Colby College Registrar's Office
Final Examination Schedule: Spring 2018

as of 05/10/18

Important Notes:

  1. Room assignments changed from regular meeting room are indicated in bold.
  2. A student with two examinations at the same time, three on the same day of the week, or four in sequence may postpone one of them. (Final examinations cannot be rescheduled to accommodate student travel plans.)
  3. Conflict clearance and postponement forms are available at the Registrar's Office and from the 'Forms for Students' page on the Web, and must be filed with the office by the last day of classes. A student may, of course, elect to take sequential exams as scheduled.
  4. Make-up exams may be scheduled during the exam period at the convenience of the instructor and student, provided that (a) the make-up is given after the regular exam and (b) another conflict is not created in the process.
  5. If item 4 does not apply, remaining make-up exams will be given, by arrangement with the Registrar's Office, on Monday, May 21, at 6:00 pm in Lovejoy 215.

1. Wed, May 16, 9:00 am
AY112 B   DIAM145
BC378 A   MUDD405
CN128 A   LOVE301
CS151 A   KEYE105
CS336 A   DAVI102
EN413AA   DIAM243
ES118 A   DIAM142
GE141 B   AREY005
GM126 A   LOVE212
GO281 A   DIAM241
GO298 A   DIAM344
HI112 A   OLIN001
HI132 A   LOVE208
JA128 A   LOVE319
PH311 A   MUDD311
PL232 A   LOVE119
PS111 A   LOVE100
RU326 A   LOVE450
RU428 A   LOVE450
SC382 A   LOVE215
SP231 A   LOVE302
TD226 A   RUNN110
2. Wed, May 16, 1:30 pm
CL135 A   LOVE119
CS498 A   DAVI117
EC258 A   DIAM342
EN351 A   MILL241
FR358 A   LOVE307
FR493DA   LOVE307
GO358 A   DIAM145
JA422 A   LOVE423
JS126 A   LOVE202
MU242 A   BIXL150
RE217 A   LOVE303
SC212 A   LOVE100
SC212 B   LOVE100
SC212 C   OLIN001
SC212 D   OLIN001
SO298BA   DIAM243
3. Wed, May 16, 6:00 pm
AM276 A   LOVE100
AM375 A   MILL253
AN154 A   LOVE208
AR111 A   BIXL154
BC368 A   KEYE103
BI348 A   AREY005
BI374 A   DAVI201
EC235 A   DIAM141
EC293 A   DIAM153
EC379 A   DIAM142
EC379 B   DIAM142
ES244 A   DIAM242
GO315 A   DIAM145
HI276 A   OLIN001
PS253 A   DAVI301
RE144 A   LOVE205
SO246 A   DIAM221
4. Thu, May 17, 9:00 am
AR174 A   BIXL154
AY112 A   DIAM145
BI164 A   OLIN001
BI225 A   LOVE213
BI275 A   KEYE105
CH147 A   AREY005
CH332 A   KEYE104
CN126 A   LOVE203
EN256 A   MILL241
ES234 A   DIAM122
ES338 A   OLIN335
GE141 A   LOVE100
GE142 A   MUDD218
GK112 A   LOVE244
GM128 A   LOVE450
GO131 A   DIAM142
GO171 A   DIAM153
JA126 A   LOVE302
MA274 A   LOVE208
MA338 A   DAVI201
PH242 A   MUDD405
PS236 A   DAVI301
RU126 A   LOVE212
5. Thu, May 17, 1:30 pm
AR276 A   BIXL154
AY246 A   DIAM323
BI164 B   KEYE105
BI279 A   LOVE205
BI373 A   MUDD405
BI451 A   OLIN335
CH342 A   KEYE104
CS152 A   LOVE215
CS333 A   DAVI117
ES218 A   DIAM322
ES356 A   KEYE103
FR128 A   LOVE301
FR252 A   LOVE307
GE231 A   MUDD221
GK359 A   LOVE244
GO131 B   DIAM142
GO251 A   DIAM342
