The housing process takes place in the spring. Below you’ll find a detailed list of the ins and outs, so you’ll be an expert when it’s time to pick a room.

The housing process functions as a lottery system in which every student receives a room draw number and pick time based on seniority. Colby uses a program called Symplicity to help organize housing and manage the lottery.

When it comes time to choose your room, everything will be completed online through Symplicity. As we get closer to the process, informational sessions will be held to provide an overview of the system and answer any lingering questions you might have. Below you’ll find links to housing applications, instructions, and floor plans.

AMS_4Room Draw step by step

Symplicity Online Room Draw

Information on furniture, window dimensions, keys, and hall access

Accommodation Housing Form

2016 Alfond application, due Wednesday, April 6th

2016 Housing process info session notes 

HoPE application, due Friday, March 11th

Room draw numbers and pick times

Symplicity is completely set up for you to enter and see what rooms are available for your room draw. You do need to fill a room to pick the room, example is that you need two people to fill a double. If you know who your roommate/s is/are going to be, please make sure you connect via your roommate codes, so you are able to pick your desired room.

Class of 2017

The class of 2017 room draw will begin at 10am on Tuesday, April 12th.

Class of 2018

The class of 2018 room draw will begin at 10:08am on Wednesday, April 13th.

Class of 2019*

The class of 2019 room draw will begin at 9:58am on Thursday, April 14th.

Alfond apartments

The Alfond room draw will begin at 2:30pm on Monday, April 11th.

Off Campus


Co-op room draw will begin at 8:30am on Monday, April 11th


Sustainability room draw will begin at 8:45am on Monday, April 11th. Sustainability will be located on the first floor of Averill.

Quiet Study

Quiet Study room draw will begin at 9:00am on Monday, April 11th. Quiet Study will be located in Mitchell.


HoPE room draw will begin at 9:15am on Monday, April 11th. HoPE will be located in Treworgy.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Mind, Body, Spirit room draw will begin at 10:00am on Monday, April 11th. Mind, Body, Spirit will be located in Mary Low and Averill.

Substance Free

Substance free room draw will begin at 12:00pm on Monday, April 11th. Substance Free will be located in Coburn and East Quad.


*Hillside rooms are for rising sophomore and first year students. Those rooms will not be entered into room draw until the end of rising junior room draw. I will take the room draw down for 15 minutes on Wednesday night and add the hillside rooms to the room draw. There will be singles, doubles, one room triples, multi room triple, two room quad and multi room quad. You can find the hillside floor plans on the link above.

**There were more people interested in the Co-op then we had rooms, so each of you also got traditional housing room draw numbers, so that you could participate in that room draw.

Room draw policies

*If you are pulled into a suite or triple by someone with a better number, and that person contacts Campus Life about pulling out to live in a different room, go abroad or withdraws over the summer, EVERYONE in the suite will be removed from the suite and placed on the summer wait list at the room draw number they received for room draw.

*Students are unable to “give” OR sell their number to a friend, that number is assigned to you. If you are not using your number, we will just skip over it.

*Students that are found to have completed an illegal room move at the start of the fall semester will have their room draw number for the following year placed at the bottom of their class year. You will also be required to move back to the room that you picked during room draw.

Special Interest Housing

2016 Alfond application

The Alfond application must be completed and hard copy submitted to the Office of Campus Life no later then 4pm on Friday, March 18, 2016. If every member of the apartment is away for the spring semester, and copy can be submitted to Kim Kenniston at


New for Fall of 2016 , the Hall of Purpose Exploration (HoPE) is a residential community dedicated to asking questions about purposeful work, meaningful lives, and community connections. A group of select sophomores and juniors in residence for both semesters will live together, build community, and engage in conversation about living on purpose. The community will gather monthly to engage in conversation of big questions, such as failure, happiness, courage, greed, and family. Residents will be assigned in small groups to a faculty or staff mentor.

Mind, Body, Spirit (formerly Wellness)

The Mind, Body, Spirit community is for students interested in exploring physical and emotional wellness. Students will be required to attend one program per month sponsored by their CA or an approved College sponsored program. Themes such as sleep routines, meditation, yoga, nutrition, and stress reduction will be explored.

Quiet Study Community

The Quiet Community will be a building or floors set aside as 24 hour quiet zones with adjustments for consideration. This is a community for students who wish to respect increased sensitivity to noise such as loud music or other audio, and groups conversing in public areas and hallways. The CA will work with community members to create and enforce quiet and consideration expectations.

Substance Free Living

The Substance Free Life hall or floors are for students who choose not use alcohol, tobacco products, or illicit substances. Students in this community agree to to not store any such substances or to be in the community if under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances. Students will participate in programs throughout the academic year which will increase awareness about substance use and abuse and students will work with their CA to explore wellness related topics.

Sustainable Living

New for Fall of 2016, the Office of Sustainability and Student EcoRep program are sponsoring a Sustainable Living Residence opportunity for environmentally motivated students. Interested students will have an opportunity to engage in a variety of environmentally-themed competitions and programs focused on reducing one’s carbon footprint and resource reduction. The Residence will also act as a test case for many of the College’s environmental pilot programs as a way to vet new program ideas before expanding them campus-wide. Examples include, residence hall based composting, single stream recycling, ultra efficient lighting controls and plumbing fixtures, real-time utility monitoring, and more.