This section is devoted to those religions that cannot typologically be placed into the preceding categories, but that are significant enough to be referenced on this page. For a more extensive listing of other religions, please refer to the general religions links for information.

Baha'i Academics Resource Library

    A comprehensive source for the study of Baha'i from an academic perspective. Extensive lists of primary and secondary sources, articles, internet links, etc.

The Baha'i World

    Organized from an insider's perspective, this is an official site for the Baha'i communities that gives detailed information on sacred writings, projects, communities worldwide, central figures, institutions, etc

The Church of Scientology International

Founded in 1954 by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is a religion that affirms an essestial unity betweeen science and religion as pathways to truth and, therefore, denies that there is a conflict between these two. Here are some of the major sites that provide detailed information about this new religion. A good search engine (such as google) will turn up many more such sites.

Scientology: Applied Religious Philosophy
Ultimate Scientology
Traditonal Scientology
Real Scientology


Jah Rastafari…

    Useful if eccentric site with links to Rasta pages. Part of the Afro-Americam webring.