GO281 B   DIAM241
GO281 C   DIAM343
HI234 A   LOVE213
LT112 A   LOVE102
MU111 A   BIXL178
MU282 A   BIXL226
PL258 A   LOVE246
PS254 A   DAVI301
PS356 A   DAVI307
SO364 A   DIAM221
SP231 B   LOVE103
6. Thu, May 17, 6:00 pm
AS151 A   KEYE105
CS375 A   DAVI301
EA261 A   LOVE202
ED322 A   DIAM123
FR131 A   LOVE302
GO271 A   DIAM153
LA174 A   LOVE208
LT362 A   LOVE244
PH312 A   MUDD405
PL113 A   LOVE119
PL353 A   LOVE246
PS233 A   LOVE205
RE182 A   LOVE303
SC110 A   LOVE213
SO298AA   DIAM221
SO366 A   DIAM342
7. Fri, May 18, 9:00 am
AY112 C   DIAM145
BI133 A   AREY005
BI320 A   OLIN335
CH217 A   KEYE102
CH431 A   KEYE104
CN322 A   LOVE318
CS351 A   DAVI117
EA263 A   LOVE119
EC121 A   DIAM142
ED213 A   DIAM123
EN271 A   MILL220
EN336 A   LOVE302
ES212 A   DIAM223
ES346 A   DIAM141
GE262 A   MUDD311
GO226 A   LOVE213
GO256 A   DIAM122
JA322 A   LOVE423
ML124 A   LOVE344
PL380AA   LOVE246
SO131 A   LOVE100
SO131 B   LOVE100
SO244 A   DIAM221
TD135 A   RUNN203
TD261 A   BIXL150
8. Fri, May 18, 1:30 pm
AS172 A   AREY005
AS172 B   AREY005
CH142 A   KEYE105
CH142 B   KEYE105
CH242 A   OLIN001
CH242 B   OLIN001
EC224 A   DIAM142
EC224 B   DIAM142
9. Fri, May 18, 6:00 pm
AM171 A   LOVE100
EN331 A   MILL319
ES242 A   DIAM122
FR243 A   LOVE307
GO214 A   DIAM122
MA434 A   DAVI217
ML122 A   LOVE450
PS232 A   DAVI301
SO249 A   DIAM221
SO359 A   DIAM243
10. Sat, May 19, 9:00 am
CS441 A   DAVI102
CS441 B   DAVI102
EC231 A   DIAM142
EC231 B   DIAM142
EC278 A   DIAM153
ED398 A   MILL034
HI184 A   OLIN001
MA262 A   KEYE105
MA262 B   KEYE105
PS215 A   LOVE100
PS215 B   LOVE100
RE398 A   LOVE303
11. Sat, May 19, 1:30 pm
CS231 A   OLIN001
CS231 B   OLIN001
CS251 A   LOVE215
CS251 B   LOVE213
EA355 A   LOVE301
EC221 A   LOVE100
EC221 B   LOVE100
HI342 A   MILL319
MU234 A   BIXL178
12. Sat, May 19, 6:00 pm
MA121 A   LOVE100
MA121 B   LOVE100
MA122 A   LOVE215
MA122 B   OLIN001
MA253 A   KEYE105
MA253 B   KEYE105
MA253 B2  LOVE208
13. Sun, May 20, 9:00 am
EC212 A   DIAM142
EC212 B   DIAM142
PH145 A   KEYE105
PH145 B   KEYE105
14. Sun, May 20, 1:30 pm
AS342 A   KEYE105
AY112 D   DIAM145
ED376 A   DIAM123
GO236 A   DIAM241
GO357 A   DIAM343
RU242 A   LOVE307
15. Sun, May 20, 6:00 pm
EC133 A   KEYE105
EC133 B   KEYE105
EC133 C   OLIN001
EC133 D   OLIN001
EC134 A   LOVE100
EC134 B   LOVE100
EC134 C   DIAM142
EC223 A   AREY005
EC223 B   AREY005
EC393 A   DIAM122
EC393 B   DIAM122
16. Mon, May 21, 9:00 am
FR126 A   LOVE100
FR126 B   LOVE100
FR127 A   OLIN001
FR127 B   OLIN001
IT126 A   DIAM122
IT126 B   DIAM122
IT128 A   LOVE307
SP126 A   KEYE105
SP126 B   KEYE105
SP126 C1  KEYE105
SP126 C2  KEYE105
SP126 D   KEYE105
SP127 A   LOVE212
SP127 B   DIAM142
SP127 C1  DIAM142
SP127 C2  LOVE212
SP127 D   LOVE103
17. Mon, May 21, 1:30 pm
BI274 A   DIAM153
EN345 A   LOVE208
MA162 A   LOVE215
MA311 A   DAVI201
RU128 A   LOVE212
SC321 A   DAVI308
18. Mon, May 21, 6:00 pm