Residential life is a critical component of the college experience.  It is here that you will make some of your first friends and it is this community that you will turn to for entertainment, support and shared experience.


Life at Colby College begins with a roommate and neighbors.

All first-years are housed with one or two other first-year roommates. The Hillside Housing Complex, consisting of 5 residence halls, is dedicated first-year and sophomore housing. The rest of the buildings on campus, with the exception of the Alfond Senior Housing Complex, the AMS complex are mixed year housing, meaning all class years live on shared floors. 

Living in a dorm room

Rooms for first-years are set aside with the intention that there be approximately 100 square feet per student. Each room has one chair, desk, dresser, and closet/wardrobe per student, along with a twin extra long bed, with an overhead lamp and linoleum tile floors. For those interested, beds can be bunked, and some but not all furniture can be removed (wardrobes have to stay). All rooms have at least one window, with varying sizes. Rooms are heated throughout the winter. Items prohibited in these spaces include candles, coffee-makers, large fridges, etc. A full list of prohibited items can be found in the Student Handbook.