult6noneForeign LanguageScore of 5 required
Latin- Lit6noneForeign Language 
Latin- Vergil6noneForeign Language 
Music Theory6MU181Arts 
Physics B6noneNat Sci (2) & Lab 
Physics C- E&M3PH145Nat Sci (1) & Lab 
Physics C- Mech3PH141Nat Sci (1) & Lab 
Physics 13noneNat Sci (1) & Lab 
Physics 23noneNat Sci (1) & Lab 
Psychology3PS111Social Science 
Spanish Lang6noneForeign Language 
Spanish Lit6noneForeign LanguageIf score=3, 3 credits but not Language Req
US History6HIST# (generic)History, US Diversity 
World History6HIST# (generic)History 
* Credits shown do not apply to the 128 required for graduation.
** For those entering in 2012-13 or later, AP English does not fulfill the First-Year Writing requirement.

Last updated July 5, 2014